Monday, July 2, 2012

Party Rockets Are Here

I wasn`t sure what type of attitude this unit was going to bring ,if it was going to be something that I`d like for the long run or be like some other units ,heavy on cuteness , but quickly to tire of.

Well Party Rockets have landed on the scene and I can`t speak for you the readers, but for myself I could listen to this all day.

This is my type of idol and idol group ,one with some bite and an edge to them.

This maybe the first partner unit that overcomes their more popular sisters. Dorothy Little Happy will now have to step it up to another level to hold off these little rockets.


  1. DLH aren't the only group that needs to "step it up to another level to hold off" Party Rockets. I can think of lots of idol groups that need to do this. If talent and awesome songs equaled sales, Party Rockets would have a number one hit. Unfortunately, these days, having a lot of promotion and mediocre songs is all it takes. Just ask Hello! Project, the 48 family, MomoClo, SUPER GiRLS, TGS, etc.

  2. It`s a very impressive unit debut . Perfect vocal match up .Everything is set up to do well.


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