Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tsunku And Indie Idols.

Tsunku And Indie Idols.

When Tsunku`s new TV show first aired ,I didn`t think much about it ,then episode two aired and it became clear that this show had two goals .1. Show the Possible in swimsuits every episode and make Afilia Saga East show regulars. 2. Promote the roof off the building with Indie idols, many who we have covered and many we will cover.

In these six weeks ,it`s becoming clear to me ,that Tsunku is going down the same path that many of us have before him and never left, and that is the Indies are a great branch of the genre to hang out in. There are no Oricon battles or agency jealousy in Indies, just groups from several companies that often perform together at the same lives.

Tsunku has a smile about him on TV that he doesn`t seem to have anymore around H!P TV it seems and he flat out adores Afilia Saga East [smart man ,adore the girls in charge of a food and drink cafe].

Say what you will about Tsunku and for me ,I am not a big fan of his H!P songs lately , he is doing something bold here and I respect him for that . He is giving the lesser-known Indies a chance to shine on a larger stage ,while keeping H!P almost completely out of the show ,so that the Indies have a fair chance to grow.

This show will help the genre in so many ways , no matter how long it may last , be it long or short ,the genre will be much healthier thanks to this show .

As long as Tsunku travels down my genre road of Indie Idols ,I`ll be there to support him and to watch .

The Indie Idols are a wonderful place ,while many will never give them a chance because they are not AkiP or H!P units ,I can say honestly it`s your loss if you don`t , because your missing something truly special by overlooking the Indies.

Don`t believe me ,see for yourself ,the last three weeks of Tsunku`s show and decide for yourself.

The following episodes have more Indie Idols then you can count on one show .
Ep 4

Ep 5

EP 6 [BiS and AeLL join the Idol army this week]

Note- anytime the sound cuts out ,it`s just broadcasting rights issues over that song being aired online.

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