Monday, April 30, 2012

PIH Live House Vol 2: SCK Girls

I was actually going to wait 5 days before posting a new live house, however I wanted our rankings polls to have a top ten and right now we only have 4 groups, so this will make 5 and we will start with a top 5 rankings and see if the next 5 can knock one of these first 5 out of the rankings.

I am very pleased to be able to bring you SCK Girls, because they are from Kesennuma, Miyagi and they were created after the Earthquake.
Just the fact that they are able to perform is a victory as this is what happened to their city.

So even if they don`t score well, just the fact they are here to perform makes them winners.

SCK originally was SCK45 but now the girls just use the name SCK Girls .Unlike other groups who strive for national fame SCK current goals are to support the rebirth of Kesennuma by bringing spirit ,hope, brightness and purpose to the region through the power of idol energy and recovery volunteering.

The groups rules are simple , be from the city or district region, do well in school and to always be cheerful in greeting anyone.

SCK does live house performances, volunteering for recovery clean up support, entertaining at childcare, displaced citizen shelters, and elderly homes and various TV/Radio work.

When the poll opens please use the same 1-5 vote system .If you feel moved to vote before the poll is made or simply want to comment, please do so.

By the way their mid-point MC is funny and they have a 1,000 yen CD called ReGeneration

So please enjoy SCK Girls as they show everyone that “We are still standing”.

Special edit - one other note that I left out ,the members all suffered losses in the Earthquake

Saturday, April 28, 2012

PIH Live House /Open Air Debut Vol #1

Welcome to the debut of Pure Idol Heart`s video live house .We have four groups for you today Three on our outdoor stage and one on our indoor stage.

Our open air theater debut will feature three groups

A group from here in Chiba known as C-Zone .C-Zone has been active since 2004 and have performed in Asia, Europe and America. They have had local TV and radio shows ,while remaining very much underground . C-Zone changes members often and in fact the girl in the orange skirt and the one in white pants are as of this month are now in the Chiba based group Verge. While they are very active there is little concert footage of them as they tend to not allow video in their lives of any kind.
Following them is QunQun ,be sure to not pull away from this live as wotas will get involved as back dancers ,much to the surprise of QunQun.
The outdoor live will end with Alice Juban who at the end will run off stage and into the wotas and perform with them as backup dancers in a wild night live complete with ending stage dives.
Our indoor live will feature NEP She☆Stars performing a spirited and entertaining live complete with costume changes and excited and vocal wotas.

Please see this post to get the voting points that you will grade each group on in your voting

Open Air Stage

Verge [the girls in white pants and orange skirt new group]


[Just a note this is not the full group line up ,just 1/2 of it .They do split units like AKB]

Alice Juban

Indoor Stage
NEP She☆Stars

[This group is like a mini H!P in one group]

[Threw this song in from a different live ]

PIH Live House /Open Air Debut Schedule and Voting

The debut of Pure Idol Heart`s video live house ,will have four groups ,three will be performing on the outdoor stage called PIH Open Air ,while one will be performing on our indoor stage called Live house Pure Heart.

Our open air theater debut will feature three groups ,
 One of our local idols here in Chiba C-Zone who have been active since 2004 with a number of singles ,other works, a Chiba TV and radio show and concerts across Asia, and stops in Europe and Los Angeles proving that you can be underground and international at the same time .

Following them will be Fukuoka`s QunQun

Last will be Alice Juban.

Closing out the program will be NEP She☆Stars performing a spirited and entertaining indoor live complete with costume changes and excited and vocal wotas.

As I mentioned in the earlier post ,your votes are key to this project as the votes earn the groups coverage tickets to be on Pure Idol Heart .
Each live post will have 5 days of votes and the vote’s equal tickets.

For each concert you will vote the groups the following tickets .

Based on how impressed/entertained you was by the group and concert you will give the groups one of the following rankings:

 1 ticket ,2 tickets , 3 tickets 4 tickets , 5 tickets [best vote]

After 5 days the tickets for each group will be counted and that will determine how they will be covered on PIH .A group that scores low ,will get a few chances to improve their ticket totals, if they can`t then you have determined that they are not ready yet to be a featured group on PIH ,a good score means the group will be regulars to the site.

The ticket totals will be posted and ongoing ,meaning with each live event ,you will vote again and those tickets will be added to their totals and a ticket ranking will be posted with groups fighting over the #1 spot . Only posts with the title PIH Live House /Open Air are eligible to be voted on .

Friday, April 27, 2012


It`s BABY METAL ,do I really have to say anything else .
For those of us who love this ,nothing else needs to be said other then

Long Version

New Feature :PIH Live House ,Open Air Theater

We have made no secret that one of the goals of Pure Idol Heart is to bring new and lesser known idol groups to overseas fans and help them gain a better following.

For me a CD or a PV is nice ,but the measure of a band or idol group is their live show. A good live show will often draw me into a band even if I am on the fence with their CD.

As it is difficult for readers to come to Japan to see these Indie Idol groups , we have created the next best option a video live house.

The staff of Pure Idol Heart have created a new feature in which we will run a video live house [concert hall] and open air concert theater.

In these posts we will offer a wide range of events and you the readers will have 5 days for each post to score the groups 1 to 5 in points on how each group entertained you that evening. Groups that score high will get return bookings and have regular features and updates on Pure Idol Heart ,Groups that score low , will have less bookings and coverage.

The success or failure of every group in our live house will rest in your hands completely .This is not something were you show up and watch 30 seconds of the first group ,then vote and leave .Votes are tickets ,so we ask that you open your heart and watch completely what we have taken the time to schedule that day and then ,when we open the voting , vote based on that show and who you`d like to get to know better and help them draw a good ticket count.

Your votes will help shape the way we as a staff schedule these events ,your votes will be a key part in our decision making process .

So please look forward to this new feature to debut in the coming days as over 50 independent or small regional majors’ idol groups /soloists [not the big name main groups at the top of Oricon] have already been selected to open this new feature.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

New feature #1: Weekly Poll

 To make PIH more fun and interesting, I've decided to add some new features.
The first new feature is the addition of a weekly poll. This is how the weekly poll will work.

The poll is always located at the top of the page to the right.

I'll post a poll question sometime on Monday and the poll will close on Sunday. I'll post the results of the poll on Monday again, along with a brand new poll. I can't think of all of the questions by myself. So...

You have the option of submitting your own poll question! 

You can submit as many poll questions as you want, just as long as their idol or Jpop related

Directions for submit your own poll question are located here: Weekly Poll Page You can access this page by clicking the tab at the top of the page titled weekly polls.

The poll page will also have this information if you forget, and previous weekly polls will be posted here. We will credit you If your question is picked. (I pick random questions)  If you have an idol/jpop blog or website, we will link your name with that and promote your blog!

Again, you can submit as many poll question as you want and anytime you want

I'm trying to get the readers active and make PIH more fun, so don't be shy! In fact, go over to there right now and write a question! If you guys don't submit, I'll have to write all of the questions myself and that will make me very sad!

The poll is up now, so please vote!

*More new feature posts coming soon*

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

When Is a Mini Too Mini?

When Is A Mini Too Mini?

When you’re a part of OS☆U

It also seems that costumes hold secrets [watch the girl on the right]

OS☆U stands for Osu Super Idol Unit and they are a unit that started in 2010 in Nagoya, with their home base being the Tokai District and the largest shopping center in the district, which features a 24 hour Idol store.

OS☆U is made up of girls who call this district their playground and race queens [the girls you see at race tracks next to the cars and so on doing sponsor promotions] and originally made all their costumes and dance routines as well as every aspect of their live show was created by the girls.

They have since become better organized and making a regional name for themselves working under two teams Pop Star and Smile Star.
This is a real good group that has a good thing going for them in Nagoya.

When playing around at their YouTube page you can find a number of things, such as the clip above and these below

The group doing an audition skit!/osuofficial
Concert footage and more at their YouTube page

Tokyo Girls' Style [Tsuioku]

Tokyo Girls' Style uploaded the full PV of their 10th single, Tsuioku.

As I said before, the PV is flawless, and beautiful; and it seems their fan base is also extending because
I saw a comment in Russian, and even one on Korean too.
Let's hope that this is the girl's highest selling single to date!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Twitcast with Idol Class

The Idol Group Idol Class are doing Twitcasting videos, they have a 107 of them ranging from a minute to ½ hr. member Twitcast

Here is one

You can more here

Passpo☆ Fans Notice

Dear Passpo☆ fans , I have posted a special program in our message board section for Passpo☆ for you to watch .There will not be a download link for this ,so please go to this link below and view it .Also your welcome to have any discussions you like about it on that message board area .

Thanks and enjoy this must see for Passpo☆ fans and all idol genre fans who want a good 90 minutes of comedy goodness

Sunday, April 22, 2012

AKB48 & SNH 48

AKB48 is launching a full scale entry into China.  This entry includes various activities, endorsements and lives, but most importantly it means the establishment of yet another sister group SNH48 [Sha n hai 48] sponsored by Hunan TV and based in Shanghai.

SNH48 will hold China wide auditions in August and Team S will debut in December during AKB48 7th anniversary activities.
If you are wondering what this could look and sound like and I stress could, here is  Chinese  group Lunar [Luna maids] who perform uptempo AKB48 + origional songs and have cosplay of AKB48

I love a good guitar kick in, lol

Now SNH48 comes out with this tempo songs, I`ll be a fan of them.
Thank You Lunar , for some great samples

Friday, April 20, 2012


Everyone's probably already heard of TYB48 by now!

Offical Blog

They're a new 3 member idol group.
However, there is something unique about this group...

TYB48's members were selected because of their teeth.

 In Japan, crooked teeth is considered very cute on girls, and tsuke yaeba is a procedure done to make your teeth imperfect. Many girls, along with the double eye lid surgery do this to make themselves look cuter.

Now I hope other people see how wrong this is.

A) The girls are highly encouraging other girls to get this procedure which is just like telling a dark skinned person to use lightening products. They're altering their looks because it's more favorable to the public eye which is a shame. The things you do to yourself should be to please yourself, and only yourself.
There is nothing wrong with straight or your natural born teeth.

B) Sigh, yet another 48 group name copier, huh? Adding 48 to the end of your name won't make you more popular. When will groups understand this? And TYB 48... with 3 members. Yes. This makes perfect sense. Was it really that hard to think of a name? "Candy Star" There! Even I can think of one!

On the flip side...

America does this too. America is obsessed with straight teeth; quite the opposite of Japan!
People get braces and wear retainers to make their teeth straighter.
Here, Dentists practically force you to get braces! At least in Japan, you have a choice.
I have rather straight teeth, so I was saved from getting braces though.
If they weren't encouraging others to change themselves and get tsuke yaeba done, I don't think I'd have a problem with this group at all.

The groups first live will be held in Akihabara on April 30th, and their first CD "Mind If I Bite?" (I'm not joking, it's really called this!) will be sold there.

Reference from:

We now have a new web site ,this blog is nolonger being updated

Thursday, April 19, 2012

AKB48 Makes Epic PV ?

What do you do when you’re AKB48 and have done just about everything possible to do in a music video? You hire a famed movie director and special effects master and top everything else you have done before. Or at least that is the plan.

For AKB48`s upcoming 26th single “Manatsu no Sounds good!” they have hired famed film director Higuchi Shinji [Google him, his resume is impressive, lol] and loaded up the truck and headed to Guam for a combat and swimsuit PV spectacular.

I have included a non-YouTube version of the preview because it has footage that is missing in some other preview versions.

BiS: Go Commercial

Well our outlaw idols, have gone commercial and secured an endorsement deal. You know they look cute and non-rebellious and “harmless” all mainstream, lol.

Endorsement videos at the link below

Now to remember a time not so long ago

SUPER☆GiRLS Get Influenza Shutdown

Idol groups are known to be shut down for a number of reasons, number one on that list is poor sales, but you seldom see an idol group go into sickness quarantine.

SUPER☆GiRLS have had 11 live fan events scheduled over three days canceled because  group members have been diagnosed with Influenza B and as such the group and staff members have had all events canceled for  quarantine and treatment .

A recent doctors examinations determined that Yasaka Saori, Kanou Kaede, and Maeshima Ami, along with few of the staff members have come down with Influenza B .

SUPER☆GiRLS will make up all events that have been cancelled in support of “1,000,000☆Smile“, their newest release when the girls have made a full and rested recovery.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Idoling!!! get's their own YouTube channel!

Along with the addition of their 5th generation members, Idoling!!! Has recently created their own YouTube channel! Here, you can view previous singles, watch some of their live shows, and view misc video's featuring the members!

Idoling!!! Official YouTube 

This is a bold and unexpected move from Idoling!!! since they can seem pretty isolated sometimes. I never expected them to open a YouTube channel.

I think this is a wonderful move though!
One of Morning Musume's singles was featured on the American YouTube page, and AKB48's singles receive a lot of views. Idoling!!! has been active for a long time, yet they don't seem to be getting any more popularI guess It's not a bad thing, as long as their still activebut I think getting a YouTube channel and being active on it will help them tremendously.
A lot of kpop groups have their own channels too, and they accumulate a ton of views from people all over the world. Hopefully, they can be very active on their channel like Fairies.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tokyo Girls' Style [Tsuioku] Short PV

Tokyo Girls' Style are back with their 10th single Tsuioku/ Taisetsu na Kotoba. This time, the girls' present us with something different for their 10th single: A ballad. With the girls' hugging and holding hands, it looks, not like fan service, but a heartwarming story about love between friends. It's a ballad, and will take some warming up to, but give it a chance!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Meika's Music for Thought #4

Hello, and welcome to the 4th installment of Meika's Music for Thought! Today we have a grand total of 6 PV's to get through, which is the most I've done for one of these posts. But I think it'll be lots of fun since there are two PVs from both LINQ and Himekyun Fruit Can as well as from PIH newcomers OSAKA Shou GANGS and Gungun Lagoon. I'll try to put aside my bias for Himekyun and review these PVs honestly, so I hope you enjoy reading!

LinQ - Calorie Nante

So the PV starts off with a jumpy, hyper intro of a song and Natsu eating sweets... What an awesome way to begin! The intro of synths (I think that's the word O.O) and drum-like backup sounds makes me dance in my seat as I'm listening to the song. The intro grows in intensity gradually, leading up to more hyper instrumental music of synths and louder backup drums. In terms of the PV, you see her just keep eating and eating and eating! They didn't put "gluttonous idol" in the description box for nothing. XD Although it's just a scene of her doing the same activity, I think it was cute how they edited it to make it look interesting and appealing to the eye, with the sudden close-ups and fast-forward motions.
Suddenly, the music fades out to a close up of Chiaki, another member of LinQ. I have NO idea what she's saying except that it's about Natsu... Again, I'm assuming, probably about her being the gluttonous person in the group. For me, at least, it's not very enjoyable to watch unless you can understand what she's saying, but at least the shot is well taken! ^.^b
When the music kicks back in, the vocals do, too. From what I'm hearing, the voices are so adorable without being high-pitched, which I love because I'm not a big fan of high voices. The composition sounds awesome, as well! Somehow, it sounds "mysterious" to me, and when I say that, I mean it could be like a theme song to a cute detective anime. XD Then when it goes to the bridge, the vocals that hold the note while the line after that overlaps sound heavenly and gospel-like, actually. ^.^; But it adds a refreshing punch to the cute song. The instrumental transition to the chorus sounds both cool and princess-like, which is a wonderful lead-in.
The chorus itself still ties in with the cute theme (I swear, I've said cute so many times in this review! >.<) and I can just imagine them performing this in concert, the whole crowd pumped up and ready to chant! The PV continues with the gluttonous theme, with Natsu trying to convince Chiaki to eat with her, the girl refusing. So Natsu ventures out on her own to solve her problem. I absolutely adore this little storyline, and the electric guitar during that overpowering the synths. When it gets to the vocals, again, the overlapping lines happen once more, which fits well with the music.
One of the most adorable parts is the little "tink" and Natsu smiling at the camera with her index finger cuing with the sound. Such a pure clip! After that, Natsu comes back to an exhausted-looking Chiaki and feeds her what looks like mysterious mushroom biscuits! :O Immediately, she starts spazzing out and surprisingly ends with a smile and alive eyes! I thought this part was kind of crazy... But it was pretty awesome, too, if I do say so myself. XD
At the end of the PV, it fades to Natsu on the beach, making an "L" shape with her left hand, vowing. Again, no idea what she's saying, but it most likely has to do with her gluttonous attitude. And that brings an end to a crazy, exciting, hyper PV!

Overall, I give it a 8.1/10; I wish that the song was longer (Since I think there was only one verse, one bridge and one... ending part before the chorus) and I couldn't understand the speaking parts, but the PV and song were all kinds of excitement!

LinQ - Tonkotsu Kotsu

White growing text over a black background is what starts this PV. It really gets you anticipating for what this PV could be about! Not just that, but the music is also quite odd and alien-like. This REALLY gets your brain stirring! All of a sudden, a white contrasting scene pops up with two girls awkwardly embracing, both with pig masks on... WHAT IS THIS!?!? This totally reminds me of something BiS would do, and I haven't even watched a full PV of theirs... I'm too scared to. ^.^; ANYWAYS, I know that something interesting is sure to come.
A few seconds more into it, and both girls stand side by side, facing the camera. They take off their masks and smile, showing off their idol appeal to the camera when the upbeat music comes in. There, I give off a sigh of relief from the weird opening and the actual PV starts. The song is a repetition frenzy, as they constantly emphasize the title of the song through the lines "Tonkotsu kotsu, Tonkotsu kotsu". I'm not really a fan of food-themed songs unless it involves sweets, and this isn't really an exception. But it does sound pretty catchy! And unlike the speaking in the last LinQ PV, here, it pumps up the crowd and motivates them to cheer louder! I also love the Wota chants added in there!
The PV is pretty simple, with one of the members doing the speaking parts with a pig puppet, the others holding up signs with the lyrics on them. Pretty boring... Well, it would've been if not for their charisma and personality to save the day! I've mentioned charisma being a big part in a PV's enjoyment before, and this is just one of those PVs! The members all have smiles on their faces, for the most part, they're so energetic, and that just brings so much life to the otherwise dull PV!

Overall, I give it a 7.1/10; I'm not a big fan of the song because of its theme and repetition, but it is catchy! And the PV has so much personality in it despite the simple shots, so that also bumped up the score!

Poji Joshi Sengen - OSAKA Shou GANGS

When the song first kicks in, I was surprised that it sounded a little like something you'd hear if you were in Vegas. I can't really describe it. But it sounds like... Funky jazz? I really can't describe it very well. ^.^; Then after the initial intro, along with the instrumental, the girls go "FU~!", "FUWA FUWA!" etc. I was actually REALLY surprised to hear these come into play because it reminds me a lot of what H!P does with a lot of their songs.
The vocals that I hear are great! Not the best, but I do love what I hear. I can tell that they're putting what they can into the song, that they're unified, and that they're trying to put emotion into their voices to really make the song shine. And in general, the voices are better than some mainstream idols and I find myself smiling at each solo line that comes. The song composition also sounds very "H!P-ish" to me. In fact, there might already be an H!P song that sounds like this. XD That aside, it sounds sexy, funky and mature in the verses and bridges, and upbeat, energetic and uplifting in the chorus. I think they blend well together in this case, making an awesome song overall.
Going to the PV, there are a variety of shots. You can see them in kimonos, either looking at the sights, singing in close-ups, or dancing in both light and silhouettes. It's nice to see them when they're looking at the sights because they really show off their personalities with them just being goofy and outgoing. The close-ups are also a joy to watch since they also put idol appeal into them. Besides the kimonos, they're also in very cute street clothes, mostly spinning in a circle and looking off into the distance in slow motion. Yeah, this part was just a liiiiiiittle cheesy, but the clothes saved it for me~. XD
When they're in their white outfits, this is when the magic of green screen and studios happen. The first scene in which these outfits make their debut is when the screen shatters and the members flutter down one by one like flower petals. Then, once they make it down safely, a blue whimsical light appears, flying over the girls and granting them the power to dance. I'm not a big fan of green screen unless done well... I can't really decide if this was one of those scenes or not. Maybe if they took out that confetti-like effect and changed that horrible background, maybe I'd definitely like it a lot. In addition to that, they also use these outfits to do close-ups of multiple girls squished into one shot and different-coloured rectangles as backdrops. I like the overall concept of what they were trying to go for since I see it as artsy, but again, the solid backgrounds are kind of hard to look at. The close-ups with simpler backgrounds but more transitions of video clips were alright, too. Lastly, the scenes where they play with cloth and feathers... That was a bit random, but hey, it looks like they're having fun, and I'm all for that! ^.^b
Now on to the dance! I think they really did the choreography justice! I like how a lot of them put in a cute, bouncy and pure style to the dancing. (Except for that move in the verse XD) Again, can't really describe it, but it just makes them look like true idols! :D They are also really unified with their dancing for the most part and always have smiles pasted on their faces, making the dancing fun to watch, for me. The dance shots in the kimonos and in the light were okay with being fixed in the same spot, but with the white dance shots and the silhouettes, they needed that movement in the camera to make it look watchable. Plus, the shot where the white dance shot pops up on the ground over the silhouette dance shot was not good, to be blunt. It looked really weird and out of place. But I liked how the shot on the ground was taken! I wish that it was replaced for that one part.

Overall, I give it a 7.4/10; the PV had a few bad points to it, but the fun yet sexy song saved it for me!

Lagoon no Theme ~ Ocean Park de Matteru ne! ~ - Gungun Lagoon

From what I hear in the beginning of the song, it sounds like an alien type of sound... Yeah, I'm sorry, I don't know what it is, but that's what it reminds me of! D: The music after that sounds really old school... Maybe the time period I'm thinking of is the 80's? The "la-la-lagoo~n"'s sound faded, adding to the whole style of the song. I'm not really into these kinds of songs 'cause they honestly depress me. Not because of something that happened to me or anything like that; just the style is not appealing to my ears. :P The vocals confuse me. I don't mean the pronunciation sounds weird... Although now that I think about it, maybe that could be a factor. But it's like their voices sound high-pitched yet there's a hint of a low voice or voices somewhere. I guess the composition is alright and sounds beachy and cute, but did there really have to be high notes in there? Gosh, those voices are already high-pitched! With their voices, the composition sounds like it has a hint of Chinese style in it. ^.^; I mean, I guess it sounds a little unique... I don't even know. >.< Well, altogether, it's an alright beach song with high vocals.
The PV matches the theme of the song very well, as you can see them in sarongs and bikinis, having fun on the beach. I like how they truly look like they're having a great time and acting like (I assume are) themselves, smiling the whole way through. All that enjoyment and scenery sure makes me want to go to the beach and do the same things. The underwater/in water shots are quite interesting, too, as they provide a different perspective. But it kind of makes you go whack since the movement of the water is kind of trippy.
The dance was very cute and simple! If they performed it, it's something that fans could easily follow along with. But with simple choreography, it's very easy to point out flaws with their execution of it. For example, I think two girls put in more effort than another, so it didn't look unified, and at times one or two would be faster or slower than the other(s). With that aside, though, I think they did a good job with the choreography and they didn't look bored with it. That one girl's dance solo was simpler than other dance solos I've seen, but she IS in a bikini and it still looked like a fun dance. Plus, she looked satisfied while doing it, and that can add a lot to a dance. The dance shots where they're in blue outfits and have white headbands are really, really trippy. I think it still would've looked cool if they didn't sway back and forth and if the lighting was still the same, probably cooler. But I really liked the outfits, a lot more than the bikinis and sarongs.

Overall, I give it a 6.5/10; the song isn't the best and the PV was fairly simple, but the fun they had added a lot to the whole thing.

Koi no Binetsu - Himekyun Fruit Can

Nooooow get ready for the finale to end all finales!!! HIMEKYUN!!! Okay, like I said before, I'll try my best not to be biased... But let's see what happens here.
Right when the music started, I immediately exclaimed, "OH MY GOSH", 'cause right before my ears is a really dark, sort of techno-piano like intro. Then a few seconds later, other techno sound effects overlap it. Wait a few more seconds, and it quiets down to a calmer, princess-like techno instrumental, followed by an intense overlap of a constant beat. Plus, that awesome electric guitar later into the song. Wow, this is a different Himekyun from before; very mature. But I really like it!
The vocals are great and because two of the main vocalists graduated (:'( ), I can hear new voices since they didn't really get solo lines before. Such an exciting experience to listen to! I don't like how they're voices were autotuned at some points, but luckily, it wasn't overpowering. They also put a lot into the song, with their emotion and firmness. I can really get a longing type of feeling from their voices, like they're saying, "Help me! I'm in a fever of love!" (Koi no Binetsu = Love's Fever ;D) which really makes it sound mature. The composition is extremely cool during the majority of the song. But during the chorus, there are some weird parts that I hear in there. Like the high notes and some fast parts that don't fit very well with the music. Anyways, that's just a little part compared to the whole song. And with that intense, bold ending, I can conclude that this is a hell of a song! Two thumbs up! d^.^b
Man, if you just look at the PV, you're suddenly thrown at with this big wind of awesomeness! Ahem, aside from that, I do really love the shots and scenery in here. From Mai in that frame with falling petals to just singing by the windows, it's all fantastic. The shot where they're all in the shot, posing and singing the song looks very cool with the dark lighting. And the sudden transitions of bright light add to the darkness of the whole thing. To add on, I was very delighted to see the frames being used later on into the PV because the shots were very well done, and the outfits were just gorgeous!
With the dance, the choreography wasn't that complex, but the attitude, effort and unity they had made it look amazing, although I do admit that they were off at some parts. The "round" dancing was a nice touch, as well, like from 0:28-0:33. It captivated me into the moves and just looked enticing. During the chorus, I found it a bit strange how they mostly danced with just one hand, but they still did the dance justice. It was enjoyable to watch!

Overall, I HONESTLY give it an 8.5/10; It was an amazing song and PV, but there were still some cons to both.

Koi ga Tomaranai - Himekyun Fruit Can

When the song first starts, it reminds me immediately of Koi no Binetsu's, since it's very fast-paced. But when it gets to the main instrumental, it reveals an upbeat, happy, cheerful rock that's led by what I think is electric guitar and keyboard. In addition, the electric guitar solo and hand
clapping is uplifting. The music isn't anything world-changing and it's not different from other idol music, but it's still super cute!
The composition is as sweet as sugar! It's really catchy, fun, and is sure to please fans at lives! You can easily smile, jump and dance along to this song, in my opinion. I love how when they pause, the music pauses, and then when they come back on, the music blasts right along, like when they say "Ze..TTAI!". I was also surprised when the "Don't stop now!" rap (Though it wasn't even a rap, really, but yeah) come in with the louder guitar since it contrasted a little from the rest of the song. However, it still managed to blend in with the music and was a nice addition to the song. Oh, and of course, the vocals are really energetic and get you into the mood of the song.
The PV itself wasn't special at all; just a standard close-up PV. But with the personality they put into it, it wasn't completely boring. Plus their outfits were adorable!

Overall, I give it a 6.9/10; the PV was just one shot throughout and the song wasn't that unique, but I still really loved the song a lot!

There were both good and amazing PVs in this bunch that were mostly fun to watch! So please share your own thoughts below and thanks for reading!

BiS Joins Avex And Add Members

Well will wonders ever end with this bunch, BiS is at it again, and at it I mean playing around with the minds of fans. This time the girls have added two members and signed with Avex.

Avex representatives said that after seeing them perform live and the crowd response it was impossible not to want this group under contract .The question now remains is how flexible will they be or will this be the end of BiS as we know it. To celebrate their new venture the girls wore Avex labeled costumes at their recent live and commented that they found them while helping themselves to the Avex warehouse.

As to joining Avex leader Pour Lui thanked the fans for helping a group who aren’t cute, can’t sing, can’t dance, and lack inspiration reach a major label debut. Lui went on to cry and say that up to now every announcement has been about members leaving and not about pleasant announcements. They will make their major debut this summer

The second piece of news is that BiS has added two new members
They are Michibayashi Rio

and Wakisaka Yurika.

Updated HP with new members blogs

Friday, April 13, 2012

Houkago Princess Speak English! No Japanese!

Houkago Princess has a live show at their White Base Theater called “Speak English! No Japanese!” but before I show you that, they want to share with you their feelings in English

Now Speak English! No Japanese!

More video from their theater live

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Passpo☆ Flight rules

Passpo☆ Flight rules

When attending a Passpo☆ flight [concert] there are rules that passengers [concert attendees] must follow when boarding Passpo☆ Airlines [group`s name for group live events and group theme].

The flight attendants [group members] of Passpo☆ Airlines will now explain these rules. For anyone who cannot understand Japanese they have included visual examples.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hikari TV Renews AKB48 Bimyo

Hikari TV has announced that they have renewed AKB48`s comedy show Bimyo .Start date has not been announced.

Hikari TV officials were extremely pleased that 2 million viewers supported AKB48 and their show by tuning in and subscribing to the Hikari TV video distribution service.

Hikari TV officials presented AKB48 representatives Minegishi Minami , Yokoyama Yui , and Umeda Ayaka , a cake as admiration for the success of Bimyo and the popularity that Hikari TV achieved through AKB48 being a part of Hikari TV.

New Single Previews

Some of the lesser known groups we cover here are coming out with new single PVs .


PV is simple,cute ,w/signboards , a pig ,funny faces by members

Himekyun Fruit Can
[this group is starting to get some buzz and may break out soon and join the big girl party so to speak]



Tuesday, April 10, 2012

BiS The Great Game And We All Played

Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive [ Sir Walter Scott 1808] .Remember when I wrote that BiS was going to become a “traditional Idol” group ,going so far as removing their wild idea manager for a “traditional” manager. To ensure this message was taken to heart the member’s blogged, tweeted and comforted their fans, explaining that this change was needed in order to grow.

Now remember when I warned you in the same article that with BiS, not everything is as simple as they say and that their idea of “traditional idol” may not be what the rest of the genre works under.
This ladies and gentlemen is BiS version of “Traditional Idol” and the real video for the single  IDOL.

Well played ladies, well played .I would expect nothing less from you.

It should be noted that in the aftermath of this great marketing game ,they have apologized for deceiving everyone and blamed it on their manager [who did not step down by the way] and slapped him in front of media on behalf of their fans.

I don`t know how the sales will end up, but BiS had a game and we all played.

Well played ladies, well played

Monday, April 9, 2012

1,000,000☆Smile SUPER☆GiRLS Full PV

The full PV for SUPER☆GiRLS 4th single is finally out! I've been waiting a long time to see it!
Between when I posted the preview and now, the song has completely grown on me and I love it!

But what impressed me the most was my wish came true: In last part of the video  Hikari and Ruka were moved to the front!
I was a bit upset that Ami (who get's way too much attention as it is) and Rina were in the front during the whole dance while the other members were pushed to the back.
 But having Hikari and Rika doing their crazy dance in the front for a short while made me smile! It surprised me, and I hope they keep rotating the members instead of keeping the attention on only one or two people.

This is the best thing that SUPER☆GiRLS have ever released.

Sea☆A Frienship Birthday

Sea☆A has a new release called "Frienship Birthday" .It is being released in three languages



English version is good.

Video was filmed in Singapore

Fairies :No More Distance +Extras

Fairies performing No More Distance and a bonus video

Fairies :No More Distance


Saturday, April 7, 2012

New Group: Snow*Drop (スノードロップ)

Snow * Drop is a new idol group. I'm guessing they'll also be playing instruments too, so idol band?! They literally just formed and they're signed to cradle records. (note that cradle records also has other idols on it like Jewel Kiss and why@doll) Nothing else is really known about the group, since they just debuted, but we will keep an eye out for them. 
Their first live will be on June 6, 2012.

Official Website
Official Twitter
Official U stream

Members (3)

Sugiyama Chiaki  
Role: Drums and vocals
Offical Blog

Sasaki Yuka
Role: Guitar and vocals
Official Blog

Uratani Haruna
Role: Bass and vocals

Official Blog

A video with snow drop members and why@doll

Video streaming by Ustream

Happiness We Can Fly

Happiness We Can Fly

Happiness has released the video for “We Can Fly”.
The song goes on sale May 16 and for me this is their best song yet, others may not agree, and that`s fine.

For now I can give you a non YouTube or Dailymotion version.

BABYMETAL: Greatness

BABYMETAL: Greatness

The greatness that is BABYMETAL can only be understood by seeing them live.
“So Ladies and Gentlemen”

15 minute hyper idol metal.  [you don`t want to miss the last song of the set after the encore calls]

120406 BABYMETAL 「15分一本勝負!!~見えづら... by _lpfmx20

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fan Runs on Indie Idol Live Stage

Oneday   Barbie Lips was performing and a young fan twice crashed the live by running on stage during the same song .On the second time of the run in ,the group decided to have  some fun and let the out of control young fan take center position in the song.

It`s just one of those golden moments in life that makes a parent smile [has nothing to do with my family, just triggers memories]

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fun With Indie Idols

I just wanted to show you how much fun it is to go to an Indie Idol live event
Special thanks to the idol groups working for Alice Project, were the only rules for a live are how wild can you go.