Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Alice Project Understanding Chaos Part 3

When we last stopped, I mentioned that OZ had a mass graduation so that the members could move to the new unit Steam girls and that a new OZ would be born.

This is the new OZ

Yuuna Himukai moved over from the cowardly Lion into Dorothy`s costume. She is the only member holdover.

OZ Trainees
Ayaka Asakura and Airi Suzumura move into OZ

Joining them is
Nanase Satoh [also in White Milk, Soupgirls]

Yuuki Meru [also in Soupgirls]

To bring closure to this series I`d like to leave you with Alice Project performances and what you can see when you attend an Alice Project Live

One hour from two of the Alice Project Groups we covered in this series

Soupgirls and Topping Girls GT

One hour fan event by the same two groups

Note – if you look to the far right at the fan event wearing a black jacket is my favorite of all Alice Project members
From Steam girls Tomoe Koyanagi

I almost forgot they have a USTREAM Channel

If you missed any part of this multi group series look at the groups that make up this wonderful Idol Company, please check out the links below.

Part 1
Part 2

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