Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dorothy Little Happy: HAPPY DAYS!

PIH favorite underdog idol group Dorothy Little Happy on January 11 will release their new single “HAPPY DAYS!” Recently on their radio show they debut the single and it`s coupling tracks.

As PIH is about to release our first ever PIH readers choice idol awards ballots, I thought it was a good time to refresh everyone`s memory with the darlings of Sendai.


Never Stop Again!!

Hey boy! Hey girl!

AKB48 Wins Coveted Japan Record Award

AKB48 has at last landed on top of the music industry as they won the most coveted prize in our industry the Japan Record Award .The award was given for their sales of “Flying Get”.
Maeda Atsuko barely holding her emotions in after receiving the award made the following remarks “To all the people who have cheered us on, to the staff who have supported us, Akimoto sensei, we are so grateful for everyone. Thank you so much!”

2011 was a tremendous year for AKB48 and a strong year for the idol genre in general ,2012 looks to be another strong year ,can AKB48 continue their consecutive million sales streak or will a newcomer rise up to challenge them ? The answers will start to play out soon.

Everybody JUMP!! Short MV

A short MV of Everybody JUMP!! for SUPERGiRLS second album was posted on their channel today.

The girls have really improved in their dancing and synchronization!
The song is very catchy, but not very original.
I really SUPERGiRLS first album. I wonder what will this album be like.

PIH Idol Awards 2011

Welcome to the first annual Pure Idol Heart Readers Choice Idol Awards.

2011 was a strong year for idol groups with independent groups debuting almost daily and new units rising up to join the majors. In determining which groups should be a part of this debut awards a lot of difficult decisions had to be made in reaching the final selections. Now we place the group’s or video success for award gold in your hands and present the 2011 “Pure Idol Heart Readers Choice Idol Awards”.

For the next two weeks you can cast one vote in each category and you the readers of Pure Idol Heart votes will decide the winners. Please vote the group or video that best reflects their work for the category that they are nominated for in 2011.

Thank you for participating.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Morning Musume New Single PV Preview

The first single with the new 10th gen is almost here. “Pyoko Pyoko Ultra” will come out on January 25 and the group has done a good a good job in reloading for the future.
While the group has lost the power vocal of Aichan, it has in fact become a different group that will develop into a more balanced group I believe. “New” Morning Musume will do like all the others before it, adapt and evolve into something better.

Idoling!!! MAMORE!!! PV

Idoling!!! Has a great single coming out called MAMORE!!! The single for me is just the perfect balance of tempo, harmonies .
The video has a dark warehouse setting, which I also enjoy along with some nice costumes. The song and video show the groups growing confidence .With any luck this will be the start of great things for the group in 2012.

SDN48: "Yaritagariya-san" PV Revealed

Recently, SDN48 spoke about their new PV "Yaritagariya-san". This song is a B-side to their latest single "Kudoki Nagara Azabu Juban", which was sung by girls' from Team G. From the looks of the PV, the girls are giving off a more mature and "sexy" look. Along with posing more mature and "grown up".

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Final SKE48 no Magical Radio

Saying goodbye is never easy ,however the cast close out the show in style.

SKE48のマジカル・ラジオ 最終話 1 by tennis800v

SKE48のマジカル・ラジオ 最終話 2 by tennis800v

Thursday, December 29, 2011

DokiDoki baby/Tasogare Kousaten

I don't think these were posted yet. H!P soloist Mano Erina has a new single coming out. (double A side)

Doki Doki Baby

Tasogare Kousaten

Bonus- ManoErina channel released an old Mano Erina song that hasn't been on any CD's or albums. Will they eventually release it as a b-side or on an album? I hope so.

Glory Days

Music Feature: Supercell

Taking a break from j idols, today I'm going to cover a group I just recently got into: Supercell.

Supercell is composed of 11 members, and was started by Ryo, who writes all of the lyrics and music.

Supercell started out posting videos on Nico Nico Douga using Hatsune Miku, a voice synthesizing program that lets you use Miku's voice to produce music. I'm sure all of you have heard of Vocaloids, they are quite popular. The group eventually made their debut album in 2009 (under a record company) using Hatsune Miku. Their self titled album (Supercell) did extremely well on the charts. The very famous Vocaloid songs like Love is War, melt, and World is Mine were all written by Ryo and included on this album.

In 2009, the group had their first single: Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari. An actual human singer provided the vocals: Yanagi Nagi.

Supercell actually isn't a physical group where members are present in the PV or music video. The members do illustrations, music, support, etc. The people you see in the PV's are actors or are drawn and animated by the Supercell team.

The group continued to make more releases, using Nagi's vocals.

2010 Sakura Memories

 2010 Utakata Hanabi /Hoshi ga Matataku Konna Yoru ni

2011 Today is a Beautiful Day There are too many songs on this album, so I'll just post a few.

Perfect Day

Feel So Good

 Owari he Mukau hajimari no Uta

Watashi e 
 Yoru ga Akeru no

2011 My Dearest
My Dearest is Supercell's 4th single. Nagi no longer provides the vocals for Supercell. Instead, My Dearest is sung by Koeda (15). Another girl, Chelly (17) also provides the vocals for Supercell once Nagi left.

2011 Departures ~Anata ni Okuru Ai no Uta~ Sung by Chelly (I cannot find a non cover version of this song on youtube so this video is a cover, it is not chelly singing.)

When I heard Nagi was leaving, I was kind of upset. She has a beautiful voice. In 2012, she is making her debut single. But I think I will come to love Chelly and Koeda too. Chelly has a breathtaking voice, and Koeda's voice is very unique and it's nice to listen to it.

The group has 2 more singles planned in 2012.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


BRIGHT is a new addition to our site but not a new addition to the JPop genre .

BRIGHT has a long history dating back to 2001 as founding members NAGI,MI-MI and MEG made their pre-teen debut as Ko Spellers .The trio would later add NANAKA and BRIGHT was born in 2003.

From there they hit the long road to fame by working their way up from unsigned do it yourself Independents to a contract on Avex`s Independent sub label Rhythm Republic in 2007 , before pushing that into a major label debut with Rhythm Zone in 2008.

At first the unit didn`t chart well on Oricon coming in at #133 with their Major debut mini album “Brightest Star”. While the group started off slow in the charts ,the group has developed a small but loyal fan base and a great live show.

Personally I think that BRIGHT is one of the best of the limited sales groups out today .

If you’re looking for something fresh ,slide down a few steps on Oricon to the mid 30-40`s rankings and give BRIGHT a shot ,they may just surprise you.

New Single Preview ““Kimi ga Iru Kara ~Kokoro no Tonari de~”

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BiS Member To Graduate

The idols of wildness may have become a bit wild for one member ,who on paper seemed the most likely to fit in reinforcing that  appearances , stage antics and so on are merely a gimmick created to reach a desired effect and not a reflection of the values that may lay inside.

Founding member Nakayama Yukiko has announced that she is graduating on December 31 .Nakayama is the second member to leave the group since June.
As to the reasons for her graduation ,it`s the typical musical differences situation Nakayama feels that the group is changing in a direction that is not in her best interests .

Nakayama recently released a blog post on her feelings and decision to graduate.

  "The reason why I've decided to graduate now is that the direction BiS has taken is no longer the place where  my feelings are at.
I have started to realize  that even the things I'd had fun doing in BiS weren't fun for me or the  things that I wanted to continue doing.

Because I thought these feelings were inexcusable to have in front of the other members of BiS and all the fans that’ve supported BiS, I have decided to graduate.
The year I spent as a member of BiS was short but intense, however I was able to meet so many people through my activities in BiS."

  She went on to thank the fans ,staff and remaining members . Nakayama later went on to mention that after her graduation she will start her search for what she really wants to do in music.
Nakayama was to me one of the main things that made the group interesting ,however sometimes your own happiness has to take priority . I am not sure what her next road will be ,however when she is ready ,I know that I want to hear it.
As for BiS I am interested in seeing who they bring in to the group in 2012.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Kikkawa Yuu holds Christmas Event as "Kikka Santa"

Kikkawa Yuu-san held a special Christmas event dressed up as "Kikka Santa". Her special was held on December 25th, 2011 at the Tressa Yokohama Center Garden which was packed with loyal fans.

Kikkawa Yuu-san appeared on stage in a very cute Santa costume. The fans absolutely loved it, chanting "You're so cute!" on stage to her. After the concert, Kikkawa Yuu-san prepared for her upcoming busy week.

AKB48 Sashihara Rino to Star in First Drama

Current AKB48 member, Sashihara Rino, will star in her first drama, "Muse no Kagami". The drama will be aired in the Kanto region of Japan. Fukuda Yuichi will also take part in the drama along with Sashihara-san.

The role that Sashihara will play will be a girl who has nothing to recommend her. She will then get discovered by "Okita Ryu" and she starts to grow into a great actress.

Sashihara also states to her fans "To star in drama series for the first time, I feel full of anxiety about my acting, but I will try my best so that I wouldn’t have to bother my co-stars. I’m looking forward to see how the world of Fukuda-san will come out!!!"

The drama "Muse no Kagami" will be aired on Janurary 14th, 2012 every Saturday from 1:55am-2:10am. Please stay tuned~

S/mileage: "Chotto Matte Kudasai" Jacket Revealed

The jacket for S/mileage "Chotto Matte Kudasai" has been revealed. This jacket includes 6 smiling young women in colorful uniforms. All of which are holding their hands out to the camera. "Chotto Matte Kudasai" is S/mileages' 9th single will be available in 5 versions: One regular version and four limited additions.

In case you are wondering, the limited edition includes DVDs. This single will be set to be released on February 1st, 2012.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Suzuki Kanon: Alo-Hello Android App Released

The Android app for Suzuki Kanons' “Alo Hello! Morning Musume 2011″ has been released for the Android markets. In the past few weeks, these apps have also been released for Takahashi Ai, Fukumura Mizuki, Ikuta Erina, Tanaka Reina, Michishige Sayumi, and Sayashi Riho. It seems like these apps were being released every week. So please stay tuned for more apps of the smiling girls.

Kitahara Sayaka: 3rd Single Announced

Kitahara Sayaka has announced her third singele titled as "Hajike-yo!!"

This single will be used as an ending theme song for anime "Inazuma Eleven GO!" It will also be used as the theme song for the Nintendo DS game as well. The release for this single is 2/8.

Momoiro Clover Z Rocks Saitama Super Arena

Who needs end of the year TV specials ,were the most talented acts get overlooked because they are Visual Kei bands , idols that don`t sell enough or any other industry  excuse they can think of ,when you can just have your own live and make up your own rules .

December 25th Momoiro Clover Z may have held their best live of their career and it was at the Saitama Super Arena .

Momoiro Clover Z played almost 30 songs had heavy metal guitar great Marty Friedman providing the riffs and a host of other idol/rock goodness such as flames ,lightshow and more .

Momoiro Clover Z ends 2011 with a powerful statement “We have arrived and everyone watch out”. In 2012 the girls have two nights booked for Yokohama Arena.

A Very Passpo☆ Christmas

What do you for Christmas if your Passpo☆ ? Answer ,you reserve the oldest theme park in Japan , invite 300 fans and have a party.

Passpo☆ as you can see from the photo below were looking lovely in their Santa costumes as they entertained the selected guests with their charm and beauty the way only idols can .

2011 was a great year for the group with a nationwide 1,000+ seat venue tour starting on the 27th and the graduation of Sakuma Kaho ,the group will be ending the year flying the only way they can playing live.

2012 looks to be a possible big year for the group as they have the Budokan on their flight plans to accomplish.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Afilia Saga East Adds Two ,Drop Two, Plus A Backstage Pass

Afilia Saga East has added two new members they are the cuteness twins as I like to call them ,even if they are not related .

Introducing Laura Sucreine

Laura is based at Afilia Sherry`s Café!/laura_sucreine

Introducing Emiu Weilschmidt

Emiu is based at Afilia Stars Café!/emiuws

They will be taking the place of Rose and Meena who will be graduating next year.

In related news the Afilia Girls have been promoting the AKIHABARA Backstage Pass Idol Café on their accounts.

Tsuntube ,SKE48,Nogizaka46,AKB,

The other day the episode for Tsuntube was an Award Show special ,that looks to be a two-part special . With 80 girls now employed with the café and Tsunku hinting in interviews that the café idols could start working with H!P units [didn`t say join H!P ,but we know him and his ways] it`s been a good year for him and new idols.

Shukan AKB was good the other day .It was a one shot auction episode ,so I looked it up to share here as an add on.

週刊AKB 111223 1ショットオークション 1 by tennis800v

週刊AKB 111223 1ショットオークション 2 by tennis800v

Little behind in getting the other shows up.
In the recent SKE48 no magical radio the girls bring a little Christmas cheer

SKE48のマジカル・ラジオ 111220 第11話 1 by tennis800v

SKE48のマジカル・ラジオ 111220 第11話 2 by tennis800v

In Nogizaka46 new TV show we learn that the girls can cook ,well I use that term very loosely here ,they cook ,but you may not want to eat all of it.


I don`t know what everyone who follows this site travel plans are for the next few days ,however I hope that you all have safe journeys

The staff of PIH wish you well in your journeys and want to tell you we are finishing up new artwork for PIH that we hope to debut shortly.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Momoiro Clover providing theme song for "Moretsu Uchuu Kaizoku"

The 5 member idol girl group, Momoiro Clover Z has the job of providing a theme song for the upcoming anime "Moretsu Uchuu Kaizoku". At the preview event for "Moretsu Uchuu Kaizoku", which was held in Shinjuku Wald 9, Momoiro Clover Z were appointed as surprise guest. Momoiro Clover Z also revealed that these songs will be released March 7th as their newest single, "Mouretsu Uchuu Koukyoukyoku Dainana Gakushou ‘Mugen no Ai'" Stayed tuned for Momoiro Clover Z's upcoming single!

Koharu Kusumi Models for LAISSÉ PASSÉ 2012 Spring Collection

Former Morning Musume member, Koharu Kusumi, took on a big role in modeling for Laisse Passe 2012 Spring Collection. As some of you may know, Koharu graduated from Morning Musume to start her modeling career. Please keep supporting her in the long run!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Tsunku`s Backstage Pass Opens

Tsunku`s AKIHABARA Backstage Pass  Idol Café has now opened [today is opening day] , below is an English commentary    video of just what Tsunku has in mind.

It`s actually really cool the customers will decide if the staff will become idols.
No other maid  café in Akihabara uses this system.


Buono! New single is a Double A side and after being on the fence with the first song ,the group reminded me of why I enjoy their music .While I am not captured by the video,the song more than makes up for the creative dullness that Up-Front videos have been known for the last few years .

When these three were cast together it was the perfect fit as their voices complement each other perfectly and honestly they should have been a bigger unit then they are .

While many times Up-Front selects costumes that make most people wonder about them , these costumes and boots a great choice .

I can overlook the dullness of the video ,for the simple reason the song works for me as I have always been a fan of more rock edge idol songs.

For me I enjoyed this song much better than the other A side “Hataukoi Cider”

This single is worth picking up if nothing more for DEEP MIND.

PV Revealed for Bounos "Deep Mind!"

The PV for Buono's "Deep Mind" has been revealed. Deep mind is just one of the A-singles from the trio "Hatsukoi Cider / Deep Mind" This PV is mixed with different scenes which makes it one that A person can enjoy the most.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

BABY METAL Gets Ultimate Endorsement

Recently BABY METAL got what I believe as a rock musician to be the ultimate endorsement of acceptance of an idol metal group into the heavy metal genre . That endorsement came from heavy metal guitar great Marty Friedman and in this case I believe a picture speaks a 1,000 words .

Also by the way the ladies of idol metal will have new songs coming out in January ,2012

Here is a few more photos a reposting of their debut video and because in the video the song actually gets cut off a full audio version is added.


Full track audio version

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Morning Musume "Pyoko Pyoko Ultra!" Revealed

Morning Musume has revealed a new song "Pyoko Pyoko Ultra!" which will be released on January 25, 2012. The girls wear bright yellow uniforms which really make the setting happy. This song includes the new 10th generation members:
Kudo Haruka(11 yrs), Iikubo Haruna(16 yrs), Satou Masaki(12 yrs), and Ishida Ayumi(14 yrs).
We wish these girls tons of luck on their new, upcoming song.

SUPER☆GiRLS Do A Little Jumping

To celebrate their upcoming album release “EveryBody JUMP” the girls of SUPER☆GiRLS decided to do a little bungee jumping . The album will hit the stores on Fenruary 1st.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Meika's Music for Thought #2

Here's the second installment of "Meika's Music for Thought"! As I commented in my first post, I'll try my best to be kinder to the newer groups, but that doesn't mean that I still won't be honest about my thoughts. So hopefully you can be honest about YOUR thoughts, too, and comment about them below!

Idol Class - Makeru na Dreamer

In the beginning of the song, I like how nice the guitar and piano couple each other to make an awesome, slow entrance. The first part of vocals sound really sweet and the instrumental that backs them up really makes it sound great! In the first verse, the vocals and their unity went slightly downhill, but they still made it through and the harmonies were a nice surprise and effort. The instrumental starts to sound a little unchanged and boring as the song progresses, but when it gets to the chorus and instrumental break, the awesomeness just picks up again! And the vocals that go with it sound continue to sweet and adorable, although still a little un-united and "bad" at times. The mixing was mediocre, but the majority of the music and vocals made me look past it. ^.^b
When the PV started, I thought it was fun and cute how the girls were splashing each other with water. Maybe it's because some of the girls were screaming and trying to avoid getting wet, but whatever it was, I giggled and smiled throughout the whole scene! :P The corridor scenes were really simple, but it was okay when matched with the girls' charisma and spirit. The close ups were a bit awkward for the most part with their gestures, eye contact, facial expressions... Mostly everything, but it got better as the PV progressed. The "candid", I guess you could call them, shots of the girls were well done with the shakiness of the camera, the lighting and the faded tint. Or at least in my eyes.
I found the panning of the dance shot at the back of the auditorium really cool for some reason... And I have no idea why. O.O The shakiness of the camera, again, looked actually wonderful with the close-up shots of the girls and not weird at all. Maybe because it makes it look more... Edgy or something? ^.^; The start of the dance with the girls turning around at different cues was also simple but worked wonderfully well with the "Oomph" parts of the music. The dance during the instrumental break made me giggle a little since it wasn't as energetic and climatic as I'm used to, though that doesn't mean that it wasn't bad because it wasn't. The overall choreography was a lot better than that I have seen from other Indies group and they made it even better to watch with the enthusiasm they showcased.

Overall, I give it a 8.6/10; Lost a little points with some aspects of the song and PV, but it was still a great piece!

P.S. One of the girls looked like Kitarie (Kitahara Rie, AKB48 Team B and my Oshi!!!) for me, especially in her first close-up! YEAH!!! :DDD Can you spot her? :o

Angel from MG - Angel

As the song started, I was mesmerized by the switching of mono channels. I always like those kind of effects because it sounds... Well, I can't describe it, but I always say it's "3D", for some reason. Especially when you listen through earphones or headphones. The music after was really rockin'! I think I said this before, but usually "pure rock"-sounding songs bore me. This time around, though, that one other effect in the instrumental made the instruments sound better! The echoing voice was an okay touch; what made me not like it completely was the pronunciation of some words. YES, I know they're not fluent in English, but it still kind of annoyed me. XD The instrumental after that sounded too familiar to another general rock song, but I still liked it a lot. :P I felt their voices kind of went off beat with the music at times, were shaky and they could've put more feeling into their voices, but they sounded good together. Some of the voice-enhancing effects felt unnecessary; at those points, I would've preferred that they left it natural. Overall, it's an above average song... I think I'd put it on my iPod for me to like with time. ^.^
Fading into the start, I was surprised to see the girls in a dance studio about to... Well, dance. :P I find the setting dull and boring to look at, but their dancing saved that; I'll talk about that later, though. ;) The stage setting during the live looked very chic, modern and stylish and their outfits were very idolish, cute, and petite with a little punk lolita flair. The lights, though... OH GOSH, THE LIGHTS!!!! They burned my eyes and made me have a mental seizure! NO MORE LIGHTS! >.<
I was honestly anticipating when colour would come into the picture, and I was glad to see that happen in the second chorus. Seeing the individual colours of the girls during the live made the outfits even cuter than before.
NOW the dance... Oh my goodness, their dancing... THEIR DANCING!!! <33333 It was so brilliant! The choreography, the energy, the mood, the unity, EVERYTHING!!! That is honestly all I can say about the dance because it leaves me near speechless.

Overall, I give it a... Actually, this is hard to rank because the song is alright, the PV was kind of boring, and the dance was amazing... Eeeh, maybe 7.9/10? Because the PV deducted some points, but it was some of the song and DEFINITELY the dancing that saved me there! <3 - Kuchizuke Kibonnu

The guitar entrance was really simple, but felt... Comfy, I guess you could call it. I also think that the faded vocals during that part complemented the music well. In the first verse, the comfiness continues but the music goes more "complex" in just a little way. Like it doesn't sound as simple as the entrance. It's really relaxing~! -0-The voices are totally dainty and cute. I prefer lower voices more often, though these voices work well with the music. The chorus is catchy and adorable, yet still maintains the comfy factor! ^.^b Even though I was caught off guard by the rap, that was totally awesome! It reminded me of 575 by Perfume. :D I find high voices rapping weird 'cause it's out of the ordinary, but so wonderful at the same time BECAUSE it's out of the ordinary! The slowed down part of the song was pleasant to listen to! It was like a lullaby, especially when sung by those angelic voices! <3 The whole song was very homey and lovely!
When the PV first started, I was thinking, "Are you serious? Pictures throughout the whole thing? BORING~!!" But then I got it; it was like a story was being told through pictures! THEN my view became, "... OH MY GOSH, THAT'S SO COOL~!!!" and I still think that! They really used the pictures well and in a creative, fun way! The member intros in the beginning looked really plain but that's what I liked about it! Like it wasn't flashy and it didn't need to be because it looked real. The pictures after that were ordered in a nice manner, even including "pans" and going to the beats of the song! I admired the "effects" that the... "Picture Changer", if you will, did to the pictures, like changing the pictures fast to make the girl look like she was running (1:27) and showing pictures of the members that sang (I'm assuming, I don't know the members but I might soon! :D 3:17) The pictures were really well taken and whoever the photographer was, I need to pat them on the back.

Overall, I give it a 9.3/10; The song was great to listen to, but the PV is what really made this! <3 SIMPLICITY!

Houkago Princess - Uchuu Ichi no Christmas

A Christmas review to end! Well, the song is better than their first song, in my opinion, though still not amazing and outstanding. But the instrumental is lovable and upbeat, even if it may seem too similar to another general idol song. Their voices are as cute as ever and they really sound like princesses! The guitar solo was pretty cool and added an edgy twist to the otherwise adorable music. I find the way the lines in the chorus flow incredibly catchy and will probably be stuck in my head for quite a while. ^.^''' Besides that, this song will definitely add happiness to whatever holiday you celebrate!
The crowding around each other and laughing at the start of the PV... I'd be lying if I said that wasn't cheesy at all and I loved it... 'Cause it was cheesy and I was bluntly like "WTF" upon its arrival. They look pretty in their Santa costumes, though! :D I didn't know what the purpose of the circle, hand holding was, but I didn't like it either. XD However, the close-ups were an improvement! I found some of the shots kind of awkward, just like in the first video for the same reasons, but they looked like they tried their best for the most part, and I applaud them for that. Plus, the background during the non-Santa close-ups looked gorgeous with the blurred lights! Haha, I thought the posing in front of the camera and a photo being taken was extremely awesome! They looked like they opened up at that time and I giggled as I watched.
BUT the dance was the best part of the PV! After their trainwreck in their debut PV, I was actually worried they weren't going to improve since the choreo in that was INCREDIBLY simple. (OR at least in my eyes) To my delight, though, the dance this time around was more complex (Yet still simple again ^.^;) but they managed to be united with each other for the majority of the time and show more charisma and effort. They certainly improved from last time and let's hope they continue to do that!

Overall, I give it a 7.4/10; still kind of average, but their improvement is admirable to me!

Wow, honestly didn't mean to be THAT kind, (That was worded in a bad way XD) but all the PV's were just great this time around! As said before, please share your thoughts and thanks for reading!

Kago Ai To Marry, Expecting First Child

Just recently, former Morning Musume member, Kago Ai, has revealed that she registered her marriage and is expecting a child. On her official blog, Kago States

"I, Kago Ai, would like to announce that I have registered my marriage this month with a person I have known for some time now. Also, recently...I learned that I have a new life growing inside of me."

Just recently, it was breaking news that she tried committing suicide but survived [luckily]. Kago Ai-san will be speaking of this story in a press conference, that is being held soon...

DiVA Grows By Six

[Pre-new members]

DiVA originally an AKB48 sub unit has spread its wings and has grown independent with the addition of six new members .
The announcement was made this evening at AKB48`s “Kouhaku Singing Battle” event.
The six new members have no relationship as of now to AKB48 and their addition goes against the theme of the unit “Dance & Vocal Unit from AKB48" and makes the number of non-AKB48 members larger then members.

Well things are like that sometimes in idol genre ,the six members are
Kasuya Satoko, Futami Yuuki, Furukawa Atsuko, Fuku Noramu, Inoue Yuina, Yamagami Ayaka

You can see the six in a video presentation below.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Fudan Juku / Nakano Fujo Sisters Update

Fudan Juku has announced that they have suspended the unit known as Nakano Fujo Sisters and will now only focus on being Fudan Juku .
The unit has a translated video on Kawaii Japan were they announce their new members and make the suspension of Nakano Fujo Sisters announcement.
This is not a break up ,only that Fudan Juku asked the sisters to halt activities for a year ,so that Fudan Juku can reach their goals


Pushing members forward (QWC #1)

Hello readers of Pure Idol heart!
As Gaki has already said, I'm Candy, one of the new writers for PIH. I'm finally making my introduction!
I like H!P a lot, and am interested in other idol groups and foreign music. I have been reading Pure Idol Heart for about a year now.

I want to start a new segment on here. It's called Questions with Candy or QWC for short! Meika suggested the name for me and I agree that it's cute. OWQ is basically me questioning and discussing idol culture. There are so many things in idol culture that we dislike sometimes, but their aren't that many occasions to talk about these things freely. I write out my opinion on the situation, and then I encourage everybody to comment and add their opinion!

Today, in my first QWC, I'm going to be talking about being in the spotlight, or pushing forward.

Do you follow a group where there's always this one girl who get's all of the lines, all of the screen time, all of the attention? And you think to yourself: Why is she being shown the most, it's annoying!

Pushing somebody forward is when a member in a group receives extra lines, extra screen time, and extra attention, more so than the other members. The reasons for it could be endless. They may be a tad bit more talented than the rest of the members. They may be prettier or cuter, or they might be the most popular in the group.

Examples of being pushed forward
  •  Tamura Meimi from the recent S/mileage audition is being pushed forward immensely. She revived a duet with Dawa and several more lines and screen time than the other new members in Please Mini skirt Postwoman!
  • Sayashi Riho from the recent Morning Musume auditions has been pushed forward too much. She received several lines in Momosu's Only You single while the other new members received none. On the 12 smart album, she receives a duet with Reina and in Kono Chikyuu and Kare to Issho, (I shortened the titles) she receives twice as much attention than the other 9th gen members.

It's different than being a front girl. A front girl or front girls is when a select few members or even just one member get's all of the lines and attention. Front girls are usually selected from the very start where as being pushed forward happens almost randomly and at any time.

Examples of front girls
  • Matsui Rena and Matsui Jurina from SKE are front girls. Right from their debut single Tsuyoki Monoyo, and in every SKE48 single up until now, the Matsui's have been dominating the lead spots in SKE and sometimes even in the AKB senbatsu.
  • Maeda Atsuko from AKB has been AKB's front girl right from the beginning. Maeda has her own solo career and continues to be the most popular AKB member.
  • Suzuki Airi from C-ute has always dominated C-ute, mainly with Maimi. And when Erika and Kanna left, Airi fully took over (even though she's not captain) she is considered the face of C-ute.

Almost all idol groups do this! Even in groups like S/mileage (4 nin), Idolong!!!, and BRIGHT, where all of the girls eccentrically get the same number of lines and screen time, there's still some unfairness, even if it's only by a small amount.

As you can tell from my tone, I absolutely hate when girls are pushed forward because of these reasons. I want everybody to be equal, to have equal screen time and lines. Like in the SKE48 picture above. It's unfair that Jurina and Rena are at the front, where everybody can see them while the other members are in the back and look small. I don't see how it benefits anyone either. The most popular girl isn't everybody's favorite member.

So here's my question for you!
Do you guys like when management pushes a girl forward?

Please comment!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Idol Flashback :Yamaguchi Momoe Reflections Of An Idol

When you look up the word idol legend in Japanese idol genre ,you will not see a definition meaning ,instead you will simply see names such as Yamaguchi Momoe.

Momoe`s name will forever be linked to idol genre just like Okada Yukiko for they are in my opinion the closest the genre has ever come to idol perfection .

Momoe announced her shocking retirement from the industry at age twenty ,tired of the industry that had ran her non-stop to the point of burn out . After her retirement  in 1980 Momoe  found happiness in marriage and family life ,and is looked upon  as the ideal housewife .Yet she found no  media peace  as a wife . She has made front page news for  bringing her sons home from the hospital ,attending first day of school. A 1994 false rumor of a return also made front page news.

Momoe`s rise to idol star began in 1972 when a photo of a 13 yr. old girl wearing white turned up on the desk of the director of the television show Star Tanjo! a talent show for idol hopefuls.
Momoe would become the tip of the spear in a new idol crusade by Star Tanjo! And Hori Production to counter industry leader Watanabe Productions.
In 1972 Yamaguchi, Mori Masako and Sakurada Junko were cast together to become a powerful junior high trio.

Of the three Momoe was projected to have the least success going into her 1973 debut single . Momoe`s debut “Toshigoro” resulted in sales of 70,000 a figure at the time that was seen as lacking of superstar abilities a statement of the times as today a sales total of 70,000 is seen as a successful release.

Momoe while gaining ground on her other two trio members with her early releases ,  decided that a change was needed and she pushed her agency to allow her to start performing songs written by Agi Yoko and Usaki Ryudo . The duo gave Momoe confident take charge themed songs such as her 13th single "Yokosuka Story" [sold 600,000 copies for #1 rank]

It was also around this time in 1976 that Momoe started to become a wonderful ballad singer as this later career song displays.

Even with these changes Momoe could not receive industry recognition ,who overlooked her efforts. Momoe would go on to release 32 singles ,22 albums , a rock opera in eight years.

However Momoe was not simply a singer as in 1974 she started her movie career .It was here that she would meet her future husband Miura Tomokazu who she made fourteen films with as the romantic film duo`s public demand was good for the box office figures.

While Momoe went on to make 17 films and 9 dramas ,she was desperately growing tired of an industry that kept taking and taking from her without any regard for rest . Momoe later wrote in a book that by this time it had become a job “without any regard for my own wishes. Forced to sing the same songs over and over everyday, I came to hate singing." Then suddenly in 1978 the out she was looking for came .

The popular female idol group The Candies had called it quits after career sales of 5,000,000 ,with that Momoe decided to put herself before contract and in 1980 she announced her marriage and retirement . Momoe would leave with the same style and grace as she entered. To this day her fans have always regarded her as simply one of them.