Wednesday, December 8, 2010

AKB48 Truck V2 +Chance no Junban Coupling PV`s


AKB48 Truck V2 + Coupling PV`s

Well it`s that time again ,AKB48 is about to release another highly waited for single .Chance no Junban will be released on December 8th , and is the follow up single to "Beginner" .Chance features the winners of the Senbatsu Janken Tournament and features many first time Senbatsu members. Chance is also being projected to have a #1 debut with very high sales; some projections have it as high as a 500,000 sales single.

In addition, like the past singles before for AKB48 we have another truck, several trucks in fact traveling across Japan.

Also some of the pre order CDs have arrived and with it, leaks of the coupling PV`s have started to come. The coupling PV were set to debut on AKBINGO! This week.

Love Jump

Yoyaku Shita Christmas

As more coupling track PV`s are leaked ,we will update this page or if any more interesting promotions show up.

Team A
Kurumi to Dialogue PV



Theme-Jail break by a  very bad and crazy Team K in a future just as messed up .

This is one of the best idol videos or any  group videos out today.


  1. I'm setting my hopes high for Kurumi to Dialogue, or whatever team A song is called.

  2. @lebird, I will be uploading their TV shows from last week in a little while, AKBINGO! at the end had a small preview of the videos in it.

    Shukan was Sasshi overload she took over the show.

  3. Thanks...
    Watching it here is so much easier.
    Who's your oshimen Gaki?

  4. @ lebird,
    In my private life I have spent half my life in the music industry ,so I look at things and groups a little different then others . I try to treat each group equal and find something or someone good in each group, so for just about every group the fan side of me has a favorite member .

    I would say of all the active Idols that AKB48 member Kashiwagi Yuki is my #1. Sato Amina I think has an interesting sounding singing voice , there are several in AKB that I enjoy seeing perform. Yuki is my #1 favorite individual idol.

    Give me about 10-20 minutes or less and I will have up, AKBINGO! , Shukan, and a 2 part Idoling!!! episode.

  5. They're all so cool. They should promote this more like a "battle among Teams" than a jokenpo senbatsu.
    I bet there are board directors going crazy over these sales numbers.


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