Thursday, January 10, 2013

Idol Round Up #19

Idol Round Up
It`s been a while since I presented this segment ,This time I wanted to introduce you to some groups that bring different styles ,yet strong vocals.
This is one thing that I  like about Idol genre ,is that you can travel across Japan and see a wide range of styles of Idols ,from the 100% moe to heavy metal and all points in-between.

So for everyone living outside of Japan or right in Tokyo looking for Idol gems i would like to introduce you to.

GEM「Girls Entertainment Mixture

GEM is a member of the Idol Street family of groups and  within seconds you can see the relationship between them and sisters Cheeky Parade and SUPER GiRLS .
This is a well-polished group that could possibly climb the charts quickly. As to this song ,there was nothing that I found  lacking to my tastes and that says a lot as one , I can be very moody when it comes to musical tastes and often prefer hard rock style idols  to bubble gum  pop . Vocally I was locked in at the first words.


This group much like GEM features strong vocals and solid dancing .Being a rock musician/singer/songwriter  ,i never judge a groups dancing because I simply don`t care ,that`s not why I enjoy  Idol concerts in the first place .If a group can impress me first with their vocals  ,I can enjoy the rest.

With HBR LOVE  I find the double lead vocalists to be a perfect union that creates a pleasing vocal unit. The dancers also complement the song . While not a very complicated dance compared to other groups ,it does with their expressions paint a perfect mood.  

There really is very little not to like ,while older than most Idol groups you see ,many groups have proven age is just a number ,if your talented fans will accept you. And for me I`d take a trip to Hiroshima to see HBR LOVE.


This takes us back to the cute style , while keeping the solid singing as a center point.
I have really started to like more and more of  KOBerrieS . At first look you would think this is another one of the Tokyo style idols ,however this group is doing Kobe proud as a regional idol unit ,which should break out soon.

Lovely Doll

Lovely Doll is a group filled with everything that is good ,from singers to dancers and great songs. If you can`t find something good to like about their talent ,I`ll be surprised ,that is unless you think the 48s are the be all to end all in idol talent. Just because a billion people may not know you ,doesn`t mean you’re not good ,just a hidden gem.

Fruity Girls

Fruity Girls is a fun regional idol group that is really hard not to like , even if you try and you better not try.

Next time , more idols  for you to give a chance

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