Monday, April 19, 2010

Morning Musume Japanfiles Interview

Sorry for the posting delay.

Morning Musume ,recently made a interview video for

There are several funny moments in this interview , my favorites are Risa trying to rap ,JunJun being herself and Eri saying FU towards the end of the interview.

This is a must watch interview , for non Japanese speaking fans.


  1. LOL~~~ Kamei and her FU... If only she knew that it meant something different entirely...XDDD

    They're very sweet and lively here, I like! >w<

    JunJun is such a dorky girl... hHahaha~~

  2. You are right Chanting ,they do look very lively and sweet in this clip , I think that is because they really like being Idols .

    JunJun seems like she is having so much fun ,being an Idol.


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