Wednesday, December 28, 2011

BiS Member To Graduate

The idols of wildness may have become a bit wild for one member ,who on paper seemed the most likely to fit in reinforcing that  appearances , stage antics and so on are merely a gimmick created to reach a desired effect and not a reflection of the values that may lay inside.

Founding member Nakayama Yukiko has announced that she is graduating on December 31 .Nakayama is the second member to leave the group since June.
As to the reasons for her graduation ,it`s the typical musical differences situation Nakayama feels that the group is changing in a direction that is not in her best interests .

Nakayama recently released a blog post on her feelings and decision to graduate.

  "The reason why I've decided to graduate now is that the direction BiS has taken is no longer the place where  my feelings are at.
I have started to realize  that even the things I'd had fun doing in BiS weren't fun for me or the  things that I wanted to continue doing.

Because I thought these feelings were inexcusable to have in front of the other members of BiS and all the fans that’ve supported BiS, I have decided to graduate.
The year I spent as a member of BiS was short but intense, however I was able to meet so many people through my activities in BiS."

  She went on to thank the fans ,staff and remaining members . Nakayama later went on to mention that after her graduation she will start her search for what she really wants to do in music.
Nakayama was to me one of the main things that made the group interesting ,however sometimes your own happiness has to take priority . I am not sure what her next road will be ,however when she is ready ,I know that I want to hear it.
As for BiS I am interested in seeing who they bring in to the group in 2012.


  1. Nooo0oo!!Sad to hear this,BiS are my edgy favourites!
    Good luck young lady and thank you.

  2. Yeah I liked her the most .I hope she comes back strong in her next project.

  3. well BiS is all about Pour so maybe that have something to do with this decision... in any case i'll miss the idol with the pierced tongue :D

  4. @ Shura ,I would not be surprised if that played a part in her decision


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