Thursday, May 31, 2012

Passpo☆ Next Flight PV

I just can`t stop smiling Passpo☆ and rock music a perfect match. Vocally I think this is the best that the group has sounded to date and that is saying a lot as they have yet to make a bad single.

The video is a performance shoot, but one that the group will just pull you in and you loose track of time as you hit replay over and over, trying to pick up little things you may have missed the playback before.

This could have not been a better video, short of having some heavy metal pyro or some banshee vocal high spots to top it off, lol.

Instead of my rock dream dramatics we have just Passpo☆ style and Passpo☆ style is perfect the way it is and I hope it never changes.

Excuse me while I hit playback again.

By the way this is the American famous late 80`s -90`s rock band who worked on the coupling track with Passpo

Morning Musume & Fairies Updated

Recent Morning Musume & Faries episode Subbed

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It`s Dorothy Little Happy Time

A look at the girls doing an appearance .

Part 5 was just the hosts plugging their own stuff

New Idol Unit: Planets

One out of space group [SPACE GIRLS PLANET] is not enough for the genre, we need two
Welcome Planets.
Planets are a new group made up of HONAMI [17], Yuuki [16], and Ayana [16]

Photo -HONOMI, Ayana, Yuuki

Lil Cumin Intro Video 2

The group shares a little bit more of their charm with us.


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

NEP She☆Stars : my graduation and NEP TV

NEP She☆Stars a group that is on our live house rankings top ten [top 7 for now] has a number of cool things going on right now with a new song and a USTREAM program called NEP TV.
Have a look below

NEP TV [Archives]

Monday, May 28, 2012

Cheeky Parade Debut

 According to Cheeky Parade's Offical Blog, The new IDOL STREET group has sold 5000 copies of "Cheeky Dreamer" and will now be officially debuting!

I have taken the time to listen to cheeky dreamer, and it is really better than I thought it would be!
This group has some of the most unique voices in any group I have ever seen, so I'm excited to see what they release after cheeky dreamer.

It's wrong to compare, but I can't help but feel like I'm going to end up liking Cheeky Parade more than SUPERGiRLS. It's hard to judge a group by only 4 songs, but I've found myself liking Cheeky Dreamer and it's other 3 tracks more than some of SUPERGiRLS's releases. Plus, the choreography for cheeky Dreamer is just fun and wild!

Idoling!!! Amazing YouTube

Idoling!!! Staff has done an amazing job with the groups YouTube site .There is so much stuff on their site that it will take you weeks to watch it all.

Their YouTube is worth going over and checking out

Morning Musume –Fairies Dance Off

To finish off their four weeks of TV fun Morning Musume and Fairies threw out their best two dancers for a dance off. You decide who won

If deleted

20120527 9th/10th(morning_musume)&yuko_nakazawa by gavere1

Station: Double Station

Station the railroad theme idols have released two videos ,showing their love for all things train. So to review in the Idol genre we can now take Station`s train to the airport to catch Passpo`s plane and we have another idol group that will clean your office.

]PV[ Station - Let's Go Tetsudo Idol... by makino-tsukushi

[PV] Station - Susume(ススメ。) -20.04... by makino-tsukushi

Sunday, May 27, 2012

SCK Girls: SCKTube

SCK Girls have their own YouTube and YouTube program called SCKTube
Episode 1 is here

SCK Girls YouTube

Morning Musume Sing One,Two,Three

Morning Musume performing their first single with Sayumi as leader, One, Two, Three

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Indie Idol Super Group

What do you get when you mix members of Alice Juban, asfi, ANNA ☆ S, CANDY-GO! GO! ,Starmarie and Pastel Joker together?

You get an Indie Idol Super group known as ALLOVER as in ALLOVER the Indie Genre.

ALLOVER is made up of Kiritani Mao [Alice Juban] , asfi members Watase Jun, Nanase Izumi , Asaoka Akane , Pastel Koker`s Yamaguchi Mana , ANNA ☆ S members Koike Anna ,Koike Yuuna, CANDY GO!GO! Members Zumisawa Ayane, Sekine Yumi and Starmarie members Takamori Shino, Kishita Nozomi and Aoki Shiori.

They are currently promoting their debut single “Door of Dreams”

HP [Under unit is links to all groups in this super unit]


You know the drill by now

It`s BABYMETAL Time ,in English ,Japanese and Subtitles
Enter the mosh pit of Chaos, with fox fingers [the hand symbol they make] we shall rock

Momoiro Clover Z: PUSH

I didn`t have a chance to post this earlier, so apologies to fans waiting on this video.

Momoiro Clover Z has released the coupling track first to their upcoming untitled single. “PUSH” features the group acting in the only way they know how and we have come to expect from the group.

Clover as a group, song and video wise just keeps improving and as such are collecting a lot of support from media, celebrities, and fans.

Friday, May 25, 2012


If you can`t tame the wotas then you should at least make a song for them.

asfi have a song called “HAPPY DRIVER” that has wota symbolism in it, and not to mention it`s really fun.

Other Videos


AKB48 Opens Member Elections to World

Not long after AKB48 shipped 2 million copies of their  new single to stores and then sold almost 1.2 million in one day, the group has opened their general election to the world.

Included in this move is a chance to watch the rankings announcement in Tokyo.

AKB48 with Google+ is giving you the chance at “AKB48 Grand Prix Search for the #1 Fan.
Between now and May 28 you can leave a message for your number one girl in English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai, and Indonesian.

Winners will have a chance to visit Tokyo, attend the elections as an official AKB48 General Election reporter and will also receive a thank-you video message from their favorite member.

Please go here to take part and remember you only have until May 28, so you must not wait around, if you want to take part in this.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

4 Idols, 2 Names , One Group

Sometimes the idol genre takes away and sometimes it gives

Ladies and gentlemen Beer Garden MAIAMI. The Group is 4 members and 2 member names ,one group = Mai, Ami

Confused? how about this -Mai Yellow ,Ami Yellow ,Mai Red, Ami Red , 4 idols ,2 names ,get it now .

Team Red

Team Yellow

For more of this spirit filled idol goodness

hy4_4yh Yuke Yuke GOGO Onnanoko!!

hy4_4yh is one of my favorite groups to see live and the best way to describe them is the following .If BiS is in the land of idol darkness ,then hy4_4yh is over the hill and across the valley in baka land, but in a good way that you just can`t get enough of.

This rock based idol group, takes nothing serious, they don`t really dance and vocally they may not be the best, but they are just themselves. Honestly being themselves works for them perfectly and you find yourself getting caught in their charms.

The thing that makes them great is like BiS there is nothing traditional about them ,if they want to do a live wearing pajamas and fuzzy slippers ,they will . If they want dress up as farm animals or pandas they will.

The only guarantee that you have with one of their lives is that you’re not going to forget it.
Recently they have released a single PV for Yuke Yuke GOGO Onnanoko!! And while they have been around [started in 2006] and have other releases, making a PV for TV release was not on top of their, to do list as this is the “ah we will get around to it one day idols”.
Sadly the PV gets axed by the video channel when it`s on YouTube, so here it is on an alternate site

Yuke Yuke GOGO Onnanoko!! PV

Other videos and image looks

TV short

YouTube channel


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Weekly Poll #4

 It's Monday again, which means it's time to view the results of the weekly poll!

The Question was (Submitted by CiaoMcFly ) Who is your favorite member of

1st Place- Furukawa Mirin (Mirin) 9 votes (39%)

2nd Place- Yumemi Nemu (Nemukyun) 4 votes (17%)

Aizawa Risa (Memesama) and Naruse Eimi (Eitaso) both tied for Third Place with
3 votes (13%)

Mogami Moga (Moga) and Fujisaki Ayane (Pinky) both tied for Fourth Place with 2 votes (8%)

Since Dempagumi is a relatively unknown group, I didn't expect much people to participate in the poll. In total, 23 people voted.

 Don't forget, you can send in your weekly poll. I'm running out of questions! To find put how, click the weekly polls tab at the top of the page

Sorry, Weekly poll #4 will be up on Tuesday instead of Today.

Do Café Idol Groups

Question- Do Café Idol groups really work in the café and serve customers and perform as idols?

Answer-Yes, in some ways they work harder as do all Indie Idol groups for much less pay then traditional idol agency groups .But regardless of an idol groups background or how they got from point A to point B ,they deserve and earned the same respect as any agency house group .

Large house group or small Independent an idol`s job is the same, to entertain the best they can the fans they have, be it one or one million.

Angel Generation


Live Stage

New Idol Unit: Lil Cumin

If I was to write about every new group that starts each day, i`d never sleep, so I pick and choose and today I picked this group.
That group is Lil Cumin [リル・クミン]. Time to spice up the genre with this new entry that was created in December through auditions on Tokyo MX-TV in which 2,600 girls auditioned .On June 27 they will release their debut single with a free admission live show and a CD buy entry handshake event.
The concept of this group is girls born to be idols and a certain photo look was desired to cash in on the popularity of picture books.

I think this group will have a shot of being the next big thing as there is a heavy media blitz about them over the last few days

PIH Live House Rankings

Here are the updated fan vote live group rankings
SCK and QunQun are going to have a vote off with another live to break the tie
Plus three more groups will join the voting soon

Rankings as of 5/22/2012

1.Dorothy Little Happy     110 points

2.Alice Juban                       83 points

3.C-Zone                                 72 points

4.NEP She☆Stars                   69 points

5.Sizukaze & Kizuna        63 points

6.SCK Girls                               46 points

6.QunQun                                   46 points

Monday, May 21, 2012

Passpo☆- Next Flight (Short Ver.)

Idol group Passpo☆ are back with their fourth single, Next Flight. 
This time, the girls collaborated with some pretty well know American artists, filmed their PV in LA, and took a try at a metal!

I have enjoyed all of Passpo☆'s singles and albums up until now, Although their previous single, Kimi wa Boku wo Suki ni Naru was a bit of a disappointment, and was not well received. But passpo☆ is back, and Next Flight may be their highest selling single to date if it's received well.

I don't want to do a review now since the whole PV isn't out yet, but I'm in love with the song, and the PV set is nice because it goes perfectly with their theme. 

The single will be released June 6, 2012, so look forward to it!

Morning Musume & Fairies Part 3

Week three of the idol groups going toe to toe for idol comedy goodness.

20120520 9th/10th(morning_musume)&yuko_nakazawa by gavere1

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Morning Musume 9-10thGen, Fairies Special 2

Not sure how long this will stay up, but if you had trouble following last week’s episode, this may help you.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Reflection: Morning Musume to Add 11th Gen + Sayumi New Leader

As said before, 11th gen auditions have been announced and Sayumi is now the new leader of Morning Musume. I'm sure that a lot of people have different views on this, and so do I. This is just my own opinion of the recently announced news, so please say what you think, too.

With this auditions announcment, I was much less surprised at it in comparison to the 9th and 10th gen auditions. With 9th, it had been quite a while since 8th had been added. With 10th, it was announced when the 9th debut single was being released. So at this rate, the addition of another generation wouldn't have been that shocking and would be just like back then when auditions were happening basically each year. Although I'm a bit worried that the 10th gen hasn't had enough time to make themselves known (in my eyes, at least), I'm interested to see what kind of people will be added to the group. If you ask me, I'd like people that are slightly older than the average age of the gen members at the time of their joining. New members are usually 12-14, somewhere along those ages. And currently, there are much more "new members" than "old members". Personally and generally, I'm not a big fan of idol groups that have a young average age because I see them targetted more at kids and their voices aren't as mature, yet. Plus, it would make the age gap a little closer instead of about 5 years or more of an age difference from the youngest senpai (Reina) to the oldest kouhai (Haruna). But then again, by the time 6th gen graduates, all of them would have aged by probably two years or so, making Haruna 20 or at least almost 20, which would then make the average age bump up again. (Assuming there are no auditions and graduations, which I can't be so sure of) Also, I think it'd be cool to see former members or trainees of indies idol groups being accepted, if the contracts were acceptable within the rules, since Ayumi makes a great fit in the group and her experience from DLH has made her an even better member.
As for Sayu taking over the reigns of Gaki-san, that also wasn't surprising since in most cases, the next oldest member (In both age and time for when they joined H!P) becomes the next leader. But she seems great with the kouhai (from the looks of the blog pics that are posted) and looks like she can make a fun and cute leader! I hope that she, along with Reina, take good care of the group and really get them all into shape before they eventually take their leave, as well. After all, that time is going to come soon...

Morning Musume to Add 11th Gen + Sayumi New Leader

Empress Sayumi

The other day in conversations between the staff ,I mentioned to them that i`d like to see Morning Musume return to the system that made them popular during their first five years and that was yearly new member additions ,this of course also went along with graduations. I explained my reasons to the staff and plans got underway to write a set of articles making the case for the addition of an 11th generation.

It seems that Tsunku-san also had this on his mind as well. On a night that saw Mitsui Aika and Niigaki Risa graduate and the crowning of  Michishige Sayumi as leader 
Tsunku-san announced that Morning Musume will be adding an 11th generation and signups have now started.

In regards to Sayumi ,If your surprised that she is leader , you shouldn`t be ,Sayumi was going to be leader to start with ,unless she didn`t want to be leader.Reina will follow her unless they graduate together , Fuku-chan will lead after Reina.

Michishige Sayumi said at the graduation concert, that she did have some worries, but will do her best and asked the crowd for their support. While Reina was not officially named sub-leader, she is expected to work beside Sayumi to provide needed support and scoldings.

In regards to how Sayumi will view other “rival” groups, she recently said in an interview

Q. Idol groups have been multiplying rapidly. How does Morning Musume intend to fight on?
A: They call it the Warring States Period for Idols, but rather than fighting anyone, I'd like to go forward by showing everyone all of Musume's good points. Like when I watch Momoiro Clover Z I can't help but want to support them, so I don't really want to forget that feeling. I love watching idols, and in the end that becomes a way for me to study.

Following this announcement Tsunku-san announced the addition of the 11th generation. The audition is called “Morning Musume 11Ki Member ‘Suppin Utahime’ Audition!!”
Tsunku-san said that the reason that the 11th generation was going to be added was the following.

“I decided on this audition to make Morning Musume fresher. To liven up the group with this new member[s]. I want Morning Musume to beat other girl groups!”

Has Tsunku-san seen the same fire that I have in 9th and 10th generation, that same feeling we once had in 1998-2002?

There is specialness with the 9th and 10th generation, which has long been missing in Morning Musume, Look for Sayumi and Reina to bring the best out of them.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

dela (デラ) - Delightful Enchanting Lovely Angels

This new Nagoya idol group's concept may not be that special, but I still think they have a lot to offer! "dela", short for "Delightful Enchanting Lovely Angels", is comprised of 9 members and was formed to the west of Nagoya Station. Their name is also short for "Deluxe" and derived from the Nagoya slang "Doeryaa" which means "very".

Nakamura Kouichi, the group's creator, set up an office exclusively to the west of the station, as this was "the origin of a subculture. Of the Gundam bar, the Neon Genesis Evangelion bar, and many doujinshi stores...this place was fit for taking root [the group's] activities". Nakamura has already managed a group in 2010, so he revived that experience by having the same choreographer and composer etc., learning the know-how and assembling a creative staff.

Taking applications by magazine advertising and leaflets distribution, there ended up to be 615 applicants that could potentially be the "Class of Japanese representatives". In the application requirements, nationality was left out, in which Nakamura explained, "With the 2nd and 3rd generations from places such as Brazil, China, Korea, I thought that I'd like to branch out from the road of "Japan Idol"."

After passing the documents selection, 23 trainees went to Bic Camera, west of Nagoya Station, on March 31, and appeared at Esca on April 1 for an audition exhibit. It was at this exhibit in which they would find out who made the group through a web voting poll. The poll collected ~20,000 votes, more than half the votes being collected from Tokyo, which made their home area of Nagoya disappointed that they weren't the majority of the votes. The results revealed 9 girls making the group, including one who passed specifically for her "model frame". On April 28, they performed for the "Mammoth Flea Market" in commemoration of their CD debut. As for future plans? "From local, we can start in Asian countries before getting to the world. And if we can, something like a reimportation back into Japan.", Nakamura has said.

As said previously, there are 9 members in dela. It seems that each member has some interesting background to her, including a Miss Teen Japan finalist, karate champion and national dance competition champion. There are also two teams associated with dela, named Team Reserve and Team Model, each made up of two members. There's not a lot of information on these two teams, but I'm assuming that Team Reserve is a trainee group aiming to make it into the main group, while Team Model is a group specifically made for modelling.

The members, in order of the picture from left to right and bottom to top, are:

Inuzuka Shino (犬塚 志乃) (Captain)
Birthday: April 2, 1993
Blood Type: O
Background: Winner of 2007 Super Fighting Zen Nihon Karate Michi Senshukentaikai
- Also takes the Chinese art of self defence
- 2010 Race Queen for Super Taikyu, being the youngest ever at (then) 16 years old

Yumi Sayaka (弓 彩也香)
Birthday: December 8, 1993
Blood Type: AB
Birthplace: Osaka
Background: Champion of "DANCE STAD!UM" 2011
- CM Model for "Lakanto" (Zero Calorie Candy)

Kawai Rika (河合 リカ)
Background: Miss Teen Japan 2012 finalist (Nagoya representative)
- Model for Nagoya Culture Collection 2011
- Does flower arrangement
- Skilled in Chinese
- Has played the trumpet for 5 years

Ainami Ai (秋波 愛)
Background: Appeared at NFCC Collection 2011
- Has played the trumpet for 3 years

Kataoka Kazusa (片岡 かずさ)
Birthday: March 3, 1996
Blood Type: O
Background: In 2006, ranked 3rd for Gifu karate tournament

Ayase Reina (綾瀬 麗奈)
Birthday: December 13, 1994
Blood Type: O
Birthplace: Aichi Prefecture
Background: Has taken rhythmic sports gymnastics for 3 years
- Has taken Yosokoi for 9 years
- Pick up model for "Domatsuri Walker"

Morimoto Chiemi (森本 チエミ)
Background: Has done samba for 4 years
- Has taken Capoeira for 3 years

Matsushita Konatsu (松下 小夏)
Birthday: May 1, 1995
Birthplace: Aichi Prefecture
Background: Has taken ballet for 11 years
- Has played flute for 7 years
- Has done street dance for 4 years
- Has 3 years of experience in tea ceremony
- Rank 2 in English proficiency test

Kano Aimi (架乃 愛美)
Birthday: April 21, 1995
Blood Type: B
Birthplace: Gifu Prefecture
Background: Has done hand-ball for 3 years
- For Rank 1, was a runner-up for a karate tournament for the Gifu sector

Team Reserve
Hayami Sae (早見 紗英)
Birthplace: Mie Prefecture
Background: Has taken soft tennis for 2 years
- Rank 2 in Abacus Calculation
- Rank 2 in Mental Arithmetic

Kiara (稀亜羅)
Birthday: September 16, 1999
Blood Type: A
Birthplace: Nagoya
Background: Performed in "Dance Dynamite" in 2009
- Performed in "Disney Live!" from 2010-2012
- Has done Hip Hop and Jazz

Team Model
Buluna Yumi (ブルーナ・ユミ)

Sawai Rina (沢井 里奈)
Birthday: October 5, 1993
Blood Type: A
Birthplace: Aichi Prefecture
Background: Has played basketball for 6 years
- Has done track-and-field for 3 years
- Won 400m hurdle at Hokkaido University track meet

dela Member Announcement

First Stage at Mammoth Flea Market

Links Official Site

Snow*Drop : First Look

Not long ago we introduced you to this new group that was starting. Here is the first video look at the group on Pure Idol Heart.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Weekly Poll #3

It's Monday again, which means it's time to view the results of the weekly poll!

The Question was (Submitted by Shurastriker) What's the ideal number of members for idol groups? 

 6-9 people is the winner of the poll. It got 44% (31 people).
This is also the answer choice that I picked. For an idol group, I definitely think that 6-9 people is the perfect number. It's not too small and not too large. In a group like this, it is a reachable goal to match every members names with their faces, and even sometimes learn what their voice sounds like. You can't do this is a group with 15+ members. Berryz Koubou has 7 girls, and I know every members names, faces, and I can tell who's singing. I'm also getting to know PASSPO☆ members.

2-5 people came in second place with 27% (19 people).
This was also my second choice for the number of people in an idol group. 2-5 people is the ideal number if you really want to know the members well. Momoiro Clover Z, for example, has 5 members currently and just like berryz, I know names, faces, and singing voices. Each girl can show their own personality and have singing lines because the group is much smaller.

10-13 came is third place with 21% (15 people).
This was my third answer choice. I think that 10-13 people is actually still a bit too much. With this many members, it's hard to know exactly who's who. With 10-13, If I like really like the group, then I will take the time to know the members, like Morning Musume. However, If I'm not really into a group that much, then I'll usually just pick favorites. SUPER☆GiRLS, for an example, has 11 girls. As they release more singles, I'll know more about them, but I only know 2 or 3 girls right now.

14 or more came in last place with 7% (5 people).
This was also my least favorite choice. 14+ girls in one group is just too much. Idoling!!! has 21 members, and I've been into them for a long time, yet I only know 2 or 3 members! Half of it is my fault, for not taking the time to learn the member's, but half of it is because there are too many members, and too many lineup changes in a short period of time.They say that a lot of members means you have a lot of personality to pick from, which is true, but when the company promotes the same select girls every time, it's useless to like the less popular girls since you never see them. The best thing to do when groups have a lot of members is to just pick out your favorites, and keep it moving, unless you really like that group.

In total, 70  people voted! That is a huge jump from the last poll.

Don't forget, you can send in your weekly poll. To find put how, click the weekly polls tab at the top of the page.

Weekly poll #4 is up, so vote!

FullMooN W/New Singer

A few days ago, I mentioned that FullMooN had under gone several changes ,one being a change at singer, here is a preview of their new singer. The lineup may have changed but their style remains the same.

To compare here is their former singer

Monday, May 14, 2012

Morning Musume vs. Fairies Part 2


Here is the second week of their joint TV appearance, this week the Morning Musume 9th & 10th Gen members are on with Fairies.

20120513morning_musume9&10th,yuko_nakazawa by gavere1

This is the subbed talk segment from last week .The guy tends to make it private during work hours and then cuts it back off private in the late night early morning JST hours

Next weeks previews

Friday, May 11, 2012

PIH Live House: Sizukaze & KIZUNA, Crowd Walking Idols

This next set of 5 lives we have started with the gloves off , first with Dorothy Little Happy scoring 5 with each vote ,they still need a few more votes to enter top 5 ,so please watch their live over the next three days and vote .

Tonight we are bringing to our outdoor stage Sizukaze & KIZUNA 

While Alice Juban stage dives, Sizukaze & KIZUNA  crowd walks and does so with a live backing rock band. In these ranks Sizukaze & KIZUNA is a steamrolling beast of energy, with some of the loudest and dedicated wotas in the genre.

While Alice Juban is better singers, the show that Sizukaze & KIZUNA puts on more than earns the cost of the tickets.

To have an idol trust her fans enough to let them lift her up in the lives to sing to the crowd and to crowd walk shows the level of connection the group has with their fans.

Plus any group that opens their show paying tribute to a mobile suit is getting on this site.

Just so you know Sizukaze is two members, KIZUNA [black/white shirts and skirts] is the other girls on stage

Voting will start when Candy opens the poll.


Crowd Walking Idols
[No peeking at the girls as they walk by]

PIH Live House #3 :Dorothy Little Happy

PIH Live House: Dorothy Little Happy

We simply cannot have a concert feature without Dorothy Little Happy.
As we start week two of live house group voting. What rank will you give this group and will they break into the top five and become regular coverage on PIH.

Same rules as last week give them 1-5 tickets when Candy posts the voting poll. This week`s five will battle last week`s five for the PIH Rankings Positions and regular coverage slots.
Will Alice Juban Hold on to this top spot for a second week?

7 song live w/Back Dancers and select songs live band

DLH loves to do these next songs at each live

Gungun Lagoon Release Six Singles PV

Gungun-Lagoon have posted a number of singles PV, 6 in fact on their blog

Birth of a Group Vol 1, 2,

Birth of a Group Vol 1, 2,

One of the things that I love about idol genre both major and Indie is that it gives the girl next door a chance to become a celebrity be it a major or local by becoming an idol .As long as you have a company vision and girls with dreams, it doesn`t matter the size or level of your company, girls just want to become idols.

Here in the world of Indies you won`t find the Tsunku legion of 1,000`s of hopefuls, instead you get 100`s just doing their best to reach their idol dream.

Instead of the Tsunku`s and Aki-P`s who make everything they touch earn millions. You have, small Independent producers, wotas [yes they create idol groups], self-created groups, singer/song writers such as myself taking our money and giving girls a chance to live their idol dreams.

Everyday more and more groups are starting as there is no better time in the genre to be starting groups as the media and sponsors sees value in the genre again.

Here is a look at two of the many units nationwide that are getting underway and the all hands on deck style this level is.

FLAP GiRLs` ScHooL [Yes it`s spelled that way] has been holding auditions to find its members and will be making their debut on June 3.

The girls who reached the final staged auditioned in front of wotas

Vol 2


This PV shows the fun you can have with no budget

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groups on it