Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fan Runs on Indie Idol Live Stage

Oneday   Barbie Lips was performing and a young fan twice crashed the live by running on stage during the same song .On the second time of the run in ,the group decided to have  some fun and let the out of control young fan take center position in the song.

It`s just one of those golden moments in life that makes a parent smile [has nothing to do with my family, just triggers memories]


  1. kids in the audience means family so idols aren't only for crazy wotas :D

  2. That was so adorable. It takes star quality to remember choreography, lyrics and try to shepherd a little one from harm's way ^^;;;

  3. hmmm.. this has me wondering. There were A LOT of families with little ones at the AKB48 concert in DC. Maybe as the Idol trend continues unabated and Idol fans who grew up with Morning Musume, Speed, etc, are having children, they are now bringing their little ones to these shows, because they are fun, energetic and innocent.

  4. They would be at the age to have kids this young so yeah that is possible.


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