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NMB48 Debut PV “Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo“!

NMB48 Debut PV “Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo“!

NMB48 finally gets their time to shine and wow what a debut, the music and action scenes are upbeat, modern and tell a good story. The vocals are well done and near the end of the PV NMB48 steals some costumes from SDN48`s costume chest .This is worth checking out if your a fan of the 48 franchise.

“Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo“! Will be released on July 20

EDIT-  download file .
Note- This is mirrored [meaning ,left is right ,right is left so to speak ] 
All non mirrored versions are gone for now.

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Dorothy Little Happy - Mission Happiness 29 June 2011

Finally I got to catch Dorothy Little Happy Ustream show Mission in Happiness. I was still at work just like last week, but this time I have less guys walking behind my workstation. And a big plus, I managed to find a way to download the Ustream streaming video! It pays to be in the technical field of work. :-)

The show started early... well, it didn't "start" per se, but 30 minutes before they go on air, the Ari TV crew were testing out the cams and the DLH girls were prepping for the show. No audio, but we can see the girls are in high spirits. It's great to see them in their own casual clothing instead of the usual glitter and glamor.
Already the Twitter channel have messages pouring in, and just like last week's show, you can send in an email or tweets so the girls can read and respond to it. From right, Kana, Ruuna, Mari, Koumi and Mimori. Behind them is a TV showing a clip of their concert in April, which eventually will be put out on DVD called "Journey to Oz". Get it? Yes, that's really the title of the DVD. :-)
On the desk, is laptop logged on to their Ustream page where they can read the viewer's messages via Twitter. Mimori is holding up a sign that says "we are still in preparation".

Then the camera stopped and then started back again. Once again, no audio. Girls are hanging around waiting for showtime. Kana then came up to the camera and posed a peace sign - because somebody requested her to do it via Twitter. Now that's why she's my favourite of the group, she's the oldest but she can just be so cute sometimes. She's also the mature one there, while she's promoting the show and merchandise with the crew, the other girls just goof around.
Mimori seems very proud of her artworks. Then Kana showed a picture of herself, noted by Mimori's sign, when she was 14 years old (She's currently 17).

Mimori and Ruuna decided to do sketching competition, at the request of a fan tweet - drawing a girl with glasses.

Then a break. I went away for a bit, and came back later to find the show has started 4 minutes already. I'm not sure if it is OK for me to put up the video here, but if it is not allowed... anyways this only first 10 minutes of the show.

The girls commented about how nervous they were in the concert shown on the TV, and how they have improved in dancing now. Then they read and respond to the tweets. Mimori announces their next event appearances this weekend.

Then Kana introduces members of Bee-F.L.T. (pronounced Bee Flat) who will opening for their live show on Sunday. At this point onwards, we get to see Ruuna's character just like how I see it in her blog posts - full of lame jokes and just plain weird (in a cute way of course :)).

Then the girl talk about their live shows, crowd reaction and where at one point they have technical problems onstage and they suspect there is a ghost present... and moved on the next topic.

And the show proceeded from then on... what I've noticed.
- Unlike mainstream variety shows where it is supervised by an experienced MC and everything is well formated, this one is a total "organized chaos". Which is a welcome break from the monotonous one-format shows we see on TV.
- On the girls - Kana is the big bossy sister + leader (obviously) who loves to study, Ruuna is the goof-ball afraid of ghosts, Mari is the goodie girly-girly girl, Koumi is the quiet supporting role, and Mimori is the topper and attention grabber .

Then next "Mission Orders" - Apparently it is confirmed that the DLH girls will be involved in a short dorama! (perhaps aired in Ari-TV or produced in DVD). Ruuna is afraid of the idea because she was afraid a ghost will appear again, to which the others advised her to eat salt. :)
Now the girls are required to come up with ideas to be included in the DVD. Fans also then poured in ideas via Twitter. Among them - cooking contest, dance battle, sports fest, test/exam, intro-quiz, funny faces contest, water sports ..... what familiar ideas, at this point I realized that a lot of the audience of this show today could be Morning Musume fans too. But my favorite idea was doing a band ala Bee-Mine and Scandal, which Mari love so much. Mari also came up with a camping trip, that way they could do almost all of the given ideas (sports,test,water games etc etc).

Due to lack of time, they decided on on:
- Long somen eating contest
- Sports fest
- Camping trip
- Dorama
- Test

With that show ends.

Email (send in ideas for the show):
Show URL:

- Test

AKB48 vs. Nogizaka46

AKB48 vs. Nogizaka46

It`s now official, as AKB48 is so big that no other unit can match them, their creator has
entered “Castle Akimoto” and a rival will be born.

Please welcome to the idol wars Nogizaka46.

Confirmation has come that Akimoto Yasushi will in fact create an rival unit to go head to head against AKB48. This unit will be called Nogizaka46.

Nogizaka46 name comes from as I mentioned yesterday from being the office location of Sony Music Entertainment .The 46 is the number of members this unit will have. The reason that the unit will have 46 and not 48 was explained by Akimoto “Although there are fewer members than AKB48, they will not lose.”

Auditions will start on July 20, with follow up rounds on August 6 and 7 nationwide in 7 cities. Everyone that passes stage two will move to stage three on August 20 and 21.

20 girls will be selected for debut in October.  The unit will be a major label artist for Sony and will take part in music releases, live events and variety shows with the mission to become more popular then AKB48.

One thing to keep in mind, years ago Akimoto mentioned in an interview that AKB48 was something that he could see lasting around ten years.  Could this new unit not only be a new rival for AKB48, but the building blocks for the day that AKB48 ends and this concept of Idols that you can meet will live on in Nogizaka46?  If that is the case, then Akimoto looks set to control the top spot in the genre for years to come.

So much could have been different today in this genre, if companies had viewed AKB48 for the rivals they truly are, instead the sands of time moved on and Nogizaka46 will now carry the flag of battle to AKB48.

Will this be a true idol battle of rivals or more of the same? , Only time will tell and the idol community and media  will be watching closely.

Nogizaka46 HP

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AKB48 To Get A Rival?

AKB48 To Get A Rival?

This is breaking news and, let me say this could just be  the AKB48 marketing machine at work again. This same company that tried for two days to convince the nation that a CGI Idol was a real girl and a new member of AKB48. A move by the way that is still making headlines.

Therefore, with that out of the way, word is coming out that AKB48 is getting a rival unit. According to various mainstream media outlets Sony records has asked Akimoto Yasushi to create a rival unit to AKB48 for Sony Records.

This unit is being speculated  to have the working title of “Nogizaka46” .Nogizaka by the way is Sony’s HQ office building location “Nogizaka, Minato, Tokyo” .There is no explanation for the 46 number.

According to various mainstream media outlets, the unit will have auditions shortly, with more information scheduled to be released later.

Sony on it`s part have reportedly announced  “that we will strike hard with this project. This will be a serious competitor and strike AKB48 hard."

Let’s say for a moment, that this is not Aki-P trying to blow smoke up the collective backside of idolhood, what could be the motivation, outside the usual”.

Could it be that AKB48 has become so famous that the members feel they can relax without the fear of a real threat? Could this be a different image and concept that he could not do with AKB48?

With 48`s starting up across Japan and ventures into other countries to set up stores and theaters , now this ,at what point does Akimoto start biting off the hand that feeds him and pushes one project over the line and wotas start looking for something fresh.

It can very well happen suddenly ,just go over to Hello!Project and look .At one time no one outside of Pink Lady and Speed could match up with Morning Musume , now they are in a desperate battle to out sale new fresh idol units .

More developments to this story as they break.


AKB48 Dating Game Round 2

AKB48 Dating Game Round 2

AKB48 is releasing a new PSP dating simulation game on October 6. The game will be  titled “AKB 1/48 Idol to Guam de Koishitara. This time you are going to Guam to try to win the heart of your favorite AKB48 member. The game will feature many swimsuit shots from the members and the confession scenes recorded in Guam.

In addition, the game will come in three versions a Regular Edition, a Limited Edition that will include bonus footage and a First Press Limited Edition that will include goods and bonus footage.

At the press conference, Nito Moeno mentioned a scene of hers. “There’s a scene where I go down a hill on my bike in a residential area and at the bottom they had a camera set up and I was supposed to stop perfectly in front of it, which was really difficult”.

Sashihara jumped in to say the following “There are two kinds of shots: a confession scene when you do things correctly and a scene where you get the cold shoulder. However, I think the cold shoulder scene is more interesting, so make sure to do that one (haha)”.

Sounds like Sashihara wants to play hard to get, lol.

SDN48 3rd Generation

SDN48 3rd Generation

This falls under the heading of life is complicated and I just missed this news item.
Recently SDN48 announced their 3rd generation members at Tokyo Dome City Hall.

3rd generation is made up of the following members.

Former AKB48 Team A members Tojima Hana and Komatani Hitomi, models Hayakawa Sayo and Shinahama Saemi .Coming over from Avex are Kojo Seara and miray .The last member is from Korea by the name of Siyeon.

L-R :Hitomi, Hana, Seara, Sayo, Siyeon, miray, Saemi

Kojo Seara
Nickname: Unknown
Birthday: January 10th, 1988
From: Kyoto
Bloodtype: Unknown

Komatani Hitomi
Nickname: Hiichan, Hiipink
Birthday: December 16th, 1988
From: Saitama prefecture
Blood type: O

Shinahama Saemi
Nickname: Saemi-chan, Sae
Birthday: July 20th, 1989
From: Tokyo
Blood type: A

Real name: Jung Siyeon
Birthday: March 11th, 1983
From: South Korea

Tojima Hana
Nickname: Hana-chan
Birthday: July 11th, 1988
From: Saitama prefecture
Blood type: B

Hayakawa Sayo
Nickname: Unknown
Birthday: May 23rd, 1983
From: Fukuoka prefecture
Blood type: AB

Nickname: Unknown
Birthday: July 5th, 1983
From: Osaka
Blood type: AB

In addition, SDN48 member Ninomiya Yuka has left the group to enter theater work.
Tanisaki Tomomi has also left to find a different dream.

My apologies for not posting this sooner.

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H!P: LinLin And JunJun Return ,Riho Gets Photobook

H!P: LinLin And JunJun Return ,Riho Gets Photobook

The lovable girls that fans kindly labeled Panda Musume have returned to Japan. Little is known about their mission here , however LinLin was at the recent Morning Musume concert to as she calls it “going home to see the family” .Rumors are also flying around the wota circles that Eri and family was also at the same concert.

Now everything happens for a reason in music , the question here is what is the secondary reason for the return visit ? Is work being lined up , now that LinLin has become a star on Chinese variety TV again?

Let the rumor mill run wild as we wait for any developments .

A LinLin fan has taken the blog photos and made a cool video presentation of her return. No shots of JunJun yet ,just a message that she is here also.

EDIT- Fresh shot of JunJun Looking Relaxed

Speaking of developing, the future ace of Morning Musume Sayashi Riho is going to be showing off her charm in her first photobook and DVD.

Both will be released in August and the first pressing of the DVD will include lottery tickets for a special Okinawa gift package.



AKB48 took over the SHIBUYA TSUTAYA store on June 23, 24 as part of a new promotion campaign for their DVD “AKB48 Ga Ippai ~ The Best Music Video ~”.

Staff decorated the store  with  official pictures and outfits from their music videos to the large monitor screen which played their new DVD, every inch of the store became dedicated to AKB48 ,thus becoming in a way AKB48 TSUTAYA .

On June 24, members of AKB48 showed up at the store and signed their pictures on the walls of the store for two hours.

In related news, six AKB48 members made an appearance at SHIBUYA 109 and the building currently has a large billboard poster of Kashiwagi Yuki, which you can see as you walk by.

The DVD includes 36 of their music video including “Beginner”, “Heavy Rotation”, and “Ponytail no Shu Shu”.

For more photos of the store make over you can go here

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Virtual Idols In Japan

Gaki has been covering a series of posts regarding Eguchi Aimi, whom is dubbed as the face of AKB48 in what they call a "perfect idol". The response from the public, some loved it, while some cried "FAKE!". (presumably...)

But "virtual idols" are not new in Japan entertainment.

Since the beginning of time, mankind seek perfection in whatever subject they find. Idols are no exception. People have a vision of what a perfect "something" in their mind, and in the case of Japanese idols, some have decided to showcase in what they think is a perfect idol.

First Generation - Anime
Way back in the early 1980's, the hit mecha anime Super Dimensional Fortress Macross have shown their version of what they think is a perfect idol - Lynn Minmay.

Lynn Minmay is a civilian aboard the Macross spaceship whose raw talent was discovered and then further groomed her to not only be a pop idol, but a symbol of hope and peace while humanity fights off invading aliens such as the Zentradi. Macross portrayed Minmay as a young teen struggling to come to terms with her insecurity, doubts on love relationships and her pop stardom - just like any other ordinary teen. Singer Iijima Mari sung Minmay's songs and she is associated with the anime character ever since. So, in my mind Lynn Minmay is the earliest successful form of a virtual idol - albeit in the form of anime character.

From the mid 80's onwards other "acts" have tried to emulate the success of Minmay, notably Megazone 23's Tokimatsu Eve and Takanaka Yui. Although not as famous as Minmay, the idea of anime virtual idol stuck and evolved over the years.
Yui Takanaka in Megazone 23

Second Attempt - 3D
Almost 10 years later in year 1996, technology has improved and people began too look for something as close to realism as possible. It is also a time where 3D animation got a big boom. That's where Kyoko Date and Terai Yuki come in.

Produced by Hori Puro talent agency, Kyoko Date was first conceptualized to be a dating simulation game character, but somehow decided to market her as a "real" talent under the agency, even produced a song for her. Unfortunately, Kyoko's popularity lasted only a few months, however all the publicity invested in her has increased HoriPuro's company image. There were future versions created in 2002 and another one in 2007 (active in Second Life).

Another 3D virtual idol picked up where Kyoto left off. Terai Yuki was originally an character in manga artist Kutsugi Kenichi's manga "Libido" but later was 3D-modeled. At that time, her bio states that she is 17 years old, 3 sizes 89-59-85, 166 cm tall, loves jazz and idolizes Sarah Vaughan. Her birthdate is set at 9th September 2000 however, meaning that she is a time traveller who came from the futuristic world of the year 2017.
Terai was well received by the masses, that in between 1999 to 2001 she is seen TV commercials, photobooks, PV, singles (produced with Avex), DVDs, magazines, games, softwares, banners etc. Although her popularity waned after that, I believe it has paved the way for virtual idol-ling in 3D-model characters, such as Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball.

Terai Yuki - Fly away alone

(If you are wondering why both of them have short hair? Because long hair is more difficult to animate in realistic 3D)

Third Wave - Hybrid

Again, fast forward 10 years later round about 2007, another virtual idol craze has emerged from the hometown of the otakus, Akibahara culture, Moe maid cafes and pure kawaii-ness - Hatsune Miku. Hatsune is a female character used as a persona to market Vocaloid speech synthesizer, a software designed to simulate vocal speech and song. One may use Vocaloid to replace back-singers if skilled enough. Apparently someone thought otherwise and decided to animate Hatsune Miku, and with sampling audio from singer/voice actress Fujita Saki, a new virtual star is born.
Unlike her predecessors, Hatsune Miku appeared in both mediums - anime and 3D. Even so far as to create a hologram concert with real live backing bands and all.
Hatsune Miku - Triple Baka

3D & Hologram - Ai Kotoba

So... what next?

So about Eguchi Aimi, fact of the matter that her case could just be a one-off PR project for Glico, because I don't know if it will evolve to ANIMATING Eguchi in a manner that she will be able to sing and dance.

Although Hatsune Miku and the Vocaloids are still quite popular, there seems to be some kind of buzz going on with the emergence of "perfect idol" Eguchi Aimi. A question of morality? Or fear of a possible outcome?

From the pattern there seems to be about a 10-year gap between each virtual idol big break. But it is 2011 after all, and technology has leapt to great heights and there seems to be a possibility that about half a decade later, "real" idols will have to challenge virtual idols on the Oricon charts...

But consider this ->
At a time which where it is possible to "touch" a hologram like Hatsune Miku, and there are people with the notion to marry their digital girlfriends... Will we be seeing idol handshake events in _hologram_ in the future...?

I leave you with ELISA's rendition of Iijima Mari / Lynn Minmay's, the first virtual idol's most memorable song "Do you remember Love?", as we the idol fans continue to seek perfection in song and dance from our favourite idols... be it virtual or otherwise.

Personally, I lean towards "otherwise".

ELISA "Do you remember Love?"

[Lyrics and Translation] Dorothy Little Happy - Miteite Angel

"Miteite Angel" is a B-side love ballad to Dorothy Little Happy's debut single "Jump!". Enjoyed this song a lot, one time I'd played it in infinite loop for a couple hours.
In the beginning and at end of its PV, we see the girls were indulging in a game of looking for four-leaved clovers in the green fields, because the logo for DLH is a four-leaved clover. And if you think four-leaved clovers are rare, think again. Kana has a knack for looking for these gems very quickly. Once she was out jogging in the morning, then veered off to look for a four-leaved clover at some garden and post it in the blog.
Also in the video we saw DLH posing for pictures for the mini PB that accompanies the CD.

Anyways, "Miteite Angel" is like a simple unrequited love song filled with lots of cliches. Sort of like George Michael's "Careless Whispers", also full of cliches but the song was not supposed to have some kind of big message in it. (Heh, I just quoted George Michael, damn I am OLD!)

DLH - Miteite Angel


退屈そうな君を見て 声をかけようとしてやめて
窓をつたう雨を見て不意に 君が好きなんだとわかったの

揺れながら 深く深く 君が今 私の中 広がるの

駆け上がった 丘から見えた
空の青 いつか2人で
明日もっと 近づけるように
きまぐれなエンジェル そこから見ていて

君が呼んでくれたから 自分の名前が好きになったの

泣き出しそう 初めてなの こんな気持ち 全てのものが輝くの

舞い上がった 花びらが作る
虹のコラージュ いつか2人で
きまぐれなエンジェル そこから見ていて

想いがやがて 私から溢れて 君に伝わればいい
揺れながら 熱く熱く 君が今 私の色 塗り替える

駆け上がった 丘から見えた
空の青 いつか2人で
明日もっと 近づけるように
世界中のエンジェル チカラを貸して下さい

舞い上がった 花びらが作る
虹のコラージュ いつか2人で
世界中のエンジェル そこから見ていて

Miteite enjyeru

Taikutsu souna kimi wo mite      koe wo kake you to shite yamete
Mado wo tsutau ame wo mite fuii ni       kimi ga suki nanda to wakatta no

Yure nagara      fukaku fukaku      kimi ga ima      watashi no naka      hirogaru no

Kake agatta      oka kara mieta
sora no ao      itsuka futari de
Ashita motto      chikazukeru you ni
kimagure na enjyeru      sokokara miteite

kimi ga yonde kureta kara      jibun no namae ga suki ni natta no

Nakidashi sou      hajimete nano      konna kimochi      subete no mono ga kagayaku no

Mai agatta      hanabira ga tsukuru
niji no koraaju      itsuka futari de
Ashita motto kimi ga suki dayo
kimagure na enjyeru      soko kara miteite

Omoiga yagate      watashi kara afurete      kimi ni tsutawareba ii
Yure nagara      atsuku atsuku      kimi ga ima      watashi no iro      nuri kaeru

Kake agatta      oka kara mieta
sora no ao      itsuka futari de
Ashita motto      chikazukeru you ni
Sekai juu no enjyeru      chikara wo kashite kudasai

Mai agatta      hanabira ga tsukuru
niji no koraaju      itsuka futari de
Ashita motto kimi ga suki dayo
Sekai juu no enjyeru      soko kara miteite


Watch us, angel

Seeing you looking bored, don't be calling out to me now
While looking at the rain running down the window, then I realized that I am in love with you

While swaying deeper and deeper you now spread inside of me

One day the two of us will run up the hill
and look at the blue sky
Tomorrow we will be closer
Whimsical angel, watch us from over there

Because you called me, I started to like my name

Felt like crying, first time I've had this feeling, everything seems sparkly.

One day the two of us will make a rainbow collage
made from flower petals swirling upwards
I will love you more tomorrow
Whimsical angel, watch us from over there

Soon my feelings will overflow, I should be telling you about it
While swaying and warm, you have repainted my colours

One day the two of us will run up the hill
and look at the blue sky
Tomorrow we will be closer
To all angels of the world, please lend me your strength

One day the two of us will make a rainbow collage
made from flower petals swirling upwards
I will love you more tomorrow
To all angels of the world, watch us from over there

[Lyrics and Translation] Dorothy Little Happy - Jump!

"Jump!" is Dorothy Little Happy debut single released before they went major, a song about freedom and chasing one's dream. This song was probably composed with having an upbeat, energetic, mood-making stage performance in mind. I don't think I can say enough how I wish Michiyo was still in the group (she retired from showbiz to pursue her studies, which is ironically true to the theme of "Jump!"), but then if she had not left the other girls may not have the chance to pick up the microphone and shine.
Kana looks super cute in the PV, love the costume too though I cannot say the same about their alternative outfit... at least not for me.

DLH- Jump


あの時泣いたのは 気付いてしまったから
欠ける月のように 消えてく想いもあるって
それでもやめたりはしないの 止められはしないの
胸を震わせるリアル 感じたいの さあ進もう

心配されるのは もううんざり

でもね ほんとはちょっと怖いの 迷ったら
君の 君の胸の中に帰ってくるから

あの時泣いたのは 気付いてしまったから
月が満ちるように 重なる想いもあるって
世界が回るスピードで 夢を追いかけるの
羽を少し休めたら 飛び立つんだ 思い切りジャンプ

でもね ほんとはちゃんとわかってる 忘れないよ
君が 君がいつも私 見守っていること
目の前の未来を 私たちの未来を この手で照らしたいの

あの時泣いたのは 気付いてしまったから
欠ける月のように 消えてく想いもあるって
あの時泣いたのは 気付いてしまったから
月が満ちるように 重なる想いもあるって

高鳴る この胸 止められない
この街 この星 夢 夢 夢

世界が回るスピードで 明日はやって来るよ
胸を震わせるリアル 感じたいの 思い切りジャンプ



Ano toki naita no wa     kizuite shimatta kara
Kakeru tsuki no you ni     kieteku omoi mo arutte
Soredemo yametari wa shinai no     tomerare wa shinai no
Mune wo furuwaseru riaru     kanjitai no     saa susumou

Shinpai sareru no wa      mou unzari
Senobi shinakucha mienai mono mitaiyo

Demo ne      honto wa chotto kowai no      mayottara
Kimi no      kimi no mune no naka ni kaette kuru kara
yasashiku dakishimete

Ano toki naita no wa     kizuite shimatta kara
Tsuki ga michiru you ni      kasanaru omoi mo arutte

Sekai ga mawaru supiido de      yume wo oikakeru no
Hane wo sukoshi yasumetara      tobitsunda      omoikiri Jump!

Demo ne honto wa chanto wakatteru      wasurenai yo
Kimi ga      kimi ga itsumo watashi      mimamotteiru koto
Me no mae no mirai wo      watashi tachi no mirai wo      kono te de terashitai no

Ano toki naita no wa     kizuite shimatta kara
Tsuki ga michiru you ni      kasanaru omoi mo arutte

Ano toki naita no wa     kizuite shimatta kara
Kakeru tsuki no you ni     kieteku omoi mo arutte

Takanaru      kono mune      tomerare nai
Kono machi      kono hoshi      yume      yume      yume

Sekai ga mawaru supiido de      ashita wa yatte kuru yo
Mune wo furuwaseru riaru     kanjitai no      omoikiri Jump!



I was crying at that time because I've suddenly realized
that there are feelings that will disappear like a waning moon
Even then I will not give up nor will I stop
I want to really feel my heart tremble, so let's move forward

I'm so sick of being worried
I want to see the things that you have to stretch in order to be able see it

But if you hesitate, it is actually a little scary
I will return to your heart
hug me gently

I was crying at that time because I've suddenly realized
There are feelings that pile up like a full moon
At the speed that our world spins, I will chase my dreams
Give your wings a rest, take off and impulsively jump!

But actually I fully understand and cannot forget
that you have always watched over me
With this hand I will shine on our future and the future in front of me

I was crying at that time because I've suddenly realized
that there are feelings that will disappear like a waning moon
I was crying at that time because I've suddenly realized
There are feelings that pile up like a full moon

This heart beats fast and won't stop
This city, this planet, dreams, dreams, dreams...

At the speed that our world spins, tomorrow will finally come
I want to really feel my heart tremble, so take off and impulsively jump!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Idol Spotlight Fresh Faces :HY4_4YH

In keeping with our “Fresh Face” series ,I would like to present a unit that I find enjoyable to watch perform live.

Please welcome

HY4_4YH [Hyper Yoyo]

HY4_4YH are free spirit idols with great fan interaction that made their debut in 2005 .Currently the lineup features the following members, Yukarin [22], Yumiko [21] and Sadachi [24]. They are older then the traditional Major Agency Idols , but not for Independents .For most Independents the 18+ age is common for a number of business reasons, not to mention several Indies are former Major trainees or audition passovers.

HY4_4YH put on a hyper live performance complete with a live band when possible, much like H!P`s Buono or BeForU with costumes that range from off the wall animal pajamas to Buono style fashion.

While some may not like the mix of off the wall to Buono style costumes ,their comedy carefree style attitude or rock style songs. Honestly, HY4_4YH are perfect just the way they are ,so a part of me hopes that they stay away from the big power companies as they may just loose the very style that makes them so special to the genre.

To date the group has released 5 albums ,9 singles and a host of other materials .

Current 3 member lineup

NMB48 Heads To Tokyo For Weekly TV Show

NMB48 Heads To Tokyo For Weekly TV Show

AKB48`s little sisters NMB48 have landed their first major variety show, without releasing a single. Starting July 12 NMB48 will have a weekly TV show on NTV.

NMB48 is heading to Tokyo for a show called “Naniwanadeshiko!”. “Naniwanadeshiko!” will work on the concept of “NMB48 Meets TOKYO!”

The show will feature the unit visiting Tokyo with the mission line “They won’t stop until they conquer Tokyo.”  The comedy unit Peace will host the show.

“Naniwanadeshiko!” will air every Tuesday at 25:59 to 26:29 JST.

S/mileage Visits Their Gen 2 Audition

S/mileage Visits Their Gen 2 Audition

S/mileage took the time to do a drop in visit of their generation 2 auditions .An excited S/mileage greeted the collection of generation 2 hopefuls for a short conversation.

The first thing that I noticed was that H!P has a marketing gem sitting in that room ,if they pass the audition. S/mileage could become the first H!P unit to have twins as members .That's right S/mileage fans we have twins wanting to enter S/mileage ,and if there is any chance of them passing you have to take them ,just for the marketing and media fallout. Besides, they are already picking up fans .

S/mileage did treat the young idol hopefuls to one last memory a reverse handshake were the idols run the line and not the fans.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

S/mileage Uchouten LOVE Mini Preview

S/mileage Uchouten LOVE Mini Preview

A small preview of S/mileage upcoming 6th single “Uchouten LOVE” has been released. “Uchouten LOVE”is an  cheerful, upbeat  song that fits this unit perfectly. I am not sure what they will wear for the PV , but I say , let them wear pig noses ,rabbit ears or anything they want ,they have plenty of time to go all mature sexy style ,so let them be as cute and silly as they want to as only S/mileage can be .

Dorothy Little Happy - Demo Sayonara Lyrics and Translation

I got my order from YesAsia for Dorothy Little Happy stuff about couple months ago and was wearing a weird grin on my face that whole day when the package arrived at my office. Got the Jump! single that comes with a mini photobook and the Demo Sayonara mini album. Synched it up with my iPod and DLH has been accompanying my drive to work almost everyday ever since.

The mini PB was a little sad actually, because Michiyo was still with DLH and in the Jump! single before she graduated later on, so to look at pictures of cute Michiyo in the PB but knowing she's not in the group anymore... yeah, it's a kinda sad. But fortunately, the rest of the girls are picking it up nicely. So I hope there is another PB in their next single.

Back on topic, Demo Sayonara mini album has two songs fit for school graduation ceremonies - Demo Sayonara (But Goodbye) and Wakare no Toki (When we part). Being able to make a good graduation song is very important because you will remember it forever. AKB48 for example have a few graduation songs under their belt , including the recent and successful "Sakura no ki ni narou".

Demo Sayonara PV is Avex-produced and true to the song, it is about confessing your feelings to someone you fancy in school.

Demo Sayonara PV



好きよ 好きよ 今まで会った誰よりずっと 
好きよ 好きよ デモサヨナラ

おめでとう ありがとう また会おうね 元気でね
今日で最後の制服が 花束に囲まれてる
友達とふざけてたら あなたと目があったんだ
ボタンの取れた制服が 青空に似合っていた


好きよ 好きよ 今まで会った誰よりずっと 
好きよ 好きよ あの日のまま
好きよ 好きよ ずっとあなたのそばにいたいけど
好きよ 好きよ デモサヨナラ

ききわけの良い子なんて 今は なれそうにないの
困った様なあなたの顔も やっぱり素敵だよ


目に見えないもの 手に触れないもの

ごめんね ごめんね 一人置き去りにされるようで
寂しい 寂しいの いつか私を迎えにきてね

好きよ 好きよ 今まで会った誰よりずっと 
好きよ 好きよ これからもずっと
好きよ 好きよ あきらめるわけにはいかないの
好きよ 好きよ 乗り越えてみせるから


Demo Sayonara

Sukiyo   sukiyo   ima made atta dare yori zutto
Sukiyo   sukiyo   demo sayonara

omedetou   arigatou   mata aou ne genki de ne
kyou de saigo no seifuku ga   hanataba ni kakomareteru
tomodachi to fuzaketetara   anata to me ga attanda
botan no toreta seifuku ga   aozora ni niatte ita

kono machi wo hanareru anata wa mujyaki ni
nando mo iu no "Hanarete ite mo daijyobu da yo"

Sukiyo   sukiyo   ima made atta dare yori zutto
Sukiyo   sukiyo   ano hi no mama
Sukiyo   sukiyo   zutto anata no soba ni itai kedo
Sukiyo   sukiyo   demo sayonara

kikiwake no ii ko nante   kyou wa   nare sou ni nai no
komatta youna anata no kao mo   yappari suteki da yo

futari betsu betsu no omoide ga fueteku
anata wa iu no "bokura wa kitto tsuyoku nareru yo"

me ni mienai mono   te ni furenai mono
anata wa shinjirareru no? (shinjiru yo)

Gomen ne   gomen ne   hitori okizari ni sareru you de
samishii   samishii no    itsuka watashi wo mukae ni kite ne

Sukiyo   sukiyo   ima made atta dare yori zutto
Sukiyo   sukiyo   kore kara zutto
Sukiyo   sukiyo   akirameru wake ni wa ikanai no
Sukiyo   sukiyo   norikoete miseru kara


But Goodbye...

I like you, I like you, more than anyone I have ever met
I like you, I like you, but good bye...

Congratulations. Thank you.
We'll meet again so take care
It's our last day wearing our uniform
and we're surrounded by flower bouquets
While we are having funs with our friends our eyes meet
Your button-removed uniform matches the blue skies well *[1]

Innocently, when you left the city
you repeatedly said "Even if we part, I'll be okay"

I like you, I like you, more than anyone I have ever met
I like you, I like you, just like that day
I like you, I like you, though I want to be with you
I like you, I like you, but goodbye...

Now there's no sign of you becoming a obedient good boy
The look on your face when you are troubled is somehow cool

Each of our memories have increased
You said "We will become stronger"

What your eyes cannot see and your hands cannot feel,
do you believe in it? (I believe)

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, it's like leaving someone behind
I'm lonely, I'm lonely, come back and pick me up someday okay?

I like you, I like you, more than anyone I have ever met
I like you, I like you, now and forever
I like you, I like you, there's no reason to give up
I like you, I like you, we'll get through this

*[1] During graduation, the boy student usually give away their second button from their uniform to the girl he is in love with, a form of love confession. Because the second button is the closest to the heart.

[Blog Pickup] Dorothy Little Happy - 21 June 2011

Did anyone watch Dorothy Little Happy Operation Happy last night? Sad case for me, cos I was working, and yeah I tuned in but I cannot bring the video up cos my colleagues are walkin' around and I cannot really put it up on my screen in full view so I kept it in the background and listened to it like a bloody radio. So this week's Operation Happy was DLH talking about themselves and they brought in the DLH back dancers as guests to talk about themselves. But it was a half-fulfilling experience.

Once in a while I'd switch the browser to the front to catch a glimpse of it and alt-tab it to the background when someone walks by. Freakin' frustrating. I was like going "come on, bitch... do you really have to make your business calls with the cordless phone while standing behind my chair?!". Story of my life. But I bet some of you know how it's like.

What's worse? I just found out Ustream changed their streaming codes, so I cannot download it and watch it offline later like I used to. They're smart, they just made URL sniffing that much harder. So I'm gonna get my tools out and research this one.

So yesterday's blog... Kana's druidic weather forecast came through and she plugs the Operation Happy show with her bunny persona, Mimori is going really random, Koumi shows off her turtle, Ruuna is still unfazed from eating cheesy pastries in the morning, and Mari in her usual cute self talks about the rain.

☆Announcement and me☆
Posted by: KANA
21 June 2011, 10:20 p.m.

First up, announcement about tomorrow!
From 8:00 p.m., Dorothy Little Happy's Operation Happy!
Broadcasting via Ustream★

Click here to watch

Please watch, okay? (^-^)v

And once again, good evening
I am Usagi-tan

I took a bath today!
So excited!

Feels so good!
Like I'm going to fall asleep!

Of course, after bath...

... shaved ice!

Good night!

*Sloppy Blog*
Posted by: MIMORI
21 June 2011, 10:15 p.m.

Mimori here(。・ε・。)ノ

I think today the rainy season has come(°°;)!!!!
Feels damp right now (´`)
I wish the rainy season would end sooner★

And today, I got my first mosquito bite (*´д`;) (laughs)

I hoping it doesn't leave a mark. (`・ω・´)

Sloppy blogging today huh?w

Sleepy, going to bed now [guudo]

Good night (*´`)zzZ

Posted by: KOUMI
21 June 2011, 7:59 p.m.

Good evening!
It's Koumi(*^o^*)

Today my umbrella really excelled itself [ame]
Good that I got to use my newly bought umbrella(^^)♪

This what I made last night
Turtle Nanoblock Completed ~ [onpu][appu][appu]


Finished in about 10 minutes \(^o^)/

Yay! [niji]

Will add more to the collection, looking forward to it! (´・ω・`)


Opening Today - Narcissist Junior School★
Posted by: RUUNA
21 June 2011, 4:20 p.m.

Good evening!!!!

It's Ruuna★

Today, I got soaking wet while going home [aseru][aseru]

I'll be bringing my raincoat tomorrow !!!!

Yesterday, I had cheese cake in the morning, still I did not get upset stomach Σ(゜д゜;)

And yesterday again I had snacks with cheese cake [raburabu]

Seems like cheese cake doesn't give me upset stomach...?

Well, let's leave that aside for now [paa]

Tadaa! [kirakira][kirakira]

The 3 of us!!!!! We are students of Narcissist Junior School [choki][dokidoki]

Kana-chan -> Class Rep [kirakira]
Ko-min -> Secretary [memo]
Ruuna -> Delegator...

By the way, it is the Class Rep who set up these positions!!!!!

The Class Rep also named the school!!!!!

The reason is, in class we only look at the mirror, not the blackboard! [kirakira][kirakira]

That's why we are in Narcissist Junior School!!!!!

We are looking for people to enrol (laughs) [choki]

That's all!!! This announcment has been presented by Delegator Ruuna [dokidoki]

★Rain za-za- ♪
Posted by: MARI
21 June 2011, 3:54 p.m.

Photo with Ru-chan
It's Mari ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

It was raining just now!
Was a little surprised
because the rain was so sudden and strong! (∩´∀`∩)☆

Is everyone okay? Got caught in the rain too? (*´д`)?

Mari brought an umbrella so I'm okay *

Was blogging at home, and saw that the skies have cleared!!

Temperamental weather <- (laughs) Everyone, now that the rain has stopped lookout for puddles. Okay? (★´∀`)ノ Bye☆Mari

Fresh Video: Dorothy Little Happy Demo Sayonara PV

Fresh Video: Dorothy Little Happy Demo Sayonara PV

I am not sure if "Fresh Video" is a new segment or not, however there are just some things that just need to be posted, lol. This is the latest coming out of the loveable Idols from Sendai Dorothy Little Happy .This PV takes us away from their normal concert costumes and into the smiling school girl uniforms.

This video is simple and has a look of being in school with the unit, or a teen drama, but more importantly shows off their vocal style. This unit is one of the better fresh faced vocal units out. Give them a couple of more years they could be a player in the Major battles, if they choose to leave the safety of regional Idol power.

This PV is a must for DLH fans and a good welcoming video for first timers.

Oh one more note ,we have added a new DLH feature blog and twitter translations , be sure to follow Ryo as he takes you deeper into the minds and world of DLH.

You can also follow all  the groups posts through our archives by clicking the Dorothy Little Happy label at the end of the post.

EDIT- Note to self - focus at all times  for you may write song title backwards , title now fixed ,lol

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Idol Spotlight Fresh Faces Vol #3

[Photo is the unit Ricotta Veil]

Idol Spotlight Fresh Faces Vol #3

I had so much fun selecting this batch to preview, that I could not stop, so I am presenting you seven idol selections in volume 3.

This was by far the hardest seven to select as each time I would select one ,I would look at my list and go ,no I want this unit on this post ,yet I can`t take a group off as I wanted them on as well, lol.

I was asked on another post about the nasal voice or anime voice that a number of the Indie Idols use. Well there is a reason for that,one it is cute to wotas , but more so it`s about economics.

A good number of Indie Idols, mostly in the Akiba Idol genre do anime,mostly it`s straight to DVD anime theme songs ,voices or even have their own anime to sell at lives ,so in a way it pays for them to take on that role . Not to mention a number of these units set lists feature anime songs.

I have a confession to make , you will likely see a lot of Indie Idols on PIH along with our regular Majors. You see outside of this site in my personal life, I am involved heavily in music , with my own touring rock band . The label that we are under also deals with Indie Idols ,so this branch of the genre is important and exciting to me in a way . My oldest daughter is also in entertainment ,allowing me to have a daily view and offering of support in a number of related and non music related things. Ryo is also a big fan of Indies . It is a fun branch of the genre to explore,

When you look at things from all sides ,there is a lot of politics and stuff that goes with Major Idols and in a way no matter how big you become , image wise you will still be less then certain companies to the media ,even if you out sale them. Sometimes this can lead you to simply wanting to get away from the Majors as it takes away some enjoyment.

In Indies ,there is much more of a free spirit to the genre .You see many units out on the streets or at lives ,without a big staff ,it`s just the girls signing a photo you took with her for a few yen ,selling their own CDs and goods ,doing their own promotion handouts.

In an Indie live you can see 5-10 Idol groups in one show for 1/2 the price of a Major in a big hall. It`s common in some lives to see groups that have performed earlier ,in the front row ,still in costume with wotas wearing the performing units t-shirts supporting the next groups performance until they have to leave. There is one more thing to be said about Indies .There is nothing that a Major can do ,that an Indie can`t .Indies sell merchandise , perform lives , go to anime cons ,have radio and TV shows , go on TV shows . They just do it on a scale that is much smaller then a Major.

There will always be many more Indies then Majors ,each offering something special. They are very hard working groups  and at times get very little in return, yet they soldier on, just as if they were in the Tokyo Dome.

Here is another set of fresh faces; maybe you will find something special in one as well.


[This venue use to me a movie hall]

2.Sweet Whip
[SweetColor`s company unit]


[Video is from before they became a 4 member unit]

4.H&A [From Hamamatsu]



7.C*LOVER [Their Youtube Channel] [W/Archives]

Momoiro Clover Z “D’ no Junjou"

Momoiro Clover Z “D’ no Junjou"

When I made the Momoiro Clover Z post, I left off one very important piece of information a PV. Therefore, this is a follow up post.

“D’ no Junjou"

Related Post

Momoiro Clover Z To Get Major Push

Momoiro Clover Z To Get Major Push

Momoiro Clover Z will be getting a major artist push, as they will be the featured artist on MUSIC ON! TV`s artist of the month program.

This push will start on July 1 and for the entire month of July the groups new PV “Gekkan mo Momoiro Clover Z” will air in a daily feature artist push.

Momoiro Clover Z will also be taking part in two summer festivals “Mihama Kaiyuusai” at Onoura Kaisuiyokujou on July 16 in Aichi

They will also head over to Meiji Shrine on August 6 as part of the “Jinguu Gaien Hanabi Taikai”.

 Momoiro Clover Z will release their new singles “Z Densetsu ~Owarinaki Kakumei~” and “D’ no Junjou”, on July 6 and their first album “Battle and Romance”, on July 27

Related PV

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

[Blog Pickup] Dorothy Little Happy - 20 June 2011

In conjunction to PIH (non)official endorsement of Dorothy Little Happy - [Blog Pickup!]. Here be where the translation of DLH online activites, namely blog and Twitter. I used to read them every day but I stopped last month due to "real life". Funny lot these girls, it's good to young eh?

Blog update 20 June 2010 - Koumi shows off her nanoblocks, Mari almost cooked herself in the bath, Mimori got a haircut, Kana talks about fortune telling and Ruuna eats cheese cake in the morning... and she makes desserts using hairpins.

[ Blog ]

☆New Partners☆
Posted by: KOUMI
20 June 2011, 09:25 p.m.

Good evening!
It's Koumi(^o^)

Today I would like introduce a new partner [bigremark]
And that partner is...


These are the nanoblocks that I have been collecting to date ~(o^^o)[onpu]
Almost got the full set [kirakira]
So Happy~(*^o^*)
Later today I'm going to make the turtle! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

There are other types out there, I'm going to collect them all ~♪

Gotta go now ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Posted by:MIMORI
20 June 2011, 09:16 p.m.

What time is it??
It's nine! \(^^)/

It's Mimori![choki]

Did my hair at the salon [guudo]
I've cut my bangs [onpu]

I look a little different now w

Oh, that's not today's picture actually (laughs)

If you want to see it, then please come to the live show this weekend.
So, I've been up since yesterday so I going to bed now.(゜∀゜ノ)ノ

Grabbing my teddy bear now[choki]
Good night(*´`)zzZ

Posted by:MARI
20 June 2011, 9:15 p.m.

It's Mari (*´д`)ノ

Took a long bath today!

Was close to getting roasted!
Face is all red(●´ω`●)ゞhehe~

Bathing is definitely relaxing (●´∀`●)∩

While it's relaxing, I still have to study today (`・ω・´)ノ!

Working hard to balance it !!!

Whether it's work or studies, let's work hard together, mmkay? (●´∀`)つ)

"It's good to be together with you" ♪←Yay!
(* "Kimi to issho ni yo ii don~" - From their song High So Jump!)

See you tomorrow ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

PS. There's a rumour in the winds that it will rain in Sendai tomorrow. (laughs)
I wonder if the rainy season's coming again?

It's nice to detour once in a while
Posted by:KANA
20 June 2011, 3:55 p.m.

It's Kana here!★

It's Monday!!
How's your day today??
(Even though there's 8 hour left to go... *laughs*)

For me, it's been a while since I got first in fortune-telling so I was very happy, but apparently my "lucky item" is "layered clothing".
How in the world am I going wear one on top of the other during such a hot day like this?(´o`;

And with that rant, that is how I began my day (^^)

In a hot day like this, makes you want to eat a lot of shaved ice, yes?♪

I'm out of syrup, so I'll buy one on the way home.

What flavor shall I get?
(I've never tried anything else other than strawberry!)

Clip clop clip clop。

Cheese cake is the best★
Posted by: Ruuna
20 June 2011, 07:10 am

Good morning![hare]

It's Ruuna here!!!
First morning blog update after a long while, and I cannot open my eyes yet [aseru]

Having cheese cake in the morning today. [raburabu][raburabu]

Real hearty to have cake right from the morning itself ( ̄▽ ̄)

It was SO tasty(*´∇`*)[dokidoki]

Cheese cake is the best!!!

Now, take a look at this [choki]

Borrowed it from Ko-min* yesterday to make dango** [guudo]
(* japanese dumpling)
(** nickname for Koumi)

Full box of it (°Д°)

How am I going to skewer the dango with these type of pins? Σ(゜д゜;)

Thanks, Ko-min [nikoniko][raburabu][kirakira]

Now then, I'm going to study hard today too!!! [choki][dokidoki]

Bye bye [paa]