Monday, December 31, 2012

Battle no Jidai, Latin America Meets JPop

Battle no Jidai, is a J-Pop inspired vocal cover group from Santiago, Chile who recently approached Pure Idol Heart about promoting them. Seems word has reached Latin America that Pure Idol Heart is friendly to any JPop inspired cover group, regardless of nationality.

So what about Battle no Jidai you ask?

Battle no Jidai like I mentioned are from Santiago, Chile and their specialty is being a group that sings and dance in lives to J-Pop Idol songs.
Known as BnoJ, their primary mission is to spread the JPop Idol movement in Latin America .Accoding to their web site Battle no Jidai: are "Warriors of day, artists by night!"

The members are Maichan who member color is green and her charm point is her big smile. Rei –her member color is yellow and her charm point is her eyes and long eyelashes. Aiko – her member color is Blue, she has a Tsundere personality and lists her eyes and personality as her charm points.
The last member is Chibichan her member color is red, she likes to collect Pandas and list her charm point as adorable chachetitos and has magical powers to fight evil.

Battle no Jidai is an interesting group that puts their own style to the songs they sing, that you find yourself getting into even if you’re not from their home region.

Battle no Jidai goal for 2013 is to become a professional group and release their first CD ,something that I am sure their fans in Chile are looking forward to  and new international fans may want to see them accomplish.

Battle no Jidai is bringing the love of JPop idols to Latin America and hopes to greet many fans around the world on their journey to reach their dreams.

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Cosplay Little from Magical cover; Afilia Saga East

I added a cosplay picture of Little from Magical cover; Afilia Saga East on our Facebook
The photo is above and at this link below.

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Shuukan Spell update

 Due to schedule issues and travel the members of Magical cover; Afilia Saga East had to delay their send in of this week`s question answers until after their  New Year’s trip.

So please look forward to their answers when they return from their New Year’s trip.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Life of Indie Idols

You have heard the stories of how the idols from big house agencies live be it Japan or Korea .There is another side to Idol genre that you seldom see and that is that of Indie Idols.

It is their struggles, their stories that mean the most to me and why I spend so much time promoting them to the world.

When you’re at the bottom of the idol food chain of success ,you have nothing but upwards to look forward to , so any advantage  you get ,it`s worth the climb to get there.

For the idol group Steamgirls it`s a very long road from where they are and were Fairies, Morning Musume and AKB48 is.

Thursday, December 27, 2012


Idol group LinQ is back with their fifth single, CHIKU-TAKU (which is a really weird name). It will be released January 30, 2013.  I call myself a LinQ fan, but I barely keep up with their singles these days! I like their second single Calorie Nante, and their third single, the Sakura songs. Yet their other singles seem to remain uncovered on here!

LinQ reminds me a lot of the 48 family, simply because their PV's are always nice and creative. CHIKU-TAKU doesn't fail to live up to their past singles! The PV concept is very interesting. The theme is clocks, and the dancing seems to mirror the hands of a clock. There seems to be a storyline as well. Everything seems to be taking place in a weird fantasy land.

As for the song, it seems to be taking on the trend that seems to be hitting Idol music right now: techno. The song is techno, but thankfully, the vocals aren't completely drowned out by auto-tune and synths. Despite the song treading a bit into generic territory, it's, nontheless, catchy, especially at the chorus, and near the end where everyone chants Chiku-taku. I think I finally get it! "Chiku-taku" mirrors the sound of "Tick-Tock" the sound of a clock ticking. Genius. The more you listen to this song, the more addicting it gets! This is definitely an idol single done right.

Idoling!!! Nomoto Manami (#24) Is Leaving The Group.

Breaking Away from Indie Idol coverage.

Manami is one of the members that I have grown to like, sadly due to “Due to personal and family reasons she will be leaving the group in just a few days [end of December] and going back home to Osaka.

It is unknown if at a later date, she will return to acting, Gravure work or even singing.
Idol or Cyborg ?

idoling!!! 110422b manami nomoto by doughnutandcoffee

Idoling!!! 120803b Ojima versus Nomoto by doughnutandcoffee

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Alice Project Christmas

The groups from Alice Project [Alice 10, OZ, Steamgirls and many more] broke in their new theater with a warm up Christmas concert. Their theater in Akihabara is the largest of all Idol theaters seating 350-400 people .This roomy theater is just awesome, with enough space for fans to run around and for Alice 10 members to do their famous crowd boat ride and stage dives.
23rd Show

Alice 10

24th show

me-me is a group  made up of AV stars

Sunday, December 23, 2012

For the love of Ikuta Erina

First let me say that this is a joke from a fan of hers .So before anyone starts playing the creepy wota card, it`s a joke. He is part of a group of male and female wotas that makes a number of funny videos.
So watch this in good humor and prepare to learn the word Ikustylish

And just to show you that this is harmless fun