Thursday, March 1, 2012

#4 Zenitani Nozomi (銭谷のぞみ)

Zenitani Nozomi is an idol soloist signed to the same managing company (EBA Production) as Oota Yuuki, as mentioned before.

She was born in Yamaguchi Prefecture on January 14, 1989 but currently lives in Tokyo. Her blood type is A, her height is 155 cm, and her hobbies and talents are collecting kitty's, painting her nails, shopping, dance, and singing. Her favourite colours are black, white and pink and her favourite word is "Arigatou".

This girl has quite the biography; In April, 2003, she acted as a background dancer during the Red and White Kohaku Uta Gassen and was the event campaign girl for Lipovitan D in 2007. In that same year of 2007, she was part of the cast of the musical "Ashita e no Tobira". During the year of 2008, she was a background dancer for 175R's tour, "175R Kessei 10 Shuunen Kansha no Yaon "THANK YOU FOR THE FUN"", Southern All Stars' "Manatsu no Dai Kanshasai" 30 Shuunen Kinen LIVE, and Southern All Stars' CDTV Special, as well as being a background dancer once more for the 59th and 60th Annual Kohaku Uta Gassen. In 2009, she was in the CM for Iwatani International Corporation and for Nisshin Shokuhin. In addition, she was in the cast for the stage play "Flying Pirate" and was a model for the magazine "Kira Kira hair" the following year.

From the videos that I've watched, I am in love with this girl's voice! It's spunky, slightly raspy, slightly deep, and her adorable vibrato, too! X3 And her talking voice is really cute, as well, with that raspiness and hoarseness to her voice. I picked the videos that I personally liked best from her and that showcase her very unique voice!



Again 2

say the world (Great song, great dancing, great vocals, in my opinion, of course :P)

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