Wednesday, November 30, 2011

E-Girls : Celebration!

E-Girls : Celebration!

What do you get when you put the members of Dream, Happiness and FLOWER together ? A room full of the cutest ladies in JPop who collectively are known as E-Girls.

E-Girls has a new song coming out called Celebration! And Avex has decided to tempt the hearts of mankind with a short preview of beauty and talent . While this is only a teaser ,it is enough to wet your taste buds for what is to come next. If you follow these groups closely ,then one thing you will notice is that the groups are doing parts of their signature dances within the songs dance.
With the makeup ,costumes and camera shots the teaser creates an effect that makes the members of Happiness and FLOWER look older than they really are and blend in perfectly with their big sisters DREAM.

Really looking forward to the full release.

Bonus footage


Monday, November 28, 2011

Bimyo, Tsuntube, HELLOPRO TIME!

Bimyo, Tsuntube, HELLOPRO TIME!

As asked by the readers of the site here are the recent episodes of AKB48 Bimyo ,Tsunku`s Indie Idol show Tsuntube [this was a very uninteresting episode] and I added a link to subbed H!P HELLOPRO TIME! Episodes

Here is the first skit subbed it`s a different take on the Senbatsu elections


Even I found this week`s episode dull.

As PIH has a lot of H!P fans , I wanted to find you something special. There is a group that subs the HELLOPRO TIME! Shows .I am including a link to the site ,they are around one episode I believe behind the broadcast schedule.
However even saying that this link will keep H!P fans viewing the show fan subbed archives for hours.

Almost every idol group large and small ,regional Indie or national has a television show of some kind .It is very difficult with my music schedule and that of one of my daughters to watch, record or give you every show or appearance that a group makes.

It is my hope that I can add more writers to the site .Writers who focus on one group or agency ,which can bring the readers some of the little things that my time may not allow me to focus on.

Dorothy Little Happy: HAPPY DAYS! [Preview]

Dorothy Little Happy: HAPPY DAYS! [Preview]

Dorothy Little Happy released a short preview on their radio show. The new song is called “HAPPY DAYS!” and features the group’s main vocalist Mari. The song is a perfect fit for an anime theme song .No word of any tie ups at this time. Dorothy Little Happy will be releasing again on January 12, 2012.

DLH Has remodeled their HP, it`s very cool looking

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Alice Juban :Girls Pop`n Party

Alice Juban :Girls Pop`n Party

This is not so much a group preview as it is something that I wanted to show you . I have spoken many times that the genre below the major name groups is a fun world to live in and 90% of all idols live in this underground.

When you put members of several groups together from the same company for a concert you get Alice Juban.

This is Alice Juban performing in concert for a  show . At 2:30 in the broadcast two members of Pureful will stage dive into the crowd.

Anyway this is just a small look at the fun you experience in the underground idol world . Highlights of this broadcast for me was the members from Pureful staging diving at the start and ending of the program and all of Alice Juban doing a heavy metal salute to wotas.

The Independent underground is the best kept secret in the genre and if you’re willing to take the time to get to know it , you`ll discover a world were idols are much more free-spirited then their major big sisters.

Special Add

Alice Juban vs Apple Tale

Saturday, November 26, 2011

PASSPO☆ Kiss = Suki + CHECK-IN

PASSPO☆ Kiss = Suki

PASSPO☆ will be releasing a new single and album on December 7th .The single is called Kiss = Suki .The PV features the group in an airport setting with light blue costumes and several close-up shots.

The Album is called CHECK-IN and will come in three editions each with seven new songs and 15 songs in total.
The regular edition will be CD-only. The Type A will come with a photo book shot at Kansai international airport, while the Type B will come with a DVD of live footage filmed at Shibuya AX on July 16th. First press editions will come with a poster.

Time to fly PASSPO☆ airlines and get a little Kiss of love. [Kiss = Love]

If all airlines outfits and staff were this cute ,I`d enjoy flying more,lol.
Bonus note the group has their first swimsuit photo book now.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Fruity Girls : Nine Fruits To Love

Fruity Girls : Nine Fruits To Love
Every time a news report on a new idol group airs on TV ,it starts the same way with making a reference to AKB48 making idol genre popular and new challengers are rising up to face them.

Well this is not a TV station and those words will not be used to introduce this unit.

Coming from the city of Sapporo is nine idols who represent fruit .Together they are known as Fruity Girls. Fruity Girls are made up of the following members

Group Blog

Fruity Girls use a ranking system to rank their members similar to an AKB48 Senbatsu. Every three months their points are totaled and half the members become the first troops and the rest become the second troops. Based on the system it`s designed to feature more than nine members as the first two groups are or should be split evenly five members each and every one below ten become the reserve troops. if you end up in first place three times you enter the groups “hall of fame” .

The breakdown between the rankings more or less defines what the member’s promotional activities will be and overall popularity. The members earn vote points based on the actions of their fans [I’ll explain below].There is no points for dating or any other kinds of nonsense that you see with AKBN0.

This ranking system is actually really cool and tasteful and is something that you can use with any group .

If you join their official group fan club called ` mix juice` you earn the right to vote  for as long as you are a member. This is worth one vote card active  every Sunday.

Next if you enter the live performance `fruit basket` ,you get another vote card.

If you buy a Fruity CD you get two votes

If you buy 10,000 yen worth of goods you get 10 votes ,a 3,000 yen shirt earns you 6 votes .

After you collect your vote cards , you fill them out and mail them in. Relative’s votes do not count to prevent vote rigging.

Currently the group is in their third voting cycle which runs from November to January .The second vote cycle resulted in the following results
1.Aya 869 votes 2.Misa 571 votes 3. Asuka 519 votes 4.Maho 510 votes 5.Risa 469 votes 6.Anzu 409 votes 7.Yui 328 votes 8.Yuka 25 votes 9.Miduki 212 votes.

As a group their songs are good and easy to get into.

I don`t know how their future will turn out , but they are off to a promising start and the voting system has me wanting to revisit them and see how the voting is going.

So what do you think about the voting system ? As for me I can support this ,compared to what they could be doing ,this is a good way to max out a small fan base and grow it larger.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

AKB48 Opens 4th International AKB48 Shop

AKB48 Opens 4th International AKB48 Shop

AKB48 has opened their 4th overseas shop in front of 1,000 supporters ,this one is located in Shanghai, China and the online branch has the ability for everyone in China to shop online. The theme of this store Is their theatre in Akihabara . AKB48 have similar stores in Hong Kong ,Singapore ,Taiwan and of course Japan.

Considering the group is also popular in Thailand ,I would imagine that would be the next location for a new store.

SKE48, Michishige Sayumi ,Nogizaka46

SKE48, Michishige Sayumi ,Nogizaka46

SKE48 No Magical Radio
This was one of their better episodes ,Jurina throws an award winning tantrum .

SKE48のマジカル・ラジオ 111122 第7話 1 by tennis800v

SKE48のマジカル・ラジオ 111122 第7話 2 by tennis800v

Michishige Sayumi 10,000 yen challenge

Sayu is involved in a TV challenge  and she has to live on her own for one month on 10,000 yen which is around $130 .Oddly enough this episode turns into cooking time with Sayu .When Sayu leaves the idol world to start a family , I have a feeling mealtime with Sayu will be cute and who couldn`t  wait to come home to eat a “love love burger” .Sayu`s wake up face is cute as well.

Ah this show reminds me of the early years of a music career ,when you have to decide between eating and paying the rent and food wins ,lol.

Sayu`s Parts only

Full show .

In future episodes Morning Musume will pay a visit to Sayu


This week the members show their acting skills .

Dorothy Little Happy Says Hello To The West

Dorothy Little Happy Says Hello To The West

Sendai idol unit and a Pure Idol Heart favorite Dorothy Little Happy visited Kawaii girl Japan to give their first introduction video . Kawaii girl Japan has a great reputation and is known as a gateway for artists wanting to explore the world outside of Japan.

Dorothy Little Happy in the video shows off the cuteness that I instantly took to ,when Ryo and I decided to present the group on Pure Idol Heart last March.

Dorothy Little Happy will have their second Avex backed single release on January 11 ,2012.

If you never seen Dorothy Little Happy before ,your missing out as these girls are rising stars breaking out of the Indies with charm, cuteness and talent. Their concerts are great and you never leave disappointed ,only a little sad that it`s over .

Here is something that I have never shown on Pure Idol Heart it`s Dorothy Little Happy performing on a mobile stage

Tanaka Reina And Michishige Sayumi Land Drama Roles

Tanaka Reina And Michishige Sayumi Land Drama Roles

Morning Musume`s Tanaka Reina and Michishige Sayumi have been cast as co-stars in a new NTV drama set to air January 11 called “Suugaku Joshi Gakuen”.

“Suugaku Joshi Gakuen” will not only feature Reina and Sayu, but will also see several members of H!P joining the series in guest appearances . They are Mano Erina, Tsugunaga Momoko , Sudo Maasa Yajima Maimi, Nakajima Saki, , Suzuki Airi , Wada Ayaka, Fukuda Kanon, and Tamura Meimi .

For their part Reina and Sayu will be the focus point of the drama who are rivals in a math club ,The H!P visiting members will serve as opponents for Reina and Sayu ,while actor Sakurada Dori will be the male co-star who has zero interest in being on the math team.

AKB48 Cast In Ultraman Movie

AKB48 Cast In Ultraman Movie

A total of seven members of AKB48 have been cast to be in the new Ultraman movie “Ultraman Saga”.

The members are Akimoto Sayaka, Miyazawa Sae, Umeda Ayaka, Masuda Yuka, Kobayashi Kana, onetime Morning Musume, now rising up the AKB48 ranks Sato Sumire, and Shimada Haruka. The AKB48 members will create the “Earth Defense Force Unit U” .This is the first time that the series has had an “Earth Defense Force” .EDF- U will join with Ultraman Zero,Dyna and Cosmos to defend the earth from attacking aliens.

Sayaka will be the leader of EDF-U, Sae will be the assault unit captain, Ayaka will play the vice-leader, Yuka and Kana will be the maintenance team, while Sumire will be the medical officer and Haruka will handle communications.

Sayaka when asked about AKB48 taking part in the movie responded by saying “I think it’s our mission to give people courage after the disasters.”

With the Ultraman films being a big budget and highly popular film series, this will be a golden opportunity to spread the name of AKB48 members in a non idol way.

The film will debut in theaters next year on March 24

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mary Angel & Csli @ Edison Studio

Mary Angel & Csli @ Edison Studio

On  November 19th The idol units Mary Angel and Csli held a joint live Ustream. It`s been a while since I caught up with Mary Angel and in that time they have gone from a three women unit to a duo .

Csli is a  unit that does mostly cover songs from the 48`s , H!P units and Kara`s Japanese version of Mister . They are a new  and talented Kansai unit who has one single out
60 minute broadcast

Mary Angel also has an Ustream Channel

Their next broadcast is the 21st I believe .They also have stuff on archive

I really liked the three member version of Mary Angel so here they are from a July event @ Edison Studio
[there is 6 minutes of nothing before they come on

Mary Angel


Debut Single

Bimyo & Tsuntube

Bimyo & Tsuntube [Updated ]

Sorry for the delay in posting these shows for everyone that was expecting them.

In Tsuntube it`s the same as always more Indie idols making the dear leader smile and stickers are handed out .The dances are not as fun to me as last weeks with Afilia Saga East and BiS.

A new week and new skits .This week for me was hit and miss .For example the first skit I believe went to long ,despite the fact that Maeda Ami Is just the cutest thing going . She became my #2 after the drama, Yuki still holds number 1, but Ami is closing the gap in my fandom. This is why it pays to have more idol loves in more than one group, you can spread your support around from the 48`s to H!P to the fresh units to Indies.
Hopefully your favorites did well this week.

There is a YouTube user who subs from time to time a skit from the show .Here is a subbed skit from this episode

Alternate AKB48 Show Link  [UPDATE]

Thursday, November 17, 2011

SCANDAL: Before They Became Famous + More Bands

SCANDAL: Before They Became Famous + More Bands

Unless you’re lucky and have a company to support you ,your band starts out playing in less than great situations ,from a handful of people in a club to street lives.

SCANDAL`s rise to success has sparked a number of SCANDAL inspired all girl bands , complete with school uniforms down to set lists of SCANDAL songs with a few originals thrown in. These bands who have taken inspiration from SCANDAL and others who have taken their own road are like a of a number of groups out there cutting their teeth at lives looking to be the next band to become famous as SCANDAL.

While SCANDAL may seem like they just woke up one day and were famous, that simply was not the case, they cut their teeth in street lives and small venues just like the the bands that came before and after them.

I am not sure how long this will stay up, but here is a rare look at SCANDAL before they became famous.

While it is fun to look back at SCANDAL in their early days, we must always remember that from these humble beginnings of hard work and tears grew into  a band that is selling out venues across Japan and Asia.

Music is a world of dreams and with hard work and a little luck and right timing, those dreams can easily become the stories of legends and icons.

As SCANDAL continues to rise up to greater heights, securing fame and fortune for themselves, their success is paving the road for new bands to come up. Who knows in a years’ time, we maybe revisiting this topic and these bands just maybe alongside SCANDAL.


FLAP [right now they are more of a SCANDAL cover band ,unlike the others in this post]


Girls Rock Revolution: CREA

Girls Rock Revolution: CREA

CREA is a new female rock band, that has an interesting style and sound that draws on the 80`s era of music. The group is really just getting started, but has made several funny shorts to promote themselves and have releases out. Musically I would compare them to a ZONE, instead of SCANDAL as they tend to be a little more Pop-Rock.

CREA is made up of Drummer Miku, Bassist Anna, Vocalist Naki and guitarist Aiko.

As the group`s history is still young and new ,I am placing a few of their short videos up ,so you can get a feel for these funny girls , looking to climb the rock genre ranks.

CREA Special Guest Promotions
My Favorite Short

Meet The Band

CREA have used several support members at Bass and Keyboards before settling on this current lineup.


Follow CREA
HP [Includes links to their blogs, tweeter, and more]

Nogizakatte, Doko?

Nogizakatte, Doko?

As asked by readers of this site to continue posting this show.
This week the girls head out to various locations to try various foods. Their reactions make it a better show then it sounds like. Near the end is a special challenge, which makes up for the slowness at times of the main feature. Looking ahead next week has the makings of a great show.

SKE no Magical Radio #6

SKE no Magical Radio #6

As asked by readers of this site to continue posting this show.
This week the station has a break in that they have to overcome and in their own odd way the girls find a way to face the situation. The spirit of a movie legend also makes a drop in.

SKE48のマジカル・ラジオ 111115 第6話 1 by tennis800v

SKE48のマジカル・ラジオ 111115 第6話 2 by tennis800v

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

BiS Goes Primal

BiS Goes Primal

BiS has a brand new PV for the song Primal. , and honestly I don`t even know how to begin to describe this to you. I will try my best to describe it as best as possible.

The PV starts out with a family and a baby feeding from mom .Then we have this graphic close up of a bloody wound [which is fake as you will see but nicely done] and this drifts off into camera shots of deep down the members throats ,various member shots ,including bruised faces , smoking ,vomiting ,baby flash backs and IR [inferred camera] shots and ends with momma and baby taking a photo.

I am not ready to say yet if I like or dislike the video, because honestly I don`t know yet . It`s different and I accept BiS and all their strangeness and this is by far the most unidol like idol video out today .And you know what, that`s just the way they want it and what makes this group so unique an unidol like, that frankly I can`t get enough of them as you never know what they will do next.

Because I do not know if all readers will be able to view this, I have just posted the link to it from BiS YouTube and not an embed version.

Youtube thinks all of you going to the link to the video at BiS channel instead of watching the embed here is a sam bot or something ,It`s causing trouble.

so here is the embed version

They have redone their HP

Monday, November 14, 2011

SKE48 Crosses 500,000

SKE48 Crosses 500,000

When does little sister become the little dog barking at the heels of the big dog on the porch? When you sale 500,000 singles in a week, which is what SKE48 has done.
At Makuhari Messe in Chiba in front of 10,000 fans the group informed their supporters of this historic moment in their young history. The group next target is to get an invite to Kouhaku Uta Gassen.

With this group still young in years, so we should settle in for more highs from this group.
Congratulations SKE48, you’re no longer the little sisters of AKB48, but a growing force in the genre.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Momoiro Clover Z: Santa-San

Momoiro Clover Z: Santa-San

Momoiro Clover Z has released a new PV called “Santa-San” .The video features the girls in an out of control Christmas office party as only Clover can perform.
The group has started a new tour and the PV was debut at the opening night in Yokohama and received a warm, supportive response by the fans. This was the only way the fans could enjoy the song as Reni is a featured vocalist in the song and is off tour right now due to poor health. She should make a full recovery.

IchidAIDORU #2 :Momonaki

Meika, is back with volume two of IchidAIDORU .This time our partner site is covering the idol group momonaki

Please visit our partner site and read a wonderful introduction to this idol group .As always offer her your supporting words and if you like to see her join the PIH staff ,drop me a comment below .

Thank you for support Pure Idol Heart and our new partner site Idolyrics.

Girls Rock Revolution #2 :MIXX Lolita Metal Princesses

Now the time for playing nice is over with, so to speak. Lol
When I wrote about BABY METAL, I bet that you thought that you saw everything right. Well if you have read this site long enough, then you know we are just beginning to scratch the surface of girl groups,idols and heavy metal. This band is not idols ,no they are princesses of Lolita metal.


MIXX is a Gothic Lolita Heavy Metal Band,  not only do these ladies look cool and hot at the same time, they just rock. This is not cute idols playing metal parity princesses, this is a full on girls playing assault of the metal and hard rock taste buds band.

Vocalist ASUKA went to High School in Canada and can speak fluent English, along with Russian and Spanish .She was given a spot in the 2009 Miss Universe Japan but decided to become a metal head.

Guitarist SAKI started to learn her guitarist skills in the 8th grade and like all of us who have become heavy metal musicians, she got the bug when she saw a heavy metal band on TV and it consumed her life. She is the group’s chief songwriter and plays a big part in the production of the group’s releases. Saki is also well versed in Chinese

Drummer HIKONE JACKSON or JACKSON as she is normally called is the baby member in age, joining the band while still in high school .A speaker of Korean; JACKSON is the heartbeat of the band and provides the band their charismatic touches and powerful driving force to fuel their songs.

Miss GASMASKO is the bands support bass player, and wears a gas mask to keep their identity a secret.

MIXX is a heavy metal garage band success story .Two members create a friendship at a heavy metal concert ,decide to start a band ,bring in a drummer and within four months start releasing singles and a year later have set their eyes to embrace the world.

Heavy Metal is my main work genre away from this blog, so for me MIXX, is a goldmine of love, with the Lolita looks and high spirited music. It`s a win-win if you can accept a Lolita themed power metal act,complete with a bass player in a gas mask and a drummer who drives around on a toy car .

It may not be what "purists" define as "true Metal" and that maybe true as they are bit more hard rock at times ,it`s all good in the end.

If your drummer rides into the PV on a toy car and your support Bass player is wearing a gas mask, you deserve to be on this site ,purists be ####

I mentioned that the singer is fluent in English .The guitar intro is so cool

 For everyone who has asked in mail or otherwise about the relationship between MIXX and BABYMETAL, the term Lolita in the post title.

There is no relationship between them outside of costumes .  The title of the post was selected by the members of MIXX.  That was what they wanted to be referred to at the time of the post was first made.

Girls Rock Revolution #1 :Pop Chocolat ,SUPER BABY FACE

Girls Rock Revolution #1
Forgive the long lead in ,but it is a needed onetime thing

This is something that I had originally planned to do on PIH sister rock site ,however time has not allowed me to develop the site yet and as we from time to time have covered rock topics on PIH an in my push to give this site more diversity ,I am putting this out on PIH.

Girls Rock Revolution is the alternative to the fresh faces idol topic. Girls Rock Revolution is a look at the women of Japanese rock, many will be underground, many will underground but have some international travels under their belt and others will be majors.

To qualify for Girls Rock Revolution the band has to fall under the following categories

1.I like them and just want to write about them
2.They have all female members
3.They are a male band with a female singer
4. They are soloists who play rock music, and her backing band can be any combination. [I.E. The band is named after her]
5.They can be an Idol based Bandol [Idol Band] or have nothing to do with idols at all.
6.There is no experience limit to these bands, they can be longtime groups or fresh out of the studio or garage.

In  Girls Rock Revolution, there is a chance that you may not have heard of any of these bands that I will cover, but that is ok, if you are of an open mind and willing to give the bands a chance, you just may find something you like.

Pop Chocolat

Is an all-girl alternative band originally from Kyoto, who has been active since 2000 and has experience touring the United States and other nations. They are a respected band yet in some ways enjoy life in the shadows .There is a lot of freedom in the shadows, so one should not view that as being a bad thing.

It was not until 2005 before they released their debut album "NIJIIRO FALSETTO”, the success of the album pushed the band to move to Tokyo, in 2007 they lost their original vocalist AIKA. However the band would not let this do them in and the band would continue on and add the final part of the puzzle SHIHO in 2010 to be their Keyboardist.

Currently the band is made up of following members Guitarist/songwriter MIHO, Drummer/songwriter NATSUKO, Keyboardist SHIHO and Bassist MICHIKO. All members provide vocals for their songs

Their current album “Trip” was produced by Sawao Yamanaka vocalist/ guitarist from the rock band The Pillows.

Pop Chocolat songs tend to be hit or miss with me, sometimes they click with me instantly, and sometimes I have to give them a second or third listen. 80% of their music catalog clicks with me on first listen, the other 20% I tend to wonder how much did they drink when writing the music ,lol, but after another spin of the song it starts to fall in place. Pop Chocolat is a band that is an acquired taste and the greatness of this band may not hit you at first listen.


Is an all-girls band that’s been around the Tokyo scene for a number of years and are self-described as “Chicks Rock” and is a fixture in the Independent scene. SUPER BABY FACE is made up of the following members.

Vocal: WAKA
Guitar: MEGURI
Drums: AYA

SUPER BABY FACE was a band that clicked with me ,the first time that I was introduced to them and I really can`t find a bad thing about them ,except they may not get the recognition that they may deserve.

Because this post has a lot in it to read I am breaking the opening edition into genre`s .In the first post I gave you a more alternative peak, next we hit the WOMEN OF HEAVY METAL/ HARD ROCK .

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tsuntube #20

This week the members dance their own dances to the song that Tsunku created for the show a few weeks ago.
Now I can`t speak for every reader ,but for me my mind went blank after Afilia Saga East performed and returned about the time BiS slapped it back in place,lol. There are some cute and interesting dances in this episode with those two being my favorites.

AKB48 Bimyo

AKB48 Bimyo
Not a lot to say as most of you know what the show is about.

The parodies are getting deeper in scope, I was not a big fan of skit number one, but the rest of the show was entertaining, the script writers and staff came up with a great show again this week.

Alternate site in case of deletion

IchidAIDORU #1

IchidAIDORU #1

IchidAIDORU is an idea created from the minds of Pure Idol Heart and our partner site Idolyrics. There is a great backstory on idolyrics explaining the birth of this idea, so I don`t want to take away a lot from what she has done to set this up, so I will be brief.

For some time I have had discussions with Meika of Idolyrics about joining Pure Idol Heart as a writer ,because in my private life both myself and one of my daughters is involved in music and our schedules for the coming year will see us both traveling a lot ,so I wanted someone to help out with Pure Idol Heart.

I also wanted a female view on the genre for Pure Idol Heart, from someone who wasn`t in the music industry, but appreciated idol genre and music just the same. I wanted a voice of the fans for the fans so to speak.

From this has become IchidAIDORU.

In the first volume of IchidAIDORU, Meika presents the idol group Himekyun Fruit Can, if you do not know who this group is; I have left a preview video to wet your taste buds for what Meika has to offer.

Now here is how you the readers of Pure Idol Heart can help , Pure Idol Heart ,Idolyrics and IchidAIDORU ,please follow these links to Meika`s site and volume one of IchidAIDORU. Leave her a few kind words of encouragement as she shifts from lyric translations to idol columnist and on my site, let me know if you like to see Meika join Pure Idol Heart in some type of way.

Pure Idol Heart and Idolyrics would like to welcome you to IchidAIDORU; we hope that you will like what is presented as time goes on.

Himekyun Fruit Can Video Tease

For the rest of Himekyun Fruit Can and IchidAIDORU #1 ,please visit our partner site

Friday, November 11, 2011

The Power Of AKB48

The Power Of AKB48

It`s very difficult to walk through the streets of Tokyo and not see something endorsed by AKB48. It`s difficult to turn on your television and not see a product ad by AKB48 members, or see them on a variety show, theirs or a guest. It`s difficult to turn on your television and not see a member in a drama or movie. It`s common to look at the various music charts and see AKB48 setting record after record ,this chart topping success ,has now started to extend to world music charts [largely due to domestic sales] . Yet none of these things created or displayed the force to create noise in the music industry as one harmless promotion.

Recently AKB48 entered into a deal with the postal service to create member stamps, something that famous or historic figures have done in every country of the world. When it came time for the stamps to be released, the postal service decided to set it up so people can order it online.

Simple enough right, when time came for the promotion to start, the demand for stamps was so great that it crashed the postal service web site.

Fans reacted with concern that they would not be able to get the stamps as a result of the interruption, that the postal service urged anyone who wanted to stamps to get them at their local office and that the stamps are print on order, so there is no worry of not getting the stamps.

When you reach the point that large numbers of supporters in one nation, worry over what is little more than a sticker that you can collect or put on an envelope, you have left the point of just being a group and entered the point of being a powerful franchise. It`s power in a kind of, this is a kind of wow, this is cool type of moment. Will it go down in history as one of those iconic moments in history? no ,it`s just one of those wow this is cool or interesting  moments, that we have come to expect from AKB48 ,just as we came to expect when Morning Musume shook the foundations of the genre with Love Machine.

The campaign will continue until January 9, 2012.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

AKB48 Ue Kara Mariko

AKB48 Ue Kara Mariko

Mariko gets her chance at the center as the new AKB48 single PV “Ue Kara Mariko” was released earlier today. In the PV the members put on their best cosplay outfits and have a janken tournament .There are various close-up shots and Mariko centered dance segment.

I wouldn`t call this an epic AKB PV, it is however a solid song and video, with enough close-up shots that if you are a fan of one of the 16 Senbatsu members to satisfy your desires.

[Sorry that I could not get this up earlier ,I had things to tend to]

Alternate link in case of delete