Thursday, September 29, 2011

Morning Musume Grows By Four

Morning Musume Grows By Four

Morning Musume now has four new members. At the first MC this evening, the guru of Morning Musume Tsunku-san took the stage for the historic 10th generation announcement. Originally as later confirmed by Tsunku-san himself, the plan was to add only two girls and make Morning Musume a ten-member lineup after Aichan graduated; instead, he felt that two members could not be passed up.

  Joining Morning Musume as 10th generation members are

Iikubo Haruna [16],

She was the surprise that Tsunku-san hinted at in regards to 9th generation, in that she is older then every member of 9th generation .Older or not, 9th generation is still her elders in rank.

From Tsunku-san: "Haruna has a surprising "pure" personality. In addition, her looks are gorgeous. I believe she has the determination to bring her singing to a suitable level. That is why she passed."

From PIH Staff-Haruna has a lot of modeling experience for LoveBerry under a different name and nickname Harupe.

The second girl to be announced was current Dorothy Little Happy back dancer
Ishida Ayumi [14]

From Tsunku-san: "Ayumi Her singing and dancing were outstanding. In addition, her personality is as firm as a stone. I believe the history of Morning Musume can be passed on to her from here on out. That is why she passed.

From PIH Staff-See it pays to be an Indie Idol, see why we post Indies so much, they are good groups."

The third girl announced was
Satou Masaki [12]

From Tsunku-san: "Masaki .The level of her dancing and singing is below the other three now, but she has a potential that she has yet to realize herself. In addition, her skill level rose considerably during the audition. That is why she passed.

The final member was current Egg and history making Kudou Haruka who becomes the youngest ever member of Morning Musume as Tsunku-san pulled   an Aki-P moment and found his own Matsui Jurina 11 yr old idol  prodigy .
Kudou Haruka [11]

From Tsunku-san: "Haruka She has experience as an egg, and she really loves singing. In addition, the "gap" between her tiny and cute face and her husky voice is interesting .I hope that she can help to bring together the 10th generation members and the current members as soon as possible. That is why she passed. [Reference to her stage experience with the group]

From PIH Staff: Actually Haruka for her age has a rich tone to her voice that is hard to generate for someone her age . Despite the fact she was sick for most of the audition videos, don`t underestimate her. She is just starting to develop her voice and in a couple of years could play a large role in Morning Musume and before her graduation  in what 14 yrs from now [age 25, lol] could play a huge role in their future, much like Goto Maki did. Not saying she will, just saying for her age the skills are there to be something special.

Outside of PIH, my main job is a singer for a touring rock band and after years of singing you can develop a raspy voice for a number reason, Haruka has a sort of natural rock raspy voice. She is not by far my favorite singer, but sure is going to be interesting hearing her unique voice blend into this unit.

 The industry has changed so much, that just taking 10-12 girls who have never experienced entertainment is not going to keep you in the game. Morning Musume today as a new soon to be 12-member lineup got much stronger in overall talent then they were this time last year. It may not pay off in sales now and Aichan leaving will hurt for a while, but this group has reloaded for the future and that maybe far more important then the sales battles of today. Look at 9th and 10th generation as the future of Morning Musume and if you do, you will see that their future is pretty strong.

Welcome new members.

Related note
For Dorothy Little Happy Fans who are wondering about Fuuka, it`s already been confirmed by DLH media services that she is returning to DLH as a back dancer, there is no talk of her as of now joining their main unit. DLH agency has several units, so who knows what she may end up doing after this experience.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

SKE48 Land National TV Show

SKE48 Land National TV Show

Starting in October SKE48 will join their sisters AKB48 and NMB48 with a television show on NTV giving the network four 48 related programs.

SKE48`s new program is called "SKE48 no Magical Radio” and will feature double Matsui [Jurina & Rena] along with Takayanagi Akane as hosts in what is being described as a variety show within a drama.

"SKE48 no Magical Radio” concept is the following.

Takayanagi  is a radio host of a fictional Nagoya station ,who suddenly finds herself having to bring in a co-host in a bid for higher ratings .Jurina will play a former child actress who is forced to be Akane`s new co-host  .Rena is the hard charging program director .

Other cast members include Audrey’s Wakabayashi Masayasu as the radio station's scriptwriter and famed actor Sato Jiro as station producer.

The remaining members of SKE48 will serve as assistant directors; program sponsors company executives and other related celebrity characters.

Now I know your about to say Gaki this sounds more like a drama then a pie in the face idol game show . Ah, here is the beauty of this concept. There is no script; the members have to ad-lib the entire show based on some very basic role-play instructions.

Cast comments

Jurina- “Being one of the younger girls in the group, I think there are a lot of similarities between my real self and my role. Through this show, I want people to feel like, ‘Ah~ so that’s the kind of girl Jurina really is!’

Akane-“I was surprised that it seems to be more like a regular drama than I imagined. There is a lot of pressure, but also a lot of joy, since it always has been my dream to become an actress. I’d like to show you my real personality as well as a new side of Takayanagi.”

Rena-“There’s going to be three main characters, but the other members are also going to appear on the show. I think it is a wonderful show, because even fans of regular dramas will be able to enjoy it. I have never tried ad-libbing before, but I hope we will be able to fill the show it lots of fun content. I can’t wait to start the recording!”

The show will debut on Oct 11 at 1:59 am JST, before settling in on Tuesdays at 1:29am JST

Dorothy Little Happy In Concert

Dorothy Little Happy In Concert

Ah the PIH`s staff loves of Sendai are back

On the 25th DLH held a live two hour concert broadcast on USTREAM  , that saw DLH  bring out their very best  minus their back dancers .

The concert itself maybe their finest to date ,DLH  has always been a free spirited bunch , however since their appearance at TIF 2011 a lot of time and energy has been devoted to making a name for themselves in Tokyo and with that their charm and performances  have an sharper edge to them.

High points in this 15 song and something like 7 MC   , 3-costume change concert are many from the concert, DLH relationship with their wotas who they just love and work hard to involve them in their lives from leading chants and arm movements to air volleyball with them.

Around the half hour mark, the members have a costume change solo member MC. What this is the members one by one have their own comedy filled MCs .It`s a personal idol to wota MC. The ending of the concert had a special bonding song between DLH and their fans that brings the night to a full circle and perfect closure with DLH and wotas singing together.

The staff of PIH has seen or been to many DLH lives and can honestly say with this live DLH are at their all-time best right now.

If your a fan of DLH or have never seen them at all  ,you should take two hours out of  day today ,while the broadcast remains active and enjoy this hard working group out of Sendai .  This may have been the most fun for me live to experience yet from DLH .

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Konno Asami To Have Re-Debut

Konno Asami To Have Re-Debut

Former Morning Musume member Konno Asami has a new unit and will be making her music re-debut shortly.

Konno`s new unit is called Moe×Kon and features Konno and Ueda Moeko. Moe×Kon is the brainchild of TV Tokyo and came about after Konno and her TV Tokyo broadcast partner Ueda competed in a project called “Dream Creator”. Moe×Kon competed against another broadcast team Miki & Sayuri over whose song would get the most downloads. The winning unit would earn a contract with Sony.

Now Konno you knew this was a suckers bet going in no loyal H!P wota would ever let you loose a bet ,lol.

Konno said this about this about her re-debut “Since this is my second debut, I feel that life is interesting again.”

Moe×Kon will release “Jyunjyou☆Fighter” on November 16

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fresh Faces :FLOWER


This summer the pop group EXILE created another female group along the lines of Happiness called FLOWER.

The original lineup featured five members Mizuno Erina, Fujii Shuuka, Shigetome Manami, and Nakajima Mio who have since been joined by four other members by way of the “EXILE Presents VOCAL BATTLE AUDITION3 ~For Girls~“ which featured 30,000 girls competing for contracts.

FLOWER is known for having beautiful legs and hope that it will help them stand out among the other groups. The group has already gained valuable stage experience ahead of their October single release with appearances on the recent Avex a-nation tour.

FLOWER members are the following
Mizuno Erina 2-8-1993

Fujii Shuuka 10-14-1994

Shgietome Manami 12-11-1994

Nakajima Mio 11-23-1993

Washio Reina 1-20-1994

Muto Chiharu 4-3-1995

Ichiki Kyouka 1-4-1997

Bando Nozomi 9-4-1997

Sato Harumi 6-8-1995

Debut -“Still” out October 12

Tsunku and Indie Idols Week 13

This week Tsunku brings in more groups to sing for his pleasure four songs will not air this wee.
We have the H!P guest , and the normal cast of Indie Idols and some fresh faces and the weekly required Possible swimsuit promotions.

More or less it`s the same thing we have seen for all the episodes.

AKB48 Grows By 33

AKB48 Grows By 33

Auditions are in the air and AKB48 held an  audition for their 13th generation members.

On September 24, 57, girls    remained in the audition of which 33  provisionally passed .The 33 new idols will now enter their kenkyuusei training system with hopes of becoming formal trainees .

The 33 winners  range between the ages of 12 and 18 and had to get pass a panel of 15 judges. AKB48 theater manager Togasaki Tomonobu spoke to the new idols after the audition offering them the following words of encouragement.

“We had a very long and difficult discussion this time as well. I hope that all of you who passed will work hard in order to become a formal research student and eventually a full-fledged team member.”

Should any of these girls advance through their AKB48 training, they stand the chance to enter one of the main units of AKB48.

AKB48 Makes More Record History

AKB48 Makes More Record History

In related AKB48 news AKB48 has capture more records, this time in Oricon’s Karaoke rankings.

For the week of September 5 to 11 AKB48 captured the first three positions in the weekly singles rankings. This marks the first time in the 17 years that this ranking has been held that one artist has held the first three positions.

On top of this AKB48 has set a new record by toping ORANGE RANGE for the longest a single has been number one on the weekly Karaoke Rankings.” Heavy Rotation” has been number one for 47 consecutive weeks.

NMB48 New PV

NMB48 New PV

NMB48 are back supporting their latest release “Oh My God! “. The PV features the group performing in school uniforms, cheerleading outfits and as a soccer team.

You are not going to get anything flashy from this video, just a good song and a traditional 48 style PV.

The use of the outfits and story line is to display a theme of youth, which is what the song is about.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Morning Musume 10th Gen Update

Morning Musume 10th Gen Update

There is little time left for the hopefuls .It`s really hard to make a judgment on just a few minutes of footage as we don`t see everything the staff sees that day .Being a backdancer for Dorothy Little Happy has advantages , but is it enough to meet the demands of Morning Musume.

This audition like the 9th gen is more about life after the big names are gone. I don`t know how many he will pick ,Tsunku is a sneaky man and that smile on his face tells me he has what he wants from this audition and it may surprise us all.

The idea of all ten joining is over as two left Tashima Meru & Miyagi Ayumi seem to have dropped out ,will that open the door for two Eggs and keep Tsunku`s crazy idea he hinted at last week of a 18 member Musume ?

On a related note, their current single is currently their best selling single since 2007. How soon can we start 11th gen auditions, time to get back to what this group is famous for, idol creating. lol

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Shinoda Mariko Wins AKB48 Senbatsu Janken

News Catch up

Shinoda Mariko Wins AKB48 Senbatsu Janken

Tuesday night Shinoda Mariko finally got her chance to shine, by walking away with the center position at AKB48’s second Senbatsu Janken Taikai. Shinoda will take the center position for AKB48`s 24th single, due out on December 7.

The top 16 making up the singles Senbatsu are the following in order of Finish.

   1. Shinoda Mariko
   2. Fujie Reina
   3. Minegishi Minami
   4. Kobayashi Marina (research student)
   5. Akimoto Sayaka
   6. Oya Shizuka
   7. Maeda Ami
   8. Sato Sumire (Former Morning Musume audition hopeful)
   9. Hikawa Ayame (NMB48)
10. Umeda Ayaka
11. Kasai Tomomi
12. Kuwabara Mizuki (SKE48)
13. Kojima Haruna
14. Yamaguchi Yuuki (NMB48)
15. Yamauchi Suzuran (Team 4)
16. Kitahara Rie

I don`t know how most AKB fans feel about this tournament format, I think it`s actually a good thing to have. AKB`s gimmicks may seem odd from the outside, however they work and are making them stand out above other groups.

Idol genre should be fun, be it Janken or groups calling out other groups for a sales challenge. The more out of the box the better, I say.

AKB48 Sets A New Record

AKB48 Sets A  New Record

This actually took place on the 19th   ,however I was not feeling well enough to  cover it. On September 19 AKB48`s “Flying Get” passed the 1.5 million mark in sales . This made AKB48 the first female group ever to have two consecutive singles reach that number.  “Everyday Kachuusha” sold 1.573 million copies and currently “Flying Get” has 1.521 million in only four weeks.

Because of this sales result AKB48 becomes just the fifth artist to achieve back-to-back singles that have reached 1.5 million in sales, after B'z, Mr. Children, KinKi Kids, and Utada Hikaru. In the great history of Japanese music,no female group in any genre has sold back-to-back 1.5 million copies of a single .This is an amazing run they are currently on.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

S/mileage Tachiagaaru PV

S/mileage Tachiagaaru PV

The first PV is out for new S/mileage, which feels just like their recently aired concert, three members of S/mileage and some back dancers.

Not surprising since H!P decided to give S/mileage their own Eggs ,instead of members .However that will change in October ,so we will see if the line distribution changes as well.

Outside of the fact the PV and line distribution looks more like S/mileage featuring backup dancers it`s a really good song and one that has that signature S/mileage sound.

From the little they got to sing in the concert the submembers bring their own style and charm points to the group .With any luck after the sub is removed from their name ,we will get the real new S/mileage and not H!P`s version of Dorothy Little Happy.

Fans expecting to see a powered up S/mileage will not get it with this song .The trigger is pulled but Tsunku has not turned them loose just yet.

[This could be the last post until the end of the Typhoon have to see what it brings]

Morning Musume 10th Gen Training Camp

 Morning Musume 10th Gen Training Camp

Trying to out run a coming Typhoon and get a few posts on site. Still not feeling all that well yet, however show must go on as they say.

This is a subbed version of the 10th gen, training camp .A great bunch of subbers have taken on the duty of subbing HPT. Give them a word of thanks on You Tube.

In the episode you get to see, just how being an idol is not a game. I know that Tsunku is obsessed with finding a replacement for Aichan, not sure, he is looking in the right place, try 9th gen a little girl from Hiroshima.

Tsunku did hint at maybe taking all 10 and making Morning Musume 18 members. Sayu would love that, more playtime dates for Sayu, lol.

I am not sure we will see all 10, but 4 could be possible, but with H!P one thing we know is we don`t really know until we know.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tsunku and Indie Idols Week 12

Tsunku and Indie Idols Week 12

Sorry for the lateness of this as I am currently not feeling well.

This week Tsunku brings in more groups to sing for his pleasure or scout for Aichan`s replacement as this show is feeling more and more like a giant audition.

We have the H!P guest ,Afilia intimidated by the size of one Possible member and the weekly required Possible promotions.

More or less it`s the same thing we have seen for the last 11 episodes. As entertaining as it is to see Indies on a national stage ,there is a lot to be said about AKB48 having a TV/Music producer as boss. Will somebody fire a Dodgeball or a pie at somebody once please ,lol.

S/mileage Sub Members Given An Entry Test

S/mileage Sub Members Given An Entry Test

Tsunku has decided that the fresh faces have to take an entry test for full membership .The sub members have take on a test called “Smile Upload Campaign” to get full membership into the group!

What this means is that the new members have to go out, take peoples pictures, just like their big sisters did, and they have to ask people to upload pictures of their smiles and send it to them via twitter, Facebook, mixi.

This is an interesting test as the members not only have to go out and have to take pictures of people, with that person's cell phone, but also get the person to upload that picture to his/her blog or twitter and post that they have done to using the S/mileage twitter tag. It`s a test of determination and courage.

The results are expected October 16

[uploader by the way has poster entire concert in their account]

Sunday, September 18, 2011

S/Mileage Live Stream Concert Date Set

UPDATE  9-18
S/Mileage Live Stream Concert Date Set

On September 18, S/mileage will broadcast their concert on their You Tube channel.

The concert broadcast will start at 18:00 [6:00 pm], please check your country times to make sure you are awake for the concert.

To view the concert you will need the following link

In related news, you can follow the news members on their new blog

Mecha Mecha Idol Special

Mecha Mecha Idol Special

This special opening feels like the Olympics for Idols, and for fans of shows with a lot of idols you could not be happier with this program.

Idoling!!! , Berryz Koubou, S/mileage, SDN48, Passpo☆, and more are here ,in fact there are more idol legs here then a hardcore wota can stand lol.

Key points of the show
We have a Berryz beaten up in the name of comedy [will not spoil it by saying who].

The show barely gets started before S/mileage takes the gloves off and starts a near battle with their elders, and then SDN48 throws down the lingerie so to speak as the idols of sexiness declare the throne that S/mileage and others seek.

In part three Passpo☆ and SUPER☆GiRLS get into a heated after game fight.

In the end, only one group will get to promote their song at battles end.

Idol fans, get your glow sticks, member color towels and wave them proudly as the battle has started and young S/mileage and others have come to battle and aim to win.

Idols on Show

* S/mileage
* Berryz Koubou
* Idoling!!!
* Nakano Fujo Sisters
* SDN48
* Ebisu Muscats

Nogizaka46: Your Loyalty To Your Oshimen

Nogizaka46: Your Loyalty To Your Oshimen

Nogizaka46 on September 25 will have their first fan event; however, this fan event is unlike any other debut fan event. In this fan event, you will pledge your loyalty to one idol.

The event will be a “member selection event” in which the members will showcase themselves in front of fans, for the chance to become an oshimen. Fans will select one member and one member only to become their oshimen.

In exchange for their pledge of loyalty, the fan will get to shake their oshimen hand and will receive “fan no akashi (proof of being a fan)” card.

The fan no akashi will play a big part in the future operations of Nogizaka46

Fans that are able to attend can fill out an participation application on their web site.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Morning Musume 10th Gen Update

Morning Musume 10th Gen Update

Here is the latest video of the 10th gen audition for Morning Musume, two things stand out quickly in this bunch, and it pays to have been a back dancer for the idol group Dorothy Little Happy and Sara who has no formal training is good. There are gems in this audition and it`s going to be a hard choice to decide. Musume may just have to get much larger then expected and that may not be a bad thing as this group is reloading for the future fights with the fresh face idol generation, not AKB48.

Remember you are only seeing a small part of what the agency is doing with them, so what they see in an idol may never be shown on TV.

Hayami Akari Joins Comedy Show

Hayami Akari Joins Comedy Show

Hayami Akari who recently left Momoiro Clover [pre Z era] to return to her acting and modeling career has landed a spot on the cast of TV Tokyo’s upcoming comedy show "Urero☆Mikakunin Shoujo“! Akari will join a cast that features Gekidan Hitori, BAKARHYTHM, and TOKYO03.

For her part, Akari will play a clerk who works part time at an office for Kawashima (Gekidan Hitori).

Since her graduation from the idol ranks ,Akari`s career has really taken off ,landing a number of photo shoots ,guest spot in a music video and a major role in two films [one was shot as she was finishing up in Clover].

When asked about her new comedy role Akari said

“It’s been decided that I’ll be appearing as a regular, so I feel both nervous and happy. I hope I don’t get in Gekidan Hitori-san, BAKARHYTHM-san, and TOKYO03-san’s way.”

“To turn completely into a clerk! And playing my part so that it is easy for you to sense the ups and downs of my emotions! These are my objectives. So that I can make a funny and enjoyable world together with everyone, Hayami Akari will frantically be doing her best!”

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fairies Debut USTREAM

Fairies Debut USTREAM

Fairies has joined USTREAM, you can watch their debut broadcast here.

Nogizaka46: Nogizakatte, Doko?

Nogizaka46: Nogizakatte, Doko?

Starting October 2 Nogazaka46 television show will start airing. The show titled Nogizakatte, Doko? [“Where’s Nogizaka?”] Will be broadcast on the following stations TV Tokyo, TV Osaka, TV Aichi, TV Setouchi, TV Hokkaido, and TVQ Kyushu Hoso.

Nogizakatte, Doko? Focus will be highlighting the personalities and strengths of the group’s members, including singing, dancing, acting, and intense effort.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tsunku, Indies, Episode #11

Tsunku, Indies, Episode #11

Another week and it`s a continuation of Tsunku in Akihabara ,for singing for Tsunku Karaoke.

Apologies for being late in posting as I am not currently feeling well and Ryo`s notebooks blue screened to the valley of no return .

AKB48 Senbatsu Goes International

AKB48 Senbatsu Goes International

The Janken tournament for the 24th single is going international not only will it broadcast live in theaters in Japan , but it will also be broadcast live in 98 theaters across Singapore ,Thailand ,Korea, Taiwan ,Hong Kong .

The tournament is September 20 at 6:00 JST

Fresh Faces; Coming Soon: ChocoLe

Fresh Faces; Coming Soon: ChocoLe

In December another idol unit will make it`s debut under Watanabe Entertainment/Avex Trax. This Avex group will be named ChocoLe.

ChocoLe is made up of entertainment veterans and all aged 14. The members are

Leader- Hashimoto Kaede [#21 in Idoling!!! , Secret Girls member [unit made for a online drama]
Takahashi Kurumi [Gravure Idol]
Tamagawa Ramu [Model]

The groups name was selected to express the sweetness of milk chocolate, and the bitterness of being an adult.

Their debut song “Milk Chocolate“, has been picked up as the ending theme song to the anime, “SKET DANCE“, that will air this October.

Hashimoto had these comments for the media -We will do our best to become a group that will be loved by people for a long time — a group that can give energy to people.”

Sunday, September 11, 2011

dempagumi.Inc: More Moe Love

dempagumi.Inc: More Moe Love

dempagumi.Inc [not -Tenpa as some outlets printed] is another cafe idol unit, which is making a name for themselves in Akihabara and are set to make their mark on hopefully a larger scale.

dempagumi.Inc, the brainchild of Moe Japan and members of the Akihabara Live & Bar Dear Stage cafe are making a move to a sub label of TOY`S FACTORY [Known for Mr. Children and more] called MEME TOKYO.

Their first release under MEME TOKYO will be November 16 and will be called "Future Driver".

dempagumi.Inc is a group that is hard not to like, with looks right out of an anime and creative costumes, this unit is the flag wavers for the idea of idol moe.

dempagumi.Inc is made up of some interesting members, each one bringing their own style and cuteness as well as Akihabara charm.

The members are
Aizawa Risa -Risa is the group’s artist and manga reader.

Furukawa Mirin -Mirin, Mirin is an idol that is hard to describe, simply because she loves video games so much, that her wish is to marry her computer, just so she can play games all day.

Mirin is the member you most likely will track down at an Akihabara arcade .This kindhearted idol is a world of fun, so much, so that she just may play a game with you, if your paths cross in an arcade.

Yumemi Nemu -Nemu is sleepy idol .When sleepy is awake she can be found acting as the groups D.J., Flamingo dancer and Ustream talk show host.

Naruse Emi -Emi is the groups self declared Ohtaku and really that is about all it is to her, lol.

Atobe-Miu -Life is hard sometimes being a goddess .You see there is just one thing you need to know about Miu ,she is this units version of Sayumi . Ultimate cuteness and loves pink ,what more needs to be said ,lol.

These underground idols, like all the idols that have been featured on PIH, make up of a part of the very large portion of the heart this genre. Idol genre is not mainly about the 48`s and H!P`s of the world ,they are the exceptions. Idol genre`s heart and main pool of talent has always been the Indie and Underground scene . The little known or cared about by major media Idols that bring happiness and entertainment at the end of a stressful workday. The 100`s of groups carving out a profitable place ,in their own terms away from the bright lights of the big stages.

A video look at these up and coming idols

Feature look at this unit ,and their home base


NOTE - I hit the wrong key , the name is dempagumi , not denpagumi ,I have now fixed it .Thanks ,Shura .


For those who asked by mail- they are not a vocaloid group ,they are an Idol genre Pop Group.

June 04,2012 Update