Friday, June 1, 2012


SUPER☆GIRLS new summer single is out.
Since S☆G's last Summer single, MAX! Otome Gokoro was performed in bikini's, I have a feeling that they are going to copy follow the same trend that AKB48 does.

Firstly, there's a ton of fan service with all of the bikinis, butt shaking, and kissing the camera.  S☆G wota will go crazy.

The song can't get anymore typical idol sounding.
It's actually not a bad song; the chorus is the catchiest.

Usually, my reviews would end there but...

I'm going to be honest, I feel a little let down.
Their last summer single, MAX! Otome Gokoro was a summer single done right. It was fun and tasteful! Even with all of the fans service, I had so much fun watching it.

But PuriPuri♥SUMMER Kiss is too typical for my liking.  The girls are in bikinis, at the beach.

That is the definition of the stereotypical idol.

"The fan service is wasted on me as a female fan. For a bikini PV to impress me there has to be a lot of other elements than “look how sexy I look in this bikini." 

It's wrong to compare, but look at AKB who added a little violence to their PV so that it could be different from their other summer PV's. Morning Musume's new summer single has an original concept. PASSPO☆ too, adding in a darker sound with NEXT FLIGHT.  And even Momoclo with PUSH.

My point is, SUPER☆GIRLS could have done so much more for their summer single than what PuriPuri♥SUMMER Kiss is.

A summer single doesn't have to include bikini's and a beach/pool scene, because every other idol does that. When there are 5 million groups out there doing the same thing, it's important to remain unique and original.

The positive aspects of the single are that we get to see the girls laughing, having fun, and acting silly. 

Sorry, this was longer than it needed to be.
I hope nobody thinks I'm bashing them.
 I love SUPER☆GIRLS, I just wish they'd get out of the whole "We want to be like AKB" phase and be themselves.

I hope their next single is better, and that it's like 1,000,000 Smile and Joshiryoku Paradise.


  1. I agree with you Candy,and with the Idol market growing as it is,and taking on AKB48 and Momoclo Z,it's essential to stand out.

    Time for the producers to step it up,but how do you compete with AKB's budget,or Momoclo's sheer energy,they have the genki dial turned to 11.

  2. little violence in akb? lol they kill the whole group and honestly it feels like anti-fan fanservice (plus not the same time doing it)... anyways i didn't like the pv either, that botty shaking creeps me out and the ammount of fanservice is just ridiculous... it's like max! pv part 2 but not that clever

  3. "The fan service is wasted on me as a female fan."

    As a homosexual female fan it's definitely not lost on me!

    Seriously though, "stereotypical" as it may be, I think this has 100X more energy than anything Momusu has put out in years (and AKB since Ebikatsu)

    1. The only energetic song MM has had in a while is Maji Desu ka. They've had a lot of serious songs lately, or "emo musume" as we call it, so you really can't blame them for not having much energy...

      But you can have a lot of energy, yet still stay original. Like Neil said, there is no other group that has the energy that momoclo has, and they do it all without being stereotypical. The group's popularity is soaring.

      I complain because I don't like stereotypical idol groups. But maybe that's the type of group S☆G is and I need to stop, lol XD


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