Saturday, July 31, 2010

AKB 600 Sec ,Episodes Minegishi ,Kasai ,Takajo

Here is another set of episodes
This block features Minegishi Minami, Kasai Tomomi, and Takajo Aki
The final episodes will be next.

Minegishi Minami

Kasai Tomomi

Takajo Aki

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Momoiro Clover Next Single Preview

Here is the single preview portion of yesterday’s Momoiro Clover USTREAM show.
I do not know how everybody else will feel, however I really like Koko ☆Natsu [Coconuts] .It`s upbeat, fresh sounding and from the little dance tease the girls do in the preview, it looks like they really enjoyed making the PV.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Momoiro Clover Next Single Live Preview 7-27,2010

Momoiro Clover have announced that their next single"Koko ☆Natsu"   will be broadcast live July 27 at 19:00 Japan Time.

The event will be broadcast on their USTREAM and Nico Nico Accounts
NOTE: for Nico ,you must create an account ,for USTREAM no account is needed
"Koko☆natsu" special program with Momoclo

Broadcast Information
27/JULY open18:30 start19:00(Japan time)
 Momorio Clover USTREAM

Nico Nico Douga
Momorio Clover Nico

Twitter hash tag: #momoclotv
Momoiro Clover  You Tube
Momorio Clover On You Tube

On Going Show Update

Clover had to leave the broadcast and currently their staff is continuing to preview not only the single, but different mixes of the song that feature the individual members.

As for the single that Clover previewed, it just maybe one of the best Idol songs to come out in sometime, that does not have a name with the number 48 attached to it.

It`s an easy song to get into and the member mixes that the staff is playing is just as good.

Right now we are unable to see the PV ,however Clover did a little of the dance and it`s going to be a great video from the sound of their excitement and how much the staff keeps saying laughing and the excitement they are expressing in the live broadcast.

Monday, July 26, 2010

New Feature:Idol USTREAM

We are adding the links to the side bar of the various groups USTREAMS and Nico Nico accounts. The agencies for the groups are not very good yet for giving much of an advance warning short of a day or two for broadcasts .However some groups do archive some events.

Currently confirmed streams on site are
Momoiro Clover , Super*Girls, S/mileage ,Tokyo Girls` Style
As we confirm feeds, we will be updating the site and broadcast times

The next scheduled event is for Momoiro Clover for July 27 open18:30 start19:00(Japan time) . On this broadcast they will debut their new single "Koko ☆Natsu"

NOTE: for Nico ,you must create an account ,for USTREAM no account is needed

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Earlier, I introduced everyone to Chiba based C-Zone .C-zone’s newest single video Summer*Party has been released.

Summer*Party is your basic summertime single and video, nothing flashy about it, just a solid song set to a typical summertime Idol video.


C-Zone also recently performed at the same Expo as Morning Musume.
C-Zone @ Japan Expo ,Paris
down one member due to poor health ,

If you are not familiar with C-Zone, you can catch up on them, in my introduction piece here.


YuiKaori are back with their second single VIVID PARTY!
I am not sure what their budget is, my guess is that it`s likely 10% of the budget that AKB48 has, however they sure know how to use it to their advantage. YuiKaori have an image sponsorship on a racecar and a host of other things here and there. As far as this video, it`s a simple video, but one that is very enjoyable, more so for the voices of Ogura Yui and Ishihara Kaori. Both have these anime singer tones to their voices, which make them not only cute listen to, but also a natural fit for not only traditional idols, but a number of voice acting opportunities as well.

VIVID PARTY! Is a cute and easy to listen to single, which will likely go under valued in the idol fan community. Which is a shame, as Ogura and Ishihara are a cute, fresh and growing part of this neo-idol generation shift.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Tokyo Idol Festival

Momoiro Clover will be joining several other groups from Maid Café Idols to traditional Idol units in the Tokyo Idol Festival on August 7-8 at Yoshimoto Prince Theater @ All Shinagawa Prince Hotel.

Idols that we are currently covering scheduled to appear are
Clover, Idoling!!! , Tokyo Girls` Style

Maid Café Idol unit Afilia Saga East are also scheduled to appear

By the way, I decided to include Afilia Saga East in the video portion of this update because any Idol group with members named Kurumi Lala Milk, Kohime Lit Pucci, Yukafin Doll and Rose Gardenfairy, to name a few needs to be mentioned, lol.

F.Y.I. They are members of a magic school themed Maid Café franchise, which is why the cast [as they are called] in every café has these anime type names.

In addition, they have singles that they release and live events, just like any other Idol unit. There are a number of these Idol units and they are generally centered in  Akihabara and are supported by Wota and Anime Otaku in Akihabara and other cities with café franchises.

Group Home Page
Afilia Café

Current list of groups scheduled to appear can be seen here.
Current Line Up
 TIF 2010

July 10 Update
Super Girls has been added along with three other units making a total of 12 groups
Updated Lineup

July 18 Update

The festival lineup now features 28 Idol groups .If you are expecting to see the likes of Hello! Project or the various units named 48, you can wash that idea away. Akiba and other Independent Idols dominate this festival.

The largest Idols to date at the festival are Idoling!!! , Super*Girls, Tokyo Girls` Style, Momoiro Clover.

If your open to experience a different type of Idol group ,that may never get the media attention that say an AKB48 or Morning Musume get ,then these idols are worth checking out. As I have said before, there as far more Idols in Japan, then the ones that work for H!P or have 48 attached to their names. Each are as hard working and have dedicated fan bases as the major powers, the only difference is the size of the companies they work for.

You can reach their home pages by clicking the pink bar in their profiles.

Updated Line Up

Thursday, July 22, 2010

AKB 600 Sec ,Episodes Miyazawa,Shinoda, Akimoto

Here are the latest three episodes for everyone .

Miyazawa Sae

Shinoda Mariko

Akimoto Sayaka

If you are still wondering if this is really a “hidden” camera show ? It`s not .

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

[KPop] Girl`s Day: How do I look PV

Only two weeks after their official debut Girl`s Day have released another video for a previously unreleased song called “How Do I Look” .Last week Girl`s Day skipped out on doing any lives and instead filmed a new video at a water park.

It`s a song and video that will go a long way if they start doing lives for it, to erase their poor debut start.

“How Do I Look” is an action video, showing the members enjoying, what turned out to be a rainy day at the pool. The vocals set to an audio track, so we do not get any look at the dance performance related to the song.

“How Do I Look” is a song that could have easily and likely should have been their debut song.

Monday, July 19, 2010


There was a problem with my file, so no HQ download at this time .Here is the program from an alternative feed.

This is a high traffic site, so you may want to let it get ahead a little bit by pausing the feed when it starts to help with playback.

Maybe wait 5-10 minutes on pause if you are having playback issues. I will try to get another HQ copy for download if possible.

SKE48 Becomes #2 Idol Group

SKE48 new single Gomen ne Summer sold 62,078 copies in it`s first week [EDIT 75,934 after 2 wks] , making them second behind AKB48 ,this promotion cycle in terms of overall sales as reported by Oricon. SKE48 replaces Morning Musume as the # 2-idol unit behind AKB48 by a margin of 21,213 CDs .With reports that the single shipped 150,000 units; SKE48 looks set to join their big sisters AKB48 as the two dominate groups in the genre now. I say that they replaced Morning Musume and not AKB48`s Watarirouka Hashiritai at number #2, because while Watarirouka had already passed Morning Musume for #2 in sales this cycle. ,they are a sub unit and not a regular unit such as Morning Musume ,who up till this point had no other unit out sell them that was not named AKB48. Besides the general media opinion was that Morning Musume, up to this point was the #2 female unit behind AKB48.

How long SKE48 can hold on to this position, will remain to be scene as overall, the genre is in a healthy place at this time. Overall sales are increasing for all agencies large and small with the exception of Hello! Project, which besides for S/mileage has seemed to have reached it`s peak and dropping in terms of sales, popularity and overall importance for industry success. The 48`s and the new wave of idols have stepped up to lead the genre. There are a number of reasons for that, which maybe addressed at another time.

As I said, how long can SKE48 hold on to the coveted #2 position, remains to be seen. Idoling!!! , is rising in sales and almost themselves managed the upset and grab the number two spot. Unless Morning Musume can regroup and rebound. Which seems unlikely as they are in the member age range ,were they will either have to become an non idol pop group like Speed [which would not be a bad idea] or graduate the six over twenty members for teenage members to stay a true idol unit ,that wotas will support long term . With that support now going to S/mileage, them Idoling!!! , Momoiro Clover and Scandal who had a down seller, but should rebound can threaten SKE48 for #2.

However with the relationship that the 48`s have with each other, it`s going to be hard for anyone to break their dominance of the genre for sometime.

While this new reality may excite some fans and anger others, it`s the truth and is easier to accept with open eyes that can see this truth. Japanese idol genre is in a healthy growth and in the early stages of a neo-generation shift that is seeing sales increase for the neo-generation idols, Idol television shows are increasing in number and more units being created at all levels. The 80`s idols opened the door for Morning Musume, H!P and the 90`s idols ,they in turn opened the door for the neo-generation idols and an exciting battle for positioning is underway today between them.

Will SKE48 be a one hit wonder? Will they continue to rise to challenge AKB48? Will someone else rise up tomorrow? Only time will tell, however, for now SKE48 can rejoice in their accomplishment.

My review of SKE48`s single and videos in June

Saturday, July 17, 2010

S/mileage 2nd single PV

The current flavor of the month so to speak for H! P ,S/mileage released their second single PV on their Ustream event last night .

Here is a copy of the video that was played at the end of the broadcast.

Friday, July 16, 2010

S/Mileage On Ustream ,Live Right Now

S/mileage has started their Ustream Broadcast.

You can watch it live right now

S/mileage live on Ustream

Broadcast, has ended .During the hour long broadcast the full video for the new single was played two times.

On a personal note, I would like to apologize for the short notice of the broadcast. 

Scandal: Namida no Regret PV

Scandal returns with their seventh single Namida no Regret [Tears of Regret]. NNR is a medium ballad with some powerful tear jobs by the members of Scandal. The setting is your normal High School girl likes boy, girl gets rejected PV and song.

Delete Backup

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

AKB 600 Sec ,Episodes 5-6

AKB 600 sec EP 5 -6,
If you like watching Idols get their hair done, talk on the phone and eat, and then this is a double feature festival.

In addition, did you know that Maeda Atsuko is a major fishing expert?

Takahashi Minami

Maeda Atsuko

Monday, July 12, 2010

ShukanAKB 7-9

ShukanAKB Episode for July 9.

Kasai Tomomi, Miyazaki Miho and Watanabe Mayu go to work at 7-Eleven.

AKB48 Senbatsu Janken Tournament

Senbatsu Janken Tournament
For the 19th single AKB48 has rented out the Nippon Budokan Arena on September 21 for a Janken Tournament. 52 members of AKB48 [48 + 4 kenkyuusei] will face off in a bracket draw tournament with the top 16 winning the Senbatsu placements.

With AKB48 adding sister units across Japan , renting out a major arena to play Janken ,major sponsorship deals control of the television airways and showing that they are a franchise and not an idol group ,you have to think it`s only a matter of time before an AKB48 Amusement Park is announced .

The loosers will be part of the Undergirls and Theater Girls .A "Janken-selection official guide book" will be published on Aug 31

Janken Bracket
Group A:
Round 1: Nakamura Mariko vs. Shinoda Mariko
Round 2: Winner faces Sato Sumire
Group B:
Kashiwagi Yuki vs. Chikano Rina
Hirajima Natsumi vs. Minegishi Minami
Winners face off
Group C:
Akimoto Sayaka vs. Nakaya Sayaka
Winner faces Kuramochi Asuka
Group D:
Nonaka Misato vs. Oku Manami
Winner vs. Kojima Haruna
Group E:
Nakamata Shiori vs. Kasai Tomomi
Winner vs. Nakata Chisato
Group F:
Ishida Haruka vs. Itano Tomomi
Winner vs. Katayama Haruka
Group G:
Suzuki Mariya vs. Tanabe Miku
Winner vs. Umeda Ayaka
Group H:
Sato Natsuki vs. Kikuchi Ayaka
Winner vs. Miyazawa Sae
Group I:
Komori Mika vs. Matsui Sakiko
Winner vs. Matsubara Natsumi
Group J:
Fujie Reina vs. Takajo Aki
Winner vs. Sato Amina
Group K:
Takahashi Minami vs. Nakatsuka Tomomi
Oshima Yuko vs. Sashihara Rino
Winners face off
Group L:
Yonezawa Rumi vs. Nakagawa Haruka
Winner vs. Kitahara Rie
Group M:
Masuda Yuka vs. Watanabe Mayu
Winner vs. Maeda Atsuko
Group N:
Maeda Ami vs. Ooya Shizuka
Winner vs. Nito Moeno
Group O:
Oota Aika vs. Iwasa Misaki
Miyazaki Miho vs. Uchida Mayumi
Winners face off
Group P:
Kobayashi Kana vs. Nagao Mariya
Winner vs. Kobayashi Marina

Winners from group A~P become the 16 Senbatsu. They then continue the bracket until the winner is crowned front girl.

A tournament draw was held at the concert. The members were called up in groups of five to select their seeding number and they were placed on the tournament brackets. So in case you are wondering it was a random blind draw made by the girls


All Rounds

Breaking AKB48 News Member Leaves + More

At Saturday’s AKB48 concert at Yoyogi National Gymnasium, even more news was made.

Ono Erena will be graduating this summer with the aim to become an actress.

AKB48 will be heading overseas again
October they will head to Italy and in November trips to Singapore and Macau

AKB48 New Sister Unit NMB48

Breaking News

At Saturday’s AKB48 concert at Yoyogi National Gymnasium a new sister unit was announced NMB48.

NMB48 is named after the Namba area of Osaka, is set to officially launch this fall .NMB48 currently has no roster of members as they will start auditions shortly ,with the finals 9/20.

NMB48 is not a member of AKS, the agency that operates AKB48 . Instead they are signed to Yoshimoto Creative Agency an agency known more for it`s stable of comedians. Considering they have their own performance hall, it`s a good business decision to use their services.

NMB48 will debut in November at a location to be determined between Yoshimoto Hall Osaka or Base Yoshimoto.

Official Web Site
Official Web Site

Sunday, July 11, 2010

[KPop] Girl`s Day Live Stage Debut

Girl`s Day had their debut stage performance earlier and it was not auto tune ,however the performance was lacking .It comes off as being a poor job of trying to impersonate our JPop cute idol style.

Which makes this even harder to wrap my head around as to why they decided on that concept for their debut, when you hear the rest of the album?

Honestly Girl`s Day is very good, but this single was not a good idea to start with. I mean the song is fine, but trying to force their voices to sound 10 years old is not.

Their other tracks are well done and I am looking forward to them getting past this debut track.

Granted I didn`t much care for T-Ara at the start of their career as well, but they have grown into wonderful performers and I wished Morning Musume could have some T-Ara influences. So I have the same hope for Girl`s Day as they grow in the future.

Here is their debut live stage and no doubt some nervousness

Proof that this unit has the goods to make it.

Girl`s Day- Control


Girl`s Day had their 2nd debut stage a few hours ago and they seem a little bit more relaxed and some of the problems they had yesterday have been corrected ,such as the breathing into the microphones .

Overall, I think they are making the best of a difficult debut and they are already receiving anti fans in Korea and the internet community making the situation harder for them.

It`s easy for anti fans to make harsh judgments when they have never been in a band, group or even made a live debut and can not understand the emotions that a band or group faces or the difficulties of entering a highly competitive market .

I am looking forward to watching Girl`s Day growth as a unit.

Girl`s Day 3rd debut stage
Improvements continue .As they improve their airtime is getting smaller [4Minute had 3.1/2 minutes to Girl`s Day 1.1/2 minutes], sadness is starting to show on their faces, their voices are getting weaker and they are getting just polite response from crowds. Today the response was almost nothing by the crowd [I watched videos of other performances ,just to make sure it was not just the show and this was the coldest response to any group] .

I truly feel for them . A strong comeback with a song style like the one they showed in their flash mobs and a strong vocal performance will put this behind them as quickly as people have questioned them.

In case you do not know what I am talking about see for yourself.

Some good news for Girl`s Day
Maknae member Min Ah has been selected to be an MC for an MBC game show. The show will air every Tuesday and Thursday.”

Dream Tea [Girl`s Day Agency]

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Idoling!!! 13th Single Poolside Daisakusen

Idoling!!! 13th Single Poolside Daisakusen

Idoling!!! Has released their 13th single video, the single will be out August 4th. It`s really a catchy summertime single .The video is nothing to write home about and is your basic swimsuit video, however with AKB48 having the best swimsuit video anything anyone else does in swimsuits will feel like second best.

Idoling!!! Is a real up and coming group ,they have a enjoyable television show and their song writing team are putting out some quality singles as of late. Their last single sold 32,405 copies before falling out of Oricon , I feel that it`s only a matter of time before this group has a breakout single and claims the #2 idol position that is currently held by Morning Musume.

EDIT:SKE48`S New single is on pace to sell 150,000 copies and for all purposes have removed Morning Musume as #2 Idol group, so Idoling!!! Will have to defeat SKE48, to become #2 Idols. With one breakout single, it`s possible.

Idoling!!! In the past two years has become one of my favorite units, and I even have a member in mind to be my Idoling!!! Oshimen, the 3rd generation Ohkawa Ai ,

Backup copies in case of delete

Covers & To Purchase outside of Japan

Type A
Type A, Includes a bonus DVD and a trading card randomly selected from 20 different kinds. (The trading cards are different from regular edition)
External Bonus: a poster
cd Japan Type A

Type B

Type B, includes a QT card (plastic version of the trading card) randomly selected from 20 different kinds.
External Bonus: a poster
CDJapan Type B


First Press Edition, includes a trading card randomly selected from 20 different kinds
External Bonus: a poster
CD Japan Regular Edition

Friday, July 9, 2010

AKB 600 Sec ,Episodes 3-4

Episodes 3 &4

Here are episodes 3 & 4 these episodes follow Kashiwagi Yuki and Oshima Yuko

July 7th Episode Kashiwagi Yuki

July 8th Episode Oshima Yuko

Bijo Gaku All Episodes

EP 1
Episode 1
EP 2
 Episode 2
EP 3
Episode 3
EP 4
Episode 4
EP 5
Episode 5
EP 6
Episode 6
EP 7
Episode 7 
EP 8
Episode 8

EP 9
Bijo Gaku

EP 10
Bijo Gaku
 EP 11
Bijo Gaku
EP 12
Bijo Gaku

Momoiro Clover Rare Videos

Momoiro Clover Rare Videos

This a set of videos that I put together from hard to find videos that look at Clovers rise from an Akiba Indy to a major .

This is a continuation from my earlier posts on their recent TV and Nico Nico events.

This video collection will take you back to their early days as Akiba Idols, to just before they shift to a national major.

There are also to two special videos at the end from the current line up. Even before Clover went major, they were doing things for Enta! 371 and other related channels along with Nico Nico postings.

The Rise of Momorio Clover
From Indy to Major in Video


Growth but not the current line up as members will leave


Pre the little ball of spirit Momoka lineup

Indies In Store Tour

Current Lineup

Special Extra Videos

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

AKB 600 Sec ,Review and Episodes 1-2

AKB48`s new one month mini show has started and it feels more like it was designed as a fan service for wotas then a TV show for the mainstream fan base that they have been developing .

AKB 600 sec is a hidden camera show that airs 10 of it`s 90 minutes on TV with NTV offering the full 90-minute version for sale on MicroSD cards through the NTV Web shop on the same day the episode airs.

The episodes that air on TV are shot at various angles for each member, for example in Itano`s episode you get a lot of camera walking of her backside as she spends her off day shopping. For Kojima the long distance shots of her playing with her dog the camera work gives off a feeling that your working for Friday’s trying to catch the girl in a scandal.

OK am I being over dramatic here, a little, but you will understand from the episodes .Kojima was actually a little interesting as she spoils her dog.

Overall I didn`t find the first two episodes interesting for my tastes .If it really is important to you to know how they are in their free time ,then you will like the episodes . If not, then you may end up feeling uninterested after one or two episodes.

[KPop] Girl`s Day “Tilt My Head” PV

Girl`s Day “Tilt My Head” PV

After days of teases we had the single debut another KPop Idol unit Girl`s Day, to go along with the other debut in the last couple of days Miss A.

After all the dance video buildup, the vocal teases, I have to be honest here I was somewhat let down by the video. It`s not the video itself, as the visual concept is fine, it`s the digital auto tune voices in the entire song that let me down and the limited dance.

For a group that was described as excellent dancers and powerful vocalists, we saw little to certify those claims. I can overlook the digital vocals and not write off the group, as the song is not all that bad .If they had sung in unaltered voices it would be a 100% win to me. Instead, I have to go with 80 .For JPop fans it feels a little bit like a Perfume track only not as powerful, cutesier.

If you do not like it on first spin, it will take several spins to adjust to it.

Their live stages start on the 9th.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

[KPOP] Girl`s Day Previews

Girl`s Day So Jin Singing in English, she has an accent on some words .It adds a certain charm to her vocals, that makes them cute.

From the start, DreamTea Entertainment has said that this unit was skilled singers, dancers, their debut single will be released in Korea shortly, and it will be interesting if we will get vocal previews from the other members before their debut video is released shortly.

So Jin Vocal Preview

Debut PV Teaser

Morning Musume`s Concert In Paris

After Morning Musume`s concert in Paris was completed it was shown on Nico Nico, here is the file for your enjoyment.

Edit fixed Link

Concert Download

News Report
At 4:30, Sayu gets her dreams come true, Bunny Musume


C-Zone is an Indies Idol group that made their debut in Chiba [Outside Tokyo] in 2004 and makes their home base in Chiba.

C-Zone is no different then say AKB48 or Morning Musume ,other then they maybe the best kept Idol secret around . If you are familiar with the rock genre Visual Kei .C-Zone is much like that, in terms of they just do their thing and fly under the radar compared to most well known groups.

That is not to say they have no experience under their belts, they have done most of the same things that AKB48 and Morning Musume have done and are doing, they just do it without a lot of internet noise.

For example when Morning Musume was in Los Angeles at Anime Expo on the main stage, C-Zone was there on a secondary stage. In 2010, they went to Paris, France and performed in front of 5,000 event goers.

They have a TV show, radio show just like any other well-known group.

C-Zone who are made up of Yamamoto Yume, Ikeda Aya, Kawase Rio, and Kitamura Shizuka , have performed at some of the major pop festivals and racing events in Japan. In 2008 C-Zone joined up with a GT Racing team to do a promotional song and advertising for and on the car. They also did a campaign for Disney. In 2009, their single “Snow Breeze” was selected by Gala Yuzawa Snow Resort as a campaign song.

They have done theme songs for anime as well as done work as actresses, MC`s and various narrating work.

To date C-Zone has released 10 singles and 2 albums, the lack of having only about two singles a year, has limited the rate they have been able to grow each year. However being an Indies group they are taking advantage of every opportunity handed to them and have created a stable career for themselves.

There are many Idol groups in Japan, which are not pushed by major media,major agencies or have a large International fan base on the internet ,worshiping their every move . The only difference between the types of Idols  is that they are not signed to agencies most fans living outside of Japan would know of , such as an Hello!Project . Because loyalty is very important to both artist and agency, groups and artists tend to stay with the company that gave them a start and out of that loyalty, some groups may never be as well known as AKB48 or Morning Musume.

There are even groups that are perfectly happy with the freedom that being an Indies offers them,such as being able to get closer to their fans in ways that a major can no longer do.

Visual Kei is one such genre that is almost 100% Indies and they enjoy a wide creative freedom. Just because a group is not as popular as AKB48 or Morning Musume, does not mean they are a lesser group or work not as hard, It just means the roads they travel are different. If those two groups did not have the backing they have, they would be no different then the 100`s of other Independent groups in Japan.

Will C-Zone ever grow to battle each day with the heavy hitters in the industry on the  Oricon rankings?
 Who knows ,after all it was not long ago that Momoiro Clover was just another Akiba Idol unit.

C-ZONE - Snow breeze

C-ZONE - Sweets & Pretty

C-Zone at Anime Expo 2009

Related Links
Bay FM C-Zone Related Videos

C-Zone Home Page

I forgot their Japanfiles site.
Japanfiles C-Zone

Monday, July 5, 2010

4MINUTE: I My Me Mine [PV]

4Minute have released the video for their new song I My Me Mine. I have only recently taken to this group and have really enjoyed listening to Huh and now this release.

I cannot really find anything not to like about this video. I actually prefer videos without backup dancers, however it is my understanding that these dancers are trainees to become a group, so it`s work related, lol.

A lot of the fan and media focus of 4Minute and rightly so is on Hyuna and the power members of the group , I am not one of them ,the Maknae member So Hyun manages to stand out without trying to be the center feature of this video, maybe it`s the hair ? , lol.

Coming off a strong Huh promotion, I am looking forward to the Japanese version of IMMM.

"Let's Sing And Dance With Momoiro Clover ".

"Let's sing and dance with Momoiro Clover ".

Clover has a karaoke campaign, called "Let's sing and dance with Momoclo".

There are several campaign videos out to date .

The rest can be seen here
Other Campaign Videos

Related Web Site

Joy Sound Campaign Web Site

Saturday, July 3, 2010

AKB48 In L.A. [Videos]

AKB48 Have finished their events in Los Angeles and video have started to come out from attending media and those who attended the event.

Here are some of the videos that have been posted, mostly by people who attended the event.


Berryz Koubou New Single PV

Berryz Koubou New Single PV

Berryz released their new single Maji Bomber.

There is nothing flashy or high cost about this video .It`s a simple dance shot with close ups and rotating camera angles. Really a very basic video, which even small Independent bands could do.

The song makes up for the lack of creation, which went to S/mileage .It seems that Hello! Project has a very limited video budget with one unit getting the best video and the others so-so.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Girl`s Day Leader So Jin

Girl`s Day Leader So Jin

The next preview released is that of the member who steps out of the flash mobs [reports are she had been sick and was not able to learn the dance in time], Girl`s Day Leader So Jin.

So Jin is Girl`s Day Leader and a Lead vocalist and has been described by her management as having the “charisma and wisdom to lead the rest of Girl’s Day members.”

So Jin`s goal’s as leader in her own words are “I will try my best as the oldest in the team to establish Girl’s Day as a stable girls group in the singing world.”

Girl`s Day will become active on July 9th.

4MINUTE: I My Me Mine [Live Stage]

4MINUTE: I My Me Mine [Live Stage]

4Minute coming hot off the heels of their hit Huh ,have hit the performance stages for their new single I My Me Mine .This single from a music stand point has a real solid build to it.

I always like to watch 4Minute performances as their fan base is supportive and their cheers of support add to their performances in a respectful way.

Side note : The members of 4Minute have been quoted as saying they couldn’t decide between Huh or this song that they wanted to support ,so their agency decided to promote both singles ,to the happiness of 4Minute .

Full Audio version

S/mileage 2nd Single Video Teaser

Here is the Video Teaser for S/Mileage 2nd single.

It is a CGI heavy video with a tribute to British comedic picture legend Charlie Chaplin. In the video teaser, the girls are seen sporting mini top hats like Mr. Chaplin, his famed mustache and walking stick in their close up shots.

This video teaser is all over the place in a Minimoni type setting. It does come with some heavy critics, as the wotas seem to be against this single, feeling it is a little bit childish for their tastes.

Regardless of their opinions, I think the song is interesting, funny, and a good single for a group of their ages.

I have included extra copies for delete backups,lol

ShukanAKB Special [Classic Episode]

SHUKANAKB Special [Classic]

This is a special classic episode of ShukanAKB it is not this weeks episode .Instead it is an episode that I just wanted to add to the collection. It is 45 minutes without TV breaks and the members of AKB48 faced several situations.

AKBINGO! Also has a few of these 60-minute specials that I am considering adding to the site.