Monday, April 26, 2010

Morning Musume`s Next Single Review

Morning Musume`s next single Seishun Collection has come out on radio.

First reactions are mixed for me and some other reviewers, first it reminds me of Nanchatte Renai in tempo . The song has a mainstream feel to it and if you’re a fan of Morning Musume ,wanting to see them catch AKB48 ,this could be a bad thing ,based on how wotas and mainstream fans view each other in relationship to Morning Musume.

With Morning Musume ,unlike AKB48 completely dependent on wotas to survive and their particular song tastes ,I have some concerns about how the sales response will be from those who support Morning Musume the most .

Seishun Collection is a good song for Morning Musume to start making the changes needed in fan base direction , however it maybe another example of a good song that is undervalued in mainstream sales ,based on the artist’s name on the CD and the company that they keep.

If this same release was done by AKB48 it would easily sale at the 300,000 + rate that they are currently enjoying for singles & albums .

Sadly I feel that Seishun Collection is a good song that will likely make some fans happy and others disappointed and it’s overall sales will reflect this conflict of interests.


  1. People should stop caring about sales D: Seriously, it shoudn't affect your opinion on the song. Also, saying it's bad because they won't catch up to AKB48 (and now SKE) is lame. AKB girls worked their asses off for three years and right now are getting the rewards of it, so they deserve their current fame. MM already had their 15 minutes of fame, so why worrying about sales?.
    It's like saying the Rolling Stones need to catch up on Lady Gaga. It doesn't make sense.

  2. Wow, this is a song I'm really looking forward to watching the PV for. But even without the PV, this song is really good (in my opinion). This song is like going back to the good old days of MM, and I really like it. =3

    It's a happier song compared to the mellow and sadness we're currently getting with MM. (Well, apart from Kimagure Princess and the most recent one... Can't remember the song name for it is too long...@@) Ha~

    It's more of their genre of music after Nanchatte Renai that got me feeling a bit meh with MM for me... This is a great improvement from the previous ones.

    Although I must admit the intro the song was like listening to Nanchatte Renai, or Shougani Yumeoibito's intro...^^"


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