Saturday, June 30, 2012

LinQ - “Shiawase no Energy“

LinQ is one of the fresh faced idol groups that I not only like a lot, but feel have the tools needed to develop into a major name in the genre.

They have a great sound and arrangement to their songs and the members since their debut have taken an active hand in their image and costume designs  that each member wears, along with video idea input.

Shortly the group will be releasing their new single “Shiawase no Energy“through Tower Records own Idol label T-Palette Records.

“Shiawase no Energy“is their 4th single to date and is a double A side release.

The 31 member group will release “Shiawase no Energy“on July 18

PV Below from their official YouTube Page


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Party Rockets ,Dorothy Little Happy Sister Unit

The new little sisters of Dorothy Little Happy have landed. These young ladies are looking to make a splash soon like big sisters on Avex.

This is one of the cutest new idol units out today.
With a single debut in August excitement is in the air.

Smile ☆Pocket (スマイル☆ポッケト)

A group that made our fresh 30 is back on PIH with a show appearance

Profile Post


Nico Nico show appearance

Thursday, June 21, 2012

BABYMETAL Headbangeeeeerrrrr!!!!!

The evolution of BABYMETAL  continues.

Morning Musume, One, Two, Three Regular

Morning Musume has just released the regular version PV of their new single “One, Two, Three”
It`s not much different from the dance, just throw in close ups and a lot of CGI.

Another Adventure To OZ

Another look at the new Indie idol group known as OZ .

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Momoiro Clover Z: RISE UP

Recently a serious investment has been made into Momoiro Clover Z to push them up the ranks. Media, celebrities and fans have jumped aboard this as if everyone is looking for that next idol group to rise up and take over the top spot, or in this case be the leader of the next wave of idol genre.

From 24hr TV broadcasts, to live concert broadcasts, featured television variety specials to a traveling bus and a wide range of endorsements, the push is on in full force and the girls are starting to be everyday faces on television.

Clover Z appeals to a wide range of age groups from small children to adults, they have a charm that sweeps over everyone they are around.

Here are just a few things that the ladies have working now

From the just broadcasted TV Live concert, you can`t control this machine it`s an infection that takes over you

There is simply not enough room in this post to show everything they are doing currently this month on television, however this group is well on its way to greater things.

PS If you want to see the concert and more go here while it`s still up

Alice No.10 Welcome to Summer Special Gift

Alice No.10 [formally Spelled Alice Juban] welcomes in summer with a PV .This maybe the first time I’ve seen an idol video were the group wears swimsuits ,hockey masks and swing a chainsaw.
Well it wouldn`t be Alice No.10 if it was any other way

Special bonus from their parent company`s site

Some Favorites of mine

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

palet Debut

Since I last told you about the sister group to Passpo, known as palet ,they have made their official debut.
On May 15 they did their first magazine Interview for Akiba 2.5 andthen they made their performance debut on June 9 and have been going strong since.

Here is a look at the new idols in action.

Debut Live

2nd Live

3rd Live

OZ Preview 2

OZ being the newest group in the Alice Project family of groups is shown hard at work preparing for a show and watching their elders.

In the background is members of the other 8 Alice Project groups.
There are two OZ members still training and while they have their costumes and have taken group photos are not yet able to debut.

Monday, June 18, 2012


For an little known Idol group ,this is one of the better idol group videos out at this level .I don`t mean from a video stand point as the group is working with the budget that they have and made it work for them .

 I am talking from a song stand point. The song is good, the vocals strong and the production is as solid as anything you can expect from the Indies.

Live version w/wotas

Majisuka Gakuen 3 First Images

The new season of the AKB48 centered drama will start July 13 .Very little details have been released outside of the fact that it will take place in a prison.

SKE48 members will also play a big part in this season. No word on other cast members are out at this time.

Sasshi e no Dengon

All of the following is written in my own perspective. Feel free to agree or disagree - it won't change what I feel.


I didn't think a day like this would come; a day where a sweet, funny, dorky girl like you would be caught into such a huge mess.

When I came back home from my school's last day of classes, a day full of excitement and cheerfulness, I went on the computer just to take a break and relax. Going on a site I frequently visit, I was surprised to see people talking about you so much, and in a worriful manner, at that. "No, not Sasshi!" "I can't believe that this would happen to Rino" "Don't worry, Sashiko, I will always be supporting you!"; such phrases as these made my eyes widen in a horrified way, my jaw drop all the way down to the floor, and my heart sink to the depths of my stomach in which butterflies were fluttering all around in it. At that instant, one word came to my mind: Scandal. The cheerfulness that I had been having all day abruptly came to an end.

You were and still are one of my favourite AKB members; without a doubt, the person who was on my mind the entire time would be Sasshi-chan. So I didn't hesitate at all to check a Japanese culture news site to see what all the chaos was about. As the site was loading, a million things were twirling around like a tornado amidst the darkness I now had in my head. At last, the page was fully loaded after what felt like the longest ten seconds I have ever felt in my life. Sure enough, at the top of the page, I saw something that made my physical and mental wellbeing steer downhill fast; the headline of that article addressed that you had been moved to HKT48 because of a scandal that you were in.


Apparently, the story goes that Sasshi was romantically involved with a fan of hers during the years 2008 and 2009. This fan has said that the two exchanged mail and that she has sent him personal photos of yourself. Despite defending herself and saying that they were merely friends, it still broke the rule of having no private contact between fans. Therefore, Aki-P has transferred her to HKT48 - a sister group of AKB48 that has been active for almost a year and still hasn't released any singles - as a restart rather than a punishment.

First off, anyone who does something as slimy as this to their idol - I don't think they deserve to be called a fan at all. From where I see it, they start getting bitter over how much popularity their idol is garnering and when opportunity comes knocking that involves telling a juicy story for the reward of money, they'll have at it. Getting money that way is much simpler than having to work at a part-time job at a fast food restaurant. And more importantly, they get to retaliate in order to feel self-satisfied. I don't know how I could feel any satisfaction from hurting her.

Then, when she says that the two of them are just friends, I really, truly, honestly believe that Sasshi is telling the truth. Especially when she's crying all her stress out into the form of tears. But it feels like my voice is nothing compared to the more vocal tone of the negative. Whether they're the majority or not, it seems that they will always be louder than the rest. I'm not saying that people shouldn't say what they feel is right or positive, but it can feel hopeless when you do.

Lastly, regarding the transfer from AKB48 to HKT48, I have mixed feelings on this. On one hand, I'm happy that Sasshi hasn't been banished completely from the 48 franchise, that she has a chance to start over again and that she can guide the HKT "underlings". But I'm also depressed that there won't be any "leading Wota" in AKB anymore, that she might not gain back popularity (After what has happened to some of my other favourite members, Ayarin and Sayaka) and that it's not really fair to HKT; unless I saw wrong, Aki-P has said that Sasshi might be the next center of HKT. While that's a great (And very likely) possibility for her and her remaining fans, what about the rest of HKT? I feel like they deserve their own ace and not just a "leftover" (I say leftover in quotations as people could take the negative connotation from it, which is not my intention at all) from their senpai group.


You have already apologized to your fans, and as one of them, I accept it, fully knowing that doing so will not change what has been done. I'm not so sure of what else I can do to make this better for you. I'm not one of those fans who goes to live concerts, who buys multiple copies of a single, or even someone who simply comments on your blog. For that, I feel obliged to give you my apology. But I hope that you're aware that I, along with many others, will be supporting you as much as we can!


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Negicco: “Anata to Pop with You!”

Negicco has released a new single PV called “Anata to Pop with You!”
The video is not very flashy, but the song is really good and it has my favorite color in it.
“Anata to Pop with You!” will hit the stores on June 20 and you can get it at Tower records and i believe you can also order it through HMV.

Friday, June 15, 2012


In preparations for their new release, the highly popular, fast rising, idol group BABYMETAL have entered into a deal with Tower Records.
The collaboration is called “NO MUSIC, NO IDOL?”

As part of this  campaign these limited edition posters shown below are being handed out on a first come first get situation.

BABYMETAL will also be performing at select Tower Record stages in July and will see the addition of a DJ.

To attend the live, you must have the ticket that comes in their July 4 new release.

So what do you think about the posters, they really look like a different group than before?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Idoling!!! One up!!! preview

Idoling!!! will be releasing their new singles One up!!! and Ichigo Gyuunyuu on August 8. It's a double a-side. A live performance of One up!!! can be seen here. This is the first performance with the new generation members.Maybe they'll release the PV on their official channel?

I really like One up!!! I'm loving all of the lines Naohi is getting.
 I was actually expecting Idoling!!! to do a PV containing bikini's or something, since it's summer, but I'm so glad they didn't because that would have been kind of boring, since they've already done that before.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Time for some Idol math.

What are one DJ + Three Idols =? .Answer- RHYMEBERRY.

RHYMEBERRY is an idol unit that I’ve had an eye on for some time now to present on Pure Idol Heart.

RHYMEBERRY are members of the idol group usa☆usa Shoujo Club and as a group they are more popular than their main group.

Together under the names MC-HIME,MC-YUKA,MC-MIRAI and DJ-HIKARU ,RHYMEBERRY have created a sound and style all their own.

RHYMEBERRY by the way looks at their fan base as being their big brother and have several songs related to looking up to big brother.

As you can imagine by the member names and group name this is not your traditional idol group, they are a Rhyming idol group and an enjoyable one to listen to as well.

 After being active for some time now the group is releasing a single on July 4 titled HEY! BROTHER.


Other tracks!/RHYMEBERRY1

The only thing bad about this is usa☆usa Shoujo Club has a High School graduation rule , meaning once their idols reach High School she has to graduate and if she wants to continue being an idol , she drifts off to a new place to call home.

As for their main unit, you can find a 100+ videos on their YouTube Page

Momoiro Clover Z Otome Sensou

Momoiro Clover's PV for Otome Sensou is out!

The other a-side is PUSH, which was released earlier andthe bside is mitemitekochichi. Sensou means war, so I expected something more energetic, however, PUSH and mitemitekochichi are already energetic, so this kind of calms everything down.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


A new Idol group out of Sapporo that is owned by “Idol Café Sapporo” making them a café idol group. They  have just released their debut mini album with five songs.

The café`s manager serves as the groups manager and they perform regularly at the café and around Sapporo.

The members along with their manager created their own dance routines giving it that traditional café idol style.

The name WeHigh by the way  stands for “We aim to reach high as idols”.

They are selling their debut 1,000 yen CD at their lives and domestically though their web site.
As a group they are pretty good and have growth potential.


ANGE♥LOID is a cute little Indie Idol unit that sings mostly cover songs from anime and other idols, with some originals thrown in.

ANGE♥LOID is typical of Indie Idols, they were either overlooked by a large agency or simply like the freedom the Indies offer.
The best way to look at an Indie idol is that they slipped through the hands of a big house to become your own special treasure.

ANGE♥LOID is no different from any other Indie, strong points, weak points in this case it`s dancing, but with a loyal fan base supporting their special treasure.
One thing to keep in mind, Indie Idol companies tend to be small agencies with less than 20 people employed and often that includes the idols. Some groups represent themselves, so the level of training will vary based on each group and the resources the company can afford.

ANGE♥LOID is a group to keep a watch on as they improve a little each live.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Cheeky Parade TV Debut

Fast rising idol group Cheeky Parade , fresh off selling 5,000 copies of their Indie single debut, made their debut TV appearance the other night.

The buzz around this group is growing, with a major debut single coming next they have a shot of being very good, very fast.

Wotas these days are looking for fresh faced idols who are just starting their careers and who have a bit of spark and attitude .

The same old cookie cutter idol groups is not going to cut it anymore. With Indie groups becoming more creative and very fan friendly with stage diving and more ,look for more and more groups rising up like Cheeky Parade and following the playbook of being loud ,attitude changing ,wota loving, off the wall and a bit out of control idols.

The birth of the next Idol genre era is here.

The TV spot was removed after posting so i added this ,

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Alice Project the company that Alice Juban work for have just debut their 9th group OZ
Full title is The Wonderful Alice of OZ

As you can guess from the name it`s a group based on the Wizard of OZ story.
As there is only a short 2-minute video, i thought that i`d give you a profile post.

OZ is







Tomoe [likely to be my #1 idol from this group] [more photos, blogs, etc.]

Fairies Tweet Dream preview

It's quite different from the mature style we've been hearing, which is a good thing because variety is the key.
The electronic sounds make it a little too busy at times, but it's overall a new sound for them.
I hope the PV is creative and playful!
With Fairies master dancing, I wonder how the dance will be coordinated since this sounds really hard to coordinate to.

Mano Erina Song For the DATE

Mano's 12th single, song for the date has been released.

Mano's new PV is creative, the song is catchy, and all I can say is that the company is finally starting to care about her. I hope this song has great sales! She definitely deserves it, since so much effort was put into this release.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Alice Juban Live + New Logo

I am posting this for three reasons

1.I like Alice Juban
2.They have changed the spelling of their name and logo
3.It gives me a reason to post their new name spelling and logo

Also make sure you don`t miss the 9-10 min mark, well really you should watch every second of the live ,to see what all happens.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dorothy Little Happy: “Tobidase! Summer Time “Preview

Our lovely ladies from Sendai, share a little summer time love, with a preview of their new single
“Tobidase! Summer Time”.
The video shows the girls returning to their roots, while they have a distribution deal with Avex, they are very much rooted in their regional Indie roots.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Passpo☆: Idol Watching Idol

This is a cute video from Passpo☆; they are backstage watching and dancing to an S/mileage video.
So you have Passpo☆ becoming S/mileage and other random idol silliness as they show their excitement for H!P in what i like to call idol watching idol

Tanaka Reina Joins a Rock Band

If any Musume could pull this off it would be Reina.

A few hours ago it was announced that Morning Musume`s Tanaka Reina under the blessings of Tsunku is holding auditions to create her own female rock band. [Sorry for the posting delay, life got in the way]

It`s no secret that Reina and Sayu`s time in Morning Musume is coming to an end and a new and exciting age in Morning Musume`s history is starting to develop.

With Reina now holding auditions starting June 17 for musicians to support her in a rock band, is Reina now starting to plan her life out of Morning Musume?

Think about it for a moment, if this project takes off like say the bands SCANDAL or ZONE, do you honestly believe that Up-Front will not milk this for every yen they can generate.

This brings us to one last possible speculation that the clock is now ticking , a good number of fans on both sides of the ocean have been openly discussing what seems to be Reina`s halfhearted work and disinterested expressions in the dance version of One,Two,Three.

With her and Sayu the last remaining members that have any connection the legacy that Morning Musume established, could Reina, now be mentally cashing in her Morning Musume card and thinking of future goals?

While we will never know how Reina truly feels , it`s clear that the 9th,10th generations are in this to win and they have an uncontrolled spirit all their own that is taking Morning Musume down a path of their making and for Reina and Sayu that means life after Morning Musume .

With Reina now creating her own rock band, the excitement of this project, will not keep many from speculating has the clock for Reina been pushed?

I am not going to be harsh on her video expressions as some wotas have been, because I am not concerned with it. For me the fact that she is willing to step into a new genre is exciting and I am looking forward to seeing this play out.

Audition Site

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Happy Super Generation

HSG is a new idol group they have a number of intro programs, USTREAM Show, and more.
If you’re looking for something new off the mainstream radar, you may want to give HSG a shot.


Programs 2, 3, 4,
Show 2
Show 3
Show 4


Snow*Drop First Live

Snow*Drop an idol Bandol[Idol Band] held their debut live on USTREAM on the 3rd
You can view it here as well as archives of other idol units from this company

Warning- like most small live houses the acoustics are not very good

Alert- there will be another live broadcast this evening  at 9:30 PM, check your local time zone conversions if you want to watch it

Monday, June 4, 2012

Morning Musume – One, Two, Three

Morning Musume has released the dance video version the new single One, Two, Three.

This video is one of their better videos in sometime, from lighting, background and costumes.

I am not a big fan of auto tune, but in this case it seems to work a bit.

Dempagumi.Inc Catch-up

It`s been a while since we have been able to catch up with this idol group from Dearstage Live Bar. The group has released a new single, that may be their best work to date and we have them doing a street live.

The group has been picking up a bit of steam lately in the idol genre and i`d like to try to get them into our idol group rotation more often.

In related news the group will be performing at Tokyo Idol Festival Group 2012.

I just can`t resist idols wearing animal ears even if the interview is not new

Updated HP

Friday, June 1, 2012


SUPER☆GIRLS new summer single is out.
Since S☆G's last Summer single, MAX! Otome Gokoro was performed in bikini's, I have a feeling that they are going to copy follow the same trend that AKB48 does.

Firstly, there's a ton of fan service with all of the bikinis, butt shaking, and kissing the camera.  S☆G wota will go crazy.

The song can't get anymore typical idol sounding.
It's actually not a bad song; the chorus is the catchiest.

Usually, my reviews would end there but...

I'm going to be honest, I feel a little let down.
Their last summer single, MAX! Otome Gokoro was a summer single done right. It was fun and tasteful! Even with all of the fans service, I had so much fun watching it.

But PuriPuri♥SUMMER Kiss is too typical for my liking.  The girls are in bikinis, at the beach.

That is the definition of the stereotypical idol.

"The fan service is wasted on me as a female fan. For a bikini PV to impress me there has to be a lot of other elements than “look how sexy I look in this bikini." 

It's wrong to compare, but look at AKB who added a little violence to their PV so that it could be different from their other summer PV's. Morning Musume's new summer single has an original concept. PASSPO☆ too, adding in a darker sound with NEXT FLIGHT.  And even Momoclo with PUSH.

My point is, SUPER☆GIRLS could have done so much more for their summer single than what PuriPuri♥SUMMER Kiss is.

A summer single doesn't have to include bikini's and a beach/pool scene, because every other idol does that. When there are 5 million groups out there doing the same thing, it's important to remain unique and original.

The positive aspects of the single are that we get to see the girls laughing, having fun, and acting silly. 

Sorry, this was longer than it needed to be.
I hope nobody thinks I'm bashing them.
 I love SUPER☆GIRLS, I just wish they'd get out of the whole "We want to be like AKB" phase and be themselves.

I hope their next single is better, and that it's like 1,000,000 Smile and Joshiryoku Paradise.