Friday, February 25, 2011

Morning Musume 9th Gen on Bijo Gaku

9th Gen on Bijo Gaku

Morning Musume 9th Gen fans ,hot off the television 9th gens Bijo Gaku segment .This week it`s time to earn their salary as they head to voice training ,recording and Fuku-chan cries.

There is a new voice coach then the one we have come to know in the past. Riho has a cracking voice, which comes with being that young and growing up. Eripon`s voice is a lot stronger then she showed in auditions and has attitude in her vocals like Reina.

Of all of them at the stage Fuku-chan is the most ready for any major solo line, just from her past training. Each one brings a different vocal style to Morning Musume.

When you hear the final product, you will see why these four are the 9th gen and why Fuku-chan cries.


  1. the songs really nice.. i like it
    but its high
    theyre al doing their best..

    well i see fukuchan cry.....
    but i dunnow why ...
    the pressure ?

  2. nvm i get why fukuchan cries :p
    didnt watch the end :p

  3. Their new song is sounding really good!!

  4. fukuchan cries because it's finally becoming a reality for her that she's a member of Morning Musume now.

    The song sounds like old morning musume. Sounds really great.

  5. clean-ish rip of the song

  6. I read from somewhere that the development of the idol's voices (as they grow) is also a charm point for the wotas.

  7. Maybe I'm growing out of Hello Project, but I don't care for the song (it sounds okay). (Plus, I adore Momoclo, so that doesn't make sense.) It might be better if I heard the whole thing. I thought with the outfits and the title it would be a bit more rock.

  8. If you are wondering, what the teacher said to each girl.

    Fuku-chan: Needs to be more Genki for this type song
    Riho: Needs to learn a way to sing so that her voice doesn`t crack
    Kanon: Needs to work on rhythm/tempo [She is so hyperactive, she just goes for it at full speed]
    Erina: Weakness is enunciating her words properly

  9. Mizuki's love for MM and wanting to be a star really shows in this video.

    After catching up with all the 9th gen bijogaku vids, I'm really glad Mizuki is in the group to help the other members out. =))

    As for the song, they all show their different styles here. Kanon is full of energy (as always XD), Erina's all right, I love Mizuki's vocals, and Riho's awesome. XD They'll each get better as they stay in MM, but from what I've heard so far, they're all talented =)))

    I also quite like the genki feel. It's like back to the old MM songs :DDD

  10. I was probably expecting there song to be too awsome.. so now Im not sure about this song.. Maybe listening to the whole thing might help make it grow on me. I do love Mizuki's voice here, and riho, but kanon surprised me the most. she has Gaki's type of vocals. And eripon needs to work on her voice a bit more but she'll be fine.

  11. im actually glad theyve got a more idolish song again ...

    brings back memories of momusu as the energetic idol group
    kinda hope theyll go back to that,,,,

    well xD if not... its fine as well... more mature momusu is nice too...
    and for more energetic songs ill listen to the other H!P peeps


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