Saturday, March 17, 2012

Going my ↑ Up Up Girls

Up Up Girls  is a dance unit has consisting of former H!P Egg members Saho Akari, Furukawa Konatsu, Sekine Azusa, Mori Saki, Arai Manami, Satou Ayano, and Sengoku Minami.

A while ago, I posted a very low quality video of their single Going my ↑. But here is a clearer, full version of their single that was posted on their official channel. The song is nothing new, but I really like it; plus it manages to steer clear of the typical idol sound that you hear so often.

Also on their YouTube channel, you can watch one of their concert's that they had on March 15.


  1. I love the rockish sound of "Going My Way"! But, um, UFZS and Up-Up Girls are two separate groups with the same girls. They are both still active. (I'm sorry to such a stickler about details...)

  2. ^Oh yes, I just saw a comment on YouTube about that.
    Somebody said: "No, that's for UFZS... Which is the same girls but it's kinda their alter ego group."

    There is practically no jpop groups going over to Korea, yet there's a whole bunch of kpop groups coming to Japan. I hope UFZS continues their plans for debuting in Korea.


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