Saturday, August 18, 2012

HKT48 Meltdown

Just a short time ago HKT48 the young sister group to AKB48 had a meltdown with five members leaving the group to a wide range of rumors ,talk of betrayal .

Five members of HKT48 quit [4 maybe fired], their profiles removed and their accounts in the process of being deleted.





The members are Eto Sayaka, Komori Yui, Sugamoto Yuko, Taniguchi Airi and Nakanishi Ayaka.
The official reason is personal reasons and with that the speculation begins. There are a number of boyfriend and other more damaging conduct rumors floating around and Komori had a quickly deleted post about feeling betrayed by a member she went to for advice possibly in relation to what Eto, Sugamoto, Taniguchi and Nakanishi were doing . She seems to have quit after feeling hurt beyond forgiveness.

As the ages range from 13 to 18 management is not required by law to release information regarding this situation, so the official reason of personal reasons is all they are required to comment on.

On a personal note I really dislike reporting about idol careers ending in scandals, I always feel a mix of sadness and disappointment at careers ending in poor judgment


  1. with this 5 member they can create a new idol group. i love they all

  2. Their Idol careers are likely over and they will be returning to private life.

  3. is ok if you an idol and have a relationship, but in 48 family is really banned. that why when you enter 48 family you must be virginity like NMB48 said.

  4. Idol contracts for every idol of every group and company nationwide female and male have a clause for ending your career if you’re dating or breaking about 6 other rules. It`s not a 48 rule ,but an idol rule.


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