Friday, December 2, 2011

Sakura Gakuin : VERISHUVI

Sakura Gakuin : VERISHUVI

Sakura Gakuin is a group that I have not been able to cover in detail on Pure Idol Heart ,largely due to the fact that there is so many active groups both Indie and Major that I can`t cover everyone the way I want to as the only writer on Pure Idol Heart.

Even saying that the response to my post about the Sakura Gakuin members making up BABY METAL , was great [even some heavy metal media sites reposted it word for word or cut it up , but that is a different story ] , anyway the interest overall on Pure Idol Heart for BABY METAL showed me that I need to bring more focus to their main group, so I will try to make them more active on Pure Idol Heart from this point on.

Before getting to their new single here is a brief background .

Sakura Gakuin simply means Cherry Blossom Academy .The group started in 2010 as part of the TOY`S FACTORY recording label and Amuse talent agency. They got their first big media break at Tokyo Idol Festival #1 and by the end of 2010 had started releasing major label releases.

There are 12 members currently in Sakura Gakuin and the group has five sub groups they are Twinklestars ,BABYMETAL ,Mini Party ,SCOOPERS and sleepiece .Each sub group is set to a different theme .

Currently the group is preparing to support their new single VERISHUVI

VERISHUVI will come out on December 21

VERISHUVI by kk231mj

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