Saturday, February 20, 2010



Pure Idol Heart is a news and information site that focuses on the world  of Japanese & Asian female idol music groups and agencies. Pure Idol Heart is not a site with a focus on a single idol agency; instead, all of the female idol groups are open to be covered from the smallest of artists to the largest of groups; without any favoritism or anti group biases.

  While Pure Idol Heart main focus will be on the Japanese female idol genre, there will be times that groups from across Asia will grace the pages of Pure Idol Heart. This is why the name Pure Idol Heart was decided on, the freedom to discuss and report on the genre with an open heart.

Pure Idol Heart staff will strive to bring it`s readers timely news, video features and thought provoking editorials from a local first hand perspective. Pure Idol Heart staff will strive to keep Pure Idol Heart   evolving and changing, to provide it`s readers an informative and growing service.

Finally, Pure Idol Heart can not achieve it`s goals without all you readers and commentators. We offer our thanks in advance for your support and for checking back!

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