Monday, November 12, 2012

BABYMETAL Rocks Singapore

BABYMETAL took their heroine of dark idol metal to Singapore and chaos was the result.

As to the new song, that song is not allowed to be aired and any web cast will not have it in the broadcast. It`s a song that you can listen to only in live event until the official release. But all is not lost the very charming song Uki Uki★Midnight is in the set list for broadcast. It`s my favorite next to the new song, which you`ll like as it`s been done in lives across Japan for some time now.

So welcome to a world were Idols are our overlords 


  1. Is Baby Metal a separete unit from Sakura Gakuin?Or will Baby Metal end when some of them graduate?

  2. It started out as a subunit but has grown to be more popular than SG in some ways. It has not been clearly stated if it will end when Suzuka enters High School .My guess is it will end at that time.


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