Here are the people working behind Pure Idol Heart. If you wish to contact us, wish us to write about something or if you have got a tip on something interesting, feel free to shoot us an email.

Name: Gaki (Gaki)
Role: Editor. Writer.
Status: Preparing for indies debut by torturing smiley icons with toothpicks.
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Name: Ryo (Fukuya Ryouji)
Role: Content contributer.
Status: Training to be a professional bed warmer.
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Name: jin (jinryuichi)
Role: Background work.
Status: Currently missing. Sometimes spotted serving tea at corporate soup kitchens...
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Name : Meika A (Meika)
Role: Writer ,Design Consultant
Status: Currently hunting for wild snowmen in the Yukon wilderness

Name: Candy
Role: Writer, Design, Helper
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Status: Don't hesitate to contact me about anything! I speak a little Japanese and Chinese (Mandarin) too.