Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gackt`s Worldwide Call For Help

Gackt`s Worldwide Call For Help

Legendary rock singer Gackt has put to the side all thoughts of making albums, for the call to help with the earthquake recovery drives that are underway.

And with that he has taken on himself a number of missions and is seeking worldwide support to achieve his dreams.

He is currently starting a four-day worldwide street collection drive .
The drive runs from March 31 to April 3 . In Japan there will be 5,000 people collecting in 123 locations.

He has posted information on his web site in several languages so that international fans can help with organizing simultaneous street campaigns in major cities around the world.

Project number 2 is a  worldwide video + photo project

Gackt explained this project idea through his twitter account .

Gackt-  “I have a new idea here. Would you try something else with me?”. “I want messages from people all over the world. Please take a video of yourself and your message for ‘SHOW YOUR HEART!!!’ We want you to put the videos up on You Tube starting from the 31st. It will give courage to all people in the disaster areas.”

Gackt went on to explain that supporters are to upload a video of them holding a piece of paper with “SHOW YOUR HEART” written on it, along with your own message and your current location.

Those who are unable to upload the videos to YouTube themselves can send it to GACKT directly, and he and his staff  will  post the videos for earthquake victims to view.

You can also send a photo and message to his charity web mail. Include the name of your city and country

Gackt`s web site to get the street volunteer applications and donation information in nine languages .

T.M. Revolution’s Nine Hour Charity Live Event.

T.M. Revolution’s Nine Hour Charity Live Event.

T.M. Revolution will be holding a nine-hour charity live on April 2, starting at 15:00/ 3:00PM. The program called “Hisaichi ni YELL wo Okurou! Ima Koso Tachiagare NIPPON! STAND UP! JAPAN“, will be streamed live on GyaO! and by Nico Nico in a Live Broadcast.

T.M. Revolution will be supported by co-hosts/event support such as SHOGO (175R), Tsuchiya Reo (RAG FAIR, Zboned Zubon), Micro (HOME MADE Kazoku), Ono Mayumi, Tahara Souichirou, Shibata Hidetsugu (Untouchable), Tokito Ami, and Mutou Keiji (All Japan Pro Wrestling) and many more as yet unnamed .

T.M. Revolution originally planed for this to be a live attendance event , however with the continuing energy problems from the earthquake ,it was decided that a nine hour live event may put unneeded strain on the power grid and that power would best served to go to homes .

Instead the event will be live streaming and a donation project “STAND UP! JAPAN Chuou Kyoudoubokinkai“, started by T.M. Revolution will be used instead of live event ticket revenues.

If you are able to view these services and want to watch the broadcast and support the charity.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Questions For 48 Fans

Questions For 48 Fans

These are questions for any reader who follows the 48 family of groups.

1. Do you have any interest in seeing SKE48`s mini drama Mousou Deka
It would not be subbed and I would back track to episode 1

2. Do you have any interest in seeing NMB48 - Doyou wa Dame yo!

3. AKB48 Members on the Game show DERO!

Notes on uploads

AKBINGO! , SHUKAN and ARIYOSHI [2 episodes]
need to be uploaded still.

SHUKAN did not air part two of the last episode  due to the earthquake and show content  was not right under the situation , so they returned to Miichan`s MC challenge . AKBINGO is a recap episode.

Given the current situations that you have been made aware of I ask for patience on getting the shows on site, you will not miss any episode that airs, of what we have been uploading in the past.

AKB48’s “Kamikyokutachi” Crosses 500,000 In Sales

AKB48’s   “Kamikyokutachi” Crosses 500,000 In Sales

AKB48 Album “Kamikyokutachi” released in 2010 has achieved another milestone for the group as it has crossed the 500,000 mark in sales. With the success of “Kamikyokutachi”, it  marks the first time that the group has had an album reach a half-million in sales.

“Kamikyokutachi”  also marks the first time a Japanese girl group has reached this mark for albums  since Morning Musume’s album, “4th Ikimasshoi!” achieved the same  result nine years ago with sales of 515,000. Currently AKB48 is only 14,000 behind this mark.

“Kamikyokutachi” also set an international milestone, as it became the first album by a female Pop group to surpass half a million since Destiny’s Child’s “Number Ones”.

IW Charity Auction Update

IW Charity Update

International Wota has added a number of new items to the auction list, from a number of agencies and groups.

Please help support the recovery, over 11,000 citizens will never again enjoy the sound of music and many thousands more are yet to be found. Hundreds of thousands have lost everything they own, not to mention several family members.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

AKB48 21st Single Release & 22nd Single Senbatsu Coming Soon

AKB is wasting no time and has further continued to extend their already huge omnipresence.
AKB48 21st single has been set to release on May 25th 2011, title is not confirmed yet. Additionally, their 22nd single will have a Senbatsu election coming soon. For the benefit of those who do not know, it is an voting process in which AKB fans may elect which of the girls under the AKB group to participate in the new single. A great way for fans to be involved in the single production process.

In accordance to their participation of the northeast earthquake support, a portion of the proceeds from the singles sales will go to charity.

And lastly, after previous postponings, AKB48's latest album "Koko ni ita koto" have been further pushed to release on 8th June. Similarly, a portion of the album sales will also go to charity.

Special SKE48 "Ai no Kazu" Video Clip For Moral Support

A new movie video clip has been made public on Youtube by SKE48. It was a video clip for the song "Ai no Kazu" performed by the group's Team K II, which is a B-side track to the single released earlier this month "Banzai Venus". Originally, "Ai no Kazu" has no PV created for it. But a video clip was made now, in hopes of the song becoming a moral support (no matter how small it maybe) to those facing difficult times due to the earthquake in northeast Japan, recently.

It was not a high cost production of any sort, just a simple video of SKE48 girls singing on their theatre stage with song lyrics running at the bottom. All for creating a new media made available for circulation.

SKE48 will reopen their theatres on the 31st of March, where on that same day Team S will perform and all proceeds from that performance will go straight to charity.

And the kindness of hearts continue to give.

Morning Musume Melodix Subbed

Morning Musume On Melodix Subbed

When ever possible I like to add programs in subbed format for anyone who struggles to follow along with the raw versions. One of my goals is someday to have a PIH sub team in place.

If your not able to follow along with the raw version, then you don`t want to miss the subbed version.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Morning Musume "Maji Desu ka SUKA!" Official PV

As I mentioned not long ago if the fan made video would be close to the official video for Morning Musume`s 45th single? The answer is yes but the fan made PV is missing 20 seconds.

“Maji Desu ka SUKA! “Is a fun PV that is different from recent Morning Musume videos that features many clips by the 9th gen.

AKB48 Donates Again 600 Million Yen + 218 Location CM Campaign.

AKB48 Donates Again 600 Million Yen + 218 Location CM Campaign.

Fresh off the heels of their very generous 500 million yen donation to the Japanese Red Cross, AKB48 has made a second donation, this time for 600 million yen (approximately $7.37 million USD) to the Japanese Red Cross.

AKB48 announced this wonderful gift at a press conference at the Third Okinawa International University Film Festival on the 26th. They also announced the group would be the promotion campaign group for the upcoming election for Tokyo’s new governor. AKB48 will run ads at 218 locations across Tokyo and as part of the campaign, their single “Heavy Rotation”; will be shown once every six minutes starting April 1 at the 218 locations.  

News On Sayashi Riho And Kikkawa Yuu

News On Sayashi Riho And Kikkawa Yuu

Not a lot of details on either of these news items at this time.

Mano Erina has announced that Morning Musume`s 9th gen member Sayashi Riho will be taking over her radio starting next week.

Soloist Kikkawa Yuu is now a Thursday broadcast regular for NTV`s new morning show "Hiru nan desu!"

We will have more information as the story develops.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Morning Musume "Maji Desu ka SUKA!" Unofficial PV

Morning Musume "Maji Desu ka SUKA!" Unofficial PV

A video was recently uploaded, that may confuse some fans of Morning Musume for being the official video, it is however not the official version.This is what the official PV  should  look like when  released, unless there are any missing scenes.

What the uploader did was take the two previews merge them and add the radio track over it, into a very nicely done PV.

If this is what the official version will look like, what do you think a welcome change for the group and to fans?

Download copy to keep in case of delete

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Special Charity Auction By International Wota

Special Charity Auction By International Wota

The staff of International Wota have put together with a number of bloggers to create a charity auction to help with the relief funds for recent earthquake in Japan. It`s not only your chance to get some create Idol goods from H!P ,Johnny’s and others as time goes on , but to help out people in need.

International Wota`s charity auction will see all proceeds from the sales of these items going to the American Red Cross who are working with the Japan Red Cross to aid in the Japan relief effort .

Please head to International Wota`s charity auction page to find more information about the auction and keep checking to see when the auctions will open for your region.

Morning Musume 9th Gen TV Event

Morning Musume 9th Gen TV Event

Leader Takahashi Ai takes the young ones on a feature television interview . Riho shows off her special thumb and game skill ,Fuku-chan the outstanding young artist and Kanon becomes a bug . Erina didn`t show any special skills ,however she did take part in the conversations . It seems like Riho and Kanon maybe targeted by their agency as the new top two ,maybe just not as wild as Kago and Tsuji .

9th gen represents themselves well in this show and already showing veteran television skills. What I would give to have Hello!Morning back and see this bunch run wild on an until the bus comes skit.

There is a special bonus at the end of the show ,that you can not miss ,it`s an long preview of their upcoming single.

Morning Musume 9th Gen  - ONRYU
Part 1
Part 2

Pure Idol Heart Wins International Wota Award

Pure Idol Heart Wins International Wota Award

Pure Idol Heart has won a 2010 International Wota Award for one of the two categories that we were nominated for Best Blog (New) and Best Blog Series.

The readers of International Wota have selected Idol Flashback by Pure Idol Heart as the 2010 Best Blog Series.

Pure Idol Heart would like to thank International Wota for the nomination and to everyone who voted for Pure Idol Heart `s Idol Flashback Series.

The full lists of winners are as follows.

Best Blog (Established) Delicious Cake Project!

Best Blog (New): Wota (in training)

Best Blog Series: Idol Flashback by Pure Idol Heart

Best Single Entry: Absurd by Wota (in training)

On a personal note, I want to say congratulations to our friends at Wota (in training) for their award wins   and to all the winners.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Help AKB48 Help Japan Special Charity

Help AKB48 Help Japan

AKB48 has teamed up with Shueisha, Inc. and Weekly Playboy for a very special donation charity and for once in your idol fandom life loyalties should be set to the side.

AKB48 has teamed up with Shueisha, Inc. and Weekly Playboy for a very special donation charity and they need your help.

Every time this special AKB48 video is played, a donation will be made by the two companies. The more the video is played, the more the companies will donate to Japan’s earthquake recovery to meet the needs of people who have lost everything.

This is the second charity that AKB48 has set up since the earthquake and the group and management recently in their first charity donated 500million yen.

The video features AKB48 members each saying an encouraging message, such as “Ganbare Nippon!”

Please help the nation recover by showing your support and helping promote this video.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

PIH: "Associate Writers", Contact Address

PIH: "Associate Writers", Contact Address

As I mentioned not long ago PIH is looking for new voices to appear on PIH .Maybe you are a long time fan of the genres we cover and always wanted to write about it.  Maybe your a veteran blogger that has an article in mind, that better fits the coverage that PIH offers, now is your opportunity to share them with the PIH readers.

If PIH Associate Writer is not for you, please feel free to use the mailing address to submit a scoop tip, opinion letters in response an existing PIH post and so on.

Notes- You do not need to have or create a blog to take part in this.
If you are a blogger and see a PIH original article that your readers may enjoy, you are welcome to link the article on your blog.

If you have, any questions please feel free to ask.
Contact Address

Subject line is the following
[PIH] then article submission.
Please include the [PIH] Tag in the subject

Please include the photos that you want to include in the article and any notes at the end if needed about the news source

PIH may edit articles if needed by adding additional information and/or clarification, to support your article.

Hello! Project Delayed Releases

Due to the earthquake in Japan recently, Hello! Project also delayed their releases of their works. Good to know things are picking up, slowly but surely.

Morning Musume - Single "Maji desu ka Ska" (3/23 -> 4/6)
°C-ute - Album "Chou Wonderful 6" (3/23 -> 4/6)

Morning Musume - “Morning Musume Fall Concert Tour 2010 ~Rival Survival~” (3/30 -> 4/13)

DVD - V.A. / Hello! Project 2011 WINTER ~Kangen Shinsen Matsuri~ A-Gana Live" (3/30 -> 4/27)
DVD - V.A. / Hello! Project 2011 WINTER ~Kangen Shinsen Matsuri~ B-kkuri Live" (4/13 -> 4/27)

SDN48:“Ai, Juseyo” Release Postponed

In light of the earthquake hitting on Japan, release dates have been postponed for singles released under Universal Music. Among those is SDN48's major debut single "Ai, Juseyo". Originally to be released in 23rd March 2011, it will now be released on 6th April 2011. But at least things in the music scene are picking up slowly.

Others under Universal Music with postponed releases:

KARA - "Jet Coaster Love" (3/23 -> 4/6)
Supernova = "Supernova LIVE MOVIE in 3D 'CHOSHINSEI SHOW' OST (3/23 -> 4/6)
V.I(from BIGBANG) "V.V.I.P Japan Edition" (3/23 -> 4/6)
Sunjge (Supernova) & Jiyoung (KARA) – “Merry Love” (3/30 -> 4/6)
ManaKana - "Sweet Home" (3/23 -> 4/6)
Kimaguren - "IT'S MY 勇気" (3/23 -> 4/20)
Kikkawa Kouji - "KEEP ON KICKIN'!!!!!" (3/23 -> 4/13)
Spitz - "Spitz 'Video Clips COMPLETE 1991-2011' (3/25 -> 4/6)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

GACKT Goes English.

GACKT Goes English.

Rock legend GACKT has started something interesting, he has started tweeting in English to fans who can`t speak Japanese. He is also setting or having his staff do it, his web site in nine languages.

Because of the quake he has put together a charity event called “SHOW YOUR HEART”, GACKT stated, “We decided to organize the charity as it was something that even we could start in order to help. We want everyone to lend us their strength. Although individuals may not be able to do much, if everyone works together, it becomes a lot of power. In this sort of time, we need to have the courage to lend a helping hand.”

To follow GACKT on Tweeter!/GACKT



SCANDAL: Haruka Radio PV + Bonus Clips

SCANDAL: Haruka Radio PV + Bonus Clips

On April 20, Female pop-rock band SCANDAL will release their newest single “Haruka“. “Haruka“will also be used as the theme song for the upcoming 3D animation, “Tofu Kozo“.

SCANDAL describes “Haruka“ as a positive message breakup song ,with lyrics that assures the troubled heart that all those troubles leading up to the breakup would eventually result in a new and stronger self, and that despite the pain, you should never stop looking forward.

If you have never given SCANDAL a chance before give them a fair chance .They are a little edgier version of ZONE and with each release they are getting closer to that big hit breakout.



Temptation Box Tour Live Clips .This is a fun band to see live ,not to mention skilled musicians.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Earthquake Update: Industry Slow Down And Plans

Right now, the Japanese music industry is in a slow down due to the results of the earthquake and power related problems. As a result, there is not a lot to report in news outside of charity activities.

This slowdown is expected to last into early to mid April, so with that I am thinking of
doing some extra TV shows.Shows I have never aired, doing some past idol history. This may also give  some time to get the other sections updated such as JRock and KPop

Right now due to the industry slow down there is not a lot going on in any Japanese music genre so there is really little to cover . Everyone is thinking charity and energy saving plans, Johnny’s for example when they become active again  in April will tour with reduce lighting.

As always, keep the nation in your heart as many difficult and painful days are ahead.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Not yet "Shuumatsu Not Yet", V2 PV

Not yet "Shuumatsu Not Yet", V2 PV

Not yet has posted a limited time airing of an alternate version of their debut single "Shuumatsu Not Yet". This alternate version features the group dancing in a park, on stage, and during dance practice. It is a special limited airing preview, so make sure that you download a copy to keep .The video will be on the Type-B release.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

SDN48 “Tengoku no Door wa 3 Kaime no Bell de Aku” PV

SDN48 “Tengoku no Door wa 3 Kaime no Bell de Aku” PV

SDN48’s Undergirls PV for their song “Tengoku no Door wa 3 Kaime no Bell de Aku”, has come out. This is the coupling song to their latest single, “Ai, Juseyo”.

The video is set in dark lighting along with the costumes and lets not kid here, it`s set in the atmosphere of a gentlemen’s/hostess club [use your imagination here at what I really mean] and features Meetan as the center member.

Looking past the video the song has great vocal arrangements and pleasing on the ears.

If any of your SDN48, favorites are Ohori Megumi, Noro Kayo, KONAN, Urano Kazumi, Akita Kazue, Chen Qu, Tezuka Machiko, Hatakeyama Chisaki, Ito Mana, Kimoto Yuuki, Ninomiya Yuka and Matsushima Rumi. Then you are about to go on a fantasy trip.


The 48 Groups Donate 500 million Yen For Earthquake Relief

The 48 Groups Donate 500 million Yen For Earthquake Relief

The members of the deferent 48 groups, AKB, SKE, SDN, NMB along with management and staff, recently set up a bank account so fans could donate for earthquake relief. As part of this charity, the 48`s along with management and staff made what has been one of the leading donation figures by any music company or group to date.

According to several news outlets Akimoto Yasushi, all the members of AKB48, SKE48, NMB48, SDN48, as well as their management AKS and the staff of Akimoto’s office have donated 500 million Yen ($6.2 million USD) to open their charity drive.

representatives for each group said that they are trying to think of more ways to support all the people affected by the natural disaster.

In related news on March 31 SKE48’s Team S will resume performing again. The members commented, “We want to give the victims of this disaster even just the smallest bit of courage”.

All the money generated from the live will go to earthquake relief. They are also setting up Nagoya based fundraising activities.

Morning Musume 9th Gen on Bijo Gaku Subbed Version

Here is the 9th gen part of Bijo Gaku in subbed version. I did not sub this; however, I would like someday to have a sub team.

As with other version it`s the 9th gen training for the tour. If you do not see the subs , just click the CC icon.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Morning Musume 9th Gen on Bijo Gaku

Television is trying to return to regular broadcasting schedules and with that the return to idol broadcasts. This week the 9th gen starts to learn the tour dances and see determined faces from their elder members.

There are some personal moments such as Ai-chan watching over Erina, helping Erina express emotions in her dance.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Donations How Much Did They Give?

Donations How Much Did They Give?

The following are some groups, agencies who have given for earthquake relief

Donation Money

Entertainment agency FLaMme, has donated 20 million yen (~$240,000 USD) they handle actresses Toda Erika, Hirosue Ryoko, Koyuki, and Kichise Michiko.

J-rock band GLAY donated 20 million yen (~$240,000 USD)

Concert/CD/ Funds Donations

Kansai based Band Dear Loving donated part of their live show revenue and collected from fans 82 boxes of colored pencils, 10 hand towels, 8 mini tote bags, 84 t-shirts, and 400 body warmers.

KPop Super Group KARA will be donating all their income from their new single “Jet Coaster Love” towards disaster relief efforts.

X JAPAN’s leader, YOSHIKI, auctioned off his beloved “crystal concert piano”

Johnny & Associates announced that all their transport and power unit trucks normally used for live performances would be lent to disaster-stricken areas in Japan, free of charge.

Hamasaki Ayumi  will collaborate with fashion magazine ViVi to produce a charity T-shirt for disaster relief.
The shirt will be sold on the online shop mu-mo from March 17 to March 31, and is open to international fans

EXILE is sending 50,000 bottles of drinking water

Charity Songs, Free Courage Songs

Folk Singer Suzumoku has released a charity song called “Bokura wa Ningen da” (We are Humans)

Suzumoku -“I’m not sure whether or not this song will give the earthquake victims courage, but I want to give people this song without worrying about things like copyright”.

Pop duo Sukima Switch posted on their official YouTube channel titled, “Kanade March 13, 2011

Sokabe Keiichi has released his new song “Haru no Arashi” (The Storm of Spring) free of charge

The list of artists making donations is to large for me to cover them all .AKB48 donation deserves it`s own post as it shows why they are the leaders in the female idol genre.

Labels,Artists, Release Delay

The following are the releases that will not be coming out at this time due to the Earthquake and ongoing nuclear reactor fires.

AKB48 Album : “Koko ni Ita Koto”,
Avex + Sub labels releases for March 23, 30,
Universal + Sub Labels for March 23, 25, 30,

Morning Musume, H!P Cancels Releases

Morning Musume, H!P Cancels Releases

Hello!Project has announced that it is postponed releases for their artists scheduled for March 23 and 30th.
Official Statement

    Our hearts go out to the victims of the Tohoku earthquake.

    A disaster this big has naturally affected business as well. Every infrastructure has taken a blow, including things like production and delivery.

    In light of current events,  we have quickly decided to postpone the releases scheduled for March 23 and March 30. These include:

        * Morning Musume’s single “Maji Desu Ka Ska!”
        * C-ute’s album “Chou WONDERFUL! 6”
        * Morning Musume’s Blu-ray disc “Morning Musume Concert Tour 2010 Fall ~Rival Survival~”

    We have caused trouble for fans looking forward to these works as well as staff, but please we beg of you to understand.

    We send our prayers that the areas affected by the disaster will be reconstructed as soon as possible.

H!P  joins the latest in a number of companies canceling releases ,tours ,lives  in the wake of the Tohoku earthquake.

There is a time and place for all entertainment, with the country facing the terrible tasks of recovering 10,000`s of lost lives and nuclear plants burning, now is not the time for Oricon ranking battles.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Charity Fund Set Up + Live + DLH Update

Charity Fund Set Up + Live + DLH Update

Legendary rocker GACKT is putting together an emergency charity. The charity is called “SHOW YOUR HEART” and GACKT has said that the charity will be used to collect funds for disaster relief for the 2011 Japanese earthquake.

GACKT- “We decided to organize the charity as it was something that even we could start in order to help. We want everyone to lend us their strength. Although individuals may not be able to do much, if everyone works together, it becomes a lot of power. In this sort of time, we need to have the courage to lend a helping hand.”

The list of stars taking part in the project is growing by the hour and include Shinya (LUNA SEA), Fujiwara Norika, DAIGO (BREAKERZ), and Haruna Ai

Donations are being done by direct deposit in Japan as GACKT has set up a bank account for the charity. The money will be distributed to victims through the Japanese Red Cross and local community relief centers.

T.M. Revolution [Nishikawa Takanori] is setting up a charity live concert.

The concert is scheduled for March 30 and will be held at Zepp Tokyo .TMR plans to set up a live stream for the event along with a website for donations.

Please note -that this event is still far from settled .TMR said that there are other artists who have expressed their support and that he is looking for people who are willing to provide broadcasting equipment, and websites that will host the stream and auction.

From TMR on the event- “It’s unclear how much or even whether I can do it, and I know that I will probably face difficulties when I actually put it in motion, but I want to put all my energy into it.”

Dorothy Little Happy Update

Sendai Idol Group Dorothy Little Happy

DLH Leader Kana reported they are ok, promotions for them has stopped for now as they focus on recovery.