Friday, February 17, 2012

Up Up Girls Going My Way

Remember UFZS, that new UFA kpop/jpop unit that was announced almost a whole year ago? Well, their back!

Up Up Girls (formerly UFZS) is a dance unit has consisting of former H!P Egg members Saho Akari, Furukawa Konatsu, Sekine Azusa, Mori Saki, Arai Manami, Satou Ayano, and Sengoku Minami.
They'll be having a new single called Going My I thought the girls had dreams to debut in Korea. I hope that remains true! 

There is no release date yet, but you can hear a preview of it!


  1. ^I actually have no idea, but I think it's permanent, for now~

  2. I like the song. It's similar to an AKB48 album song or some of the indie idol releases. However, K-Pop it ain't, and that worries me for a group that is aiming to debut in Korea.

    Their voices were...fantastic...compared with other idol groups at similar stages of debut. I was particularly impressed with Saho's voice (though Sekine Azusa's second line was really strong).

    I was originally upset to see Minami as the front girl, as she is neither the strongest vocalist nor (let's face it) the prettiest girl in the room. However, her sense of rhythm and timing is impeccable. You can't help but watch her when she dances. Whether or not that's the smartest move for the agency to make now that they are not just covering dances remains to be seen.

  3. I think Up Up Girls and UFZS both are still active, just doing separate activities. This song is for Japan, not Korea. My biggest disappointment (and you can call me silly for mentioning it) is that with Akari having a much shorter haircut it's hard to tell the girls apart from a distance since they all look the same (except Maana). By the way, that's Arai Manami, not "Aria".

  4. ^oops, I forgot the i for some reason, I fix it.


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