Tuesday, September 28, 2010

SCANDAL Nanka Buttobase PV

I am really liking the music that SCANDAL is been making lately. This new single is one of their best works to date. As I mentioned in my last SCANDAL post, the all team of Aki Youko wrote this song and her husband Uzaki Ryudo .Aki has worked with SCANDAL in the past and has built up a friendship and respect between the two sides.

“SCANDAL Nanka Buttobase“ has a 70`s rock type feel to it and the video shows off SCANDAL`S dance moves , something that is seldom featured in a SCANDAL PV as the group is highly respected for their musical skills ,song writing and energetic stage shows .

The perfectly choreographed dance moves fit the era of the song and the biker gang video setting.

If you are a SCANDAL fan, you will find a lot to like about this video, if you are new to the SCANDAL experience; give them a shot, as they are one of the best all female rock bands on the scene today.

Recommended for anyone who enjoyed the band ZONE.


In the TV performances, they drop the dance moves included in the PV and give a traditional SCANDAL rock performance

Download of the PV 
 Download PV

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