Friday, August 3, 2012

Lady Go!!

This is a new group to PIH . Lady Go!! Is a three member unit under the leadership of Suzuki Hiwako [Hiwarin] ,Mochizuki Miu [MIU MIU] , and the destroyer Tanimoto Chihiro [Chi-Chi] .

This group is really new and their fan base is not large yet ,however they perform and face their situation with smiles, after all every group has to have a starting point ,you just don`t wake up to tens of thousands of fans .

It`s hard to say if this unit will make it, with underground idols , it’s really hard to forecast .Some you think will be the next Morning Musume ,will be gone in 6 months ,while others you think have very little staying power will end up finding their way and be around for 8 years .

OK they are cute but how are they singing .Their lives feature a mix range of songs from many decades of Japanese and Western Music [ABBA Dancing Queen sung in English]

Dancing Queen

Their YouTube page has more videos and links to their Home Page ,Face Book and Nico Nico Page]

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