Thursday, April 29, 2010

JunJun To Star In A Drama [Updated]

Morning Musume`s JunJun [Li Chun] ,will be staring in a web drama starting May 1st.

In  “Dreaming Places Makes Us Dream" JunJun plays Xiao Lian a girl who lives in Shanghai .One day while upset a cat approaches her and invites her to enter a dream world inside of a mirror . JunJun`s character accepts and enters the dream world.
Dream Places Makes Us Dream


It is my understanding that the other main character is a cat as the word used is Kitty ,which is what often is used when speaking of a small cat.

However it could be another human character ,without a preview it is hard to say .


JunJun & Linlin have opened up Chinese Blogs , in her 1st post ,she mentioned the drama .She said it is based on a girl who is upset after breaking up with her boyfriend and that her character is invited into a dream world inside a mirror. She is very excited to be staring in her first movie and said the event ,is a big part of the Shanghai Expo events.


  1. OMG! JunJun in drama!! Must watch! >w<

    I've always liked Jun Jun~ <3

  2. Chanting ,
    I have always felt that JunJun would have gained a lot more popularity if Morning Musume`s original TV show was still running .Both her and Linlin would have fit in great on an until the bus comes skit .

    Morning Musume ,really needs to go back to those short of programs . With AKB48 more or less doing everything thing that Musume did in their past variety shows ,the management of Musume ,continues to look for a different type of comedy show .

    Sadly all it is resulting in is a non-entertaining product ,that people are loosing interest in as the girls talents can’t come out . I think that this drama will give JunJun a way to show the talent she has been limited in showing so far.

    She always makes me laugh ,so I am sure that she will do well.

  3. Gaki,

    Yeah, I've noticed in other MM bloggers as well as Hello! Online that Jun Jun's getting a lot of love. I think she has a lot of potential if it had been the Hello! Morning rather than Haromoni then her funny side would've been given free rein...=\


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