Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sugamoto Yuko to Enter Cooking School

Four of the five leaving members have started talking about why they are leaving and the newspaper rumors ,to which was the only thing up to this point any one had to go on.

All Yuko did was exchange e-mail with a fan and responded to comment a fan made ,all other rumors are not true and she is stressing that major media stop saying that she had sleepovers with boys, underage drinking and smoking and other rumors about her and the other leaving members.

However exchanging mail with fans breaks idol rules as you are showing favoritism to one fan and creating jealousy among other fans , making you have marketing issues. She was given the option to stay and decided not to.

She has resigned for lacking self-awareness that an idol needs and to chase a dream in her heart.

As to her future Sugamoto Yuko is going to enter cooking school after the end of her High School year and has set up a new twitter so fans can support her on her new journey.

Her new Twitter is and she already has 30,000 followers.

I hope that Yuko and the other former members of HKT48 ,can find the happiness they are searching for and may not have found as idols.

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