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PASSPO☆ To Go Major

PASSPO☆ To Go Major

In December, I introduced everyone to the talk of the Indies PASSPO☆ and how they are going to be the next big thing in idol genre. Yesterday PASSPO☆ announced that they are going major after signing a contract with Universal J, who is on an idol-signing run at the moment.

PASSPO☆ presented the news to 1,000 fans with their traditional opening words. “Attention please! We’re Passpo!” PASSPO☆ you would think would have hired a big name designer for their debut costumes, however they have not, PASSPO☆ designed not only their debut costumes, but also their debut single's dance.

PASSPO☆, who will be releasing the major debut "Shoujo Hikou" on April 6, announced that their idol inspirations are the KPOP group SNSD and they will be working hard to reach their international popularity.

PASSPO☆ announced that they plan to go on a world tour [United States + Asia] by the end of the year. Leader Negishi Ai reassured PASSPO☆ fans that, while they are graduating to Majors, they are still the same PASSPO☆. Negishi said the following to their fans “Even though we’re making our major debut, we want to give it our all just like the Indies PASSPO☆. “We want to stand at the top. We have our eye on Oricon’s number one spot!”

"Shoujo Hikou" will not come cheap for fans as it will come in 11 different cover versions .One for each of the 10 members and one group cover [Extra note the member covers are limited editions]. While that is a lot to buy, the somewhat good news is that each copy is only ¥1,000.

One other little note about PASSPO☆ .PASSPO☆ like to use words like takeover, when speaking .Saying things like we're going to takeover the world!', "taking over" the stage, to show their confidence.

They are also very fan friendly ,if there are more fans then tickets at events ,they will let as many people that the venue can hold enter and stand in the back for free.

PASSPO☆ with their flight attendant and travel them songs are ones to watch out for in 2011.

One last note for new international fans on PASSPO☆ new web site they have a message in English, expressing their feelings for their future fans .Be sure to go to the site and read their message of kindness.

PASSPO☆ at the 2010 Tokyo Idol Festival.

Their live stages are not in large venues like Morning Musume or AKB48 [tour lives not, the theater ones], however they are a lot of fun.

Universal Promo

Special Subbed Video

New Home page

Other home page non Universal
Past articles and videos

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dream Morning Musume PT 2

Yesterday, when I wrote about Dream Morning Musume, there were no news videos to support it.

Here are the support videos.

In the first clip, the reporter happily mentions a DMM -AKB rivalry

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dream Morning Musume

Yesterday it became official the OG is back as “Dream Morning Musume.“ I always think that it`s good for artists to make a comeback or continue their career past the traditional idol age. "SDN48" and "Samurai Rose" has proven that age is just a number.

I would have liked to seen them return with a clean break from their past and current Morning Musume and have a non-related name and songs. There really should be only one Morning Musume, the current Morning Musume.

There has always been a feeling that the current  Morning Musume has lived in and can`t break free from the shadow of the OG ,from the day they became the "Elder Club" and a returning OG as a fulltime group in mainstream  media eyes would overshadow the current lineup .

With message board comments saying "The return of the real Momusu" .I can`t help but to have concerns for the rebuilding Morning Musume becoming lost or viewed as the second Momusu in the mainstream eyes. Which is why I would have liked them to have returned with a separate identity?

So despite my concerns for the rebuilding Morning Musume  ,this is as powerful of a lineup that Up-Front could create for a group and could actually end up helping the current Morning Musume level the playing field against the 48`s. It now also can provide current Morning Musume members an option to continue their career after graduations. Only time will tell how well this will play out.

Making up "DMM" are the heart and soul of the "OG" Nakazawa Yuko, Iida Kaori, Abe Natsumi, Yasuda Kei, Yaguchi Mari, along with equally as talented and important x-Morning Musume members Ishikawa Rika, Yoshizawa Hitomi, Ogawa Makoto, Fujimoto Miki and Kusumi Koharu. Tsuji Nozomi is currently not taking part, due to the commitments of motherhood.

"DMM" have a full schedule ahead of them with a debut album “DoriMusu. (1) “, that will feature Morning Musume classic remakes and two new songs due for release on April 20.

"DMM" also have two tours scheduled a 16 show, 7 city tour called Dream Morning Musume "Concert Tour 2011 Haru no Mai~Sotsugyousei DE Saikessei~” scheduled to start on April 23 and a 40 show, 20 city fall tour.

While I do have some overall concerns ,I can`t turn away from the fact that Abe Natsumi was my first Oshimen for Morning Musume ,so "DMM" will hold a certain specialness to me. 

I look forward to the arrival of "DMM" into the music wars.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Happiness “Kiss Me” Major Debut PV

Happiness “Kiss Me” Major Debut PV

Do not let the look fool you, these girls are not as old as they look, in fact they are born in 95 or 96 making them 14 and 15-year-old girls. However, here is what sets them apart from other groups; they are under the watchful eye and guidance of Exile leader Hiro and his LDH Company. LDH by the way stands for "Love, Dream, and Happiness" representing three female units. Happiness by the way are signed to Universal J, the same label as the newest H!P soloist Kikkawa Yuu .

Happiness is made up of the following members ,who only go by one name : Sayaka ,Mimu , Mayu, Yurino , Kaede , Karen ,Miyuu .

“Kiss Me” which will be released on February 9 ,will mark a new journey for this somewhat new unit who recently served as backup dancers for Exile on their recent tour.

“Kiss Me” will come in the following type’s first edition limited CD + DVD, and CD regular forms. The limited edition CD will come with a special crystal ball Collaboration tote bag [a very popular item for women]. The limited edition CD + DVD version will come with the bonus track “Happy Talk,” their Mister Donuts CM song, and the music video for the title track. The CD regular will also come with the Mister Donuts theme.

“Kiss Me”has that feel of what you expect from the Avex type groups and not traditional cute idols  and in my deep dark secrets be told ,I am drawn to groups like SPEED ,Dream as sometimes I just need a break all the traditional pure cuteness .

Coming from that Exile, Avex type family tree ,it`s no surprise at how well these young women sing and dance for their age. If your not careful the presentation will having you saying they can`t be 15 year olds.

“Kiss Me” and Happiness is well worth taking the time to watch.

Momoiro Clover “Mirai Bowl” PV

Momoiro Clover “Mirai Bowl” PV

I really do not want to give a lot away as this is worth watching and the readers deciding how they feel about the video .I will say this, their costume women did a great job in picking out their second outfits. If Momoka`s second outfit and wig does not win your heart, then nothing will.

Time to hit replay,lol.

Oh almost forgot the CD version on Type  A ,the PV is  9 min 20 sec long

Morning Musume Official Photo/9gen Bijo Gaku

Morning Musume Official Photo/9gen Bijo Gaku

The future is now, the official 9 member Morning Musume photo is out by H!P . Is it me or does this picture need more smiles ? Idols make you smile ,more smiles ,lol.

Official Photo

I am not sure how many of you collect photos .Signature photos are something that collector's desire. Here are the 9th gen signatures

9th gen on Bijo Gaku

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Not yet Preview

This is a small clip of the new AKB48 sub unit “Not yet” making their debut at the annual “AKB48 Request Hour Set List Best 100 concert.

Site News:New Member

Site News:New Member

I just wanted to tell everyone that a friend of mine has decided to join the staff. He is an idol fan, a music fan and a guitarist. He is a type of person from a writer’s point of view, that will give you news, things to think about, idol and wota history.

As we both come from music backgrounds, music careers in our private lives, he is someone that I know will watch over the readers of this site, when I am away.

This allows us to look at things a little differently in our opinions at times. He is currently undergoing treatment for a back injury, so he maybe able to join before the end of the week, if the treatments go well. [Hope he does not mind me saying that, lol]

Whenever he is able officially to start, I know that each of you will show him the same kindness and support that you have shown me.

On a personal note.
When I opened this site ,I was unsure if I wanted to write in Japanese or English .The kindness and support that you have shown me ,has made the decision a lot of fun.

With your blessings as we move forward growing, I would like to bring you even more artists outside of just idols. There are a number of artists and genres here that at times we may like to present.

Thank you, for your support.

Morning Musume 9th Gen H!P Profile Q&A

Morning Musume 9th generation now have official Hello!Project profiles .On their profiles they also have a Q  & A part.

What special skills do you have?
Making inappropriate comments at the wrong time, it is a natural skill

What are your hobbies?
Drawing pictures

What is your nickname?
At school I go by Mizu-bon, Mii-chan

In what one thing will you not lose to anyone?
Hello! Pro love
Drawing pictures!!

Foods you like.
Coconut milk, tapioca, aloe, my mother's fried eggs

What is your motto?
Believe in people

What words or phrases do you like?
What does not kill you makes you stronger!!

Colors you like?
Pink ・ White

What is something you have pride in from your hometown?
Tokyo dome and Tokyo tower are there.


What special skills do you have?
I can sleep anywhere
I am fast at using the buttons on a cell phone [sending e-mails]

What are your hobbies?

What is your nickname?
I go by Eri at school

In what one thing will you not lose to anyone?
Having high spirits

Foods you like.
Dry-cured ham

What is your motto?
Motivation is important!

What words or phrases do you like?
I love you

Colors you like?

What is something you have pride in from your hometown?
The origin of double servings of Hakata ramen!!


What special skills do you have?
Penmanship and shoulder massage

What are your hobbies?
Listening to music, sleeping

What is your nickname?

In what one thing will you not lose to anyone?
The feeling of making my family precious

Foods you like.
Peaches, chicken wings, sushi, oysters

What is your motto?
What does not kill you makes you stronger

What words or phrases do you like?
An once-in-a-lifetime meeting
I want to make the most out of my run-ins with people.

Colors you like?
Pink ・ White ・ Black ・ Yellow-green
What is something you have pride in from your hometown?In winter, the oysters are particularly delicious.
Every year I cook and eat them at home.


What special skills do you have?
Eating too much. Doing bug imitations.

What are your hobbies?

What is your nickname?
At school I go by Kanon

In what one thing will you not lose to anyone?
Highness of spirits
The length of time I can continue smiling

Foods you like.
Beef ribs ・ Intestines ・ Miso soup ・ the thin, dried radishes in school lunches

What is your motto?
Smile first!

What words or phrases do you like?
Well I will manage somehow
(Because when I said that, somehow I did manage)

Colors you like?

What is something you have pride in from your hometown?There are many people with warm hearts!

Kikkawa Yuu Debut Press Conference Recap

First, let me apologize for not covering it when it broke, At times other life things will come first.

Kikkawa Yuu Debut Press Conference

Newly graduated from Hello! Project Egg, Kikkawa Yuu has announced that she will be making her official major solo debut with Universal Records [She is not changing management or agency companies ,just her distribution deal is with Universal].

At a press conference yesterday Yuu announced that her debut single will be released on March 30 and her single will be titled “Kikkake wa You!” (The reason is You!).

Yuu`s press conference was not only attended by the members of the press but 100 fans who registered through her support site. Both Up-Front and Universal left no detail undone as the press conference had a feel of a gala event, complete with Yuu in a white dress with a gold folding screen background.

Two other major news events came out of this event as Yuu announced that she will have a documentary film released during Golden Week , called “Kikkake wa YOU!” . The film will cover her rise to her official debut.

Yuu will also be the opening act for the Universal Studios Japan “Universal Dream Live 2011″ concert series from March 19th to 21st.

For the enjoyment of everyone in attendance Yuu put on an apron and started the event by dicing cabbage, to which she told the crowd “A nice cabbage, huh. In the mornings, I have to do this,” and proceeded to turn the cabbage while slicing. All that remained was the cabbage’s core, causing the crowd to start laughing and giving Yuu supportive applause.

Yuu was asked if she had told anyone about her debut, before today’s event, Yuu said “My mother. She congratulated me.” Yuu mentioned that this debut single is a special treasure to her and is looking forward to her fans singing together with her. Yuu mentioned that she would like to grow in popularity and someday perform in the Tokyo Dome.

When asked about her goals and rivals ,Yuu made her declaration very clear .Announcing that she looks up to “Moritaka Chisato and Matsuda Seiko” and plans to grow strong enough to target company members Morning Musume and Matsuura Aya, while becoming AKB48’s Itano Tomomi solo rival. Yuu said this about Itano “We’re about the same age, so I hope as rivals we can make the age of solo idol singers exciting.”

After ending the press conference by singing her solo debut, Yuu was asked about her feelings. Yuu said, “I’m nervous. I woke up this morning at 4:44 so I thought that it would be an unlucky day. I’m relieved that ended without incident.” She evaluated her cabbage dicing performance, “I was nervous, so I’d give it 70%,” but for her vocals, Kikkawa smiled, “I was nervous there too but, 100%! But I still have a lot more to grow.”

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Morning Musume 9th Gen Interview

Recently the 9th generation members of Morning Musume had an media interview .It`s their first known media interview since joining the unit.

Oh one more thing; Before reading this interview ,I felt that Kanon would be this generation Kamei Eri .Thanks to Riho ,I think Erina will be our Eri like member.
A lot has been said about Erina and her liking of AKB48. What no one knew but her, was that she wanted to enter the Morning Musume 8th gen auditions, but was just in the 3rd grade. Morning Musume means a lot to each new member ,from Riho`s kindergarten goal to be Musume`s future leader to Kanon`s standing next to her celebrities and wondering if she is good enough to be one of them.

Without knowing anything about the ones who didn`t make the group, I do not think they could have selected a better group of young women to enter Morning Musume.

Someday, the fabulous five will graduate and the future of Morning Musume will be built on the determination of these four young women and their sister generations.

What made you decide to take the audition?
Mizuki: I have loved Morning Musume since I was little, so I took the egg audition in 5th grade. This time I thought it was a chance to join Morning Musume, and I applied.
Kanon: One day when I was out walking with my mom she Said, "It looks like they're doing auditions now." so I said "Really, then I'll try auditioning!"
Riho: When I was in kindergarten at our play-meet we did "Go girl~" and that became my encouragement to become a singer. This time on the internet, I found an article about the auditions , so I applied right away.
Erina: I first liked Morning Musume from "Mr. Moonlight~" and I wanted to audition during the 8th gen auditions but I was only in 3rd grade at the time. After 4 years when I heard they were having this audition, I thought I would apply.

How did you feel right when you heard you were accepted?
Mizuki: When they said someone from the eggs, I was sure it was not me, so I was shocked.
Kanon: "Are they ok with me? I've never sung or dance, so if I join it might become an issue," I thought, but I knew I should not say that, so I just kept quiet .
Riho: When I first heard I was accepted I did not really get the sense that it had happened. When I looked at the acceptance documents there were many difficult words written, that made me think, "I've really entered into the adult world."
Erina: During the auditions, I thought I failed at both dancing and singing, so I wondered if it would be OK for me to be accepted. When I first heard I had been, I do not know how to express how happy I was.

Tell us about when you first met the Morning Musume Members
Mizuki: I thought Michishige-san is really kind and funny. Takahashi-san was very kind, Mitsui-san was smiling the whole time; I had an image that Niigaki-san would be very strict when we were together practicing lessons but she is also very kind. I thought Tanaka-san's accent is cute.
Kanon: On the first day, I was like Wow, celebrities! When I gave Michishige-san candies, I wanted her to remember who I was.
Riho: I had been able to perform with them before on the "Fashionable" stage. When I passed this time and went to shake their hands, they said, "Long time no see!" so I was happy that they remembered me.
Erina: I thought, "Everyone's faces are so tiny." When I was at the training camp, I made mistakes dancing and singing in front of only a few people, but the members were performing in front of so many people without making any mistakes. I thought that was amazing.

Your impressions of the other 9th generation members?
Mizuki: Riho-chan left the impression of being a good dancer. Erina-chan seemed quiet at first but she actually has a very vibrant loud voice. I thought Kanon-chan was funny from when I saw her do her one-minute play during the auditions.
Kanon: Riho-chan comes across really cool, but in the practice room, she did Comanechi! [note can also be spelled with a K] Erina-chan came and talked to me first. When I am alone with Fukumura-san, I feel like she is an older sister.
Riho: At first, they told me that I was quiet, so I went full out being friendlier. Kanon-chan also got excited so it was fun. Fukumura-san has taught me many things about politeness and courtesy so I will be relying on her. Erina-chan seems like a bit of an airhead.

Erina: Kanon-chan is a girl who is always smiling; I want to learn from that. When I saw, Mizuki sing Maji Bomber! I felt her love towards Hello!Project. Riho looks quiet usually but when she dances, it is as if a switch turns on. I think her dances can show her expressions.

Kanon means this :Oh Sayu if you please.

Thank you Sayu

Your goals for the future?
Mizuki: I want to become a person who can sing sad and happy songs. I am going to be aware of myself as a Morning Musume member from now on, and work to distinguish myself within the group.
Kanon: I want to make all the fans smile in many different ways. I want to become a character who people naturally smile being around. Also, I would like to learn some foreign languages so I can go around the world singing and dancing!
Riho: In the end, I want to end up as the leader, so I am going to be tough on myself. I am going to work hard to improve my skills and expressions.
Erina: I am not good at singing, so I will try to do my best with dancing and talking first!

Interview Scan

Extra 9th Gen short radio promo ,about 5 minutes at the start of this broadcast.

Kanon Drawing [Aichan`s Blog]

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

AKB48: “Beginner” Passes 1 Million In Actual Sales

AKB48: “Beginner” Passes 1 Million In Actual Sales.

Earlier when “Beginner” was released I wrote about the record sales shipment of 1,030,000 giving the single a million certification by RIAJ [Note-Certification is based on store order numbers shipped, not on actual numbers sold. It`s the same with international certification]

“Beginner” has now officially crossed over one million in actual sales with 1,001,000 copies sold. By crossing, this sales mark “Beginner” now becomes the 243rd single in the history of all music genres here to reach one million in actual sales.

The last female group to have a single crossed over one million in actual sales was Morning Musume’s “Koi no Dance Site” in February 2000. That  single would later pass  1,236,000 in  sales.

Berryz Koubou International Album Release

Berryz Koubou International Album Release

Berryz Koubou has announced that their 7th album will be an International Release.
The International release will be the same as the one that will be released here[in Japan] .Meaning that the full-length album will be the regular edition booklet and artwork along with a first-press release photo card.

 The album will be released on March 30 and can be purchased outside of Japan in the following locations.

USA, Canada, Mexico.
Other Western Nations through Amazon. COM

Note- All songs and CD content will be in Japanese.

Buono! “Zassou no Uta” PV

Buono! “Zassou no Uta” PV

Buono! New single PV is out.

Buono! Has released their 11th single “Zassou no Uta” PV and they have their own Youtube channel.

What I like about Buono! Is that their voices blend together as a perfect match and any group that plays up-tempo songs like my own genre [rock] is a plus for me. [Many of us rock performers like idols]

Buono! “Zassou no Uta” will come out on February 2

Monday, January 24, 2011

Takahashi Ai After Graduation New Career

Many Fans have been wondering what Morning Musume leader Takahashi Ai would be doing after she graduates from Morning Musume.

I am glad to say that I think that it is something that she will have great success with. Takahashi Ai will be entering ‘musical theatre’. This combines two of her strong points into one role. Takahashi has already secured a post Morning Musume job, by taking on the role of ‘Sarah’ in the musical play “Dance of the Vampire.”  The play will run from November 27 until December 24.

When asked about how she felt about getting this part, Takahashi said “Right now I have the feeling, ‘I want to be on stage!!’. When I heard that I would be in the play, I was so happy that I cried.”

This is a win all the way around for Aichan , it combines two of her strong points into one role and leaves open the door for her to someday release a new record or enter movies and dramas . Sort of like the Abe Natsumi of this current version of the group.

Itano Tomomi: Dear J PV

[Changed site of the video ,fixed link ]

Itano Tomomi: Dear J PV

Playing a little video catch up here. I 100% forgot that Itano had released her “Dear J” PV a few days ago. The “Dear J” single will be released on January 26.

Tomomi Itano Dear J PV

Saturday, January 22, 2011

New AKB48 Unit, 20th Single PV, Watarirouka Hashiritai 7 PV

[Watarirouka video replaced with new one]

New AKB48 Unit, 20th Single PV, Watarirouka Hashiritai 7 PV

As all of this news is related, I am putting it all in one post.

First, up, there is a new AKB48 Sub Unit: Not yet

Not yet was born at the “AKB48 Request Hour Set List Best 100 2011” concert series .Not yet is made up of Ohshima Yuko, Kitahara Rie, Sashihara Rino, and Yokoyama Yui.

Akimoto Yasushi explained that he named the unit under the concept of, “Both their dancing and singing skills are not that good yet, in other words they still have potential to develop.”

Not Yet debut single will be called “Shumatsu Not yet” and will be released on March 16. Akimoto put together a great team to create this single featuring lyrics by Akimoto, composing by Abe Jun, and arrangement by Suzuki Daisuke from GIRL NEXT DOOR.

AKB48 have released the PV for their 20th single “Sakura no Ki ni Narou”

“Sakura no Ki ni Narou” will be released on February 16 and is a change from what AKB48 has recently released .

The final piece of news is that Watarirouka Hashiritai 7 has released the PV for “Valentine Kiss”.

“Valentine Kiss” will be released on February 2 and is a cover song of a 1986 single by Kokusho Sayuri.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Fight Idol Fight

Fight Idol Fight
What Happens, when the producer of Hello! Project Tsunku has a lot of free time on his hands. He creates this newest Idol craze. Actually, this idea mixes professional women’s wrestling called Joshi Puroresu and Idols.

So how does this brainchild of Tsunku affect Idols? see for yourself.

Who said a game of musical chairs is not violent

What happens when you put a idol in the ring with a professional wrestler ?

Much more to see below.

They say that all great men in history have either the mind of a mad man or genius, I am not sure which one this falls under, I just know that you will hit replay more then once. Lol

To see this madness or work of a genius in all it`s wonderful glory just go here and enjoy  all the  videos that feature, professional wrestlers and every possible type of idol you can think of.
In fact, I strongly suggest that everyone go to this link and watch this stuff to get a better understanding of the mind of Tsunku.

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Morning Musume 9th Gen On Bijo Gaku

This week the 9th gen segment was short, but one that was very important. There is no longer any excuse for them not to know about Morning Musume`s history and songs.

Work has now started for the 9th gen.

Here are the member comments

Fukumura Mizuki: "I feel like I've become a fan! I am happy I got all this. These are all things our senpai’s have made, so I want to make sure I do not make any mistakes. I enjoy remembering these things too, so I think I'll be able to remember it, but I am kind of nervous."

[Fuku-chan means becoming like a wota collecting all the goods]

Ikuta Erina: "When I went to karaoke it said there were 192 Morning Musume songs, but it didn't feel real at the time. Having received the CDs, realizing there are this many songs, it felt very real!"

Sayashi Riho: "I really love Morning Musume-san, and I've been accepted into the group, so I want to hold on to these feelings while doing my utmost to remember it all."

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Morning Musume 9th Gen Official Photos

Morning Musume 9th Gen Official Photos

The 9th generation members have moved one-step closer to becoming official members of Morning Musume.

They now have official one shot profile photos with the rest of Morning Musume.

These official photos are really good and for once all 9th gen members matching new outfits.

Erina by the way ,with her modeling background really stands out with confidence ,in fact all four are showing picture book smiles ,that I am sure that we will be seeing more of in the future.

By the way, there is a matching pattern to the outfits, see if you can spot it.
Hint: Look at each outfit for any changes in color.

New Profile Photo





9th Gen Alone Time

Sayu holding class again

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

JunJun Returns Home

Everyone first let me say that I am very sorry .It seems that with everything that has been going on these last few days that, I missed this.

Junjun went home the same day as Linlin. She left after LinLin`s plane left on a different flight.

The good news is that Junjun is still for now blogging and that she is in good health and spirits, missing Musume, but enjoying time with her family again.

She mentioned that some of her friends have gotten married; some of them have started work.  Her cousin has also started college. She also said that she would keep blogging updates.

Mori Saki has finished H!P EGG Training

It was announced earlier that Mori Saki has finished her training as an H!P EGG .Nothing has been said about what she will do next . She has been doing stage work in the past and could be heading to that fulltime or is Tsunku planning another unit ,with the older EGGS now completing training or did he find a new batch of eggs in the recent very secretive 9th gen auditions and needs the room.

Suzuki Kanon Morning Musume 9th Generation Member

One of  the newest members of Morning Musume Suzuki Kanon recently had a story done on her by her Prefecture newspaper. Instead of translating the article line for line ,I have decided to use it to make a recap bio for our newest Musume.

Nagoya Cultural Center an anxious idol speaks out to the crowd in attendance . "I'm 12 years old, I'm in 6th grade of primary school. Please treat me well" With these words Suzuki Kanon returned to her hometown as a new member of Morning Musume and with those words ,she will forever go down in the history books of the genre.

You see Kanon is the first Musume ever to come from the Tokai region. Tokai by the way is made up of Aichi ,Shizuoka ,Mie and Southern Gifu.

This moment was also special for another reason as Kanon proudly explained to  Leader Takahashi Ai "The concert hall is near my house. I'm relieved that I'll be able to return home soon" leading to the crowd chanting "do your best!" to Zukki a nickname that was assigned to her by Tsunku.

Kanon it seems will be one of the more athletic members, as she was a member of her school softball team and earned 3rd and 5th place in two grade school marathons.

Her favorite foods are karubi [beef ribs] and cow offal , she dislikes watermelon, arithmetic and cooking.

Kanon was born on August 5 ,1998 in  Aichi Prefecture  and has B blood type and a little sister.

Her fellow 9th generation members describe her as having a cute smile ,energetic and makes friends easily .

9th generation will officially join Morning Musume at the end of the current H!P tour and will make their official tour debut on Morning Musume`s spring tour in March.

From the looks of things, Zukki will be a very out going member of Morning Musume.

Fun With Sayu

Fun With Sayu

Time for some fun.

Being an idol, one of the most important things is to be able to do  public speaking .You need to have a lot of confidence about yourself and some humor.

Michishige Sayumi is widely believed to be sub leader in waiting to Risa when she takes over leadership of H!P and Morning Musume after Aichan`s graduation.

So that got me to thinking ,Sayu maybe the most confident speaker in the group and how 9th generation may turn out when it comes to confidence under Sayu`s guidance.

Enjoy this subbed clip.

Not Subbed.

Just do not let Sayu teach special skill abilities

For Kanon fans ,I am working on something so that you can update any profiles that you maybe making for your blogs for 9th generation.