Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Time for some Idol math.

What are one DJ + Three Idols =? .Answer- RHYMEBERRY.

RHYMEBERRY is an idol unit that I’ve had an eye on for some time now to present on Pure Idol Heart.

RHYMEBERRY are members of the idol group usa☆usa Shoujo Club and as a group they are more popular than their main group.

Together under the names MC-HIME,MC-YUKA,MC-MIRAI and DJ-HIKARU ,RHYMEBERRY have created a sound and style all their own.

RHYMEBERRY by the way looks at their fan base as being their big brother and have several songs related to looking up to big brother.

As you can imagine by the member names and group name this is not your traditional idol group, they are a Rhyming idol group and an enjoyable one to listen to as well.

 After being active for some time now the group is releasing a single on July 4 titled HEY! BROTHER.


Other tracks!/RHYMEBERRY1

The only thing bad about this is usa☆usa Shoujo Club has a High School graduation rule , meaning once their idols reach High School she has to graduate and if she wants to continue being an idol , she drifts off to a new place to call home.

As for their main unit, you can find a 100+ videos on their YouTube Page

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