Saturday, February 27, 2010

Berryz Koubou Double A Side and Album Release

On March 3rd, Berryz Koubou will release their 22nd single "Otakebi Boy WAO! /Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda!"

"Otakebi Boy WAO! /Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda!" is a Double A side single with videos supporting each single.

Along with the Double A side single Berryz Koubou will their sixth album "6th Osakebi"
Sixth Osakebi will have a tie in with the anime series Inazuma Eleven.

6th Osakebi will be released on March 31st.

Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda! PV

Berryz kobo / Otakebi Boy WAO! 15sec CM

Introducing Team Dekaris

Team Dekaris is a four-member unit under the Happy!Style agency. The unit members are former Hello!Project member Noto Arisa, Ogura Yui, Ishihara Kaori and Matsunaga Maho .Dekaris released their 1st album last December and have been working with the Sega game company .

Dekaris is typical of the 100`s of smaller idol groups in Japan ,blessed with one strong singer and idol Noto and three developing idols who are designed more for the traditional idol fan base ,then for mainstream audiences . It`s early yet to forecast a long term post Sega future for Dekaris, however given their relationship with Sega, they are well on their way to building an traditional idol fan base, should Happy!Style decides to let the group become a permanent unit.

[Edit: The concert videos were lost due to copyright issues with the songs being a part of a Sega game and have been replaced by audio tracks]

Jingle & Koi no Muteki Command

Sweet x Sweet

Monday, February 22, 2010

Melon Kinen-Bi to retire


Former Hello!Project and current M-Line artist  Melon Kinen-Bi are set to retire ,their final performance as a unit will be on May 3rd .Melon Kinen-Bi is currently ,one of the Japanese music industry’s longest running original member units standing an impressive ten years .

Melon Kinen-Bi was originally born out of auditions for new members to join Morning Musume and a member for a  possible unit with Heike Michiyo in 1999.

The members of Melon Kinen-Bi broke the news to their fans on February 19 with a press statement. In the statement, the members expressed their reasons for ending saying the following.

Thank you, as always, for your warm support!

On February 19, 2010, we've reached Melon Kinen-Bi’s 10-year anniversary of existence!
The Melon road had both mountains and valleys to cross, but together with our wotamodachi [Melon`s name for their fans], the staff, and our families who have supported us during good times and bad, we were able to build up a 10-year history. And all that without a member change!!

Before we reached the 10-year point, the four of us talked thoroughly about the future. The result was, “10 years is a good turning point, where we should get new challenges in our real life”, so we firmly decided to disband the group.

We think that there will people who will be shocked, thinking, "Oh no, so it's really happened now...", but we promise we will keep running in Melon-style until the very end. Everyone! Please keep running with us with all your energy!!

February 19th, 2010
Melon Members

While blessed with talent, showmanship and artistic sexiness , their career for reasons that can only be viewed as speculation , never lived up to the potential they displayed in their performances . Throughout a career that spanned 18 singles and 6 albums, Melon Kinen-Bi considering the agency that they worked for were underachievers in the world of Japanese idol music.

On March 31,1999 Melon Kinen-Bi graduated from Hello!Project and joined M-Line ,where they shed their idol style image ,for a more rock style image and attempted a new direction comeback.

As part of their new direction comeback  Melon Kinen-Bi  released a series of collaboration singles and a full length album “ Melon's Not Dead” ,to show everyone their new style. With Melon Kinen-Bi seemingly locked in to their new style and hitting their grove, the shocking news of February 19 broke with the announcement that Melon Kinen-Bi would retire as a unit. Putting an end to what may have at last been Melon Kinen-Bi`s right road.

Hello!Project Melon Kinen-Bi
Melon Kinen-Bi Unforgettable

M-Line Melon Kinen-Bi
Melon Kinen-Bi & New Rote'ka - Pinchi wa Chansu Baka ni Narou ze!  

Sunday, February 21, 2010

°C-ute Shigatsu Sengen

Hello!Project members °C-ute will be releasing their fifth album SHOCKING 5 on February 24th. SHOCKING 5 will feature 11 tracks and will come  in CD and CD/DVD versions.

In support of SHOCKING 5 , °C-ute has released Shigatsu Sengen .Shigatsu Sengen
Is the follow up track their January top 5 release SHOCK!.

Shigatsu Sengen PV

 Track list

   1. EVERYDAY Zekkouchou!
   2. The Party!
   3. Aa! Koi 
   4. Bye Bye Bye!
   5. Lonely girl's night
   6. Kimi no Senpou 
   7. SHOCK!
   8. Shigatsu Sengen
   9. Zansho Omimai Moshiagemasu.
  10. Yume ga aru kara
  11. Shochuu Omimai Moushiagemasu (H22 Remix)

Limited Edition DVD

   1. Shigatsu Sengen (PV)
   2. Jacket & PV Making of
   3. Off-slide Show

To Buy the CD version outside of Japan

Saturday, February 20, 2010



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