Wednesday, August 29, 2012

TIF 2012 Idol Talk

 Tokyo Idol Festival had a number of interview areas . Kawaii girl Japan sponsors a stage and translated some of the interview segments.
Cheeky Parade

Lyrical School

The story of STK48 [Stalker 48 Hours] [it`s an idol backstage joke] and other items of talk

Sakura Gakuin makes a surprise drop in

This is the story of Vanilla Beans [not TIF Related]
Near the end is a cool concept story ,if you want to know more about the group

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

More info on Palet's CD Debut

Palet, Passpo's newly formed sister group, are officially making their CD debut this September 10th, with their mini album titled Hello, Palet. Since I really like Passpo, I really have high expectations for these girls. I wonder what type of idols they will become.

Full Tracklist
1. Fly Away
2. Mune no Button
3. Nijiiro Horizon
5. Hashitemita
6. I miss you
7. Ichigo Kibun

I Miss You and Fly Away

You can visit Palet's English fan website to learn more about the members and for regular updates on Palet.

3 Shot Live

3 Shot Live
A special three group live ,we have SK☆IP ,TNK24 and Osaka BB Wave




Osaka BB Wave


Monday, August 27, 2012


TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE is a group that I don`t listen to often ,simply because there are so many idol units and my interests are mostly around underground/Independent Idol groups .However some promo teases got me curious with this release and I am glad that I took the time to focus on TGS .

“Bad Flower” is one of the best if not the best release in my opinion they have released in their young career.

I especially liked the dark atmosphere as it reminded me of the atmosphere of an idol project that I am working on away from Pure Idol Heart ,and not to mention other idol groups that have danced into this dark atmosphere.

Their staff and the group did a perfect job in capturing the atmosphere and as a group the ladies vocals and performances continue to improve with each outing they have.

東京女子流*[PV] Bad Flower【SSTVplus】 by f100003118117006

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Major Changes to The 48`s

At the opening day of the AKB48 Tokyo Dome concert series a major shuffle was announced effecting every group in the 48 family .These changes included members moving to China and Indonesia ,Lovetan to HKT48 ,Milky and more on the move .The members moving overseas asked to move ,Lovetan reportedly asked to move to HKT48 to be with Sasshi.

The amount of transfers is too great to cover one by one ,so here is some briefs and the full list.

Takahashi Minami has been made leader of all the AKB groups , her official title is General Manager of AKB48 groups. She is still performing ,it`s just like being named leader of Hello!Project that Aichan held when she was leader of Morning Musume.
Shinoda Mariko is leader of Team A , Oshima Yuko is leader of Team K and Umeda Ayaka is leader of Team B. Team 4 has ended .

Miyazawa Sae and Suzuki Mariya are going to China to be with SNH48 .Takajo Aki and Nakagawa Haruka are going to Indonesia to be with JKT48 to help JKT48 members get better.

Lovetan as mentioned is going to HKT48 ,Milky of NMB48 is joining AKB48 Team B

Captain moves
Takahashi Minami: Team A captain to AKB48 Groups’ General Manager

Shinoda Mariko: Team A to Team A Captain(replaces: Takahashi Minami)
Oshima Yuko: Team K to Team K Captain(replaces Akimoto Sayaka)
Umeda Ayaka: Team K to Team B Captain(replaces: Kashiwagi Yuki)

Member Moves

Yokoyama Yui: Team K to MNB48/AKB A
Kitahara Rie: Team B to SKE48 / AKB K
Ishida Anna: SKE48 to SKE48 / AKB B
Ota Aika: AKB48 to HKT48
Miyazawa Sae:  AKB48 to SNH48
Suzuki Mariya: AKB48 to SNH48
Takajo Aki:  AKB48 to JKT48
Nakagawa Haruka: AKB48 to JKT48
Iwata Karen: Team 4 to Team A
Abe Maria: Team 4 to Team K
Watanabe Mayu: Team B to Team A
Kojima Haruna: Team A to Team B
Mutou Tomu: Kenkyuusei to Team K
Oba Mina: Team 4 to Team B
Akimoto Sayaka: Team K to Team K
Nakamata Shiori: Team 4 to Team A
Ichikawa Miori: Team 4 to Team B
Kasai Tomomi: Team B to Team A
Kato Rena: Team 4 to Team B
Matsui Jurina: SKE48 S to SKE / AKB K
Nakamura Mariko: Team 4 to Team B
Nakata Chisato: Team A to Team K
Nito Moeno: Team K to Team A
Oya Shizuka: Team A to Team B
Maeda Ami: Team A to Team K
Tano Yuuka: Team 4 to Team A
Itano Tomomi: Team K to Team K
Iwasa Misaki: Team A to Team B
Kobayashi Mirina: Team A to Team A
Sato Amina: Team B to Team K
Shimazaki Haruka: Team 4 to Team B
Sato Sumire: Team B to Team A
Ishida Haruka: Team B to Team B
Matsui Sakiko: Team K to Team A
Kuramochi Asuka: Team A to Team K
Katayama Haruka: Team A to Team B
Kotani Riho: NMB48 to NMB48/AKB A
Nakaya Sayaka: Team A to Team K
Yamauchi Suzuran: Team 4 to Team B
Morikawa Ayaka: Team A to Team A
Uchida Mayumi: Team K to Team K
Fujie Reina: Team K to Team B
Kawaei Rina: Team 4 to Team K
Izuta Rina: Team A to Team A
Mitsumune Kaoru: Kenkyuusei to Team K
Natori Wakana: Team B to Team B
Tanabe Miku: Team K to Team B
Sato Natsuki: Team B to Team A
Iriyama Anna: Team 4 to Team A
Chikano Rina: Team B to Team K
Kashiwagi Yuki: Team B to Team B
Nagao Mariya: Team 4 to Team K
Takeuchi Miyu: Team 4 to Team B
Kikuchi Ayaka: Team K to Team A
Suzuki Shihori: Team B to Team K
Oshima Ryoka: Kenkyuusei to Team A
Fujita Nana: Team K to Team K
Kobayashi Kana: Team B to Team K
Minegishi Minami: Team K to Team B
Kojima Natsuki: Team B to Team B
Nakatsuka Tomomi: Team K to Team A
Shimada Haruka: Team 4 to Team K
Watanabe Miyuki: NMB48 to NMB48/AKB B
Masuda Yuka: Team B to Team K
Takahashi Juri: Team 4 to Team A
Nonaka Misato: Team K to Team B
Miyazaki Miho: Team B to Team K
Matsubara Natsumi: Team A to Team K

Friday, August 24, 2012

Doll Factory

One of the stages at Tokyo Idol Festival is called Doll Factory .

One of the girls you will see in this program ,is a member of Tsunku`s Backstage Pass Café and a Morning Musume 11 gen audition member.

As to the Morning Musume 11th gen audition connection
Ono Haruka
3:16 on this clip ,she is a trainee in Nice Girl Project and works at Backstage Pass Idol Café .The girls that follow her are also from Tsunku`s Nice Girl Project.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sugamoto Yuko to Enter Cooking School

Four of the five leaving members have started talking about why they are leaving and the newspaper rumors ,to which was the only thing up to this point any one had to go on.

All Yuko did was exchange e-mail with a fan and responded to comment a fan made ,all other rumors are not true and she is stressing that major media stop saying that she had sleepovers with boys, underage drinking and smoking and other rumors about her and the other leaving members.

However exchanging mail with fans breaks idol rules as you are showing favoritism to one fan and creating jealousy among other fans , making you have marketing issues. She was given the option to stay and decided not to.

She has resigned for lacking self-awareness that an idol needs and to chase a dream in her heart.

As to her future Sugamoto Yuko is going to enter cooking school after the end of her High School year and has set up a new twitter so fans can support her on her new journey.

Her new Twitter is and she already has 30,000 followers.

I hope that Yuko and the other former members of HKT48 ,can find the happiness they are searching for and may not have found as idols.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

HKT48 Meltdown

Just a short time ago HKT48 the young sister group to AKB48 had a meltdown with five members leaving the group to a wide range of rumors ,talk of betrayal .

Five members of HKT48 quit [4 maybe fired], their profiles removed and their accounts in the process of being deleted.





The members are Eto Sayaka, Komori Yui, Sugamoto Yuko, Taniguchi Airi and Nakanishi Ayaka.
The official reason is personal reasons and with that the speculation begins. There are a number of boyfriend and other more damaging conduct rumors floating around and Komori had a quickly deleted post about feeling betrayed by a member she went to for advice possibly in relation to what Eto, Sugamoto, Taniguchi and Nakanishi were doing . She seems to have quit after feeling hurt beyond forgiveness.

As the ages range from 13 to 18 management is not required by law to release information regarding this situation, so the official reason of personal reasons is all they are required to comment on.

On a personal note I really dislike reporting about idol careers ending in scandals, I always feel a mix of sadness and disappointment at careers ending in poor judgment

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Making their PIH Debut is a group created from the mind of Tommy february6 [Kawase Tomoko of The Brilliant Green who also is known as Tommy Heavenly6].
Tommy as Heavenly6

Tommy`s wonderful mind has done it again ,this time spinning her magic to create AMOYAMO a group that she not only wrote the songs for , produced the songs ,but selected the costumes and shoot location. In other words ,everything about this unit comes from her mind and heart.
AMOYAMO is of course AMO and AYAMO

They have a mini album out now ,with some good songs

Sayu and Baseball

Morning Musume`s leader Michishige Sayumi is doing the announcements in the background of this professional baseball game . Her high pitched anime voice when players come to at bat is ten minutes of greatness of cuteness.

20120814sayumi_michisige by gavere1

Monday, August 13, 2012

Alice No. 10 [Alice Juban]: Cash

Alice No. 10 [Alice Juban] visit a variety game show in hopes of winning cash .

Saturday, August 11, 2012

S★KIP , SO.ON project

Two units making their PIH debuts

This is a good vocal group ,the thing about Indies is that groups at this level can be hit or miss at times ,this is one group we need to consider for more regular PIH coverage. In somewhat of a surprise Shikoku Island is turning into a hotbed for Idol groups as a number of groups that have been on PIH have come from Shikoku .

SO.ON project

Another group making their PIH debut from Osaka is SO.ON project.
Another group with standout vocals and an army of members to choose from. This unit could really be something special down the road.

Who said you had to study in school, lol

Himekyun Fruit Can on MJTV

Fresh from their breakout [notice the costumes] and taking a break from being on the run ,the lovely sometimes skeletons ,sometimes Lolita`s ,currently escapees [they have some creative costumes] Himekyun Fruit Can drop by MJTV to issue their demands ,force you to watch their new PV [again notice the costumes] and tour info.

Idol Group: SIR 2012

Making their PIH Debut the idol group Sanspo Idol Reporter 2012 ,from the 2012 Tokyo Idol Festival

This unit has pages of 30 minute programs and other features on their YouTube Page


Lyrical School

When you’re on the lower end of the idol genre ladder of fame , you have to be creative in promoting yourself .
Here is a look at what this unit decided to do one nght.

First Single PV from this idol-rap group

PS-This unit is the former unit named Tengal6

They like blogger

Friday, August 10, 2012

Himekyun Fruit Can

The idols of canned fruit new single PV was aired on TIF 2012 TIF Studio

TIF Studio

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Station ,CQC`s ,Starmarie

Station has released a new single called Kimi e no Chizu .It`s an outdoor shoot featuring the group and their love of trains.

CQC`s company has filed for bankruptcy ,the group however is planning to transfer to another company and for now are continuing with scheduled events
They have a blog and twitter but almost never use it as they depend mostly on their homepage.

Starmarie has a new single out .
Starmarie has a small but loyal fan base .You will not see this unit on the upper end of Oricon ,however they put on an entertaining live show.

Live Show
PS- Starmarie members are also part of the multi group idol group ALLOVER

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

PIH Live House : TIF 2012 Special

This live house presentation is a Tokyo Idol Festival 2012 special with lives from the two-day festival.

Dorothy Little Happy [From Hot Stage]

The Smile Garden stage is one of the first events that you go to at the festival

Cheeky Parade


Multi Act Jamboree

Another Stage that you attend is the Sky Stage

Tochiotome 25

Unless they get deleted ,i plan to bring you footage of the other stages that you experience at Tokyo Idol Festival. TIF is a two-day 50 mostly independent ,small major idol group’s festival ,which is semi hosted by Idoling!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Morning Musume BVS

Due to the Olympics the program didn`t air , but will resume next week ,so here is the song battle episode subbed to watch instead. As a refresher ,this is the episode when Sayu was hit in the eye and admitted that in concerts her mic is turned lower than others as she can`t sing well .Reina finds herself in controversy again and 9-10th gen are out of control as usual.

PIH Live House : ORI☆vsHIKO☆

Recently Michinoku Sendai ORI ☆ HIMETAI held a special live event ,this live was 90 minutes long and was related to the fashion event that i posted a few days ago.
Note the first seven minutes and change is narration and along with other events on the show one cute moment is 20 minutes in ,when they do an English Press Conference skit.

Bonus Fashion show at the event

PIH Live House : Himekyun Fruit Can & nanoCUNE


Himekyun with their new costumes that look like the latest in prison wear is joined by sister unit nanoCUNE.

If you never watched Himekyun before , you should give them a look ,especially if you like Passpo.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Michinoku Sendai ORI ☆ HIMETAI Hold Fashion Show

Late to the party with this one ,recently the idols of earthquake reconstruction Michinoku Sendai ORI ☆ HIMETAI held their own fan vote costume fashion show.

So if you have a free 40 minutes and like fashion or just cute idols ,welcome to their fashion show.

Idol Group :Babyraids

It`s not often that an active idol becomes involved with the creation of a new idol group ,yet that is exactly what Idoling!!! Member Kikuchi Ami has done.

Please welcome  Babyraids [Baby Rays] and let me say upfront ,when you hear them sing ,you’re going to be very impressed . The quality of idol genre has upgraded with this unit .
So before we get into the members and Ami`s participation, let’s go right to the performance part of this presentation.

While Ami can`t claim  ownership as they are officially under contract to the agency she works for ,"LesPros entertainment" ,she has to be one proud senior/advisor as she and LesPros have step up to the plate and hit a homerun with this unit.

So now that we know that they can bring the goods to the table ,let`s look at Ami and the Babyraids more closely in this series of introduction videos as Ami does her best Tsunku impression. She makes a pretty good one at that ,watching over the young ones like a proud mother, producer, manager, elder all rolled into one.

In these clips you will see Babyraids ,but also a different side of Ami then she shows on TV with Idoling!!!.

The rest of the story is on their home page

PIH Live : SCK Girls

Making a return live visit are the idols of smiles ,earthquake survival and recovery SCK Girls.The girls are doing their best to return the happiness to their home region.
half way in ,is a really cute solo song.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Dancing Dolls - Osaka Dance Cover...ers

Originating from the Osaka is new dance and vocal unit, Dancing Dolls.

With an average age of 16, these 5 childhood friends have uploaded dance cover videos to sites like Niconico Douga and Youtube. Their videos have become very popular, gathering thousands of views. Not only that, but their first one-man live held in Osaka Americamura gathered 300 people, making it a big success! As a group, so far, they've based their activities in Osakajou Park (Or "Shiroten"), garnering audiences of 500 people each performance with increasing fans.

Their debut single, which will be released on September 12, is to be a double A-side. Junhai Darling, one of the A-sides and a cover of a popular ORANGE RANGE song "Junhai Honey", is already released digitally through Chaku-Uta.

The members, in order of the picture from left to right, are:
ASUKA (あすか) - Dance, Chorus
Birthday: August 31, 1995
Blood Type: A
Traits: Big voice, older twin sister of KYOKA

Misaki (みさき) - Vocals, Rap, Dance, Choreography
Birthday: July 24, 1995
Blood Type: B
Special Skill: Home economics in general

Hono (ほの) - Vocals, Dance
Birthday: June 30, 1997
Blood Type: O
Hobby: Smiling

Mii (みい) - Main vocals, Dance
Birthday: April 6, 1996
Blood Type: B
Special Skill: Voice imitation

Kyoka (きょうか) - Dance, Chorus
Birthday: August 31, 1995
Blood Type: A
Traits: Natural airhead, younger twin sister of ASUKA

Another awesome dancing group! Dancing always gets me interested in a group and this is no exception! Watching their videos, their choreography is united, filled with energy, smiles, and at times, is more advanced than other idol units (Though I'm not sure if they're idols, since no sites mention it). Even major, who usually get better choreography than indie groups, I find. MISAKI, the oldest member, choreographs their dances, which further impresses me about their dances. With their singing, I also think that it's better than other groups, and I like that they harmonize together, which is always nice to hear since idol groups usually sing in unison. (Sorry for all the idol comparisons ^.^;) As for their "image", I guess you could say, I find it adorable how they're all childhood friends and so already have chemistry with each other. I also think it's cool how twins were put into the group. I think there were twins in SDN48 (Not sure, though, since I've never really followed them), but other than that, I don't know of any CURRENT examples of twins working together in music, though I'm probably wrong. Their debut was announced recently, but they've been active for about half a year, so I wish that I would've discovered them earlier. But, better late than never, and I can't wait to see what they can bring as I follow them from now on!

EKKUSU EKKUSU, Original Song

30-Minute Live

AWESOME Original Dance Choreogaphed by Misaki to Akatsuki Arrival (Vocaloid). Singing and Heels Bonus!

Official Site
Official Facebook
Official Twitter

Lady Go!!

This is a new group to PIH . Lady Go!! Is a three member unit under the leadership of Suzuki Hiwako [Hiwarin] ,Mochizuki Miu [MIU MIU] , and the destroyer Tanimoto Chihiro [Chi-Chi] .

This group is really new and their fan base is not large yet ,however they perform and face their situation with smiles, after all every group has to have a starting point ,you just don`t wake up to tens of thousands of fans .

It`s hard to say if this unit will make it, with underground idols , it’s really hard to forecast .Some you think will be the next Morning Musume ,will be gone in 6 months ,while others you think have very little staying power will end up finding their way and be around for 8 years .

OK they are cute but how are they singing .Their lives feature a mix range of songs from many decades of Japanese and Western Music [ABBA Dancing Queen sung in English]

Dancing Queen

Their YouTube page has more videos and links to their Home Page ,Face Book and Nico Nico Page]

PIH Live House : Two Shot

PIH Live House : Two Shot

Here is a two shot of idol live goodness . No voting on this however if you want to leave a score in the comments you can 1 being low 5 being best score [2,3,4, in between]

First up we have café idols Angel Generation

Closing out this live is Marry Doll

[They have a great live intro and lead off song]