Saturday, May 26, 2012

Indie Idol Super Group

What do you get when you mix members of Alice Juban, asfi, ANNA ☆ S, CANDY-GO! GO! ,Starmarie and Pastel Joker together?

You get an Indie Idol Super group known as ALLOVER as in ALLOVER the Indie Genre.

ALLOVER is made up of Kiritani Mao [Alice Juban] , asfi members Watase Jun, Nanase Izumi , Asaoka Akane , Pastel Koker`s Yamaguchi Mana , ANNA ☆ S members Koike Anna ,Koike Yuuna, CANDY GO!GO! Members Zumisawa Ayane, Sekine Yumi and Starmarie members Takamori Shino, Kishita Nozomi and Aoki Shiori.

They are currently promoting their debut single “Door of Dreams”

HP [Under unit is links to all groups in this super unit]


  1. This is an interesting idea, creating an indie idol supergroup. The song is pretty good too!

  2. This is a bit of a breath of fresh air. I'm optimistic.

  3. lol the name of the unit is kinda weird -- "allover"


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