Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dorothy Little Happy Goes Major

With the success of AKB48, many idol acts have emerged to try to emulate the success, or at least take advantage of the idol boom to boost themselves. One of these idol acts is Dorothy Little Happy.

Dorothy Little Happy belongs to a genre in what we call "Local Idol". Japan is made up of many prefectures, such as Kanto, Hokkaido, Kanagawa etc. Local idols are idol groups that base their activities within the boundaries of their local hometown prefectures only and does not go beyond it. Most of these acts never even go major but are content with their achievements and fame around their hometown. AKB48 was originally a Kanto region based idol but now have surpassed that to national recognition. Dorothy Little Happy is a Sendai region local idol but now is bracing to go major soon with Avex as its record label.

Dorothy Little Happy was formed in February 2010, named and produced by musician Sakamoto Satoru. The inspiration for the name obviously came from the main character Dorothy of "The Wizard of Oz", in which the producer wishes the girls to be like Dorothy, where he said "with her kindness and bravery bringing little happiness to everyone". The members in Dorothy Little Happy (DLH from here on) were picked from other units of their agency Step1.

DLH is made of 5 girls and works like EXILE and Happiness - two main vocalists with other back dancers. In August 2010, DLH released their debut single "Jump", and had appeared in few TV shows as well. Unfortunately one of the two vocalist, MICHIYO, was graduated from the group in November 2010 citing that she wants to focus on her studies. Another dancer was brought in to join the group. Other members has since then occasionally took on the mic as vocalist on some songs. The current line-up:

(From left)
RUUNA Dancer, 14 yrs
KOUMI Dancer 14 yrs (Replaced MICHIYO)
KANA Dancer and Leader, 16 yrs
MARI Vocals, 15 yrs
MIMORI Dancer, 14 yrs

Recently the producers have added more dancers to the team, and named Team Dorothy. They occasionally will perform as back dancers on some songs during the live shows. They are YURI, NANASE, NONOKA, REINA & AYUMI. Now, DLH is preparing to for their major debut on 16th March 2011 with avex trax with a mini album entitled "Demo Sayonara".

These girls in Dorothy Little Happy are super adorable, that both Gaki and I took to them almost instantly. Just when I thought the Morning Musume 9th gens were the funniest & cutest thing now, just watching them acting natural in the self-appeal video was just pure heart. On top of that, they sure can dance. Since they will be affiliated with avex, I am expecting them to be closer to Jpop in future works.

If you are looking for an alternative idol loving other than your usual mainstream stuff, Dorothy Little Happy is the way to go.

DLH- Jump

DLH - Miteite Angel

DLH doing self-appeal video, with self-introduction, funny impressions, gags, tongue twisters.... ending with a dance performance.

Live in Girls Pop Show

Video streaming by Ustream

Gaki Update DLH On TV

Dorothy Little Happy Official Website
Dorothy Little Happy Official Blog
Dorothy Little Happy Twitter


  1. As Ryo said in the article we were impressed by these girls immediately .One of the things Ryo and I like to do in our free time away from our own music is checkout the unknown or little known Indies across Japan. This group is cute, good vocals and dancers for their age. Avex has something special here.

  2. Wow, thanks for all the info, I'm so glad I've found a place where someone likes DLH as much as I do. I didn't know the thing about "local idols".
    I bought "Miteite Angel" when their first single was released on iTunes. It was love at first listening, so I purchased all of their CDs and DVDs so far. I agree with you, they're so cute and natural, the videos in which they play, joke and laugh are really funny (Michiyo saying "Yes Yes, Michiyo desu" when they introduce themself is tooooo cute). And they sure can dance (Mimori is my fav dancer ^^)
    Fuyu no sakura is quite my favorite song. I got Demo Sayonara few days ago and I haven't listened to it enough times... such a pity Michiyo graduated. DLH will be missing her great energy...

  3. Glad to know a fellow fan! and yes a pity michiyo is gone, but Koumi ain't too bad either.


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