Saturday, August 4, 2012

Idol Group :Babyraids

It`s not often that an active idol becomes involved with the creation of a new idol group ,yet that is exactly what Idoling!!! Member Kikuchi Ami has done.

Please welcome  Babyraids [Baby Rays] and let me say upfront ,when you hear them sing ,you’re going to be very impressed . The quality of idol genre has upgraded with this unit .
So before we get into the members and Ami`s participation, let’s go right to the performance part of this presentation.

While Ami can`t claim  ownership as they are officially under contract to the agency she works for ,"LesPros entertainment" ,she has to be one proud senior/advisor as she and LesPros have step up to the plate and hit a homerun with this unit.

So now that we know that they can bring the goods to the table ,let`s look at Ami and the Babyraids more closely in this series of introduction videos as Ami does her best Tsunku impression. She makes a pretty good one at that ,watching over the young ones like a proud mother, producer, manager, elder all rolled into one.

In these clips you will see Babyraids ,but also a different side of Ami then she shows on TV with Idoling!!!.

The rest of the story is on their home page

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