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Battle no Jidai Interview

Recently I conducted an E-Mail interview with the J-Pop  Inspired Chile cover group Battle no Jidai .This was an interesting interview as there was issues with language differences and Pure Idol Heart still learning about the group .However despite all the issues we somehow made it work .

At the start I asked that one member of their choosing please give a brief history and talk about their CD campaign. Following that the members as best they could conducted the remaining interview. Because it is their words that have meaning ,I have left the interview the way they explained things. It may not all translate well in English , but it does give it extra charm points for trying.

Note -All Photos provided by the group

Battle no Jidai Interview
Hello everyone!
We are a "Battle no Jidai" group of four girls we do covers of Jpop Idols influences.
We are girls that we conquer hearts from the most remote in the world, we live far away from Japan, from South America in the city of Santiago of Chile., each one has mysterious powers, each represent colors and very entertaining features!

 How did Battle no Jidai start? Who came up with the name?
It all started at the beginning of 2012, there were four girls who we actively go in a group dance, but with the passage of time we wanted to perform singing also! To be a band with solid foundations and professional, we resort to a producer call EXP Chile, who helped us to achieve a concept and our great name "Warrior's day, artists at night!".

Please tell us about your CD funding campaign?

It is a website at the global level of financing collective calling Independiente, which focuses on music, art and education projects that focuses on LatinoAmerica as a pioneer project. Very popular in USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico and Francia.

About the CD, can you tell readers a little about the songs you will do for the CD?
Yes, we will make a compilation of songs that we've played so far, we have a weakness with the groups indies and classics of the Jpop. But we will have Momoiro Clover, AKB48, Tanpopo, Watarirouka Hashiritai, Athena no Rokibetsu, versions soloists and adaptations by us to the Spanish.

If your successful in your CD funding campaign, will fans be able to buy the CD if they do not live in Chile?
Although we can not reach to complete the financing we will fight by having the CD this 2013. As the CD will be digital, will be on sale through our page web via downloads online, so everyone can have it!

What do you feel when you go onstage? Are you nervous? Are you excited?

Aiko: At first I got very nervous, but with each presentation we make me relax more and more while on the stage. I think that however you thrill me much do to the public interact more with us and make more wotagei!
ChibiChan: Mmmm. I put nervous and I touch me and I think about that I am going to mistake or was forgot me something! 
Maichan : I am very detailed, so I get very anxious a week before any event. My mission is to give much encouragement to girls so they are quiet and with much encouragement! On stage I'm another person!
Reitan: Wow when I'm onstage I'm happy, I transformed and I forget everything, of course, that before uploading I'm almost dying in nerves... but stop being faced with the public makes everything that you forget me.

How did you get interested in Japanese Idol Music? What Idol groups inspire you?
Aiko: The music Idol interested me because turns out to be very positive and raises the spirit when one needs it.  Many groups indie they inspire me since its effort is appreciated and its coolness in the setting, but the one that but defines is me Momoiro Clover!  I believe their concerts and music they have defined a new generation of entertainment in the kind Idol.
ChibiChan: The groups that I inspire is me in Momoiro Clover and Affilia Saga East, because happiness gives me and emotion, I knew the Jpop and the idols by the openings and endings to encourage, the first one was AKB48. 
Maichan: Since very small i have liked the Jpop, when I knew all the kinds, the one that has inspired me to be like I am is the music idol, is so clear in its messages, positive and gives me forces to continue listening it.  I know many groups, but the ones that but I emphasize for my influence as the artist in BnoJ they are:  AKB48,, Tanpopo, Momoiro Clover Z and some groups Indies.  
Reitan: I knew this world by a friend, she was the one that I invite me to dance at first... later when I knew the other girls of BnoJ and ahi I began to discover the new Japanese horizons.  In reality not themselves that groups inspire me, but of what I know they like me Momoiro cloverz and AKB48

Being an Idol group in Chile performing Japanese Idol songs, how have the crowd reactions been at your concerts?

Aiko: Me do not I consider an Idol, neither I believe that deserve that title, but is amused to be able to have the opportunity to interpret themes Idol that fascinate me next to people as valuable as Mai, Chibi and Rei and of course EXP Productions.  The best is that we have passed it very well.
ChibiChan: At the beginning they think that alone we dance or that we double the songs or we are cosplayers, but is not thus, in the end them likes a lot and they dance next to we, i like!
Maichan: I am very happy, always I have imposed me goals to comply and to be with the girls, as to be able to interpret and to adapt songs of my artists preferred is the best than I can have and to deliver.  The idols alone can exist in Japan, but does not mean that we can transmit his music and the essence that we want to deliver!  When we present us always I try to look at to the eyes and to deliver a great smile!  With applauses or alone that look at the show, already I is a polite one!  We want to diffuse the wotagei! 
Reitan: To the majority of the people charms them, is pretty to see all singing with nostras, and if not... smiling and after each show an applause is the reward... that does me very happy. 

In our greeting conversations, Battle no Jidai said that one of your goals was to spread your fan base to many countries.
 Have you been able to perform outside of Chile?
Aiko: My dream is that they know us but in Mexico; for my represents a critical public and that knows a lot of the world Idol, therefore is a challenge for BnoJ.  We expect of all ways the support of other Latin-American countries and I hope to be able to travel to many places and to diffuse the culture Idol and Wota. 
ChibiChan: If!  I want to go to Mexico, Peru and to arrive some day to arrive at Japan next to the girls.  Also diffuse the Jpop idol in every Chile and later to travel to nearby places. 
Maichan: I would like a lot of to be able to go to Argentina, Peru or Colombia.  But a great dream is to go to Mexico, always I have seen that there is Wotas very impassioned and desirous of but groups covers of its artists preferred, as also to go with every BnoJ to sing to Akihabara!  We will try to negotiate some Tour and also to continue travelling by every Chile. 
Reitan: Serious magnificent to go out of Chile and that all to know what we do... so if we have the opportunity we will go where be! hahahaha! 

What are your plans for 2013?

Aiko: Improving my quality in dance, to succeed in which propose me and to deliver all the spirit and passion next to Battle not Jidai!  
ChibiChan: Heeem, many trials, presentations and events!  Having but you brought and to perfect us but as group. 
Maichan: Being very successful and professional!  It is very difficult what we carry out, all have university careers and works that to fight.  We want to achieve a Cd and suits each time but beautiful! 
Reitan: The idea is to record our digital CD, and to improve in every environment to present a better show each time. 

Closing comments from the group.

We want to thank to all for its support and comprehension, lacks us a lot by learning! 


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