Tuesday, June 28, 2011

AKB48 To Get A Rival?

AKB48 To Get A Rival?

This is breaking news and, let me say this could just be  the AKB48 marketing machine at work again. This same company that tried for two days to convince the nation that a CGI Idol was a real girl and a new member of AKB48. A move by the way that is still making headlines.

Therefore, with that out of the way, word is coming out that AKB48 is getting a rival unit. According to various mainstream media outlets Sony records has asked Akimoto Yasushi to create a rival unit to AKB48 for Sony Records.

This unit is being speculated  to have the working title of “Nogizaka46” .Nogizaka by the way is Sony’s HQ office building location “Nogizaka, Minato, Tokyo” .There is no explanation for the 46 number.

According to various mainstream media outlets, the unit will have auditions shortly, with more information scheduled to be released later.

Sony on it`s part have reportedly announced  “that we will strike hard with this project. This will be a serious competitor and strike AKB48 hard."

Let’s say for a moment, that this is not Aki-P trying to blow smoke up the collective backside of idolhood, what could be the motivation, outside the usual”.

Could it be that AKB48 has become so famous that the members feel they can relax without the fear of a real threat? Could this be a different image and concept that he could not do with AKB48?

With 48`s starting up across Japan and ventures into other countries to set up stores and theaters , now this ,at what point does Akimoto start biting off the hand that feeds him and pushes one project over the line and wotas start looking for something fresh.

It can very well happen suddenly ,just go over to Hello!Project and look .At one time no one outside of Pink Lady and Speed could match up with Morning Musume , now they are in a desperate battle to out sale new fresh idol units .

More developments to this story as they break.


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