Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Super Generation Making Baby Steps In the Idol Boom

Pure Idol Heart special guest reporter Paul returns. This time Paul takes a look at a group we have briefly talked about Happy Super Generation and looks at what life is like in the Indies. This story, you could replace the name of the group ,a story or two and really it`s all the same. The Idol boom is in full swing and everyone wants a place in it.

Happy Super Generation Making Baby Steps In the Idol Boom
By Paul Purvis ,Special Guest Reporter

I was in Shibuya early one Sunday morning to catch a show. About a block away from the venue another idol group was getting out of a bus one by on and being greeted by some chanting fans. After the show when I went to PARCO right behind the venue to get some lunch, I ran into another idol group handing out fliers. That is when it hit me just how many groups there are when I am just randomly running into them! The group that I ran into handing out fliers turned out to be Happy Super Generation.

Happy Super Generation is a rather new group and they are trying to make waves in the crowded idol industry. As evidenced by the girls handing out fliers themselves, HSG is going for a more grass roots approach. As I wrote before all the members were on hand at AeLL`s live show to meet fans. They are trying to establish themselves in an established market and getting out there and meeting people is a good start.

While they are not trying to reinvent the idol wheel and hit you over the head with a plastic mallet like Alice 10 or leave you in shock like Steam Girls (OMG). They don’t come out in uniforms and try to win you over with super cuteness like the act before them and after them did.

They may not be the first group to rock the T shirts and jean shorts (cough cough Survive- Zero) they are one of the few that exclusively goes against the idol dress code. Even the most hard core fan must be getting sick of the groups in uniforms! HSG's on stage act also has little in common with the all smiles, cute choreography and pointing that we have seen a million times.

When HSG is on stage the dancing ranges from something you would find on an American Football game sideline to something you would see in a work out video. They kind of do an IDOL and HYDE thing where they are all hot and sexy on stage, but then are cute and friendly during the meet and greet.

They will do their first solo show in December; soon they will be doing some in store live shows for their first mini album. There is a unique promotion with the CD where fans can vote for their favorite member who will make their solo debut in January. Hopefully whoever wins the group will continue.

There may not be as many idol groups as grains of sand in the ocean or stars in the sky but there are probably as many idol groups in Tokyo as there are vending machines. Are there too many? I don't think so. Idols right now are what SUMO was in the 80s or the Yomiuri Giants in the 70s. Anytime the girls perform in public like in a mall or a festival everyone has to stop and watch. This is not the case with other types of music. Idols are as iconic as geisha, and attract an even bigger and more diverse crowd in public.

If just a hand full of those people watching from a far take an interest then it just makes the scene that much bigger. This market can always use fans and while their maybe more idol groups than you can shake one of those pink glow sticks at, as HSG shows there are always fresh faces and new styles coming out to give something for everyone.


Idol Round Up #9

Idol Round Up

Today`s thought –When one is not well, one discovers how stretched staffed they truly have, lol.

First up if you like countdown clocks, here is one for FantaRhyme

Alice Project has announced they are opening their own performance theater, were their units will hold daily concerts. The theater will be located in Akihabara .The theater will seat 350 people , making it larger than AKB48`s theater .The group will have something similar to a Senbatsu system .The system will be called OMD Otaku Satisfaction ,were fans get one vote per ticket to have a member receive a push promotion.

Alice Project lead by Alice No10 [Alice Juban] have been on a hot streak and is growing in popularity and it`s only a matter of time before they have a breakout moment. Maybe this theater will be the key.

S-Qtry a group we have posted on in the past has had a major shakeup .The contracts of half the group were terminated and the only two left are Asaka and Airi Yamasaki [sisters].
Kind of harsh that on the eve of their 2nd anniversary that half the group would be let go, however Idols have rules, regardless of the level of the group.

On the new PV front here are some looks at Apple Tale and AeLL

Apple Tale Perfect Blue [Short Version]

AeLL has put out the full version PV of a song called JOY

Thursday, October 25, 2012

PIH Live House Himekyun Fruit Can and nanoCUNE

PIH Live House returns after a long absence for some remodeling, tonight we have a full 90 minute live from Himekyun Fruit Can and their sister unit nanoCUNE.

The venue is Shibuya O-West which has a capacity of 600 standing .

If you wonder what it`s like to see an Indie Live Concert, you should spend 90 minutes watching this. No it`s not the same as seeing Morning Musume or the 48`s. It`s just its own brand of specialness, that should be compared on its own level.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Idol Found

They say that the idol genre is a small world and sometimes that is truer then you may know. The first rule of Indie Idol genre is, when you leave one group, you join another one as quickly as your little idol feet can run and hope your next group can break that glass ceiling and reach Budokan greatness that major idols experience.

Unless the indie idol group is full of debuting idols, then it`s a very high possibility that some if not most of the members that you are watching are from disbanded Idol groups.

Without going into a lot of details at this time, this tradition is something that I know personally in great detail.  In some cases, entire new company units have been created by veteran Indie idols who have banded together in the belief of a certain visual concept and have set out to bring that vision to life.

When looking at debuting Indie Idol units to present to you, this rule has once again come into play.
Sometime ago I introduced you to a group called Houkago Princess .Keeping them updated on PIH is difficult as they have decided to limit their CD sales to live events only as they have a small , but dedicated cult following fan base. 

The group has had a number of members leave and a number to join. One such member who was not only cute, but in many ways played the groups sexy character despite her young age was Yuki Kishitani.

Now two years since she entered Houkago Princess and she later moved on, she has returned.

Yuki [left bottom row] now leads a group called Dream Factory. The group has many events scheduled and their debut is being shipped to CD shops across Tokyo.
The groups theme is “Universal Love” and it is Yuki`s wish to “build their dreams with their fans, and to be loved by many people.”
The group hopes to gain strong support as they join this new era of warring idol kingdoms.

Dream Factory

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Alice Project Understanding Chaos Part 3

When we last stopped, I mentioned that OZ had a mass graduation so that the members could move to the new unit Steam girls and that a new OZ would be born.

This is the new OZ

Yuuna Himukai moved over from the cowardly Lion into Dorothy`s costume. She is the only member holdover.

OZ Trainees
Ayaka Asakura and Airi Suzumura move into OZ

Joining them is
Nanase Satoh [also in White Milk, Soupgirls]

Yuuki Meru [also in Soupgirls]

To bring closure to this series I`d like to leave you with Alice Project performances and what you can see when you attend an Alice Project Live

One hour from two of the Alice Project Groups we covered in this series

Soupgirls and Topping Girls GT

One hour fan event by the same two groups

Note – if you look to the far right at the fan event wearing a black jacket is my favorite of all Alice Project members
From Steam girls Tomoe Koyanagi

I almost forgot they have a USTREAM Channel

If you missed any part of this multi group series look at the groups that make up this wonderful Idol Company, please check out the links below.

Part 1
Part 2


I'm a little late writing about these girls, but In the midst of all of the idol groups that seem to debuting lately, we have another added to the team!

Meet Panache!, a three girl idol group made up of three popular cosplayers. The girls's mission is to  spread Japanese cosplayers' culture to other countries, (which is actually, already really popular overseas). These girls (from left to right Kuroneko, Enako, and Itsuki Akira) will be making their CD debut with SONY tomorrow, October 24, with their single Kirameki Miraizu. The b-side will be a cover of Happy Synthesizer, an extremely popular vocaloid song by Easy Pop. Previews of the song's can be heard here

Panache! facebook (which already seems to have a ton of fans on it)
official website

 This group's sound, rather than sounding idolish, sounds more techno, like perfume or vocaloid artists, which was not what I was expecting at all. I expected, because of their outfits, something sugary sweet and upbeat, but Kirameki Miraizu sounds similar to the stuff that Kikkawa Yuu has been releasing lately. Happy Synthesizer sounds oddly, almost identical to the original.You cannot hear the girls voices that well over the music, which is kind of sad, but I think waiting for the full audio is better before completely judging. Also, in their kawaii Japan girl interview, Kuroneki said she designed their outfits, which is really cool! Also in the interview, the girls said that they visited many events around the world, which is another pointer towards this group.

Kawaii Girl Japan interview

The attack of the bowling pins!

I was on YouTube, just browsing, when I saw that stardust just immediately uploaded something. At first I thought it was something to do with momoclo, and I got excited, but when I saw that it was different stardust group, I thought I should check them out, and I'm glad that I did.

Team Syachihoko is one of Stardust's 3B junior groups. The PV, The Stardust Bowling, is for the group's third single that will be released October 31st! I have never looked at any previous Team Syachihoko PV's or singles, which is a shame since I really like stardust's acts and groups. But from just this one video, Team Syachihoko seems to be the typical stardust group: fun and crazy! Their like Ebichu and momoclo mashed into one group.

The theme of this PV is bowling, as you can see from the title, and the fun animated opening. When I saw the guys dressed up in bowling pins, I burst out laughing.

The whole PV mainly consists of the girls literally attacking bowling pins.

The girl's defeat the bowling pins, and of course, it wouldn't be an idol PV without an outfit change.

But, gasp! The bowling pins come back, in a truck and start attacking the girls again.

But it's not a problem for Team Syachihoko

 After their victory,  the girls go to a warehouse and start ribbon dancing??

Breaks over girls, guess who's back? (they just don't give up do they?!)

Team Syachihoko didn't defeat them this time. This is some serious torturing, poor Honoka.

But then the girls make an awesome comeback, and they beat the crap out of those bowling pins, once and for all.

I never hear about this group. Like ever. Which is really sad because this PV is seriously entertaining. I mean, it's really crazy, and random, but fun; you won't be bored watching this. And the song was energetic and catchy. The outfits are amazing! So bright, and colorful, I love them~ It makes me really want to check out their previous singles..

do it now!  watch it now!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Alice Project: Understanding Chaos Part 2

In part one ,I showed you the senior unit connections to Alice 10Ban .In part two we will look at the junior units in rank ,their connections to each other and to Alice 10Ban.
I call them junior members as they are newer created units.

The most senior of the junior units is

White Milk

White Milk features
Nanase Sato [Also in Soupgirls]

Karen Tsukimiya [Also in Steam girls and Soupgirls]

Sara Kurose [Also in Topping Girls GT and Steam girls]

The milk girls at onetime had a connection to Alice 10Ban as Asa was once in White Milk and Alice 10Ban at the same time

Next is OZ

As of the time of creating this post the members of OZ have had a mass graduation and the members have shifted to the newly created unit called Steam girls after just four short months as a group, so here is a video tribute to the OG Lineup. The members will be spoken of later.

But before we get to the tribute I`d like to mention the only  OZ members that did not move to Steam girls were
Yuuna Himukai

And training members
Ayaka Asakura

Airi Suzumura

Now a look at what were OZ and a moment of Silence

And a moment of Silence

Next we have the Soupgirls
The Soupgirls are the direct juniors to Topping Girls GT, which also makes them connected to Alice 10Ban
This unit is also one you need to get your notes out for this group will also lead you back to OZ and I hope that you took notes on this from part one.

We have
Yuuki Meru -Yuuki is now also the new scarecrow in OZ

[See Steam girls]
Rinaa Sakura –who is in Cherry Blossom and Steam girls and formerly of OZ
Risa Sawada –who is in Steamgirls and formerly of OZ
Nanase Satoh-Who is in White Milk and now the Cowardly Lion in OZ
Araya Satsuki - who is in Steam girls and formerly of OZ
Karen Tsukimiya-who is in Steam girls and White Milk
Nanaka Kawamura- formerly of OZ, and currently in Steam girls and Prism,
Erina Kamiya - formerly of OZ, and currently in Steam girls
Yuki Sakura- formerly of OZ, and currently in Steam girls

And now the new OZ

This brings us full circle and the newest unit

Steam girls

The Steam girls are the direct juniors to Alice 10Ban and several have earned the sacred right to put on the Alice 10Ban costume.

This unit next to Alice 10Ban I have waited with eagerness to debut ,while I enjoyed OZ greatly the Cyber Gothic/Steampunk fusion of Steam girls and my favorite OZ member ,not only being a part of the unit , but acquiring the sacred right to Alice 10Ban costume ,was just too much to pass up.

The Steam girls are
Reona Kameda- by way of Prism

Nanaka Kawamura- formerly of OZ, and currently also  in Prism, Soupgirls,

Yuki Sakura- formerly of OZ, and also currently in Soupgirls

Rinaa Sakura –who is also in Cherry Blossom  and formerly of OZ

Erina Kamiya - formerly of OZ, and currently also  in  Soupgirls

Araya Satsuki - who is  also , Soupgirls and formerly of OZ [Leader] [Also has put on the sacred Alice 10Ban Costume]

Karen Tsukimiya-who is also in Soup Girls and White Milk

My number one member formally of OZ , a definition of Alice Project Cuteness and also gracing Alice 10Ban costume ranking
Tomoe Koyanagi

Sara Kurose –also in Topping Girls GT and White Milk

Risa Sawada –who is also in  Soupgirls and formerly of OZ

There are two other units who I have left out as they play no connection to any of the groups mentioned in these two parts.

If you are not completely confused at this point ,don`t worry at some point they will make a new unit and chaos will take place once again , so at some point you will be confused for a moment. That is the beauty of Alice Project ,as by the time you read this ,they could have had another mass chaos event and you`ll have to start over again.

As far as those who advanced to wear the sacred Alice 10Ban costume ,was it a permanent move or just a special event to celebrate the ending of Original Generation OZ ? I guess you`ll have to wait until I post a new Alice 10Ban video to see.

Part One

Part Three