Friday, March 9, 2012


PIECE is a 5 member performance girls unit. In August 2011, they performed a free live at a live house in Akihabara, thus commencing their activities. From what I can understand, with Nanasaki Asami first experiencing performing as a background dancer for ZEPP TOKYO's "Anisama Girls Night", the members have experienced a number of performances, solo activities, and even being in a band.

As for their name concept, they aim to have their activities based on various fields with each girl acting as a live idol, band vocalist, dancer, actress, anime song singer etc. This unit has each members' "Kakera (Piece)" of strong emotions gathered together. Such meaning is carried on into the name of the unit, "PIECE".

The members, in order of the picture, are:
Nanasaki Asami (七咲あさみ) - Born January 21, Blood Type A
Kisaragi Note (如月杏) - Born February 8, Blood Type O
Shiino Aika (椎野愛花) - Born January 1, Blood Type A
Yanagida Emika (柳田絵美花) - Born December 30, Blood Type O
Ikeshiro Yumi (池城由美) - Born June 6, Blood Type AB

I just picked a few random clips from their official Youtube. ^.^

Official Site
Official Youtube

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