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SDN48: Eros no Trigger + Kodoku na Runner PV

UPDATED NOV 30 Added 1 More PV

SDN48: Eros no Trigger + Kodoku na Runner PV

SDN48 are following in the footsteps of their sister units by giving their fans more and more for their money.

When you purchase SDN48`s debut single GAGAGA you also get a number of coupling tracks all with their own videos.

Here is a couple to enjoy.

Why is it, when watching Eros no Trigger do I feel like I am watching the opening to a spy film.

Oh and for you fan service fans, pay close attention to this video around the 2:25-2:30 mark.

In addition, many members have changed their hair colors and styles

Kodaku na Runner is a live performance style video, both show that when it comes to video making that the 48`s are in this decade, and other challengers are still living in the past.

Are these two videos the greatest videos in music history? , no, however the music, look and feel is good and modern.

SDN48 fans seem to feel the same way as their debut single has a strong chance of reaching 60,000 for the first week. [EDIT - this single has Sold over 63,000 to date]

Eros no Trigger

Kodaku na Runner

UPDATE Last Coupling Track

[ this PV is great]

Indie Idol Groups Battle For Major Label Debut

Indie Idol Groups Battle For Major Label Debut

Ten Indie Idol groups are set to battle it out for major label fame, under the watchful eyes of talent management Horipro and television network Tokyo MX. This battle is called the "U.M.U Award 2010," and the competition will pit local idols from around the country against each other for the chance to make their major label debut.

You maybe asking yourself, what does a major talent management agency like Horipro have to do with ten unknown idol groups, locked in a pitch battle for a major label debut.

Well the answer is simple outside of being the sponsor, several of the unit’s members are under contract to Horipro and some even have a much bigger idol job as members of Idoling!!!

[Several of the Idoling!!! members also perform in regional idol groups owned by their talent management firms”]

For the most part the girls in these groups are simply looking for a chance to break out of their local and regional strong holds, to national fame.

Thanks to Horipro and the television network Tokyo MX, one lucky group will get that chance.

The final round of the audition is scheduled for December 27 at the Galaxy Theatre in Tennozu Isle, Tokyo.

Currently six groups have been selected, they are

* Ringo Musume (Aomori)
* Negicco (Niigata)
* Pieace (Saitama)
* Mira Maria (Tokyo)
* Nagoya Meibutsu! Aijou Iinkai (Aichi)
* PixyChicks (Nara)

Three more units will be announced later and the 10th and final unit will come from the "JUMP UP!! ~IDOL Pro Ama Battle Royale~" competition being held the day before the finals (December 26)

Ringo Musume
“Also known as Apple Maidens ,Apple Daughters”


This is a group that PIH has on our watch list for sometime now ,for a possible new add.


[members are from Idoling!!!]

Nagoya Meibutsu! Aijou Iinkai

Pixy Chicks


Afilia Saga East: "Knee High Egoist" Mini Preview

Afilia Saga East: "Knee High Egoist" Mini Preview

Afilia Saga East has a mini preview of their new single on their Nico Nico account. Afilia comes with new costumes, video fan service shots and a lot more. Cost wise the video gives off a feeling that the costumes cost more then the background ,still the girls find a way to bring out their charm and cuteness that ASE are known for.

This is one time, when the song and costumes are better then the finished video.

"Knee High Egoist" Mini Preview

If you wish to turn off the text running across the video, click the icon next to the volume that looks like this [---], that will turn off the text.

Be sure to check out their other videos, listed below the video preview.

For anyone who can`t use Nico Nico

[Thank`s Shura for the video tip]

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SUPER☆GiRLS: Join Youtube

SUPER☆GiRLS: Join Youtube

SUPER☆GiRLS have become the latest unit to join the official Youtube channel community.

The channel has a number of videos up to get you in the SUPER☆GiRLS spirit.


[Several archived events]

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dancing Queen: Chisato Releases Solo Single

Dancing Queen: Chisato Releases Solo Single

°C-ute,`s "dancing queen" superstar Okai has released a solo digital single called "Love Namidairo" .You can purchase the single now from ITunes .

Okai, who has become an overnight online superstar with her dance videos, will also be releasing a photobook and DVD .The DVD will not be sold outside of Japan.

Okai Chisato ITunes Solo Single

Okai Chisato becomes the first member of °C-ute, to get her own single and a separate listing on iTunes. Release date was : Nov 27, 2010


Dancing Queen Chisato Mini Live

Dancing Queen

Saturday, November 27, 2010

SUPER☆GiRLS: Debut In Trouble?

SUPER☆GiRLS: Debut In Trouble?

A troubling development has come out in regards to the SUPER☆GiRLS .Avex has announced that concert events scheduled for December 23 at the Namba Hatch in Osaka and January 9 at the Nippon Seinenkan in Tokyo after the release of their debut album have been canceled . Due to lower then expected ticket sales.

With more experienced and even younger idol groups going with singles releases over albums to create a fan base has Avex which is not an idol agency put this release in sales trouble by not having three or four maxi singles leading up to this album ,to create a fan base ?

With their debut album "Chouzetsu Shoujo," scheduled for release on December 22, SUPER☆GiRLS didn`t need their concert tour already starting to be canceled, before the album comes out.

Given this turn of events, a close watch on this unit and it`s future is needed.

Let us all hope that things can turn around for this promising new unit and that Avex does not decide to do something foolish like ,loose faith in them.

AKB48: Chance no Junban PV

AKB48: Chance no Junban PV

The promotional video for AKB48`s 19th single is now out. If you remember this is the single that is for the janken tournament winners. While Maeda us not the center, she does make her presence known in this video. As for the first time “Senbatsu” members they represent the group very well, the horse was a nice touch as well.

Download here

Morning Musume On Happy Music

Morning Musume On Happy Music

Here is a talk and performance clip of Morning Musume on Becky’s Happy Music program.

If you watch closely the talk segment, Aichan has full knowledge of the camera angles at all times and makes sure very calmly, the members are in the right spots, such as Eri.

Momoiro Clover Make MMA Predictions + Reni Unwell? .

Momoiro Clover Make MMA Predictions + Reni Unwell? .

This is a short video of Clover making their predictions on an upcoming MMA fight card. If you notice, Reni is looking unwell here. Recent news has come out of a questionable event done by Universal Records Japan.

It`s well known in the idol industry that idols face a weight limit to be active in most cases , not all mind you ,but a number of agencies have this rule.

The idol weight formula is traditionally this (Height -100) x0.9 ,however Universal reduced that to point 0.8 .For example Momoka`s “Idol weight” is this 147cm-100×0.8=37.6kg ,her last reported weight was 32.2kg

As part of this foolish media stunt, they weighed the members in public, everyone but Reni was under their “idol weight” Reni was 0.8 over and was ordered to cut weight and retake the test in two months.

When you look at her summer pictures to now, there is a noticeable difference in her face and weight .Enough for me to think there maybe something is not right with Reni.

Idols are under a tremendous amount of pressure to live up to these fantasy world expectations the industry has created for them. Publicly humiliating your talent is not something that should be a part of this industry.

I do not know if Reni is sick, however the signs are starting to point to her not reacting to that event in a healthy way. Reni is the oldest member and in the old idol rules, her days are considered less then her members .It doesn`t make it right, it`s just how it is. That alone is enough pressure to trigger unhealthy reactions.

Before the public test

After the test

Friday, November 26, 2010

Idoling!!! Expands Into Asia

Idoling!!! Expands Into Asia

Idoling!!! Are making the bold move of expanding into Asia. First up is Taiwan. Idoling!!! Will be releasing their television show in Taiwan as well as releasing photo books, CDs and even concerts are in the works.

The goal of this move is to make Idoling!!! “Asia’s Idol group” No word if this will mean out of country auditions .Idoling!!! Already has a Vietnamese descent member Fonchi; however, she was born in Japan.

Fonchi has become very active in promoting visiting Vietnamese artists inside Japan and has a growing fan base in her parent’s former homeland.

Start date for the Taiwan expansion will be announced at a later date.

New Single "Eve"

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Morning Musume 9th Gen Auditions 4th Stage.


Morning Musume 9th Gen Auditions 4th Stage. [Related Update]

Morning Musume has entered what is expected to be their final audition stage .With media no longer focusing on Hello!Project as much in the past and H!P/Up-Front not very open about their operations , little is known about what is going on , outside of 4th stage call backs have started.

We have no information on how many new girls have passed the three stages, how many EGGS or Nice Girl Project! Trainees who are also eligible to audition have passed or are in consideration for membership.

Expect the final members to be announced at or near the graduation concert.

Related post I did when the auditions started , related to the EGGS

Dream: Down One Member

Dream: Down One Member

The last original member of Dream has announced that she is leaving the group. Tachibana Kana has decided to leave the group to seek out a solo career.

Kana has  released the following statement.

“Although my dream to be a singer has been come true, it’s not the goal. I have to keep learning to be who I really want to be, and I want to keep singing, but in order to do so, I need to grow up more, not as Kana of ‘Dream’, but as Kana. Therefore, I will challenge myself to pursue my way as a solo singer.”

With her leaving of the group, and any future replacement, Dream will have no original members.

Tachibana`s last day as a member, will be at the end of their current tour on December 4th.

Kana is the one wearing a hat.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

2010 Kohaku Uta Gassen (Kohaku) Lineup

The line up for this years “Kohaku Uta Gassen (Kohaku)”, has been announced! Only one of the groups we currently cover here was invited and it was not Idoling!!!.  Idoling!!! Is hosting their own New Year’s Eve Countdown concert [early show for under age members and late show for older members].

This year’s hosts will be
Matsushita Nao for the “Red Team” and Arashi for the “White Team”.

Red Team (Female)

aiko (9)
Angela Aki (5)
Ikimonogakari (3)
Ishikawa Sayuri (33)
Uemura Kana (1)
AKB48 (3)

Kawanaka Miyuki (23)
Kumiko (1)
Koda Kumi (6)
Godai Natsuko (17)
Kobayashi Sachiko (32)
Sakamoto Fuyumi (22)
Tendo Yoshimi (15)
Nakamura Mitsuko (15)
Nishino Kana (1)
Hamasaki Ayumi (12)
Perfume (3)
Hirahara Ayaka (7)
Mizuki Nana (2)
Mizumori Kaori (8)
Wada Akiko (34)

We may only cover female artists on this site , however I know our readers like the guys as well ,so here is their list.

White Team (Male)

Arashi (2)
Itsuki Hiroshi (40)
HY (1)
NYC (2)
Kayama Yuzo (17)
Kitajima Saburo (47)
Go Hiromi (23)
Kobukuro (6)
SMAP (18)
TOKIO (17)
Tokunaga Hideaki (5)
AAA (1)
Hikawa Kiyoshi (11)
Fukuyama Masaharu (3)
flumpool (2)
Hosokawa Takashi (34)
Porno Graffitti (9)
Mori Shinichi (43)
Yusuke (2)
L’Arc~en~Ciel (4)

(# of times at event]

Dream: Hands UP!

As I have mentioned in past articles, it`s been a long hard road for the group Dream. Some months ago, the group Exile took over this group’s contracts and brand properties to rebuild and relaunch them, under their guidance.  

After loosing several  members Tachibana Kana is  the only member of the original dream, the group has for the last few months been on a rebirth or restart of their career by starting at the very bottom doing street and free lives, building up to live house and maxi single releases.

Their hard work is being rewarded in their first album as “new” Dream.

The album is called “Hands UP!”  And is on sale starting today [November 24th JST].

The album comes in three versions ‘CD-only’, ‘CD+DVD’, and ‘CD+DVD TRINITY Zill O’ll Zero’ edition. All first-press copies from any of the three formats will come with a special serial number; when this serial number is mailed in conjunction with the serial numbers from Dream’s past two singles [as the new lineup], fans will receive a special live DVD from their ‘~Road to dream~‘ tour!



01. Promise
02. Hands Up!
03. Ev’rybody Alright!
06. Breakout
07. Perfect Girls
08. Naked
09. To The Top
10. Dear my friend
11. Get my way -Dance Ver. w/o Bridge -/AILI thanx to Dream
12. Himawari
13. I Believe
14. My Way ~ULala~



01. Promise
02. Hands Up!
03. Ev’rybody Alright!
06. Breakout
07. Perfect Girls
08. Naked
09. To The Top
10. Dear my friend
11. Get my way -Dance Ver. w/o Bridge -/AILI thanx to Dream
12. Himawari (ヒマワリ)
13. I Believe
14. My Way ~ULala~


1. Perfect Girls PV
2. Breakout PV
3 My Way ~ULala~ PV
4. Ev’rybody Alright! PV

DREAM: Hands UP!

Trinity Zill O’ll Zero Edition


01. Promise**
02. Hands Up!
03. Ev’rybody Alright!
04. CHANGE**
05. Breakout
06. Himawari (ヒマワリ)
07. My Way ~ULala~


01. TRINITY Zill O’ll Zero documentary (30 min)
02. Dream documentary (30 min)

**”PROMISE” was selected to be the game’s theme song, while “CHANGE” is the game’s ending song.

~First Press bonus~ [Live footage from Dream Live Tour 2010 ~Road to dream~]

01. Opening
02. Breakout
03. To The Top
04. FantAstrip
- MC -
05. Secret Party
07. Lady soldier
- MC -
08. I WISH YOU ~Egao no Loop~ (I WISH U ~笑顔のループ~)
09. My Way ~ULala~
10. Himawari (ヒマワリ)
11. Perfect Girls
12. Get my way -Dance Ver. w/o Bridge – / AILI thanx to Dream
13. I Believe

Current Dream Rebirth Releases

Dream / My Way〜ULala〜

Dream / Ev'rybody Alright!

Dream / Breakout

Dream / Perfect Girls

Get My Way [Dream Live Tour ~Road to Dream~]

SDN48 #1 Debut

SDN48 #1 Debut

Yesterday was the international release day [Japan & Korea] for SDN48 debut single “GAGAGA” In Japan the single entered the charts at an impressive #1 with sales of 34,348 .Not bad for a group that is starting their group career over the traditional Idol debut age of 12-15 . These experienced veterans, show that  the 25 year “grandma idol” cut off age, is a thing of the past

The single has a modern JPOP feel with a hint of KPOP

Coupling tracks

Eros no Trigger (Eros’ Trigger)

Sado e Wataru e (Crossing Over To Sado)

Who says you cannot touch an idol

Not sure what is funnier the video or the Youtube comments

AKB48 Members Create A Wafer Chocolate.

AKB48 Members Create A Wafer Chocolate.

If you go into any 7-Eleven stores in Japan, you will see an AKB48 section that has all of their latest related endorsements, member designed snack cakes and so on.

Well AKB48 member have taken out their color markers, note pads and imaginations to create a new product line. This time the girls have created a wafer chocolate line called “AKB48 Wafer Choco” .Each package will feature collector cards. There are three versions of the wafer each designed by the individual teams, “Team A Wafer Chocó“,” Team K Wafer Choco” and “Team B Wafer Choco.”

Each team will have 18 different cards to collect, to collect the entire set it will take 54 cards at ¥105 a wafer choco package.

“AKB48 Wafer Choco” will go on sale on November 25 only at 7-Eleven stores.

I wonder which team makes the best wafer choco.

SUPER☆GiRLS: Who Made That Costume Again?

SUPER☆GiRLS: Who Made That Costume Again?

Ever wonder who designs the costumes that major idol groups wear on stage? I bet your saying to yourself it`s some cool, hip, major designer after all major companies have, major funding right?

Not so fast my friends ,the 48`s use a design school and the SUPER☆GiRLS also used a design school for their costumes .For the SUPER☆GiRLS black and gold costumes they teamed up with the Tokyo based Mode Gakuen school.

The students sent in 400 submissions, and the winning design was created in three different pattern styles to make up their black and gold costumes. The fabric itself came from the Meiji Era (established in 1905) fabric maker  Miyuki Keori, who specially made the color checked fabric for the group.

To say thank you to the hard working students, SUPER☆GiRLS took part in a mini live + fashion show. Avex announced that this was also the first time the brand new idol group had been exposed to modeling, an that the group showed their best to the fans despite the fact that the members being nervous.

AKB48 French kiss, Special DVD

AKB48 French kiss, Special DVD

January 19 French kiss (Kashiwagi Yuki, Takajo Aki, and Kuramochi Asuka) will release their second single “If” .As part of their promotions if you but the single you will also receive an original live-action drama DVD, based on popular manga series “Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu“!

Incase you have never heard of this manga “Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu” is popular among teen girls; AKB48 is reported to be big fans of this series.

French kiss will also be providing the official theme and voices for the upcoming digital version of the manga.

The digital version will come out on February 25.

Maple + S/mileage Debut Single

Maple + S/mileage Debut Single

Oha Girl Maple is an idol unit that represents the Oha Suta children’s show and feature’s the Oha Girls Erika ,Shiori and S/mileage’s Ogawa Saki ,have teamed together with S/mileage for Maple’s debut single.

The single is called “"My School March" and features S/mileage playing a guest support appearance.  As expected from an S/mileage related release, this single is a cute and uplifting smiling face song.

Monday, November 22, 2010

AKB48 Perform in Russia

AKB48 Perform in Russia

12 members of AKB48 recently flew into Russia, for a Japanese cultural event. The concert was November 20th at the cinema "35mm" in Moscow. The Japanese Pop-Culture Fest featured a cross section of Japanese music and many in attendance were dressed in anime costumes. Russia as is many parts of Europe is becoming known as a hot bed for fan bases of Visual Kei, Idol genre , traditional JPOP and anime and is starting to become a key touring center for Visual Kei and now for Idols. Both SKYPERFECT TV and Fuji filmed the event; Sky will have a broadcast of the event in December and Fuji in January.

AKB48 sent 12 members and performed 12 songs.

Ooya Shizuka
Kuramochi Asuka
Nakata Chisato
Uchida Mayumi
Nakaya Sayaka
Umeda Ayaka
Fujie Reina
Yonezawa Rumi
Kitahara Rie
Chikano Rina
Masuda Yuka
Miyazaki Miho

AKB48 Member Ranking Results

AKB48 Member Ranking Results
AKB48 was a part of a mobile ranking by Goo and NTT .This ranking was how many members of AKB48 do you know the names and faces of without looking them up type rankings.

40,365 people took part and the rankings were not surprising to me, so I thought that I would share them here as well.

1. 1~5 Members – (18,336 votes)

2. 6~10 Members – (8,271 votes)

3. None – (5,925 votes)

4. 11~20 Members – (3,490 votes)

5. Over 21 Members – (2,598 votes)

6. All Members – (993 votes)

7. All Members Including Graduated Ones – (752 votes)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

AKB48: The Movie

AKB48: The Movie

AKB48 will have a nationwide documentary release in 2011 .The documentary will be titled "DOCUMENTARY of AKB48 to be continued 10 Nengo, Shoujotachi wa Ima no Jibun ni Nani wo Omou no Darou?"

The documentary will cover the last few months of AKB48 and their rise to the top, including their Senbatsu selections, international growth, training, travel and behind the scenes footage.

As part of the buildup for the January 22 release, daily clips from the film will be released through the official site of the project and AKB48 Youtube Channel.

Home Page

Thursday, November 18, 2010

AKB48 Chance No Junban PV Mini Preview

AKB48 Chance No Junban PV Mini Preview

“Chance No Junban” PV has started to air on news programs.

“Chance No Junban” features the members all dressed in white and a horse. From the previews and the member’s blogs, this PV will follow the AKB48 pattern of anything can happen.

You can view the preview here


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YuiKaori: "HEARTBEAT ga Tomaranai!"

YuiKaori: "HEARTBEAT ga Tomaranai!"
Yesterday was also release day for YuiKaori.

YuiKaori return with their third single a powerful up-tempo rocker called ""HEARTBEAT ga Tomaranai!".

"HEARTBEAT ga Tomaranai!"

The coupling track is titled "Our Song"

YuiKaori`s "HEARTBEAT" is in the stores now,

AKBINGO! Fight Night.

AKBINGO! Fight Night.

With several members away from AKBINGO! Due to other events, the members of AKB48 find themselves in a difficult position and in need of star power to carry the show.

Enter the “outcasts” the ones often seen but not focused on .That’s right the lesser members get a chance to shine in a two episode special  ,in which they lock up in fatal combat . OK it`s not really fatal, just fun as these members fight it out for honor and fame.

Who will be the queen at battles end?

 PS -Yuko hates balloons

Extra Copy

AKB48 Rock A High School + More News

AKB48 Rock A High School + More News

AKB48 members Takahashi Minami, Watanabe Mayu, and Miyazawa Sae shocked an all boy’s high school “Iwakura High School” with a surprise visit to help promote the upcoming film Unstoppable”.

As part of the event the members of AKB48 presented the 700 boys in attendance with a “Big station Bento”.

Related Video


AKB48 To Promote HP Computers

Shinoda Mariko, Kojima Haruna, Kashiwagi Yuki, Miyazawa Sae, Takajo Aki, and Mori Anna have been selected to promote HP`s newest winter computer collection.

The campaign is called “HP Winter Collection Feat. AKB48“, and will be supported by the Team A coupling track “Kurumi to Dialogue“, from the group’s upcoming 19th single “Chance no Junban”.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Morning Musume: Grad Concert To Air Live On TV

Morning Musume: Grad Concert To Air Live On TV

Morning Musume is back in the news with the announcement that Kamei Eri, JunJun and LinLin`s graduation concert will be broadcast live on SKY Perfect TV!

The concert titled “Kamei Eri, Jun Jun, Lin Lin Sotsugyou Special” will be the final time that these three will ever take the stage as members of Morning Musume.

SKY Perfect TV! will broadcast the entire concert in 3D on SKY 169, with a regular 90 minute broadcast in January.

The concert will also be filmed for a DVD and will take place on December 15

AKB48 19th Single Radio Previews Team K

One of the great things about AKB48 is how they promote; it has gone a long way in making them without question the top female idol group." Beginner" is not even a month old and has reached 915,945 sales and promotions for the 19th single are in full force.

Yesterday I presented the main single "Chance no Junban" and the Team B coupling track "Love Jump" today it is Team K "ALIVE" and it is "ALIVE" fans .Team K brings to the table an up-tempo rock track ."ALIVE" is strong enough to be a lead track for any group.

With powerful supporting tracks, the management team of AKB48 have stacked the deck to make sure that the Janken single follows it`s sister singles in strong sales.

I am not going to say that this single will top "Beginner" however; the stage is being set for AKB48 to continue their record-breaking pace.


For those of you who missed yesterday`s preview of the main single here it is again.
PS- Based on the members blog reports the PV for this single is going to be outstanding .
Sorry no spoilers. AKB48 fans , your girls will do you proud with this release.

TPYE K version of the single.
TYPE K Cover


01.Chance no Junban
02.Yoyaku shita Christmas
03. ALIVE(song:team K)
04.Chance no Junban off vocal ver.
05.Yoyaku shita Christmas off vocal ver.
06.ALIVE off vocal ver.

01.Chance no Junban MUSIC CLIP
02.Yoyaku shita Christmas MUSIC CLIP
04.19th single Senbatsu Janken Taikai Documentary video(Part 2)

Related ,The Champ and crew promoting their unit .

After getting her N`s and E`s right our loveable Suzuki Mariya is back in a "Here we go again" episode .
Yeah you guessed it , she spelled the single "Bigenner" .Those mean N`s and E`s.
Keep fighting Mariyannu 8th time is the winner.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

AKB48 19th Single Radio Previews

AKB48 19th Single Previews

The radio promotions for AKB48 19th single are underway, yes even while “Beginner” is still being heavily promoted, the start of promotions for “Chance no Junban” is starting.

First up are the radio releases for “Chance no Junban” and Team B “Love Jump”.

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AKB48 19th single previews


Chance No Junban  [Xtra links in case of delete [No Youtube yet]




CD Versions
Type A
01.Chance no Junban (AKB1/48 Idol to Koi shitara… (PSP game) theme song)
02.Yoyaku shita Christmas (Theme song for 7-Eleven’s Christmas campaign)
03.Kurumi to Dialogue(song:team A)
04.Chance no Junban off vocal ver.
05.Yoyaku shita Christmas off vocal ver.
06.Kurumi to Dialogue off vocal ver.

01.Chance no Junban MUSIC CLIP
02.Yoyaku shita Christmas MUSIC CLIP
03.Kurumi to Dialogue MUSIC CLIP
04.19th single Senbatsu Janken Taikai Documentary video(Part 1)


01.Chance no Junban
02.Yoyaku shita Christmas
03. ALIVE(song:team K)
04.Chance no Junban off vocal ver.
05.Yoyaku shita Christmas off vocal ver.
06.ALIVE off vocal ver.

01.Chance no Junban MUSIC CLIP
02.Yoyaku shita Christmas MUSIC CLIP
04.19th single Senbatsu Janken Taikai Documentary video(Part 2)


01.Chance no Junban
02.Yoyaku shita Christmas
03.Love Jump(song:team B)
04.Chance no Junban off vocal ver.
05.Yoyaku shita Christmas off vocal ver.
06.Love Jump off vocal ver.

01.Chance no Junban MUSIC CLIP
02.Yoyaku shita Christmas MUSIC CLIP
03.Love Jump MUSIC CLIP
04.19th single Senbatsu Janken Taikai Documentary video(Part 3)

Theater Version

-only CD
01.Chance no Junban
02.Yoyaku shita Christmas
03.Fruits Snow(song:team Research students)
04.Chance no Junban off vocal ver.
05.Yoyaku shita Christmas off vocal ver.
06.Fruits Snow off vocal ver.

SUPER☆GiRLS: Debut Campaign

SUPER☆GiRLS: Debut Campaign

SUPER☆GiRLS have started a major record store campaign to support their December 22 debut album release, “Chouzetsu Shoujo“.

At TSUTAYA stores, they have been added to list of “Idol Festival” artists for 2010/2011. Their promotion will be that whenever a customer buys a CD from one of the idols on the list, they will be entered to win a SUPER☆GiRLS alarm clock. Only five of these will be available.

At HMV the group will appear in their free paper , “HMV the music & movie master“ ,they will also have their special online page and if you buy the album you can enter a lottery to win a handwritten Valentine’s Day card from their favorite member! To top it all off, they will be a part of the “HMV Idol Gakuen” campaign that will feature an exhibit in each HMV store of handwritten comment cards from the idols.

At Shinseido, you have a chance for autographed nameplates from the idol group along with a photo set where they each wore member their own name sign .12 will be given away. Five fans will have a chance to win an autographed photo set.

At Mu-mo, a special live event with the group will be held.

At Yamano and Tower a special live event with the group will be held

I cannot speak for everyone; however, I can name a few groups that could learn from the new idols coming up about marketing.

With promotions starting a month before their debut release, SUPER☆GiRLS look set to have a strong debut.

Debut PV

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SUPER☆GiRLS: Miracle ga Tommanai! PV [Special Release]


SUPER☆GiRLS have released their debut single Miracle ga Tommanai! Through USTREAM, .The release came at the end of a mini live handshake event that was aired through their official channel.
SUPER☆GiRLS are regular users of that service and worth keeping in your links file. Only down side is that they do not keep their archive footage for a long time.

As for the video it`s your standard idol PV of the H!P standards that is a mix of close-ups and group shots , with CGI artwork .If you remember the gave up on H!P Taiwan unit Ice-cream Musume`s debut PV ,AVEX has followed that pattern some.

SUPER☆GiRLS are not blessed with the best singers in the world , yet that has never been a requirement for JPOP Idol genre .The industry has a number of weak singers and their success speaks for themselves.

What they do have is idol cuteness and a vocal mix of talent that blends well into a pleasing viewing and listening experience.

Hard to say how long this special release will be up, so if your interested in this group , check it out ,while you can .You won’t be disappointed in the overall single.

Player Note
[The video screen if black does not mean it`s deleted like with you tube .The picture will display when you select to play. All videos now play on this site for easy viewing]



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Monday, November 15, 2010

Manaminorisa New Single Release: Polaris

Manaminorisa New Single Release: Polaris

Manaminorisa are returning with a new single called “Polaris / Sentimental Riot” and it will be released on the same day as Morning Musume and SKE48`s releases November 17.

Currently there is no PV preview and it is unlikely to be one until after the release as this is common for lesser-known groups and Indies.

So as we wait for a PV for those who picked up their CD from my earlier introduction of this up and coming group, I have done the next best thing, a mini live.

To pickup the new single

Mini Live

[Note This concert was longer then these clips ,the second half ,will be a partner post ,so 18 videos will not be in one post]