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Eguchi Aimi Stolen

Eguchi Aimi Stolen

Just when you thought this what is the continuing point of this CGI Idol drama could not get any stranger, it got stranger.

When you go to AKB48`s theater there is a wall of member framed photos for you to admire .Well it seems that there was a “break in” at the theater and only one item was taken .Would you care to guess what was “stolen” ? 

If you guessed it was Eguchi Aimi`s photo then your a winner .That’s right, the “thief” did not go after the entire collection, he went after the one member who is not real.

The management of AKB48 issued the following statement.

“We could easily make a new photo. It just does not have any meaning if that is done. Until now, not one wall-mounted picture has been stolen, that’s ‘proof’ that the theater and fans have such a strong relationship,”

AKB48 theater officials are not planning to press charges and only ask that in their words the “regret stricken fan, simply return the photo” and all will be forgiven.

Given that this has made the mainstream media, leaves a few things to consider.

If this is a real life thief how must the living members of AKB48 feel today, knowing that, a CGI idol is worth more to steal then you. If this was an in-house media event ,the question is why continue to promote a CGI Idol ,when you have an entire roster of living idols promoting tons of goods everyday. I mean the girls are coming out with a bra campaign; you are in the media spotlight dozens of times everyday.

Say, what you want about AKB48, this crazy CGI Idol madness, Akimoto knows how to do one thing better then every other idol company. That is make units the biggest names in history. He has taken Onyanko Club and now AKB48 to levels other groups have not been and it`s safe to say any future project will be more of the same.

What ever the outcome of this story Eguchi Aimi has given AKB48  a few more days of free press coverage and that is worth many more times then a wall photo.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Momoiro Clover Z Shiori Puts Hair On The Line

Momoiro Clover Z Shiori Puts Hair On The Line

Yet another idol group has made a deal for idol gold.

Momoiro Clover Z while traveling around Tokyo in a specially design “Momoclo Election Car” found themselves in the heat of the moment and let their emotions get the best of them. While making a stop at Tokyo Tower to promote their first album  "Battle and Romance" , MC Yamasato Ryouta proclaimed, “are there any idol groups that make you as energetic (as Momoclo)?” It was at this point that Shiori screams out “If this album isn’t number one, I’ll cut my hair!”

Momoclo had good reason to be overcome by excitement as earlier in the day 4,000 fans showed up at Shinjuku Station Square to watch the group perform a mini live.

As part of their debut album promotion Momoclo made other trips to Harajuku, Shibuya, and Aoyama explaining to fans that the album features intense, ‘battle-like’ songs to ‘romance-like’, slow songs, and that their final goal is the “Kouhaku (Uta Gassen)!”

Momoclo`s album has come out of the gates hot, but the question is if they can take the coveted top spot against strong opponents. Even if they don`t reach number one, their early sales have past Hello!Project`s recent releases ,something that is a growing trend for the fresh face idols generation.

This is what happens when your company decides to fight and spend money to make their group`s sales increase ,you go old style promoting. Something that has always pushed idols over the edge. There is one simple rule in music ,to make money you have to spend money in an effective way .It`s easy to sit back on your legacy and just pull money from a safe and secure fan base , it takes very little effort and risk to stay safe . it`s another to take bold out of the box risks ,even if you  fail to reach their your goal.

Seeing an idol unit turn to old style promoting ,brings a smile to my face as it shows that their company has not forgotten were genre came from ,the streets of independents .

In the end ,Momoclo may not gain the benefits today from this campaign ,but at some point, they will and I applaud them for taking a risk to become more then what they currently are.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hayami Akari Catch Up

Hayami Akari Catch Up

The last time that I spoke of Hayami Akari, she was about to leave Momoiro Clover .Many of her fans feared the worst and a final goodbye to their idol as she retired to her private life.

Well that is not the case, here is a brief run down of what Akari has been doing since her graduation.

She was in a movie that was filmed before her graduation; she has been in no less then ten magazine shoots and was a guest actress in a music video.

Therefore, fans that were sad to see her leave the idol world, relax and put a smile on your face, for Akari is going just fine away from Momoiro Clover.

Her guest spot in a music video [She is not singing, one person sings the entire song both male and female parts]

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Idol Spotlight ; Ricotta Veil ,Sweet Ricotta, Mercy Lapin,

Ricotta Veil
Ricotta Veil is a three member Kansai based unit, whose theme is idol princesses [The Young Princesses]. Ricotta Veil members are Hasegawa Risa [21], Ito Ayami [19] and Kobayashi Miki [17].

As a unit these princess idols have only been around since spring of 2010 and have one single and perform a number of popular cover songs at lives. Given their short time as a unit ,they are very active in the Kansai media market.

As individual idols, the three have also been active in the Kansai area for sometime doing product endorsements, child acting and other TV work, along with some modeling.

Ricotta Veil depend on information releases through their individual blogs and through a growing local cult fan following. Interestingly while this unit is still a new and growing unit, they have managed thanks to their YouTube postings to start to pick up a following in such places as Eastern Europe and Latin America with their videos being reposted in various video media outlets.

One of the great things about this genre is also it`s most difficult at times .You see the idol genre has many more times the number of independents then majors , and always will and limiting yourself to just the 48`s and other major media groups is missing out on the true heart of the genre ,the independents.

These hard working idols are truly some of the best-kept secrets in the genre and it takes time,to follow to get the most out of this branch of the genre.

Ricotta Veil is just another one of these wonderful little secrets, that is worth taking the time to get to know.

Ricotta Veil idol princesses and idol treasure.

Debut Single "I`M PRINCESS"

Miki  is also in another unit called Sweet Ricotta

Risa and Ayami are also in a two member unit called Mercy Lapin

Ricotta Veil TYP Program

Ricotta Veil + SKETCH [90 Minute Program]

Related  [best one to track group]

Footnote- The members as several others in Kansai also work under the group name KISS x KISS  .Several we have already previewed are also members of  that group.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Eguchi Aimi Performs Live At Seibu Dome

Eguchi Aimi Performs Live At Seibu Dome

CG Idol Eguchi Aimi, made her “Realife” AKB48 debut on July 24 by taking the stage as part of AKB48`s three night 90,000 fan ‘Yossha~Ikuzo~! In Seibu Dome’ concert series.

Eguchi took the stage in person with several members of AKB48 to start her career by performing her CM song “Ice no Kuchizuke”, leaving fans to wonder, “Hey wait a minute Aimi-chan is a CGI idol, what gives here”.

At the end of the concert, Takahashi Minami addressed the crowd about their newest member. Takahashi said, “I have to expose the truth about this, Aimi-chan is really kenkyuusei member Sasaki Yukari. To accomplish her role today Yukari put on prosthetic make up to make herself into Eguchi Aimi”

Takahashi concluded the announcement by saying “Please continue to take care of Aimi-chan and AKB48.”

No Bloomers For NMB48

No Bloomers For NMB48

Back when NMB48 was preparing to release their debut single, they issued a bold challenge. This challenge was if their single did not rank #1 for the week on Oricon, they would wear gym bloomers at their concerts.

“Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo” finished the week at 218,000 and at #1 so “No Bloomers For NMB48 “

The members in a press event shared their opinions on the results

Team N’s captain, Yamamoto Sayaka
“Since it is something we promised to the public, I am astonished that we were actually able to top the charts.”

“This accomplishment is all because of our fans and our seniors who have made the 48 group name so big.  Even though we are powerless right now, we want to, as NMB48, to continue to grow so that we can keep up with our seniors.”

Yamada Nana
“I am really happy that we got first place and we don’t have to wear any bloomers. It’s like killing two birds with one stone.”

Watanabe Miyuki
I want to continue to do our best so that people will recognize our ranking so please back us up.”

You would think in some weird sick kind of way wotas would want to see their idols in bloomers, but you see here is were that thinking is wrong. When it comes to matters of idol pride and difficult challenges, wotas feel that it is their duty to go to the ends of the earth to support their idol in her mission. The relationship between wotas and idols is such that one  will always need the other to reach certain goals.

This accomplishment was no easy task, while NMB48 outsold sold everyone by a comfortable margin, they did so by defeating   the powerhouse unit Tohoshinki [TVXQ] single “Superstar”. I tip my cap to NMB48 for reaching their goal.

Monday, July 25, 2011

DiVA: Cry

DiVA: Cry

If there was any AKB48 Sub unit that could leave AKB48 as members for good and be fine as their own fulltime unit it`s DiVA. At first look this unit didn`t even look like members of AKB48 and if I didn`t know better, I would have taken several double looks.

I know in some circles AKB48 gets a lot of hot air blown at them for their vocal abilities or at times lack of. There is nothing to fear here from this release.

This track is one that leaves me thinking the what if they didn`t have AKB48 duties ,how far could this unit go as a fulltime recording and touring unit ,complete with their own TV show. It`s clear this unit is blessed by the Avex touch.

DiVA “Cry” is one track that if you are an idol collector you want to have in your collection.

Idol Spotlight Fresh Faces Vol #7


QunQun is set up like AKB48, with a main unit, secondary unit and
trainees. But this were the similarities end, this is not an AKB48
clone, it`s just an idol group that uses a formation system. One of many
After all, it is not a system that AKB48 invented they just made it

There is very little performance video of this unit as it is fresh
out of the box brand new.
So brand new, that if it was a new car, it still have that new car
smell. However. Here is a special look at this unit with their
Internet program

They are very active on their streaming channel, almost everyday
they have broadcast

Internet Show

Live @ QunQun [their version of Ustream]
[This has several segments ,when one ends

there is a pause while they set up the next location . Imagine
running around H!P Compound visiting everybody. [RELATED SHOW]


This 28-member unit includes two members named Alice and Angela
Akiyama, yes as your thinking, they are related and 1/2 Japanese and
they have their version of Yaguchi Mari [watch video #2 for that
joke] . In addition, just like QunQun they still have that new car
smell having made their debut on April 17.
LinQ is an alternate spelling of their name “Love in Kyushu” .LinQ
[pronounced Link] is a Fukuoka regional idol dedicated to promoting
themselves in Fukuoka and Kyushu Island while uplifting the hearts
and, the spirits of everyone in Kyushu.

LinQ was created on February 27 in Fukuoka through an audition that
was attended by 1,162 young idol hopefuls aged 12-24. That number by
the way is on the high side for Independents, there are units that
have been created with as few as 19 auditioning for 10 positions.
LinQ managed to select their final roster from this audition and
made their debut on April 17. In June, they released their debut

LinQ Iphone

LinQ has a Youtube channel, with previews



CQC`s! Is a nine member Fukuoka unit who range between the age of
Profile and live video.

Single PV`s

Related Links

Note- This unit has a number of related Fukuoka Variety show
videos on Y.T. that is easy to find.

Rev. From DVL
This 26 member is a Hakata based unit that has been active since


Seishun joshi gakuen

This unit’s Japanese name translates to Youth Girls Academy and they
made their debut in 2010 with 30 members.





NOTE- Ryo mentioned to me about doing some follow ups on the last three units  ,so watch for that in the future.



This time I am leaving the world of idols for a cool rock-pop band.

Over at Avex is a band that I think is worth checking out called JURIAN BEAT CRISIS.
JURIAN BEAT CRISIS or JURIBE for short is actually the stage name of seventeen-year-old singer Kawakami Juria. Juria who is from Hokkaido took up the name after joining Avex in 2009. Juria, by the way was motivated to start singing to break her issues with shyness. Thankfully, she was able to overcome those issues and create this great band.

One of the things that I like about this band besides their music is their aggressive promotions coming out of their debut. Starting with their debut at the 2009 A-Nation concert series, were JURIAN BEAT CRISIS as it is officially written performed their first single “Go! Let's Go!” the band quickly followed with 11 more singles [all digital] in the next 11 months ,giving them 12 singles in 12 months . This was followed up with a full-length album that featured a 14 song CD and a 14 song DVD. So for buying the album you had the choice of the CD only version with all 12 digital singles and 2 bonus tracks or a CD-DVD combination, which gave you the same songs but also 14 videos.
It`s not often that you find a fresh band offering so much so soon.

JURIBE is defiantly and artist and band to keep a watch on as they are off to a strong start. If you are a fan of the band Lindberg, then this band is for you as they are the masterminds behind this band and JURIBE carries that similar sound and style.

A few of their releases.


Single #2 Hurricane Love

Single #3 Lonely Flight

The band has the official theme song for this years High School Baseball Championships

While all their singles are post worthy, it would not be fair to her or the band to post them all, while she is still active in this one post. I can tell you that the CD is worth the time to pick it up and have everything.

This band works very hard and are just growing their fan base, I am sure they would be glad to have you as a new fan.

While, I am tempted to preview all the singles, I will close this preview with a few special items.

JURIBE at A-Nation 2010

If you have never heard of Lindberg the producers of JURIAN BEAT CRISIS

Lindberg from 1991

Music is a wonderful thing and if it helps overcome shyness and deliver a great band, then it`s a double bonus. If you are a fan of rock music JURIAN BEAT CRISIS is worth checking out, you will not be sorry.


Friday, July 22, 2011

NMB48 Boku ga Maketa Natsu ,Mattemashita, Shingakki PVs

Fresh off their 131,000 + number one single day ranking NMB48have released two more videos for their debut singles coupling tracks.

The first PV is for “Boku ga Maketa Natsu”!

It`s a cute and simple PV , not sure if the wet T-shirt moment a couple have is a good idea for girls this age , but it`s safe somewhat or the removing of one’s top [she has a swimsuit on] .It seems NMB48 are not wasting anytime when it comes to fan service.

NMB48 白組 僕が負けた夏 by tennis720

PV #2 is for Mattemashita, Shingakki“!

NMB48 赤組 待ってました、新学期 by tennis720


Sea☆A has released the DREAM SHOOTER PV making video ,It`s just under 10 minutes and gives you a look at the sometimes fun, sometimes boring world of making PV`s .What it does not show you is the 18 hours it often takes to film a PV [this is were the boring parts of PV shoots come, lol]

Your first is always fun, because you don`t really know anything, lol and this short clip shows the group enjoying their PV debut, camera flirting and a lot  more goodness.


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Idol Spotlight Fresh Faces Vol #6

[Photo-Ricotta Veil ,Official image group for this series]

Osaka has as many idols as Tokyo ,in the first five volumes I have shown you Tokyo, Osaka,Hiroshima ,other cities and several units from Eastern Prefectures ,now it`s time for some more Osaka -Kansai Idols and a trip to Western Japan.

If you recall at the end of the fifth series ,I said that part 6 would have a connection to Ricotta Veil.

Here is the first connection. If you remember the video for Ricotta Veil performing a street live in one of the earlier previews ,there was a girl in the upper left behind the group ,dressed like an Idol ,watching the group perform.

Well that girl is a member of the first group in this preview .Connection #2 is this group ,Mary Angel ,Ricotta Veil are from Osaka-Kansai and often perform at the same lives.

Keep in mind when viewing any group in this series  that Indies do their own songs , covers of top singles on the charts ,classic songs ,anime songs and it`s normal ,legal . Many groups create their own dances ,tempo changes to fit their style to cover songs . I respect the groups that actually sing their covers and not just pretend they are AKB or who ever. The very reason CDs include instrumentals is for groups to use the track for covers and for auditions. The artist gets a royalty payment so it`s all good. They are not trying to be anything but themselves.

First up

[Mini live]


Pastel Color

The Milk


Leaving Osaka-Kansai, we head west to Okayama

[This unit does their own songs, plus pop covers that are not from the 48`s or H!P as part of their live , but they have a full album worth of originals] They have been active since 2010. They also have a very cool web site that’s worth watching .Even if you pass on this group ,go watch their web site .Don`t click anything on their web site just let it play for 5-10 minutes

Youtube Channel


HR [Hakata Reboot ] Fukuoka
I actually covered this group last year when they had their debut ,but they only had covers of H!P and AKB on a news clip. They were to be Fukuoka`s answer to AKB48 , but Aki-P has decided to put his own group there it seems . It remains to be seen if this theater unit can last with Aki-P`s invasion of Hakata coming. If they don`t it`s a shame because they had an entire island they could rule.

Speaking of Fukuoka . The local Indies are not going down without a fight with HKT48 and Aki-P. Five local units have stepped up to face them .

Fresh Faces will preview the Fukuoka idols in the future.

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Idol Spotlight Fresh Faces Vol #5

[Photo-Ricotta Veil ,Official image group for this series]

This is the fifth volume of the Idol Spotlight Fresh Faces series and of all the groups in these first five volumes there is one unit, which I think has the greatest chance to be a major force in the future, if they choose to ,that will get a lot of time in this post. In addition, there is one unit at the end of this post that has grabbed my attention with their music and harmonies that may not be far behind. Because those two units are getting special extended coverage,there is only three units this volume .

The unit, which I think, has the greatest chance to be a major force in the future, if they choose to is Hoshikage.

Hoshikage is a sister unit to d-trance, Starmarie, and several more that I have yet to debut. Hoshikage belongs to a company that has several groups and soloists ,sort of a mini H!P for a lack of better terms.

They are some of the better singers on this level and are very active as a unit with 11 live events just in the July-August period scheduled so far. That is about average for them . 15-20 lives in a two-month period is the normal work load for a very active unit . After all very few of these groups are on monthly salaries ,so they have to earn the hard way everything they make.

I am giving Hoshikage the main feature spot in this piece today with several videos ,so that you can get a better understanding of why I think this could be the next breakout artist . With Hoshikage ,I ask that you preview all the releases before passing judgment as each one shows just how talented and under the radar, this unit is.

Please enjoy volume 5 .

2011 Releases
This is their current single

2010 Releases

Home Page

Space Girls Planet
They should get an award just for their name .

SGP Youtube with more videos


Mary Angel

Is the second unit that I mentioned in my opening .
This group is not flashy as dancers ,just a very solid singing group.

Their HP is listed on this Video

This series is open ended ,Ryo and I are taking it one day at a time . This level of the genre is much like Visual Kei ,it lives in it`s own little world and could care less if the 48`s out sold H!P this month . It`s truly a wonderful level to discover ,to be a part of and it`s not really a bad place to be ,because your free to be group you want to be.

Stay tuned for part 6 and a round about connection to Ricotta Veil that I previewed in an earlier volume.

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S/mileage Uchouten Love PV

S/mileage Uchouten Love PV

Sorry for the lateness in posting this, some things came up that needed to be tended to.

S/mileage a couple of days released their PV for their next single "Uchouten Love" and with all H!P songs it has that signature H!P/Tsunku sound and style ,and the S/mileage trademarks of winning smiles and bubbly charisma. With rumors of how many  girls could be added to S/mileage and that they could be grooming S/mileage to be a future Morning Musume style unit ,this is a must buy for H!P fans as this is the ending of one chapter in S/mileage's history.

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Idol Spotlight Fresh Faces Vol #4

 [Photo Ricotta Veil ,official image group for this series]
Time now for a fresh batch of fresh idols, for you to get a sneak preview of. This time I have 6 for you to give a try .They are Aminchu Girl ,Pinkish ,d-trance ,Cocoro Colon ,MMJ ,OS☆U .Some previews are full TV shows .

Aminchu Girl [Shiga Prefecture] アミンチュ Girl
All the girls are between 10-19 yrs old and known for their angelic voices.
They are owned by a TV station in Shiga

Pinkish [Saitama Prefecture]

Parts 2 ,3,

One of the hardest working Indies with over 100 concerts a year
The group has 4 members, but very little video is out of the 4 member lineup [Even with 4 members, for the most part only one sings]

Cocoro Colon [Nagano Prefecture]
[The PV is not in good quality , but the song is good

MMJ [Went to the same school as Musume`s Riho]
[Not even going to get into or defend their AKB Influences, readers can choose to accept these influenced units or not as there are many and not going away.] The thing that may hurt them the most is the group is 20-24 in age, so they may end up being just the top unit in Hiroshima. [Ryo plans a feature on them at some point]

OS☆U[Osu Super Idol Unit]

Even if you call yourself Super Idol Unit ,the road to Morning Musume`s level is a long one.

As I said in the past there is TV events for groups that are not in the top of the Oricon battles .

[9 min mark ,it says a lot when wotas hide their heads in shame ,just watch the bunch behind the wota who shows off for TV]

Parts 2to 4 can be found here

[If you would like to see any of these groups featured at a later time , pop their name or names in the comments area.]

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PASSPO☆ Put Yukki`s Hair On The Line For #1 Single.

PASSPO☆ Put Yukki`s Hair on the line For #1 Single.

PASSPO☆ has made a very bold and dangerous pledge at a recent press conference, that if their second major single does not go number one there will be a  group penalty. Leader Negishi Ai announced that the unit aims to reach number one with their upcoming single “ViVitto Natsu Shichatte IindeSKY?! Moreover, if they fail, the results will be “Yukki will go bald!” [Fujimoto Yukimi], that is right PASSPO☆ if they fail at least Yukki if not all the members, will go bald.

For her part, Yukki declared “I like the bald style, but if I were to go bald, I don’t think the agency will agree… Don’t worry; we’re going to be number one!” Careful now sub-leader that is a very big challenge you are tossing out as you are releasing on the same day as AKB48.

PASSPO☆ as a group also declared their long-term goal is to be the same level as the Japanese Woman's football team [Soccer],the  newly crown world champions and be known and active around the world.

When asked about their recent performance in France the members who call their fans passengers and concert venues airports remarked, “There were many passengers at the airport, and they put stickers of us on our t-shirts. We felt a different kind of love than we experience in Japan.”

As to the true meaning behind that bald challenge, you will have to wait until August 24 to discover.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Afilia Saga East: A Must Watch Idol TV Experience

Afilia Saga East: A Must Watch Idol TV Experience

Seems like forever since I had the chance to write about Afilia Saga East .Well Hello!Project producer Tsunku who has recently started to become more and more involved with Afilia Saga East ,invited them to be a part of his TV show "TsunTube" .

Also on this episode is The Possible, the stage is set at around the three minute mark, when Afilia decide to take over the show and run wild.

The Possible at first look like they want to be any place but here ,while ASE turn into kindergarten kids .

I will say this for ASE when they decide to take over a TV show, they know how to do it and in the Indie ranks, they are one of the best in show hijacking.

If more units acted like ASE who at one point staged their own ambush of The Possible and other acts of foolishness, the idol world would be a much better place.

It was in fact ASE ambush of The Possible at the 10-minute mark that got The Possible to decide to show up and when they do ASE takes the battle to them complete with supply troops to keep the ammunition in this case toy balls flying at The Possible.

This is must watch idol TV even if you don`t support the two groups, just to watch ASE show how “evil & cute” maid cafe idols can be, lol.

Please sit down and enjoy the show as ASE take over TsunTube if you have some free time.

Part 2

Saturday, July 16, 2011

S/mileage: “Uchouten LOVE” Sneak Peak.

S/mileage: “Uchouten LOVE” Sneak Peak.

The final S/mileage generation one single will be out soon and the girls are already giving out sneak peaks .One is a company CM for the single another is from the group and their USTREAM account.

This is the best preview of all, Idols watching themselves



As a rock musician and fan of the genre, I am glad to see SCANDAL return to their roots and put out a straight edge rock track.

“LOVE SURVIVE!” shows exactly what this band is capable of ,that is being hard rock ,yet keeping their feminine style .I am also glad that they dropped the tradition school uniforms ,for the hot girls going to the club look .This style works for them and is a good change of pace look.

As to the costume change word coming out of their camp is that the uniforms are gone for good as they are no members still in school and it`s time for a change. Let’s see if their handlers will let them keep that word.

I am not saying they should go all ZONE, but I’d be Ok with the Blank! I look hot version 2 SCANDAL if they go that way .For me it all comes down to one thing first for me and SCANDAL and that is their music and these ladies just rock and get the job done.

Side note there is a silent goodbye bye to their uniforms at the end

“LOVE SURVIVE!” drops on July 27

In case of delete  here is a download copy

Idoling!!! Don`t think. Feel!!! PV

Idoling!!! Don`t think. Feel!!! PV

Did you ever dream of having an idol in a bottle? , Just make sure the glass can`t break, lol. Idoling!!! Returns with a new single that features the group trapped in bottles until they break free to do a dance with some close up shots.

I keep waiting for Idoling!!! to have a breakout moment ,definitely worth buying this single and who knows it just maybe be that magic single for them.

After four months Idoling!!! Are back sounding better then ever, Don`t think. Feel!!! Will be the ending theme for the anime “FAIRY TAIL”

Friday, July 15, 2011


International Idol unit Sea☆A [Singapore/Malaysia [# 7 top] have released their Japanese debut single PV .DREAM SHOOTER.

The unit opens the PV showing off their strong English skills, and is a nice international touch. While the song is not in English, the opening shows that the unit is fully capable to reaching out to fans around the world and not just here in Japan, if they feel like it.

Overall, the video is a great tempo song with a strong hook that will draw in fans. Singapore and Malaysia are not known as strong international idol export markets, but this is a solid unit and worth checking out.

DREAM SHOOTER will drop on August 10 and will be the ending track for “Card Fight!! Vanguard“.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

SDN48 MIN MIN MIN! PV Mini Preview

SDN48 MIN MIN MIN! PV Mini Preview

The women of SDN48 do a little cage dancing, or in this case a big cage for their new single PV.
MIN MIN MIN! Hit the stores on August 17

Monday, July 11, 2011

Fresh Idols -BiS: Controversy And New Member

BiS: Controversy And New Member

I have been waiting for the perfect time to introduce this unit. I guess when you create controversy by releasing a PV simulating having no clothes on and welcome a new member is a good time.

Imagine this if you will. You are a member of a brand new Idol unit and you want to make your mark on the industry, so what idea do you come up with? Release a PV with the group simulating having no clothes by wearing flesh colored costumes , creative filming and a pasty or six. If you decide to do that, then you just maybe a member of BiS.

BiS “Brand-new idol Society“ who have taken and turned the idol world on it`s head with their controversial PV “My Ixxx” ,formed in January and made their debut in February ,then released a debut album in March are the idea of  group leader,  Indies solo pop-rock performer Pour Lui .

The original lineup featured Hirano Nozomi, Yokoyama Rina, Pour Lui and Nakayama Yukiko are unlike any idol unit on the scene today.

BiS are somewhat rebels as they do not conform to the traditional idol stereotypes. Instead, they are wacky, controversial and use You Tube as their main promotional outlet.

BiS has made it, a habit of breaking every possible idol stereotype rule you can imagine ranging from extreme hard rock head banging ,tongue piercings , fan service through member’s not so idol like kissing each other during their live performances to eyebrow raising tributes to other groups.

This out of the box rebellious idol style has created for BiS a balance of stirring up controversy with music that`s actually pretty solid and  worth checking out.

Look for BiS to continue causing a stir in the idol music circles. With their hands-on approach to their image and activities, erratic, idol rock performances and unpolished routines. BiS screams long live the Do-it -yourself Idols with every move they make . BiS is what the Indies represent "freedom" to do your own thing ,without a big label saying no.

Fresh on the heels of the video controversy BiS has added a new 4th member.

On July 9 20 yr old,  Terashima Yufu was added as the new 4th member, one day after her birthday.
In addition to their regular live house events Yufu and BiS will be performing at the “Guru Guru Mawaru 2011” rock festival and on August 3 will hold their own festival called “BiS Festival”


You Tube

I know that some fans complain that H!P PV`s are cheap ,they really are not .
Welcome to the world of Indie PV`s shot with a budget that pays for AKB48`s Kleenex boxes .

These PV were filmed before the new member Yufu joined to replace a graduating member.

This first PV has everything ,dancing idols ,wotas as cameramen ,little red riding idol and a baby wolf who goes under the skirt for fan service .

Idols that will clean poles

If you are wondering, which member is the leader who created this madness of rebel Idol

Tribute to Russian Head banging Pop

News Report on their lives

For idol fans screaming were is the originality today ,here it is in all it`s glory.
Is it all that you dreamed of, lol.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

S/mileage + EGGS + Auditions = Generation 2?

S/mileage + EGGS + Auditions = Generation 2?

The final 50 of the S/mileage generation 2 auditions featured eight H!P EGGS and 42 other girls .Will the EGGS have an advantage ? Should and EGG or two be new members ,will you be happy with that ?

One or more of these girls could  become new members of S/mileage

First up the EGGS
3001 - Mogi Minami (from 9th Gen Momusu auditions) ,3002 - Miyamoto Karin ,
3003 - Katsuta Rina ,3004 - Otsuka Aina (from 9th Gen Momusu auditions) ,
3005 - Takeuchi Akari ,3006 - Kaneko Rie ,3007 - Takagi Sayuki,3008 - Nagazawa Wakana ,

As for the total audition ,I was away and can not tell you much about it ,sorry

Fresh Idols -AKG48

Fresh Idols -AKG48

One of the great things about Japan, if you are a fan of Idols pop groups is that we have idols in every prefecture of the country. The amount of female idols is so great that you simply cannot count them or cover them all.

With the success of AKB48 there has been a boom in idol groups , much like when Morning Musume got hot ,however as they slipped so did media interest in the genre . Now the genre is undergoing a new fresh unit media revival and if you are an owner of a new company or a bunch of girls doing your own lives, there is no better time then now thanks to AKB48, to start a fresh idol unit.

With each new rise in the genre comes groups that you can call "inspired by" .This current inspiration is from AKB48 ,which has a very profitable working model .

One of these "inspired by" groups is Gunma`s AKG48 . Now before AKB48 Western fans march to Gunma with axe in hand ,AKG48 full name is `Akagi48` ,Akagi is a well known mountain in Gunma .The 48 as you can guess is the number of members [if you count trainees the number is 100] .

AKG48 aims to not only be the top unit in Gunma , but also someday face AKB48 as equals .

To start this mission the group is leaving the comforts of Gunma and have started their advance on Tokyo with “Akagi no Megumi AKG48 Matsuri” at “Gunmachanchi“. Gunmachanchi is a store in Ginza ,Tokyo that sells goods from Gunma .

Team G the main unit of AKG48 are leading this charge by holding live events outside the store.

AKG48 is very much a new and fresh unit ,having only started in March ,when a local audition allowed their parent company Oriental Japan to select 100 girls on first audition. After training for two months that included and still includes going through vocal and dance lessons three to five times a week ,they made their official debut .

AKG48 along with their regular lives also perform lives at welfare centers and other events such as television work and promoting local tourism spots .

If you are an AKB48 fan and are already rejecting this unit ,for whatever reason ,that would be a mistake to do so.

Today there are 100`s of AKB48 inspired units currently in operation and each one of these units brings a specialness to the genre and to their base of operations that deserves to be seen as their own style .
Member HP

AKG48 currently has one single “Knee High☆Lover” and as you can expect from new units have a number of AKB48 covers in their live set. There is nothing wrong with that as it takes time to build a live set of originals.

[Note-Wotas do not care if groups sing covers ]

Other local activities

The masked group with AKG is a Gunma TV show ,like Sentai Rangers ,not very big budget stuff .

Friday, July 8, 2011

Sea☆A Debut CM

Not long ago we reported about the Singapore based Singaporean-Malaysian Idol unit Sea☆A who are about to debut in Japan. They have now released a short CM for their debut PV “DREAM SHOOTER”