Friday, May 11, 2012

Birth of a Group Vol 1, 2,

Birth of a Group Vol 1, 2,

One of the things that I love about idol genre both major and Indie is that it gives the girl next door a chance to become a celebrity be it a major or local by becoming an idol .As long as you have a company vision and girls with dreams, it doesn`t matter the size or level of your company, girls just want to become idols.

Here in the world of Indies you won`t find the Tsunku legion of 1,000`s of hopefuls, instead you get 100`s just doing their best to reach their idol dream.

Instead of the Tsunku`s and Aki-P`s who make everything they touch earn millions. You have, small Independent producers, wotas [yes they create idol groups], self-created groups, singer/song writers such as myself taking our money and giving girls a chance to live their idol dreams.

Everyday more and more groups are starting as there is no better time in the genre to be starting groups as the media and sponsors sees value in the genre again.

Here is a look at two of the many units nationwide that are getting underway and the all hands on deck style this level is.

FLAP GiRLs` ScHooL [Yes it`s spelled that way] has been holding auditions to find its members and will be making their debut on June 3.

The girls who reached the final staged auditioned in front of wotas

Vol 2


This PV shows the fun you can have with no budget

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