Friday, January 18, 2013

Kikkawa Yuu Chocolate Damashii/ Sekaijuu ni Kimi wa Hitori Dake/ Valentine's RADIO


Kikkawa Yuu has released the videos for her seventh single on YouTube. Kikka's seventh single is a triple a-side: Chocolate Damashii/ Sekaijuu ni Kimi wa Hitori Dake/ Valentine's RADIO. The single will be released January 16.

Chocolate Damashii is a cover song of Matsuura Aya. I haven't actually heard the original song yet, despite being an ayaya fan. Chocolate Damashii is more upbeat. As all Ayaya songs are, It's really catchy! Kikka does a good job covering it. The PV is beautiful! Kikka looks mature and classy. This is my second favorite song.

Valentine's RADIO is originally by Matsutoya Yumi. I also have not heard the original song. Valentine's RADIO is also my favorite song out of the three. It's such a soft sounding song, and it's very catchy. Kikka's voice sounds lovely. The PV is very creative, and cute. It features Kikka as an andriod made, who is trying to make Chocolate.

Sekaijuu ni Kimi wa Hitori Dake is the only original song. It's a slow, love song. Kikka's voice has a slight auto tune tone to it, but it's not too bad. The PV is very beautiful. It features a lovely outdoor scene, Kikka's outfit is really cute. The PV is nice, but the song will have to grow on me.

 世界中に君は一人だけ/Valentine’s Radio/チョコレート魂[初回限定盤B][+DVD]世界中に君は一人だけ/Valentine’s Radio/チョコレート魂[初回限定盤C][+DVD]世界中に君は一人だけ/Valentine’s Radio/チョコレート魂[初回限定盤A][+DVD]世界中に君は一人だけ/Valentine’s Radio/チョコレート魂[初回限定盤D]世界中に君は一人だけ/Valentine’s Radio/チョコレート魂 Premium Single Box≪3/31(日)13:00開演イベント参加券付き≫

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