Friday, March 30, 2012

JunJun’s Movie Preview

When we last spoke of former Morning Musume member JunJun ,she was sadly leaving to return to China .Since she has returned, she has in some ways turned into a bigger star in her homeland then she got to be in Japan.

JunJun has appeared on a number of programs, endorsements and has become an actress.

According to JunJun she has no desire to be in any group but Morning Musume and misses them dearly and as a result, she is pushing forward in her acting and variety career, while rejecting any
thoughts to front a music group.

Below is a preview of JunJun`s new movie.

Some more of JunJun`s appearences

Thursday, March 29, 2012


The group that I once posted about under the name AKG48, and then they changed their name to AKG, keeps evolving mostly to end confusion that they are not a member of the 48 family of groups.
The group has carved out a pretty good following in the Prefectures of Niigata, Nagano, Saitama, Tochigi, and Gunma since we last wrote about them and have a number of teams, training groups, theatre and so on.

Well anyway I wanted to show everyone who was not ready to warm up to them at first for the whole original name and look ,how they have evolved since we last visited them and maybe the feelings will be a little different this time or not, lol.


AKB48 In Washington D.C.

News Coverage of AKB48`s trip to Washington D.C. and fans coming from all over to see them.
School kids ask them the hard questions, which no reporter wants to ask, lol.

Nogizaka46 Get Second TV Show

One is just not enough for these girls as Nogizaka46 are getting a second national TV show.

The new show will be called Nogizaka Roman and will debut April 2 on TV Tokyo at midnight.

Nogizaka46 Senbatsu members will make up the cast for the Monday through Thursday show. The show will feature the girls reading various literary works, while video of the girl will air.
Currently Nogizaka46 is broken up this way

Senbatsu Members
Ikuta Erika ,Ikoma Rina , Ichiki Rena , Inoue Sayuri , Iwase Yumiko , Saito Yuuri , Sakurai Reika , Shiraishi Mai ,Takayama Kazumi , Nakada Kana , Nishino Nanase ,Hashimoto Nanami ,Hatanaka Seira , Hoshino Minami , Matsumura Sayuri , Miyazawa Seira

Ikoma Rina , Sakurai Reika , Shiraishi Mai , Takayama Kazumi , Nakada Kana , Hashimoto Nanami , Matsumura Sayuri,

The group will release their second single on May 2 and the group are looking to better their 2nd place rank on Oricon.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

#14 Ponbashi wktk Mates (ポンバシwktkメイツ)

Ponbashi wktk Mates is an idol group that, as their name suggests, bases their activity in Nipponbashi, which is a shopping district in Osaka. They formed in September of 2009, with their motif being focused on Onyanko Club and their boom back in the 80's. At an idol event held in Nipponbashi UPS, "students" of the "Ponbashi wktk Academy" were created. Here, they will be "raised" to hone their skills, such as performing at events with other groups. The academy is opened every Monday at 6:30 pm.

Currently, they're always recruiting for fresh members, and after you pass the judging, you become a trainee. During the trainee period, the trainees mainly get to be able to spend their time performing. After 1 month has passed, a poll is conducted on the last day of training. If you get more than 80% of the vote, you get promoted to "Mates".

Their "Attendance Number System" is adopted from Onyanko Club's "Member Numbers", but one difference is that a new member is assigned a number when a spot becomes vacant; in other words, when a member leaves. They also have official member colours.

The members, from left to right in the picture, are:
Yonekura Kanon (米倉花音) - 25, Ice Green
Born December 27, joined January 2011
Watanabe Risa (渡辺梨紗) - 32, Bright Green
Born March 3, joined January 2012
Hoshie Saki (ほしえ さき) - 29, Mustard
Born April 26, joined November 2011
Kamiya Niko (神谷にこ) - 12, Orange
Born July 19, joined October 2009
(Striped tie) Takashiro Ruka (高城留華) - 11, Hot Pink
Born February 14, joined October 2010
Konno Naako (近野なあこ) - 10, Mint
Born June 6, joined April 2010
Fukuno Miharu (福野みはる) - 16, Italian Red
Born January 23, joined November 2009
(Pink plaid bow) Fukui Kanna (福井柑奈) - 33, Red
Born November 6, joined February 2012
Kiriyama Moe (桐山もえ) - 26, Lavendar
Born November 7, joined October 2011
Harase Kyouka (原瀬今日香) - 5, Pink
Born October 17, joined August 2009
(Striped scarf) lily (りりぃ) - 13, Medium Blue
Born May 5, joined January 2010
Maeda Ayaka (前田彩花) - 28, Lime
Born February 12, joined November 2011
Sakura Kotone (佐倉ことね) - 31, Sea Blue
Born August 30, joined November 2011

From what I've heard in these videos, the girls definitely have singing potential! When I heard Miharu's solo (Linked below), she was definitely straining her voice a lot and cracking, but I heard power and effort! And they look like they have idol material for me. With lots of experience, they can become excellent!

Wasureji no Ponbashi SUMMER - lily and Miharu

Dial Number "3104"

Chika Idol Nante Yobasenai!!

Other videos (Member Solos)
Angel's Moving - Harase Kyouka
Koishite - Konno Naako
Kyoumei (Destiny) - Fukuno Miharu
limit00 - lily

Official Site
Official Twitter

Dorothy Little Happy: A Little

A little bit of a recent live by Dorothy Little Happy.

BiS To Go Traditional Idols?

In a move that has BiS fans scratching their heads and asking is this for real ,the rebels of Idol genre are trading it all in to become a "traditional" Idol group and in  the process they are losing their mastermind Watanabe Junnosuke of Tsubasa Records.

At BiS one-man live at LOFT/PLUS ONE in Shinjuku, Tokyo at the end of a 27 song live, Mr.Watanabe announced that he was stepping down as the manager and co-creative mind [w/Pour Lui] of  BiS, to allow the group to become a traditional Idol genre group.

Now I must say their idea of " traditional" Idol ,is not yet along the lines of other traditional Idol genre groups ,so it still comes down to interpretation as this teaser video for their first "traditional" Idol genre single will show.

It remains to be seen if this is long term or just another marketing idea from famed singer and group leader Pour Lui .

We should step back for a moment and watch this play out  with caution,because after all they once had a live festival and record release called “Idol is Dead”.

This move however could explain the sudden graduation the group just had as Yukiko resigned over differences in the direction the group was taking.
. The “new” BiS will release their new change of direction single “IDOL” on April 11 [HMV only release] and on the 15th will announce their new member.

So will BiS join the rest of the genre or will they keep making fun of it ? We will find out April 11.

Knowing how free spirited Pour Lui is, anything is possible.

My money is on ,more of the same from BiS and if you follow the teaser and know BiS style,you will understand why I will end with not everything is what it seems at times.

Fresh 30 Vol 6

The final five ,with in-detail followups to come later


This is how SHAKE Open their Lives


28.Marry Doll
[Been active since 2007]

[If you want a good laugh read the youtube comments to the above video]

 I selected this video over others ,just for the youtube comments .lol. Share it with other idol fans who understand wotas.

29.Pastel Color

Cool Dance

30. RaiseChouChou

Fresh 30 Vol 5

[Just as before ,Meika and Candy will be doing follow ups .If a group speaks out to you ,lets us know ,so we can profile them more.]

21 .Hydrangea

22. Cover Girls


24. Feam

25. Pastel Joker

Monday, March 26, 2012

Fairies : Beat Generation ,Long Preview

The extended version of Beat Generation has been released and honestly no words are needed to be said,

AKB0048 Preview

A short preview for the new AKB48 Anime AKB0048 has been released.

AKB0048 tells the story of the 77th generation members of the group. They live in a world that has declared idols enemy of the state. These nine girls have taken it on themselves to battle the evil regime and established an underground theatre to perform in. In the Calendar year 0048 can these idols bring change to a society ready to take up arms to stop them?

Can AKB0048 unite the universe?

Given the all-star Seiyuu cast joining other AKB48 members and the all-star anime creative team behind this, this should be a great anime series.

Maeda Atsuko To Graduate From AKB48

On the final night of the Saitama Super Arena concert series, Maeda Atsuko announced that she has decided to graduate from AKB48 to pursue other dreams.

Maeda was extremely tearful as she explained her reasons to a shocked crowd and upset group members.
Maeda- “I took the audition to enter AKB48 when I was 14 years old, which was a big decision in my life. Now, please let me make my second big decision. I am graduating from AKB48.”

Maeda went on to say that she will announce when the exact date will be, leaving many to speculate that it will be at the Tokyo Dome, a venue that is well known to be a dream of Maeda to perform in.

[If you notice a number of members had no idea of this]

AKB48 Team8 To be created

As part of the Saitama Super Arena concert series, it was announced that Team8 would be created to give the group five teams.

AKB48 producer Akimoto Yasushi said that there were a number of concerns about the future of the research members not selected to Team 4. He has decided that the remaining trainees will work with the goal for establishing Team 8.
No time table was given for the start of Team 8.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

AKB48 Makes Team Changes, SKE48, NMB48 Transfers To AKB48

Day two of the AKB48 Saitama Super Arena concert series brought a number of news stories.

The first being roster changes.
Matsui Jurina has transferred from SKE48 to AKB48 Team K

Watanabe Miyuki has transferred from NMB48 to AKB48 Team B

These transfers are listed a temporary and both girls will remain members of their respective groups.

AKB48 Team 4 has now become complete with the promotions of the following girls
Kato Rena
Kawaei Rina
Iwate Karen
Tano Yuuka
Takahashi Juri

SDN48 CinDy Joins Watarirouka Hashiritai7

[Late News Catch up post]

In news that I didn`t have time to post when it broke a few days ago SDN48 member CinDy will be joining Watarirouka Hashiritai7 on a temporary time frame. This move comes on the heels of Aki-P hinting that it was the record company that decided to end SDN48 and not the 48 management team.

You may be asking yourself how CinDy can jump into the top spot in Warota7. Well it`s simple really.

A-CinDy was the unofficial Team B leader prior to the great reshuffle
B-She has a princess image that matches the idea of Warota7
C- The original idea for Warota7 was to be Team B`s sub unit
D-CinDy is from the same agency as 5 of the members

At first the Warota 7 members didn`t know how to feel, then started posting nominations for new members ranging from Lovetan`s AKB48 mom Yuko to Matsubara Natsumi and more. One of the funniest was Komori asking if her dad, sister and brother can join.

Sorry for being late on this ,have a lot to do off site these days 

SUPER☆GiRLS [1,000,000☆Smile] Short PV

In the past, I posted a short radio preview of SUPER GiRLS new PV, 1,000,000☆Smile. Avex uploaded a short preview of their new PV on their channel.

My opinion still hasn't changed. I still think the song is a little generic, a bit mainstream, but I do actually like the song a bit better after seeing the PV! It has it's charms! The PV is absolutely gorgeous! All of the flowers, and the whole set, it just looks really nice. All of the members look and the outfits look really cute! The idea of having a flower cafe is genius.

The dance is a bit too simplistic, but a high paced dance wouldn't really work well with this song would it.
I'm a bit annoyed at the two girls in the front. Ami and Rina. They remain there in almost all of the dance parts while the rest of the members are in the back. I don't mind certain girls being in the front, as long as they change the formation once in a while. But here, it looks like those two girls are the attention of the PV for some odd reason. I hope in the second part of the dance (which we can't see yet) they change places with other girls.

Although they don't really have variety in their singles, I'm so proud of SUPER☆GiRLS, who continue to step it up with every release they do.Release date is April 18th.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

E-Girls: "One Two Three" Full PV

E-Girls One Two Three by rocketto1984

After Celebration, E-Girls is back once again with their second single. This time, while Sayaka and Mimu are out for the count (Due to leaving the group and being on hiatus, respectively), two EXPG dancers are in: Suda Anna and Kizu Rena.

In the beginning, you can see the girls interacting with each other as if in a real school setting, most of that backed up by the fact that they're all wearing school uniforms. Based on past videos, I can already anticipate a dance section coming along pretty soon, and once Kaede and Karen turn to the camera, smiling, and the music comes on, I know that I'm ready for it!

The dance is easily well executed, with smooth, gliding motions, the way they're hitting each move, the unison they have and the high energy they showcase. Then follows some solo dances, such as by Erina, Harumi, Karen and Sayaka, and tiny group dances, which are as well done as when they were altogether. Once they all gather back, it's time for more hard hitting hip hop with more effortless transitions, "round" dancing and just moves that literally make their hair fly everywhere! By the endof it... I'm surprised that I had so much to say and the song hasn't even started yet! XD

When the song first comes on, I'm sort of surprised to find the music more tamer than during the dance they did before, but I like how the nice contrast gets the viewer to relax for a little bit. To go along with the music are their outfits and the setting, which look absolutely amazing! It's like a chandelier exploded and the remains happened to land gracefully on the girls and the place. Haha, sorry about my imagery! :P

When each individual group - that is Dream, Happiness, and Flower respectively - come out, they're in cool black clothing that makes them stand out from the dominantly white/silver background. This way, you can REALLY see the way they move their bodies along to the beat of the music. Going to the chorus, they're all in their white outfits again dancing in front of the showpiece that they were on before. They don't stand out as much due to the colours, but with all that hair flying again, you can easily see that they're dancing as much as they can as they always do.

During the transition music from the chorus to the next verse, two girls go up to the camera together and do their own little thing to the music. I just find this part charming and the pairings are really well picked! I mean, Shuuka and Karen together!?! SISTER BONDING! :DDDD Besides that, Nozomi and Kaede look cute together, Reina and Shizuna, the main singers of E-Girls, look devious and sexy at the same time, and Ami and Erina - Hahahaha, oh my gosh, they're so funny together! I actually laughed quite a bit at their little gag. XD To my delight, the pairings continue on into verse two, where we see even more pairings doing what they wanna to the music, and they still act as naturally fun as ever even if there's not as much time to do anything as there was in the break.

In the bridge, you widen your eyes in awe (Or at least I did) when they're back on the showpiece, not just sitting and singing, but executing some flirtatious "leg choreography". The girls on the bottom later get off their butts and continue to sexily dance with their chairs. Man, that really was veeeeery sexy! I could just imagine what a guy would do when they saw that dancing right there! ^0^

In the next chorus, the three separate groups dance in their black outfits once more, with each having their own choreography, by the looks of it. Dream's was more sensual, Happiness' was more wild, and Flower's was more soft and tamer. Each style fit each group very well, especially if you have looked at Happiness' and/or Flower's music videos and just considered the average age of Dream.

Near the end of the song, they are back in the white outfits dancing altogether in smaller groups which eventually unite as one when it gets to the chorus and the end of the PV, summing up a great PV and song! Personally, I still like Celebration better in terms of the song, maybe PV, too. But I still love this one a lot, too! I guess I just need to watch it again and again... Which I wouldn't mind at all! ;D

Fairies Get TV Show Spot

Fairies have landed their first regular TV show. The show will be called “Harajuku KIRAKIRA Gakuin” will start on April 1st.
Okada Keisuke of ‘Masuda Okada‘comic duo will be the shows MC.

AKB48 Tokyo Dome 1,830M

It is the goal of all Japan based music artists to play in the famed Tokyo Dome. The Tokyo Dome along with the Nippon Budokan is viewed by music artists as the measuring sticks of success and mainstream acceptance.

In front of 25,000 fans in the first of three concerts that will see AKB48 perform in front of a total of 75,000 fans, AKB48 was presented with a video package with the news they have worked hard for to achieve.

The idol group who started with only a handful of fans had reached the dream and is heading to the Tokyo Dome.
In the video package the countdown number represents the distance in meters from the AKB48 Theater to the Tokyo Dome.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fairies: Beat Generation short preview

Fairies is back with their double A side third single, Beat Generation/ No More Distance. You can view a short preview of Beat Generation.

Longer preview of the song only

Fairies has failed to disappoint me again! Beat Generation is definitely the best work they've put out in terms of dancing and the type of song. Although they've resorted back to the simple background they used in More Kiss, there's so many outfit changes that it keeps the PV interesting. And the dance, it's flawless! Right from their debut, Fairies has been seen as group that can dance very well and they're holding up that image perfectly.

Morning Musume Renai Hunter

The last single video that Niigaki Risa will make as a member of Morning Musume is out.
Instead of me offering my opinions, i`d like this time to hear from our readers, so feel free to express your opinions.

I have made a section in our new Message board to talk about the single as well.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dot Bikini 『ドットビキニ』 short preview

Here is a preview of S/mileage new single, Dot Bikini. It is their anniversary single!

When I first heard if this song, I though of Ogawa Mana's  Mecha Motetai and SUPER GiRLS MAX! Otome Gokoro. This song, at first glance, sounds boring, and mainstream. However S/mileage effectively produces a fun loving summer idol-like song without being too generic. This will be a great comeback single, especially since their last single didn't do very well.

Monday, March 19, 2012

#12 Meguriai (メグリアイ)

Meguriai is a five-man idol group who released their debut single Furimuite on April 29, 2011 as event-only editions and on June 5, 2011 to the public. The group didn't always have the same five member lineup that they have today; former members include Tominaga Anri, Waji Tsukasa, Hirooka Reika, Ishida Eriko, Saito Mana, Okuda Mayaka, and Oshima Kaede. As the only first gen member remaining, Okazaki Misato will lead the 2nd gen members as the group continues on.

The current members, in order of the picture, are:
Hattori Yuuka (服部祐佳) aka Yuukyan (ユーキャン)
Born October 18, 1990 in Chiba, Blood Type O
Yamada Nagisa (山田渚) aka Naginagi
Born July 15, 1993 in Chiba, Blood Type A
Okazaki Misato (岡崎みさと) aka Missa (みっさ)
Born May 31, 1995 in Nagano, Blood Type AB
Sakamoto Jyuri (坂本樹莉) aka Juuririn (じゅりりん)
Born July 6, 1997 in Tokyo, Blood Type O
Takada Atsumi (高田淳美) aka Acchan (あっちゃん)
Born July 31, 1992 in Nagano, Blood Type A

Ichibanboshi (Limited Single)

Daisuki Meguriai Summer (2nd Single)

Furimuite (1st Single)

Official Site
Official(?) Youtube
Official Twitter

Momoiro Clover Z Update

Momoiro Clover Z Update

For the fans of Clover I have added a couple of things that you should see in their section of our new messageboard.
You are invited to chat about them on the forums  after viewing them.

Home of Pure Idol Heart`s Message board
Go to their  section and look for on TV .

Cheeky Parade Preview

Recently we introduced you to a new idol group called Cheeky Parade and how they were going to release a debut single called “Cheeky dreamer”.
Here is the unit hard at work, getting ready for their release.

Their single is pretty catchy and better then some better known units have put out recently .Also if you pause at 5:32 you will see that one member has a English lettering shirt that she may not know what that means in English, lol.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Going my ↑ Up Up Girls

Up Up Girls  is a dance unit has consisting of former H!P Egg members Saho Akari, Furukawa Konatsu, Sekine Azusa, Mori Saki, Arai Manami, Satou Ayano, and Sengoku Minami.

A while ago, I posted a very low quality video of their single Going my ↑. But here is a clearer, full version of their single that was posted on their official channel. The song is nothing new, but I really like it; plus it manages to steer clear of the typical idol sound that you hear so often.

Also on their YouTube channel, you can watch one of their concert's that they had on March 15.

Friday, March 16, 2012

#10 Melody Lien (めろでぃーリアン)

As said on their website, Melody Lien (Or MeroLia for short) are "Idols that you should have your eye on". The group first formed in August 2011. Since then, they've already had 5 graduations of former members - Sakuran in November 2011, Yuri and Shiori in December 2011, Ririi in January 2012, Yozora in February 2012 - and one member addition - Ai, who debuted on February 24, 2012 - making the total member count in the group's short history 16.

Melody Lien love Akihabara, and although they aren't at a skilled level in terms of dancing, singing, and are basically ordinary girls, they are idols that will do their best to make you love them.

The current members, from left to right in the picture starting from the second girl *[1], are:
Makopuri (まこぷり) - Born May 26, Blood Type AB
Hii (ひい)
Kurimu (くりむ) - Born November 14
Onbu (おんぷ) - Born September 23, Blood Type -B
Chii (ちぃ)
Skip to next girl*[1]
Miruku (みるく) - Born April 2, Blood Type A
Banbi (バンビ)
Madoka (まどか) - Blood Type A
Mayumi (まゆみ)
Kuukii (まゆみ) - Blood Type A
Ai (あい) (Not Pictured above)

*[1] The first girl is former member Ririi, and the "skipped girl" is Yozora, also a former member. I also might redo the profiles later on for all the members and in a more organized manner.

Miruku X Chii


Official Site
Official Blog
Official Twitter
Official Youtube

#11 Pinafore (ぴなふぉあ)

Pinafore doubles as an idol group and working at thier maid Café, Pinafore Café in Akihabara. They have three members.

Their are so many girls that work at Pinafore, so It's really hard for me to tell which girls do which. But I can't post every video they have. These girls are amazing and have so much personality! Please visit their YouTube channel and take a look.

Offical Youtube
Offical Website
Offical Twitter


Random video time!

Having some fun Singing Shojo Jidai's "Gee"

#9 Smile ☆Pocket (スマイル☆ポッケト)

Smile☆Pocket is a 5 member idol group. There isn't much information on them as far as singles are concerned. They do lots of lives and blogging. I think their having auditions (A member just left). Other than Seishun Fruit Ore, I can't find anymore video's on Smile☆Pocket, so sorry guys!

Offical Website


Ayaka Yanagisawa 
Nickname: Ayan
Offical Blog 

Akane Hoshino 
Nickname: Akanen
Offical Blog

Michizuki Rie
Nickname: Riepon
Offical Blog 

Okamoto Yurina
Nickname: Yurinyan
Offical Blog 

Nagisa Sakae 
Nickname: Saechi
Offical Blog 

Seishun Fruit Ore

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Half Hour with Alice Juban

If nothing for the simple fact that I like them .Half Hour with Alice Juban.

Bonus Music PV

BiS – Little Bit Of Fun

The idol rebels have decided to have a bit of fun it seems and a released a song and PV that is only 2 minutes long.
With new member auditions underway and a chance that they are open to having a transgender member, who knows what will happen next.

As that video is so short, I thought i`d add some more BiS goodness for your enjoyment.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

AKB48 Heads To America

AKB48 is going to America, this time Washington D.C. to perform at the U.S. ‘National Cherry Blossom Festival‘!
The festival runs from March 20 to April 27 and AKB48 will perform on March 27 and will visit a local school on the 26th of March. AKB48 wishes to thank the Americans for their support during the Earthquake recovery, while nothing else has been confirmed, some outlets are hinting that more stops of gratitude maybe in the works.
For those who wish to attend it will be at
Lincoln Theatre in Washington on March 27 (at 4 and 7:30 p.m.).

Monday, March 12, 2012

Alice Juban Live + Stage Dives

I have made no secret how much fun it is to attend an Independent Idol live .There is a freedom and connection that you can`t find with a major. A special bond with idol and wota so to speak.
If you take the time to watch these mini concerts from start to end, you will see what I mean.

Alice Juban mixes traditional and untraditional idol in one. With hockey masks, toy swords, chainsaws, stage diving [last song after the magic trick], magic, headstands, fainting [member intro].

When you attend a major concert, there is a great high income show maybe or maybe not live singing, no errors to be expected, but the artist and fan are separated and kept to a distance. At an indie , there is no separation , fans can touch an idol , hand them things and even get on stage as an opening act and do supporting dances and chants and the idols will be caught peaking at them.
Idol can have a birthday and you can hand her gifts and cake from your front row spot.

The things that you can experience greatly outweigh the fact that it is a small venue or your first time seeing the group. If you go into it with the acceptance that indie idols make up 95% of the genre and work hard for what little they make , you`ll understand why that one shot photo she shot backstage before the show to sell after the show , was done with love . It`s not a fancy agency glossy, instead it`s idols taking photos, writing a cute sharpie message and selling it for a few yen.Just enough to buy a snack or a meal afterwards.

The long conversations with the idols, you get to have at times at their sales tables, the laughs and jokes exchanged are all things, which I would never trade for a major concert ticket.

There is a time and place for everything, including a major venue concert, but in the end, there is something to be said for being in the small live house, helping an idol step up on a platform near the front of the stage and her handing you her color towel, when she steps down as a way to say thanks.

It`s the little things that makes these small live houses so special .While not everything I have mentioned is in these clips, it doesn`t take much from this live to bring back memories of past times.

Show 2

This video features the stage dives from three different camera angles

One more drink please

#8 Otome☆Corporation (オトメ☆コーポレーション)

Otome☆Corporation is an idol group comprised of 3 members. Though they formed in August of 2009, it was in July of the next year that they released their first CD, "Nyuushashiki". They also write their own song lyrics and member Hikari thinks up the choregraphy for the group, which I think is pretty cool.

This unit's concept is OL, or Office Lady. Because of this, each member has their own duty station or post, and they wear costumes that are in a uniform fashion. In addition, their fans are called "Kabunushi", which means stockholder, and a single event is called "Kabunushisoukai", which means a general meeting of stockholders.

The members are:
Narumi (Wearing blue) (Duty Station - Agriculture)
Born July 3, 1989 in Nagano, Blood Type O
Yuuko (Wearing yellow)(Duty Station - Secretarial Office)
Born April 2, 1990 in Kanagawa, Blood Type AB
Hikari (Wearing pink) (Duty Station - Accounting Department)
Born May 20, 1991 in Tokyo, Blood Type A

Daijo (Coupling track to their third single)

Official Site
Official Youtube

Houkago Princess From White Base

Houkago Princess from their theatre Ikebukuro White Base. HouPri has quickly become a favorite for Pure Idol Heart Staffers and we have decided to devote time to make them stronger.

In this part as they are idols you can dress up ,we have some pajamas and it`s Nana`s birthday and wotas give her gifts and a cake.

Note, yes the venue is tiny, they only play a few shows here each month, and most shows are done in live houses [concert clubs] of about 250 people and more, depending on the venue.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

#7 Asfi

Asfi stands for Actress, Singer, Fighter, and Idol. The group started out with five members, but now they have nine. Their an idol group from Shibuya who are relatively new since they just started performing last year.
This group has pretty good songs, I like Doki Kyun and JoKigen Paradise. Even their cover of Idoling!!! was good. I like this group the most out of the previous groups I have done information on.
Offical Blog
Offical U-Stream 
Offical YouTube 


Atsuchi Marina Offical Blog  (Marina is also in Alice Project)
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Friday, March 9, 2012


PIECE is a 5 member performance girls unit. In August 2011, they performed a free live at a live house in Akihabara, thus commencing their activities. From what I can understand, with Nanasaki Asami first experiencing performing as a background dancer for ZEPP TOKYO's "Anisama Girls Night", the members have experienced a number of performances, solo activities, and even being in a band.

As for their name concept, they aim to have their activities based on various fields with each girl acting as a live idol, band vocalist, dancer, actress, anime song singer etc. This unit has each members' "Kakera (Piece)" of strong emotions gathered together. Such meaning is carried on into the name of the unit, "PIECE".

The members, in order of the picture, are:
Nanasaki Asami (七咲あさみ) - Born January 21, Blood Type A
Kisaragi Note (如月杏) - Born February 8, Blood Type O
Shiino Aika (椎野愛花) - Born January 1, Blood Type A
Yanagida Emika (柳田絵美花) - Born December 30, Blood Type O
Ikeshiro Yumi (池城由美) - Born June 6, Blood Type AB

I just picked a few random clips from their official Youtube. ^.^

Official Site
Official Youtube

Fresh 30 Vol 4

16. Star☆T

17. S-Qty
this unit was on PIH once before when we previewed groups from West Japan .They get a return , just because theit HP is so cool

18. T!P [Tochigi Idol Project]

19. Kimitomo Candy

20.Alice Juban

I have Done Alice Project Groups before , but I am into Alice Juban right now ,so they are getting on the list. Alice Juban is made up of members of the different Alice Project groups and they love chainsaws ,masks and stage diving into the crowd. They also get on here , because I know how much they make a month and for that they deserve to be promoted.

Love of chainsaws