Tuesday, January 31, 2012

SKE48 Just Miss 500,000 In First Week Sales

SKE48`S single “Kataomoi Finally” sold 496,000 copies in its first week .This is the first time that the group has passed the 400,000 mark in sales.
The results also makes the single the highest selling AKB48 sister unit single.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Morning Musume On Music Japan

Morning Musume On Music Japan

Just a short clip of Morning Musume performing their new single

モーニング娘。 ピョコピョコ ウルトラ(LIVE) HD by glay158

Nogizaka46 Guru Guru Curtain PV

Nogizaka46 debut single was broadcast on their weekly TV show earlier .The single is titled “Guru Guru Curtain” and the video features shots of the girls in a classroom and dance performance or what little dance it is. For a group that was labeled as the rival to AKB48 ,i`d expect a more here we are ,were going to beat you type song ,this feels more like the Possible vs. Morning Musume ,just another group that can be built up and then one day when AKB48 ends their replacement is already established.

For all the talk about rivals, Nogizaka46 is starting to look like the cousins of AKB48.

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tsuntube Update

I have moved Tsuntube and the TV shows to our new messageboard .This week Tsuntube is about the Backstage Pass Café

Please go here for Tsuntube from now on. Location -Idol Underground/Tsuntube


Stylips which stands for Brand-new style for lips!! Or Stylips and features the veteran idol lineup of Noto Arisa, Ogura Yui, Matsunaga Maho and Ishihara Kaori have released a teaser for their debut single STUDY x STUDY
STUDYxSTUDY is the ending theme for the anime High School DxD and will be released Feb 8th.


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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hirajima Natsumi & Yonezawa Rumi Leave AKB48

Oh boy, were to begin and how much should I say would best describe this post.

Hirajima Natsumi & Yonezawa Rumi are leaving AKB48 effective immediately, for idol contract rules violations.  Basically it comes down to this, wotas discovered that Yonezawa had a private twitter account and another site, where she talked about dating, friends with benefits relationships, co-ed sleepover photos. This resulted in the discovery of Hirajima having a private twitter account and more photos with Natsumi being involved with a boy.

This resulted in 24 hrs. of hate messages, posted anonymous threats to all the 48 groups, their places of work for being “unfaithful” idols. As a result both Hirajima Natsumi & Yonezawa Rumi have givin their resignations.

Natsumi sent out an official announcement, apologizing to fans for causing everyone trouble.
Natsumi went on to tell the fans, staff and everyone involved with AKB48 that she is truly sorry and hopes to one day receive the support of the fans again.

  Yonezawa Rumi like Natsumi also gave a resignation release and like Natsumi, Rumi also apologized for causing trouble.

Being an idol and not doing anything to damage your image is a standard rule .What we see on TV or on stage is not often what really is. Onyanko Club members have in their post idol careers admitted that in their time as a group the members had boyfriends and generally it was a matter of not getting caught by media and fans. It is times like these when you can`t help but to think is your favorite idol next.

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Female J-Rock: Mutant Monster

I want to show you this really talented all girl band.
The band is called Mutant Monster.

Mutant Monster is a three member garage [self-created] band that started in May 2008.

They have aggressive lives and really great songs. Mutant Monster is the vocal duo of Be [20] [Bass], Meana [19] [Guitar], the band currently uses a non-member support drummer.
They are currently supporting their album called “True Tone”



Their label does not support embedding

flash version

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Friday, January 27, 2012

NMB48 Creates Team M

NMB48 has activated Team M .Team M is made up of 16 members and will see Shimada Rena serve as team captain. Shimada promised in the press conference to lead the members in her own way while cherishing each of the members. She made a request that the team be allowed to have acting skits as part of their concerts.

Team M is made up of the following members.
Ota Riona , Kawakami Rena ,Kinoshita Momoka ,Kodakari Yuuka ,Shimada Rena,
Jo Eriko,Takano Yui,Tanigawa Airi,Hikawa Ayame,Fujita Runa ,Mita Mao,
Murakami Ayaka,Murase Sae,Yagura Fuuko,Yamagishi Natsumi,Yogi Keira,

Member Photos

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Baby Blossom/AKB48 GIVE ME FIVE! PV Update

The PV for the upcoming single "GIVE ME FIVE" will be an amazing 34 minutes long.
The video was filmed in November by famed director Sugita Shigemichi as a mini drama set in a partime high school.

Maeda Atsuko plays “Ogata Atsuko” whose parents are divorced. Maeda in this role sees her work for her alcoholic father at his ramen shop.
Kashiwagi Yuki plays a girl who suffers the scares of being bullied, Takahashi Minami plays a girl who can`t stick to one job for long and Oshima Yuko plays a girl who sells herself to men to pay off family debts.

The girls find their way together and create the rock band “Baby Blossom”. It is through this band that these girls’ lives are changed for the better.

The single comes out February 15th

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sakura Gakuin: Tabidachi no Hi ni PV

Sakura Gakuin  3rd single  is called   “Tabidachi no Hi ni ”
The single will be released February 15th and come in two editions. Limited and Regular.
The regular edition will have 6 songs as will the limited edition .The limited edition will also feature a PV DVD and a J-MIX version.

Tabidachi no Hi ni PV
 Universal  J does not allow embedding




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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Houkago Princess: Dress Up

When I first wrote about Houkago Princess, I mentioned that they are idols that you can dress up.
You can read that post here.

Here is a sub video with the group and producer from their White Base theater talking about their concept idols you can dress up , student council theme ,idol dreams.

Concert from their theater Ikebukuro White Base

Past posts


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Houkago Princess: White Base

Houkago Princess a group from Ikebukuro ,Tokyo that we have written about in the past ,has this small ,tiny in fact theater in Ikebukuro called White Base .Recently a live concert/graduation was filmed at this theater .HouPri is a good up and coming group .

Their vocals are a little higher pitched then other groups ,but it blends well.
At the end of part two and into part three the group plays some games and in the final part is the member graduation and an outside look at White Base.
If you are wondering who the leader is it`s Nana [center row 1 photo], who is older than her tiny self and voice seems.




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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Nogizaka46 Guru Guru Curtain

The other night near the end of their weekly TV show Nogizaka46 performed their debut single “Guru Guru
Curtain”. “Guru Guru Curtain” is the campaign song for “Meiji Tezukuri Chocolate”.
As to this rivalry with AKB48, Nogizaka46 performed at the AKB48 Best 100 event the other night .I don`t really see them as rivals at all, just another group. Comparable to the Possible and Morning Musume from Tsunku.

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Baby Blossom

Baby Blossom is an 18 member band created from AKB48 members .The core of the band is Maeda Atsuko (Guitar), Oshima Yuko (Bass), Takahashi Minami (Guitar), Kashiwagi Yuki (Drums), Kojima Haruna (Keyboards), and Watanabe Mayu (Keyboards).
The remaining Senbatsu members make up horn, percussion and backing vocals.

Baby Blossom was created for the single “GIVE ME FIVE” and spent the past five months rehearsing.
They are not all that bad, not ready open up for BABY METAL [Sorry I couldn`t resist that joke].

Seriously this is a fun little group they have put together for their next single. The girls worked very hard and I tip my hat to them as it`s a good job for five months training.

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Monday, January 23, 2012

LOVE♥INA30 On The Road

Being an Indie Idol group means that you have to be ready to perform at any place they will let you play.
Let`s take a look with LOVE♥INA30 at one of the various places they have played.

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Special Earthquake Concert

NHK is organizing a six hour concert to honor the memory of the great Tohoku Earthquake.

The concert will take place on March 10 and will be called “Shinsai Kara 1nen ‘Ashita e’ Concert” (1 Year After the Earthquake ‘For Tomorrow’ Concert).

This television broadcast will be hosted by SMAP`s Nakai Masahiro and will be held jointly at Chiba`s Makuhari Messe Event Hall and Fukushima`s Sukagawa City Cultural Center.

The goal is to deliver messages of hope to the troubled areas.
Artists confirmed for the event are as follows.

For Chiba
SMAP, AKB48, Perfume

For Sukagawa
Kitajima Saburo, Sakamoto Fuyumi, Hitoto Yo, Hirahara Ayaka
The full lineup will be announced later.

NHK is taking applications to attend the concerts.

NMB48 Junjou U-19 Coupling PV Mini Previews.

NMB48 sub unit Shirogumi has released a short teaser for their single PV. “Doryoku no Shizuku”.
The video has a multi set of themes and rock tempo style that I just love .

You can find this track on the Type A and Theater versions of NMB48 single “Junjou U-19”.

NMB48 sub unit Akagumi has released a short teaser for their single PV “Migi he Magare”
The preview features the group running from masked individuals, close ups and dance shots set to a rock tempo .This track will be on the Type B version.

Junjou U-19 goes on sale February 8

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NMB48's Shirogumi Reveals New PV

NMB48's sub-unit, Shirogumi, have released a PV for their single "Doryoku no Shizuku"! The whole message for the PV was "If you seem lonely, keep holding on". Which, in this case, is very useful. This single will be released February 8th, 2012 and will be included to the "Type A and Theater' versions of 'Junjou U-19' which is NMB48's upcoming/newest single.

Friday, January 20, 2012

NMB48 Junjou U-19 PV

When I first showed you the preview I said that this maybe their best video to date and I was right .There are two versions a song version and a full ten minute movie/pv version.

The basic theme is the girls find themselves going from school to a circus themed fantasy world.

There is a lot to take in with both versions but it is greatly done. I don`t want to put my foot in my mouth and say that no idol group will top this video as the 48`s are on their A game and the newest rivals to AKB48, Nogizaka46 are going to have a PV that I saw a preview for, for the AKB48 cover song.
Going into today this is going to be a hard video to beat this year from a creative standpoint. The video and song, just makes you want to order the CD right away. Very strong start to 2012 by NMB48

The video has a short shelf life on YouTube so here are alternative sites. You should make the time to watch both versions.

The short version minus the movie lead in.

Full ten minute film version

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Himekyun Fruit Can: Two Singles Announced

This adorable fruit-based Indies idol group is set to release two singles, one (Their fourth) on March 28 and the other (Their fifth) on April 11, leaving for a two week gap between the two releases.

Their fourth single is titled "Koi ga Tomaranai", meaning "My Love Won't Stop", with the tracklist as follows:
1. Koi ga Tomaranai
2. Mikansei no Sweets (Means "Incomplete Sweets")
3. Lead Heart (Lead is pronounced with the long e, in this case.)

Their fifth single is titled "Koi no Binetsu", meaning "Love's Fever", with the tracklist as follows:
1. Koi no Binetsu
2. YEAH! Fuwari Hane Batake!! (Means "YEAH! Gently flapping my wings!!")
3. Try Again

E-Girls: New unit added, "bunny"

This is a little late, but anyways~! :P A new EXILE sister unit called "bunny" has been announced. These girls are the finalists from the latest Vocal Battle Audition (the third one, to be exact), which is where the new members of Flower came from. Reminds me of what has happened with recent MM gen auditions in the sense that the other finalists get a chance to join the company. Sweet! ^.^

All the members' ages range from 12-13 years old, making them the youngest group in LDH, and just a young group in general. Like the EXILE way, they have been assigned as either a vocalist or performer/dancer. Their names, as listed in the picture, are:

- Takebe Yuzuna (Vocals)(武部 柚那/Hyogo/12 years old)
- Takeda Kyoka (Performer) (武田 杏香/Kyoto/12 years old)
- Hagio Misato (Performer) (萩尾 美麗/Osaka/12 years old)
- Hanayama Mizuki (Performer) (花山 端貴/Kanagawa/12 years old)
- Miyu Oishi (Performer) (大石 美優/Saitama/13 years old)
- Inagaki Rio (Performer) (稲垣 莉生/Kanagawa/12 years old)
- Ishii Anna (Performer) (石井 杏奈/Tokyo/13 years old)
- Yamaguchi Nonoka (Perfomer) (山口 乃々華/Tokyo/13 years old)
- Yamamoto Runa (Perfomer) (山本 月/Fukuoka/13 years old)
- Mira (Performer) (ビァッツ*[1] 美良/Chiba/12 years old)

*[1] - The katakana in Mira's name can be romanized to Byattsu... But I have absolutely no idea what that means. X.X Help?

E-Girls and Bunny Perform E-Girls Anthem

Bunny Dancing on Stage

Suugaku Joshi Gakuen

The members of Hello!Project, Nice Girl Project and more have joined together for a new drama called Suugaku Joshi Gakuen .The drama stars Morning Musume`s Michishige Sayumi and Tanaka Reina and features just about everyone else from the agency and the Possible .

Sayu and Reina are members of a math club who wage math battles and other mischief in the school with their  factions. The only male in the school ,who gets in the middle of this madness wishes to be anyplace but math club.

Reina is really funny in this drama and gives me the feeling that she should be a Super Sentai Ranger or the female co-lead in a Kamen Rider series ,just for the comedy value. For longtime Musume fans Sayu has her dark Sayu style coming out again.

Riho also plays a big role in the drama so far.

Ep 1

EP 2

JKT48 Debut PV Preview

The newest International branch of the 48 family Indonesia`s JKT48 will be releasing shortly their version of the AKB48 single “Heavy Rotation”.

The early preview of the video shows a much different setting and possibly a more pleasing to some 48 fans then the AKB48 version. Their costumes by the way fall right in line with the 48 family style.

From the early preview this group has the makings to do well.

[Making with more clips]

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

9nine: "Shoujo Traveller" PV

After quite some time, 9nine is back on PIH with the release of their PV for Shoujo Traveller, which will come out in one week.

This is a very mesmerizing and enticing video with the whole futuristic-agent theme and makes me think of PV's such as Perfume's Laser Beam or Buono!'s My Boy. Their choreography is, just as expected from them, fun and creative, and their execution of it gives it justice, for sure. The shots with them in the blue outfits look sort of mismatched with their faces compared with the overall theme, but I can't deny the fact that it makes the PV cuter. The song itself and the sounds of their voices also match the theme of the video, with techno sound effects and robotic-sounding harmonizations in the verses. Plus, it makes me happy that this song focuses more on the whole group and doesn't have Kanae singing almost every line in the song, whether it's a group line, solo line, duet line, etc. :P

And daaaaang, that last part I was NOT expecting. 9nine versus 9nine!!! Even though it may seem cheesy... I found to TOTALLY SUPER AWESOME! <333333333 (Hehehe, 9 hearts!)

I think that both the song and PV are worthy of anyone's attention, and in my opinion is a step up from their last single, though that one wasn't all bad. This is just TO good for me! :D

PV Link (For now, this is the only working one. I'll try to update with a new one later.)

Monday, January 16, 2012

PIH 2011 Readers Choice Idol Awards

You the readers of Pure Idol Heart have spoken and the results are in.
Before getting to the results ,I would first like to thank everyone who voted and hope that you follow all the groups we post in 2012 closely and prepare well for the 2012 awards coming in December ,with more artists more categories .

Now to the results
You the readers voted and the winners are

In the Best 48 Sub Unit Award

In the Most Underrated Award
Tokyo Girls’ Style

In the Best Group Award

In the Best Album Award
12, Smart

In the Best H!P PV Award
Uchouten Love

In the Best 48 PV
Flying Get

In the Best Idol PV Award
Mirai Bowl

In the Best Improvement Award

In the Best Debut Award

Nogizaka46 On TV

Weekly TV Show , if you not heard the group sing ,they do at 15 minutes in.

乃木坂って、どこ?「メンバーを個人面談... by dailyers

[Lyrics] S/mileage - Choto Mate Kudasai!

Candy told me that it wasn't S/mileage's Postwoman single and their actually NEWER single that someone requested. So sorry about that. XD But here you go now! This song annoyed me at first, but I have to admit, it's really catchy now! ;)

Kyuu na kokuhaku ni wa
Nante kotaerya seikai desu ka

Hanashi wa saigo made
Zenzen kikanai awaten bousan
Odoroki momo no ki watashi ra no yaruki mite
Dare ni mo makenai seishun mizu shibuki
Aa sou wa itte mo asecchau

Hanshin hangi de ikite yuku
GARASU no Teen age
Medatte yuumei ni naru hi made
wao! yeah yeah! wao! yeah yeah!

Kyuu na deai desu ne
Kokoro DOKIDOKI risou no binanshi

Nebou wo shichatta yo
Tsugi no BASU de wa ma ni awanai
Hirameki todoroki aitsu wa ki ni naru hito
Yubikuwae miteru ano ko wa tada nonki
Aa taningoto de wa nain da yo

Hajimete ikiteru kono jinsei
Shippai mo aru sahttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif
Nippon ichi ni naru hi made

Hanshin hangi de ikite yuku
GARASU no Teen age
Hajimete ikiteru kono jinsei
Shippai mo aru sa
Nippon ichi ni naru hi made

wao! yeah yeah! wao! yeah yeah! CHOTO MATE KUDASAI

These lyrics are originally from my blog.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Tsuntube was a special look at one of the Tsuntube Music Festivals the groups on the show have and some ads for the café.
If you like seeing Independent idol groups then you`ll like this show .As for me I could spend all day with the Indie Idols across the country lots of good stuff going on in small venues across the Prefectures .

PS- Afilia Saga East is on the show

Saturday, January 14, 2012

[Lyrics] S/mileage - Please Miniskirt Postwoman!

Koi wo shiteru jikakushoujou
FURIRU konomu yumemiru shoujo
Let’s go now onna wo ageru CHANSU!
Kawayuku hodo yoku koisuru CHANSU!
Monogatari ga hajimaru

Tomodachi to zutto omotteta
Aitsu ga ne ki ni naru

Fuinki ga kyuu ni kawatta na
Nikibi toka kao ni dekichatte
Sei ga nobiteru

Masaka no koi mitai
Hanasu no sae DOKIRINGU
Undoukai onbu sareta no ga
Uso mitai na kyonen

Nanigenaku goku shizen ni
Kokoro wo todokerareru
Kakkoii watashi ni naritai
Please! Please!

Koi wo shiteru jikakushoujou
FURIRU konomu yumemiru shoujo
Let’s go now onna wo ageru CHANSU!
Kawayuku hodo yoku koisuru CHANSU!
Monogatari ga hajimaru

“Tomodachi” to nen wo osareru to
Mono sugoku mune ga kyun

Wakaru desho watashi chigau desho
Shougakusei no koro to wa chigau
Watashi wo mite yo

Yappari koi na no ne
Setsunakute kurushii no
Hoka no ko ni yasashiku shiteru no
Tsui jama shichau watashi

Kyou koso jishin wo motte
Aitsu ni todokenakya
Fusawashii watashi ni narenai
Please! Please!

Koi wo shiteru jikakushoujou
FURIRU konomu yumemiru shoujo
Let’s go now onna wo ageru CHANSU!
Kawayuku hodo yoku koisuru CHANSU!
Monogatari ga hajimaru

Lyrics originally from Twilight-Paradise.net

[Lyrics] S/mileage - Te wo Nigitte Arukitai

te wo nigitte michi wo arukou
tanoshii hi ga kisou na yokan
te wo nigitte chikaou yo nee SANSHAIN
bouken no hibi Go! My Way

tamatama hayaku me ga sameta
asa kara meccha ii tenki ( E )
taijyuukei wa uranai kekka wa kichi

muri wa sezu ni MAI PEESU de
odekake wo shiyou
jinsei no odekake no jikan

te wo nigitte michi wo arukou
yama ya tani mo touzen aru darou
te wo nigitte norikoeyou seishun
taisetsu na hibi Go! My Way

saikin naze ka kazoku ga
kokoro kara itoshii
shinpai to ka kaketa koto
CHOBI tto hansei

mirai nante wakaranai ga
dakara koso soko ni
ooki na yume ga dakeru

te wo nigitte michi wo arukou
tanoshii hi ga kisou na yokan
te wo nigitte chikaou yo nee SANSHAIN
bouken no hibi Go! My Way

aishiteru suteki na hito
suteki na kazoku suteki na kyoudai
arigatou suteki na omoide
deatta minna arigatou

te wo nigitte michi wo arukou
yama ya tani mo touzen aru darou
te wo nigitte norikoeyou seishun
taisetsu na hibi Go! My Way

te wo nigitte michi wo arukou
tanoshii hi ga kisou na yokan
te wo nigitte chikaou yo nee SANSHAIN
bouken no hibi Go! My Way

Lyrics are originally from projecthello.com.

[Lyrics] S/mileage - Konnichiwa Konbanwa

Gaki asked either me or Candy to post the lyrics for S/mileage's latest single since someone asked for them. So I decided to do it! (But if you wanted to do it Candy... Sorry about that! >.<) If anyone else has anymore lyrics to request, please don't hesitate to ask!

Kitto ashita wa RAN RAN RAN
Futari aruku no RAN RAN RAN

Motto sunao ni I Love you
Itsumo matteru I Love you

Namida ga deru yo
Hitori ni sasenai de
Usagi chan yori mo
Sabishigari ya

Deata koto ni kansha
Wakatte ite mo
Motto motto ne dacchau

Heiwa na yoru ni kansha
Hoshi ni negai wo kome Yeah

Yume janain yo

Chotto hanauta RAN RAN RAN
Futari de HAMOru RAN RAN RAN

Jitto minai de No Thank you
Hazukashii no yo No Thank you

Warai no ato ni
Kandou ga aru
Tennen dakedo
Ganbaru mon

Genki na kyou ni kansha
Michi yuku hito ni
Kono kokoro wo misetai

Yume miru hibi ni kansha
Kawaiku omajinai Yeah

Yarya dekirun yo

Deata koto ni kansha
Wakatte ite mo
Motto motto ne dacchau

Heiwa na yoru ni kansha
Hoshi ni negai wo kome Yeah

Yume janain yo

These lyrics are originally from my blog.

Friday, January 13, 2012


The next group we would like to show you Is

From Aichi

In-store concert

More Lives

Please be sure to view these groups as Indies will be on the 2012 PIH Idol Awards.


As a staff we decided that in 2012 we are going to bring you as many Independent, regional Idol units as possible. As hard as it may seem 90% of all idol groups are Indie groups and soloists . Most  are working outside the major media outlets, while being major stars in their home Prefectures.

With each group the presentation will be different, depending on what they have to offer.

First up is from Oita the idol group CHIMO .CHIMO has been around since 2007 and is considered a Super Idol group in their region. The group has had several members go on to join national idol groups.

For CHIMO the best way to welcome them to PIH is to show them in Concert.
So sit back and take 30 minutes to get to know these hard working well loved idols. Some of their best songs are near the end of the performance as all Indies do with their live sets.




S/mileage “Chotto Matte Kudasai! “ PV

I don`t think I have ever had enjoyed a S/mileage video  as much as this one .New S/mileage hit a homerun with this one a perfect vocal blend that should please all S/mileage fans.
The video features the energetic idols in bright colored dresses, throwing themselves against a glass wall and more .Second gen members look like they have been in the group for years and are growing into wonderful idols and bring a lot of energy and vocal style to the group.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

NMB48 Junjou U-19 Short Preview

NMB48 has released a short preview of the dance shot version of their next single PV and this at least for me has the makings of their best single and video.
Definitely looking forward to the full release.

Morning Musume Pyoko Pyoko Ultra! PV

The full video release of Morning Musume`s new single is out. It`s a cute throwback to a past time in Morning Musume history. The vocals are fairly balanced but Reina and Riho are going to be the centers in this new era and Sayu is playing a good size role.

Every one of the generations blend well; and you can`t help but to   smile while watching this video thinking about their future.

The song and PV has this Minimoni and old Morning Musume feel to it that brings back memories of a fun ,big sales time in Morning Musume`s history.

So what do you think everyone about the newest version of Morning Musume? I don`t know if I can take chickens every PV ,but I can live with Musume going a little more Minimoni or bringing back their past at times . After all for those of us who have experienced every day in the 13+ yrs history of the group, it was a time like no other for this franchise with a long running television variety show [7 yrs] and a lot of memories.
With Sayu soon to be leader, I think the fun is only just about to begin for this new younger Morning Musume.

As a side note as I said this has shades of old Morning Musume when they were perfecting the concept of large member groups like the team concept that AKB48 uses.

[If your fans of Risa and Aichan and are still new to Musume [say less than 5 yrs fans] you  may want to see the two in their early years.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

SUPER☆GiRLS Draws 5,000 Fans

Recently the idol group SUPER☆GiRLS drew 5,000 fans for a free live concert and handshake event.
The event took place on January 9th at Yoyogi Park .As part of the live event the group performed their new release “Everybody JUMP!!” from the album of the same name , which encouraged the fans to jump with them in support.
The group plans to hold a summer tour, create a fan club and get invited to the 2012 Kouhaku Uta Gassen.
After a slow start this group has really been making a name for themselves, and have a solid and growing fan base.  2012 looks to be a great year for the group.

Album preview

Sashihara Rino Gets A Solo Debut

On January 8th AKB48 announced that Sashihara Rino will be making a solo single debut.
Sashihara`s debut will be released in March by Avex Trax and will be the as the theme song for her first starring drama “Muse no Kagami“.
Sashihara commented that “Though I’m not good at singing, and I am full of anxiety, I will be making a CD debut.  I will try my best.”
She asked her fans to look forward to her release.


On March 7,BABY METAL will be releasing a CD

After being a sub-unit of Sakura Gakuin ,the princesses of idol metal are branching out of  the comforts of Sakura Gakuin to team up with the band Kiba of Akiba for BABY METAL`s new CD “Ii ne!”

BABY METAL`S record label TOYS FACTORY believes that this collaboration will mark “the arrival of a new era in Idol music"  and that it will create a  new genre in music that will set BABY METAL into its own light.

The combination of the Metal Idol unit BABY METAL and the hardcore/alternative band Kiba of Akiba is nothing short of a win-win .


A few photos of the princesses of idol metal in action.
Also on the show performing that night were the female metal bands DESTROSE, ALDIOUS, SHOW-YA